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Rorate names the names of the Synod conspirators May 29, 2015

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Quick post – Rorate, via Edward Pentin, has named those conspirators who met in secret meeting to plot their plans to turn the upcoming Synod on the Family to their ends.  How much cooperation they may have from others, including the highest echelons of the Church apparatus, is unclear.  What is clear is that any with even a somewhat orthodox viewpoint were not only not invited, the entire proceeding was conducted under close security to prevent even its happening from being found out – at least until it was an accomplished fact. These are the men who will be pushing for radical changes to Doctrine and practice at the upcoming Synod, attempts to change the irreformable belief of the Church on scale not seen in probably hundreds of years, at least.

A partial list:


Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop of Munich and Freising
Archbishop Georges Pontier, president of the French Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop of Marseille
Bishop Markus Büchel, president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, Bishop of St. Gallen
Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück, Germany
Bishop Heiner Koch of Dresden-Meißen, Germany
Bishop Felix Gmür of Basel, Switzerland
Bishop Jean-Marie Lovey of Sitten, Switzerland
Bishop Bruno Ann-Marie Feillet of Reims, France
Bishop Jean-Luc Brunin of Le Havre, France

[So it is safe to assume, I think, that despite dissent from varying numbers of their ranks, the official apparatus of the German, French, and Swiss episcopal conferences are committed to making the Rhine flow into the Tiber yet again, and foist their own narrow, self-interested, and radical proposals on the entire Church – a veritable replay of 1962, no?]


Father Hans Langendörfer SJ, secretary general, German Bishops Conference
Father Hans Zollner SJ, professor of psychology, vice-rector, Pontifical Gregorian University [long known a radical]
Father Achim Buckenmaier, professor of dogmatic theology in the “Akademie für die Theologie des Volkes Gottes” Institute of the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome; consultor to the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization
Father Andreas R. Batlogg SJ, professor of philosophy and theology, chief editor Stimmen der Zeit
Father Alain Thomasset SJ, professor of moral theology at Centre Sèvres, France
Father Humberto Miguel Yañez SJ, dean of moral theology, Pontifical Gregorian University
Father Eberhard Schockenhoff, professor of moral theology at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
Father Philippe Bordeyne, professor of theology, Institut Catholique de Paris………..[Note all the Jesuits.  Surprise!]


Msgr. Markus Graulich SDB, prelate auditor of the tribunal of the Roman Rota  [Interesting.  Cardinal Burke is removed from the Roman Rota, and now this guy is meeting with the secret cabal. Can’t say I know anything about him, though]
Marco Impagliazzo, President of Sant’Egidio lay community [What you might call a highly progressive “new springtime” lay group]

This is key.  If we’re going to stop the advance of the revolution, one of the most key aspects is naming names.  Note that the Extraordinary Synod, very unusually, kept the interventions (statements) of the various prelates secret/unpublished.  So one could never know who said what.  All that was provided was a very rough outline of each day’s events, with no names attached.  That is huge, and points towards a definite agenda, an agenda for which the interested parties want plausible deniability.  Who on earth would expect Christ’s Church to operate like a backroom political cabal, especially in this supposed new era of openness and “empowerment” of the laity?

Give me a break.  The post-conciliar Church is as clericalist as it has every been, if not more so.  Pray, pay, and obey.  All the rest is just window dressing, and if  you’d like to personally experience that hard reality, approach some pastor or bishop sometime with uncomfortable questions on theological or pastoral matters.  Especially if you are persistent, the thin veneer of “lay empowerment” will vanish quickly, to be replaced by a hardline clericalism that unmistakably conveys: “get back in your place, pewsitter.”

As such, the post-conciliar power dynamics within the Church mirror the progressive/leftist political dynamics on which they are modeled.  Equality for me (the elite), but not for thee.

Nonetheless, you now have great power – you have the names of men to pray for.  They may be so hardened that they are highly resistant to Grace, but, as our Holy Father likes to say, God is the God of surprises.  Perhaps even some of these men may be surprised at themselves, if enough prayer and penance is offered.  Something to hope and pray for, anyways.


1. Taliesin319 - May 29, 2015

What’s next ? Springtime for Francis in Germany ? Will he get to shed his Doc Martins for Jackboots ? Will there be a filming of the Producers ?

2. Don - May 29, 2015

Pray every day for the Synod. Prayer works, as witness the outing of these betrayers ahead of the Synod. In times past they might have been outed only after the Synod.

3. camper - May 29, 2015

Please don’t call the Pope the Holy Father. This monster has destroyed the prestige of the Papacy among those non-Catholics whose opinion of the papacy remotely matters, conservative Protestants.

4. red6020 - May 29, 2015

If I were a conservative/traditional cardinal I would be taking those names down right now for a coming purge. I respect Pope Benedict very much, but I think the main reason he and many conservative/traditional bishops haven’t had a larger impact is because they don’t systematically remove disloyal/unfaithful men and surround themselves with good ones.

I think I had heard someone else make this comment before, but maybe this good is good because the names are out there and there’s no hiding now. A smart and faithful pope will have an easier job of sorting out who’s on the loyal side in the future….

5. Marguerite - May 30, 2015

I still say Dogma cannot be changed. Yes, it will be undermined under the guise of pastoral concern, but the books will still say that marriage is between a man and a woman and that’s all we need to know. Look what happened in 84% Catholic Ireland? The country that spread the faith in Europe and the Americas is now the frontrunner of destroying it. If this isn’t a fight between good and evil I don’t know what is. But good will always triumph.

camper - May 31, 2015

Dear Marguerite, Unfortunately, good will not always triumph. We have only been promised that Our Lady will triumph in the end. The difference could mean the difference between hell and heaven, considering that we might be tortured to death. Remember that our blessed Lord asked rhetorically if He would find faith on the earth when He returns. We should be as ready as we can for anything. That means considering the possibility of emigrating and otherwise doing the things I’m repeatedly recommending on this blog.

aloi meh - June 1, 2015

God is the author of dogma. God doesn’t change. He is the author of good. Good will always conquer evil.

Tantumblogo - June 1, 2015

I don’t think Our Lord was asking, I think He was telling us how it would be at the end. Very few, if any, believers. How close we are to that point is anyone’s guess.

6. Frank - May 30, 2015

Good points of pray, pay and obey. I suggested to the pastor that consuming the Body and Blood of Christ, out of the sanctuary after Mass by a group of Extraordinary ministers, while the din of the masses was going on, was sacrilegious. I could have been the gila monster as far or the Brain from Planet Arous as far as he was concerned. I was told it was voted on and that this is what was decided as best. “Okay?” In other words, get lost.

7. Tim - May 30, 2015

This is normal conciliar methodology, same as how they dealt with Archbishop Lefebvre. As Fr. Hesse put it….the normal conciliar methods are to lie, cheat and swindle. More of the same.

8. guest - June 2, 2015

On a sort of related topic i.e. “gay lobby in the Church.” Being a longtime pro-life volunteer I heard this through the (reliable) pro-life grapevine. In recent years a person from the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas (Dallas diocesan pro-life group) gave a presentation on “The Five Non-Negotiables” at the October “Ministry Conference” held yearly at the Univ. of Dallas. After the talk the presenter was allegedly “confronted” by gay males holding various (lay) ministry positions in the Church who had taken offense at the presentation. You could probably verify this if you wanted to find out more by contacting the CPLC.

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