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Post-Christian Americans now ready to believe anything: same sex “marriage,” white can be black June 15, 2015

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I assume most readers are familiar with the train wreck that is the Rachel Dolezal case.  A very obviously (to me) white woman paraded around as an African American over the past 8-9 years while serving as the head of the Spokane area NAACP.  She is utterly unrepentant regarding her subterfuge.  And even more incredibly, somewhere between 1/3-1/2 of the comments I read in various news coverage – overwhelmingly from women – firmly endorsed her pretensions to be “trans-racial,” meaning a black woman (or man, or ?) born into a white woman’s body.  They wondered why anyone would be “picking on” poor, lying, scheming, almost certainly mentally divergent Rachel Dolezal.

Poor, poor suffering woman.  But should I be surprised either at the fact that someone obviously 100% Anglo would attempt to pass themselves off as black, or that a quite substantial percentage of people in our country would see that as not only a perfectly normal, rational thing to do, but would blast anyone who dared to criticize this fiction?

No, no I should not.

I’m not surprised at the former for several reasons.  To be blunt, this woman’s reaction to the affair and to the plaintive cries of her family to return to sanity in such a way that her mental balance must be gravely questioned.  To put it bluntly, there are a million varieties of crazy, and it’s not unheard of for someone to latch onto something like this.  Even more, our culture today, especially in the more progressive fever swamps, has turned being a Caucasian into just about the greatest evil imaginable, while being black – in many circles – conveys instant credibility and deference over an exalted level of victim status.  This is not of course to say that blacks have not been victimized, historically – of course they have – but then again, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather was very close to a slave as an indentured servant.  The point being, the extreme swing towards radical progressive thought our culture has taken since the 60s provides very powerful incentives to want to be black, and this woman obviously found that desirable to her white-bread upbringing.  However, given her statements regarding being raised in a tee-pee, living a survival level existence while hunting with bows and arrows, and in South Africa, too boot! (and during apartheid, no less), I think makes the severely disturbed explanation a larger part of this witches brew.

OK, so she’s got serious problems.  People always have, and always will.  But why are so many people, especially women, rallying to her cause?  Why did I see at least as many sneering comments directed towards the woman’s parents, and their motives for outing her, as I did directed at this poor creature herself?  Why did so many people fall for an internet punk artist who created the term “wrong skin” and vault it to one of the top trending topics on twitter, a topic he just made up that morning as a cynical cultural commentary?

I think the answer obvious.  We live in a culture incredibly, and increasingly, detached from the truth, where the personal will to power in desire of anything, no matter how ludicrous, is automatically accepted, provided it rings the right progressive bells.  Put more bluntly: how can a culture that has embraced the completely ludicrous, counter-natural and unreasonable belief that two people of the same sex could be married deny anyone’s claim to be recognized as anything, even when such recognition flies in the face of being, nature, and reason?  Even more, we are being heavily propagandized that we will now have to pretend that lifelong men were actually women.  There is no amount of reason and fact we are being required by our cultural elites to jettison. We are constantly told we have to positively go along with the frankly crazed desires of the incredibly unsettled, disordered, and/or sinful few, in order that we not hurt their feelings or otherwise aggrieve them even more than they already are.  It seems very few of us are willing to resist the demands of this self-anointed elite across the board – the vast majority have at present given into one lie or another.

Suffice it to say, a culture cannot long stand like this.  When a very sizable portion of the people are too confused, too ignorant, or too uncaring to refuse to acquiesce to someone else’s deranged flight of fancy, and even more, willingly go along with this flight in an exercise of mass cultural hypnosis, energetically defending the unreality they are creating, then reason has gone totally out the window and we are down to nothing but the exercise of personal whim.  And a society given over, en masse, to being ruled by emotion and whim is a society that is ripe for tyranny.  As I mentioned before, that tyranny is advancing rapidly as not only more and more subjects are marked as taboo, with only one correct opinion being permissible and all else being beyond the pale, but also with a leviathan government asserting itself into more and more minute aspects of people’s lives, so that leaving your son outside for an hour and a half unsupervised is grounds for a felony offense in Florida.

So now people are joking about transarboreal and trans-species movements. I’m really a tree, I’m really a frog. But the joke is really on all of us.  A very sizable number of people in this country see absolutely nothing wrong with pretending to be a black when white, female when male, or married when obviously not.  And they see nothing wrong with government encouraging such behavior by endorsing  and affirming it.  Where they do see a great problem, because it cuts against the mass rationalization the vast majority have bought into to one degree or another, is when people stand up and say no, this is not OK.  Why do we have to be such haters, these transexuals or transracials or pretense of marriage sodomites aren’t hurting anyone, are they?

Well yes, yes they are.  First of all, they are hurting themselves.  Second of all, as we have seen, they are not content with merely engaging in this pretense on their own, they demand that literally everyone else share in it. Thus we are all hurt by it. Children are hurt immeasurably by being raised in an amoral vacuum where reason is replaced by leftist identity politics.  And the entire culture is being rent from its moorings by all these assaults against reason, morality, nature, decency, and all the rest.

“Each distinction we erase makes it harder for us to make any other distinction,” said Robert Reilly with respect to pseudo-sodo-marriage.  We already see how the cultural embrace of sodomy is leading to immediate demands to legitimize other immoral behavior.  Polygamy, incest, even pederasty are not far behind at all.  And we can see that the disease of satanic unreasoning immorality is spreading beyond sex into other areas of being, even race.  How long will this process continue before all falls apart?

I would wager, not very long.

* – I will just note for the record I have a huge problem with the leftist Balkanization of people according to race and ethnicity. I am not endorsing this racial class struggle in the slightest. This is a corrosive element in society and I have long found it ludicrous that progressive advocates against “racism” or whatever -ism actually further those perceived evils by focusing so much on them and never allowing people to simply exist.  And now we are told that things like facts and hard data are evidence of “Euro-centric” or “male-centered” thinking, whereas unsubstantiated, emotion-laden “victim” claims of, oh, say, rape or invisible racism are to be taken at face value, the accused immediately imprisoned, kicked out of college, denied any possible future decent life, etc., all without any due process.  As I said, the road we are on ends in Stalinism or worse, and we are getting perilously close to our final destination.


1. glmcreations - June 15, 2015

We don’t win, but God does-here’s how: even if there is just one Christian, that Christian makes Jesus present on earth, by love.

Here is a version of this idea below, excerpt from the novel Mr. Blue.You can read the rest of this prophetic work from 1928 by good Roman Catholic Connolly on the Internet. He was from Boston, a successful screenwriter, and a silent collaborator with Frank Capra on It’s A Wonderful Life. I echoed some of Blue in my Orphan at the Catholic Lane site. Guy McClung, San Antonio

“The End of the World as told by Mr. J. Blue
By Myles Connolly

“came as we sat there that afternoon, came with a light fog out of the east. Blue was telling me a story…It was a story for a motion picture, he explained. I shall reproduce it as best I can. I do not hope to catch the magnificence of it as he told it, there up on the roof with the fog settling aimlessly over us like a thin white smoke in the increasing dusk. I shall never, I know, have a story told me as vividly again.
The last known Christian had been put to death. (So Blue began.) He had been found living in a lower level of an abandoned mine in South Africa. He was ferreted out and brought to trial. He had professed Christ. There was no tumult or clamor. He had been locked in a lethal chamber. The gas was admitted. In a few minutes he was dead. He was found lying forward on his face where he had fallen from his knees.
The International Government of the World announced the capture and execution. “

2. Margaret Costello - June 15, 2015

*sigh* This is the natural consequence of Descartes and the so called “enlightenment” philosoph’s unhinging thought from objective reality via the senses. In it’s place? Our own minds where we decide truth i.e. relativism. It’s all about “feelings” and narcissism. I hope the brutal chastisement about to hit them is quick and they wake up before it’s too late. God bless~

3. Mrs. Maureen Avila - June 16, 2015

If Rachel D. had masqueraded as a black man, would people then say, ” No, you are a white man”.

Tantumblogo - June 16, 2015

Very true. Nothing makes even remote sense anymore.

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