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Is the sexular pagan culture driving young American women insane? June 3, 2015

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Expanding the thesis a bit: is the sexular pagan culture of hookups, binging and purging, contraception,  abortion,  alpha male hunting, perverse sexual experimentation and rejection of proper female roles driving young women insane? Is that what is behind the unhinged feminism more and more young American women are adopting, outlandish claims of a rape epidemic, and silly hyperventilating in response to perceived “microaggressions” which require “safe spaces” with cuddly toys – a 21st century fainting couch? Is the shattering experience of being used and dropped by too many men to count what is driving nonsensical and easily disprovable claims of “rape” being maintained even after the credibility of the accuser has been destroyed? Is this why a frighteningly large proportion of young women today are under active treatment for a range of severe psychological imbalances?

Is this not the kind of wreckage that was predicted when women were encouraged to reject their true nature as caring nurturers of life and the devoted partner of one man for life? Did not Pope Paul VI indicate in Humanae Vitae that women would find themselves treated as disposable objects should mass contraceptive use become the norm? Is it not likely that the reason why so many young women are so incredibly troubled today is because they have embraced a toxic ideology that impels them to behave in ways completely contrary to their true nature? And yet, incredibly, it seems the embrace of this ideology has only accelerated in recent years. The number of women – most of whom could not tell you who won the Battle of Midway or who wrote Don Quixote – who are espousing pretentious terms like “heteronormativity,” “the male gaze,” “cisgender,” and all the rest certainly appears to be skyrocketing.

That is, the pathology continues to grow.

It appears women, in particular (it does apply to men to a degree), are being simultaneously infantalized and wantonized. A jaded vindictive hussy with the emotional maturity of a 10 year old is not a stable combination.  I am convinced many of these months – or years – after the fact “rape” allegations (always stemming from situations where the matter devolves down to her word against his) are the product of latent guilt over young women giving away their most precious commodity – their virtue – at literally the drop of a hat.  I think there is more than a little bit of vindictiveness mixed into many of these claims – witness how “mattress girl” Emma Sulkowicz apparently went to the police not to really file a charge, but to exercise a legal mechanism whereby the man she so wanted to destroy could be publicly named and shamed.  Once his name was in public, she stopped cooperating with police and the charges were dropped.

But I don’t think it provocative to say that anyone who would  carry around a mattress all day for months to prove a point is more than a little unhinged.

There is something more, however.  Feminists like to pretend that no woman would ever, ever prevaricate when making a rape allegation.  But as we have seen in the case of Emma Sulkowicz, a rape allegation conveys enormous power and prestige instantly.  I can think of ten or more reasons off the top of my head why a woman would make up a rape allegation, knowing that the allegation itself is enough to destroy the credibility of the accused: revenge, mental imbalance, desire for attention, money, power, vindictiveness, to explain away infidelity, to explain away pregnancy, as a way of feeling validated, as a way to explain away personal failings, etc.

I’m starting to wander off point, but I think it has been amply made. The sexular pagan ethos is profoundly hurtful to people, but I think women, for many reasons, bear the brunt.  Men are more disposed to the kind of barbaric, law of the jungle environment the left seems hell-bent on foisting on us all.  Civilization in fact developed, or was given us by God, as an outgrowth of the family and as an extension of the system of protections to optimize family life.  Behavioral standards were enforced, irrespective of any religious dictates, to dramatically improve the environment in which the woman-man pairing and the provision of a stable environment for the raising of children could be maintained.

But the left wants unlimited power, and the family is the largest remaining obstacle to that.  They lie and pretend that they are giving people “freedom” when they are really enslaving them and spreading untold misery.  We are seeing the fruits of that misery in just a few of the items above.  And that’s just a tiny fraction of the ways in which sexular paganism is destroying people’s lives.

Lord, so much to pray for.  Have mercy on all these poor lost souls.


1. DJR - June 3, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Four arrested for beating pregnant Dallas teen, then burning baby’s body in a grill.


God help us! Please!


2. Baseballmom - June 4, 2015

Sadly, there is tremendous power to destroy men with the cry of rape… Women know deep down that they are being used and tossed out like yesterday’s garbage….. Ahhhhh….. But they WILL HAVE the final say. Tragic and disgusting….

3. camper - June 4, 2015

It’s democracy. Any base, evil, or foolish whim of voters is flattered and encouraged by demagogues, who get cheap thrills and success from… winning elections.

4. Margaret Costello - June 4, 2015

Ok, for the record I have no idea who wrote Don Quixote or who won the Battle of Midway…such boy questions! And yes, the culture sets up both women and men for rape allegations. If people were taught modesty and chastity versus “kiss and fool around with any guy you want and you decide if you want to go farther or not” then the allegations would be few and far between:+) God bless~

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