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Well, there is still some faith in the East at least June 10, 2015

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I remember, growing up, the idea that there was a great Cold war between the “Christian West” and the atheist, communist East.  Boy have things changed.  Today we have the Polish head of state defending the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament and the citizens of Moscow steadfastly opposing sodomy as some evil from the atheistic, decadent EU(meaning West).  Good on both of them:

On the National Thanksgiving Day, which was established in late 18th Century to commemorate Poland’s patriotic struggle for independence, thousands of the inhabitants of Warsaw took part in an annual open-air Holy Mass, also massively attended by top state officials with the President-Elect Andrzej Sebastian Duda in person.

During the Holy Communion a sudden gust of wind blew off one of the consecrated Hosts from the chalice that was held by a priest giving the Corpus Christi to the gathered believers. Unseen by any of the participants, a small Host dropped on the ground and then driven by the wind rolled along the pavement for a several meters before It finally stopped in front of the kneeling and praying newly elected President Andrzej Duda. Having spotted the Holy Host rolling on the ground,  the President spontaneously rushed to catch It with his hands and then strode up to the altar where he handed It over to the Cardinal Nycz, who was celebrating the Mass.

This unprecedented event was caught by the camera eye and could be observed on TV screens by millions of Poles all across the country.

You can see him picking the Host up here.

That is a man with obvious reverence for the Blessed Sacrament. You could see he was unsure what to do after rescuing the Host. Then he brought it to Cardinal Nycz, who has been steadfast in opposing proposed “pastoral changes” to the Church’s Doctrine on divorce, attempted bigamy, and the Blessed Sacrament:



As for the Russians, who have experienced a miraculous restoration of their faith, a huge resurgence in the (still problematic and quite possibly politically compromised) Orthodox Church, and a significant turn towards Christian morality, they are having no part with the attempt to foist sodomy on their country by the craven West:

The public authorities and citizens of Moscow continued their long-standing resistance to homosexual ideology this year, stopping an unauthorized “gay pride” parade in the center of their city and arresting participants, according to reports in local and international media.

Despite being refused a permit for the tenth year in a row, parade organizers attempted to carry out a demonstration on Tverskaya Street, just across from the mayor’s office, but were foiled by pro-family counter-protesters and police, who descended upon them in large numbers to interrupt the illegal event……. [Are Russians braver or more faithful people than Americans?  Why has there been no similar response from we Americans over the past several decades to the steady advance of the advocates of sodomy in our country?]

……Moscow authorities detained an estimated 20 people in all, representing both points of view.

The principal organizer of the event, Nikolai Alexeyev, was lead away with a bloody hand after police said he refused to obey orders. He was sentenced the following Monday to ten days in jail. [So this is hardly a really draconian response]Moscow residents are strongly opposed to homosexual “parades,” which are often the scenes of public nudity, obscene images, and even public sex acts, and see such events as direct attacks upon the values of their society. [None of the above can be effectively refuted]

They also see such events as infringing upon their culture perpetrated by the countries of the European Union, which treat the homosexual lifestyle as a “right” and have attempted to impose such marches on Moscow. In 2010, the EU-dominated European Court of Human Rights declared Moscow’s “pride” ban to be illegal and ordered the city to permit such parades. However, the government has refused to comply[Lord, have we fallen.  Terrible.]

According to a recent poll by Russia’s Levada Center, 84 percent of Russians oppose homosexual “marriage,” and only seven percent support it.

The public’s support for the country’s law banning homosexual propaganda has risen from 64 percent in 2013 to 74 percent today.

Those last bits of data are of enormous import.  They reveal that this move in the US and so many other countries towards embrace of previously unmentionable evil is not some movement of the human spirit or some great advance in the recognition of “liberty,” but is the exhausted surrender of a culture in severe decay.  Only 7 percent of Russians support pseudo-sodo-marriage, while 56 percent of pretended American “Catholics” think it’s great!  That certainly shows the incredible effect pro-sodomy propaganda in the media has had, as well as the unbelievably impoverished understanding of marriage that exists in the US.

But there is more to the dichotomy: Russia is a country that shook off the shackles of communism only 23 years ago.  Under communism, Russia had the highest rate of abortion in the world (the rate is still sky high), and also was one of the first countries to suffer under a regime of so-called no fault divorce.  Divorce remains quite prevalent in Russian society.  Contraceptive use is also rampant.  I do think in the post-Christian West the faulty understanding of what marriage is, or should be, has played a huge role in people’s acceptance of this gravely evil “redefinition” of marriage.  But Russians still today give evidence of suffering under the same misunderstandings.  How is it possible then that they are able to see through this sick facade and comprehend the evil of sodomy, still?  At least to the incredible degree that they do.  Is the propaganda campaign – prevented by political leadership in Russia – the true source of the sodomites unprecedented victories in the fallen West?

Or…..could it have to do with faith?  Even though Russia is still very sick in many respects (regarding marriage), many Russians have returned to at least a fairly serious practice of their Orthodox faith – a valid if schismatic Church that never went through anything quite like the aggiornamento that the Catholic Church experienced.  I’m really just guessing, but it seems that more Russians today have a deep reverence for God, and allow God into their lives, than do Western Christians?  If that is the difference, it would certainly make sense, and it would show the degree to which we block God’s magnificent beneficence in our culture when we reject him from our private lives.

I’m out of time!  Maybe you can figure it out better than I, why the Russians are able to oppose this immoral madness and we are not!


1. Baseballmom - June 11, 2015

That video was awesome. Thank you! Did not see this anywhere else!

2. c matt - June 11, 2015

Why has there been no similar response from we Americans over the past several decades to the steady advance of the advocates of sodomy in our country?

The molders of Russian culture (government, media, entertainment, academia) are against sodomy. The molders of American/Western culture are for it. As you put it “the exhausted surrender of a culture in severe decay.” A decay that has been pushed and fomented by the cultural elites of the West. To what end, who knows. Maybe it is the communists infecting the West with the progressive virus while they rebuild strength at home so they can later sweep in and take over.

3. camper - June 14, 2015

The answer, Tantum, is that the Russians aren’t soft. Thanks to our luxuries, as well as the flattery of demagogues, we are.

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