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Rorate names the names of the Synod conspirators May 29, 2015

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Quick post – Rorate, via Edward Pentin, has named those conspirators who met in secret meeting to plot their plans to turn the upcoming Synod on the Family to their ends.  How much cooperation they may have from others, including the highest echelons of the Church apparatus, is unclear.  What is clear is that any with even a somewhat orthodox viewpoint were not only not invited, the entire proceeding was conducted under close security to prevent even its happening from being found out – at least until it was an accomplished fact. These are the men who will be pushing for radical changes to Doctrine and practice at the upcoming Synod, attempts to change the irreformable belief of the Church on scale not seen in probably hundreds of years, at least.

A partial list:


Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop of Munich and Freising
Archbishop Georges Pontier, president of the French Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop of Marseille
Bishop Markus Büchel, president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, Bishop of St. Gallen
Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück, Germany
Bishop Heiner Koch of Dresden-Meißen, Germany
Bishop Felix Gmür of Basel, Switzerland
Bishop Jean-Marie Lovey of Sitten, Switzerland
Bishop Bruno Ann-Marie Feillet of Reims, France
Bishop Jean-Luc Brunin of Le Havre, France

[So it is safe to assume, I think, that despite dissent from varying numbers of their ranks, the official apparatus of the German, French, and Swiss episcopal conferences are committed to making the Rhine flow into the Tiber yet again, and foist their own narrow, self-interested, and radical proposals on the entire Church – a veritable replay of 1962, no?]


Father Hans Langendörfer SJ, secretary general, German Bishops Conference
Father Hans Zollner SJ, professor of psychology, vice-rector, Pontifical Gregorian University [long known a radical]
Father Achim Buckenmaier, professor of dogmatic theology in the “Akademie für die Theologie des Volkes Gottes” Institute of the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome; consultor to the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization
Father Andreas R. Batlogg SJ, professor of philosophy and theology, chief editor Stimmen der Zeit
Father Alain Thomasset SJ, professor of moral theology at Centre Sèvres, France
Father Humberto Miguel Yañez SJ, dean of moral theology, Pontifical Gregorian University
Father Eberhard Schockenhoff, professor of moral theology at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
Father Philippe Bordeyne, professor of theology, Institut Catholique de Paris………..[Note all the Jesuits.  Surprise!]


Msgr. Markus Graulich SDB, prelate auditor of the tribunal of the Roman Rota  [Interesting.  Cardinal Burke is removed from the Roman Rota, and now this guy is meeting with the secret cabal. Can’t say I know anything about him, though]
Marco Impagliazzo, President of Sant’Egidio lay community [What you might call a highly progressive “new springtime” lay group]

This is key.  If we’re going to stop the advance of the revolution, one of the most key aspects is naming names.  Note that the Extraordinary Synod, very unusually, kept the interventions (statements) of the various prelates secret/unpublished.  So one could never know who said what.  All that was provided was a very rough outline of each day’s events, with no names attached.  That is huge, and points towards a definite agenda, an agenda for which the interested parties want plausible deniability.  Who on earth would expect Christ’s Church to operate like a backroom political cabal, especially in this supposed new era of openness and “empowerment” of the laity?

Give me a break.  The post-conciliar Church is as clericalist as it has every been, if not more so.  Pray, pay, and obey.  All the rest is just window dressing, and if  you’d like to personally experience that hard reality, approach some pastor or bishop sometime with uncomfortable questions on theological or pastoral matters.  Especially if you are persistent, the thin veneer of “lay empowerment” will vanish quickly, to be replaced by a hardline clericalism that unmistakably conveys: “get back in your place, pewsitter.”

As such, the post-conciliar power dynamics within the Church mirror the progressive/leftist political dynamics on which they are modeled.  Equality for me (the elite), but not for thee.

Nonetheless, you now have great power – you have the names of men to pray for.  They may be so hardened that they are highly resistant to Grace, but, as our Holy Father likes to say, God is the God of surprises.  Perhaps even some of these men may be surprised at themselves, if enough prayer and penance is offered.  Something to hope and pray for, anyways.

Poland opening borders to persecuted Christians May 29, 2015

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What a beautiful thing.  Polish Christians – the vast majority Catholic – certainly know what it is like to experience a satanic persecution.  Hitler hated them as much for their religion as for their ethnicity.  Today, new totalitarians with a fanatical hatred for Christ and His Church are persecuting Christians around the Mideast, Africa, and many other places.  Poland is moving to help the Christians persecuted by these totalitarians by allowing a small number to emigrate to their country:

Poland’s Prime Minister has announced that the country will take in 60 Christian families fleeing the conflict in Syria.

Ewa Kopacz, said on Tuesday that 60 families with children will be brought to the country “for a start”, and more families could potentially follow.

The Washington Post has reported that she also said that a Christian nation should be able to “quickly react” and offer help to Christians being “persecuted in a barbaric way in Syria”.

The decision follows criticism from Andrzej Duda, who won Poland’s presidential election over the weekend, that the government has been too slow in offering help to Syrian refugees.

For months a Polish-Syrian organisation has been asking permission to bring in around 300 Christian families from Syria.

Several European countries have taken in refugees from Syria but most have taken under 100. According to Amnesty International, 3.8 million Syrians have been welcomed in by neighbours Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

And how many has the United States – we who probably bear prime if not sole responsibility for this catastrophe! – taken in?  Very few.  A bill was proposed earlier this year in Congress to give priority to persecuted Iraqi and Syrian Christians to enter this country, but that bill has not advanced very far.  It seems this nation means to leave Middle Eastern Christians, heirs of the most ancient Christian populations in the world, to their own grim fate.  It is incredible but it seems militant islam may succeed in its goal of essentially de-Christianizing (and de-Judaizing) almost the entire Mideast, along with much of North Africa.

Amazingly, American policy has played a large role in that process.  The list of things this nation has to answer for is very long and very sad.

I fear the reckoning for all this is not far off.

106 Armenian Christians slaughtered by Ottoman Turks circa 1915.

What to do should the Sacraments become unavailable May 29, 2015

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Skeinster sent me a post by Supertradmum who examines a potential reality we may come to face: a future where the Sacraments are available sporadically, if at all.

I don’t think it takes an overactive imagination to envision future scenarios where many Catholic parishes – perhaps those with the most “recalcitrant” faithful priests – are closed or under heavy pressure from the government for refusal to take part in grave immorality.  Supertradmum recommends some ways for us to start preparing ourselves for this potentiality today, and I think she gives some very good advice (I add emphasis and comments):

I have been pondering for almost four months life without sacraments, as I could not get to daily Mass or weekly confession until recently. This lack of the sacraments could only be endured because I was praying so much during the day, trying to keep at least three monastic hours, doing my three sets of third order prayers, as well as contemplation, rosaries, and Divine Mercy chaplet.

Without the sacraments, almost constant prayer is absolutely needed. Therefore, the Benedictine way of working in the Presence of God becomes essential in a barren land without the usual means of sanctifying grace.

Think on this. How would you react without the sacraments in your area? I pray for perseverance and for courage, for long-suffering, for deep, deep patience, and for peace. [Very good advice.  Because I can never forget what I learned in Narcotics Anonymous, and saw painfully demonstrated many times: be careful begging God for patience, or He’ll give you plenty to be patient about.  I unfortunately saw some pretty good people fall back into active addiction when they got overwhelmed with trying circumstances.  I’m certainly not telling you not to pray for patience, but simply to be prepared for anything if you do]

Imagine no daily Mass, no Sunday Mass, no regular confession…one must learn to repent immediately of venial sins and break habits now in order to remain in grace, as venial sins weaken the will and lead to mortal sins too often.

Think of no priests in your area, no Adoration, no sermons or meetings of parishioners who may encourage and help you.

One reason for persecution is the purification of the faithful. Many saints came out of the English suppression of the Catholic Faith, but the price to become and to stay holy could be high.

Are you ready for this scenario? Are you willing not to follow the majority who will go after the easy way out and the comfort of compromise? [I’ll raise the ante, though this is not directly related to having the Sacraments taken away: are you ready to be criticized by authority figures in the “establishment” Church that  you are a bad person, maybe even a heretic, for not making the same accommodation with the culture that they have?  We have to be prepared for a situation a la the formation of the Church of England, where a new “church” is stood up in place of the old, but those within it pretend it is actually the embodiment or perfection of the old.]

Please consider these serious thoughts. One must become grounded in the daily discipline of love in order to keep the faith and hope through hard times.

I can easily see a time, a time that may not be far off at all, where parishes that refuse to perform false simulations of marriage between people of the same sex will be heavily persecuted, possibly closed down.  But here is another corollary: what if a good number of bishops decide it’s not worth it to lose their tax exempt status, and start up an American Catholic Church that does whatever the government/sexular pagan overculture demands of it?  There may be parishes open near you offering the Sacraments, but would you, could you, avail yourself of membership in this dubiously Catholic body?  Would the Vatican go along and approve such and declare them in “full communion?”  Would that declaration matter?

Many, many questions.  We can’t answer any of them.  I do think the important thing it to prepare ourselves for the very difficult times ahead.  That may include loss of access to the Sacraments, that may include blood persecution, it may include shockingly unpredictable things.  If we’re to survive, we’ve got to start preparing ourselves now.  Hopefully, many have already been doing so for some time.

We do have the guidance of great Saints and martyrs to help us.  Learning more about the English persecution and the reaction of faithful Catholics is a very good way to help prepare oneself for what is to come.