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Whither heresy? Pope begs forgiveness of Waldensian sect June 22, 2015

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If one judged by the actions of two of the three most recent popes, one would have to conclude that opposing heresy even to the point of violence is always wrong, and that the Church has almost always erred in “doing so,” or supporting the secular power in doing so.  So was it wrong to repress a noxious heresy that posited only two Sacraments and led hundreds of thousands if not millions astray?  Or was it wrong to excommunicate prelates who explicitly rejected the Primacy of Peter, or who embraced any of a number of errors in protestantism?

Eliot Bougis claims this is a sterling example of everything wrong with Dignitatis Humanae.  I would have a hard time arguing with that:

Pope Francis met on Monday with members of the Waldensian movement, an ecclesial community which suffered persecution from Catholic authorities from the 12th to 17th centuries. He apologized for the Church’s “non-Christian attitudes and behavior” towards the Waldensians during that period.

“Reflecting on the history of our relations, we can only grieve in the face of strife and violence committed in the name of faith, and ask the Lord to give us us the grace to recognize we are all sinners, and to know how to forgive one another,” the Pope said June 22 at a Waldensian temple in Turin. [But such a view can only be posited if one believes in universal salvation, can it not?  Or nearly universal?  Otherwise, allowing souls to remain in errors that deny them salvation would be an evil even greater, far greater, than whatever violence committed in the name of the Church the Pope has in mind?]

“I ask forgiveness for the non-Christian – even inhuman – attitudes and behaviors which, through history, we have had against you. In Jesus Christ’s name, forgive us!” [This is incredibly dangerous.  So Pope Francis has now, rhetorically, at least, “excommunicated” popes, bishops, and Saints of the past for their part in repressing this heresy, among others.  So popes (and others) are allowed to excoriate previous popes, but we can’t critically examine the actions of the current one?  What is the time limit on the embargo of papal criticism?  Is it simply when the “old beliefs” fall out of fashion, then it’s open season?]

Monday’s encounter marks the first meeting between a Pope and the Waldensian community. Founded in Lyon in the late twelfth century, it is currently centered in Italy’s Piedmont region, which Pope Francis visited June 21-22.

The movement was founded by Peter Waldo, and embraced evangelical poverty and lay preaching, and believed there were only two sacraments. The movement’s ideas were condemned as early as the Third Lateran Council, in 1179. Beginning in the early 1200s, many Waldensians were executed on account of heresy. [By the secular authority, not the Church, do note.  The Church desires not the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. But when some persist in formal heresy for a protracted period of time, and do grave damage to souls, it is not entirely surprising that the secular authority would take this step in a rightly ordered concern for souls and to maintain the public order]

…….Pope Francis told the community, “On behalf of the Catholic Church, I ask for your forgiveness.” [I just cannot stand all these apologias.  They are meaningless PR events and I have a very difficult time not seeing them as simply self-serving grandstanding]

During the meeting, the Roman Pontiff praised  ecumenical advancements which have been made among those united in baptism and belief in Christ. [I wonder just how united in belief in Christ we really are, and is that not the core of the problem?]

“This tie is not based on simple human criteria, but on the radical sharing of founding experience of Christian life: the encounter with the love of God who reveals to us Jesus, and the transformative action of the Holy Spirit who helps us on life’s journey.” [But Holy Father, did you not also say that muslims have no need to convert and have their own path to salvation, separate from that through Jesus Christ?]

Pope Francis noted that this communion “is still on a journey, which, with prayer, with continual personal and communal conversion, and with the help of the theologians, [ominous?]  we hope, trusting in the action of the Holy Spirit, can become full and visible communion in truth and charity.”

He added that unity, as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, is not the same as uniformity. [Yes, but “unity” is also a heckuva lot more than shared baptism, isn’t it?  What happens when the first mortal sin is committed by a non-Catholic who has no conception of perfect contrition and no recourse to sacramental Confession?  Are they still “united?”]

“In fact, our brethren are united by a common origin but are not identical to one another.”

The Holy Father cited the scriptures, which speak of different charisms and gifts.

However, wars often break out when these do not accept these differences of others, he said. [They break out because words and beliefs MEAN THINGS, and wrong belief, the Church has known for 2000 years, in matters of Dogma is a matter affecting SALVATION.]

Pope Francis thanked God that the relationship between Catholics and Waldensians continue today to be ever more rooted in “mutual respect and fraternal charity.”……..

………There are various areas where the Church and the Waldensians could work together, he said, one being evangelization. [So how does that work…..when the Church and Waldensians hold mutually exclusive beliefs?  And why are we exerting so much effort over a tiny sect when millions fall away from the Church every year?]

………Pope Francis concluded by saying a“new way of unity begins with seeing the “grandeur of our shared faith and life in Christ and the Holy Spirit,” before taking into account the differences which exist.

How long, and to what extent, do we bask in this grandeur before we can take into account the differences? And how many souls get lost in the interim.  The Waldensians are a small sect.  In the grand scheme of things they don’t amount to much. But there are other, far larger sects that gobble up millions of souls a year -the longer we bask, the more souls fall away.

There is a horrible conceit that troubles our times, one that is rooted in modernism and libertine ideas inherited from the endarkenment.  That conceit is that we are oh-so-much smarter and more sensitive than our forebears.  I don’t think that is true at all.  I think in fact we are a lot dumber than our forebears.

In all these apologias – and Pope Francis is not the first pope to make them, though they were unheard of prior to 1980 – this conceit is, I think, operative.  Also operative is a kind of indifference that is really appalling.  What is being implied is that people in the way back were just really awful, bloodthirsty, war-mongering people, people who just wanted to kill others more or less for sport, or for power, or whatever base reason.  Of course, we are so much above that, we just have to condemn our lamentable forerunners in the Faith, including some notable popes and Saints (Saint Dominic was very involved in the crushing of the Albigensian heresy, including its more martial aspects).

But what if there really are – as the Church infallibly believes – errors that are so severe and noxious they literally cut you off from salvation if you knowingly profess them?  What if these errors are clever and pernicious and become widely accepted?  What if millions of people put their eternal souls in danger through these errors?  And if you really do, as the Church used to, at least until ~1958, believe that this life is short, and that eternity is forever, and that God really does condemn people to hell, and not just a few, but a whole bunch of them (the Exodus from Egypt being the type for our sojourn on earth, with only 2 out of 600,000 Israeli men making it to the Promised Land)…….what lengths would  you not go to prevent souls from falling into hell?  Given fervent belief in the danger of heresy and the reality of damnation (just as real a fact today as it was in 1179), could you not even reasonably conclude that in some situations, in order to prevent souls from suffering in hell for all eternity, it might even be preferable to put to death a relatively few, as St. Ephraem said earlier today, incorrigibly corrupted, heretical people to death in order to keep many more from falling into errors that will lead to their eternal destruction?

Well, that is exactly how the Church always thought and reasoned, until the last few years, anyways, before gaining the approval of the world trumped the good of souls in the post-conciliar Church.  Would anyone like to argue that point, that to a marked degree, the approval of the world is the guiding concern for most leadership in the Church over the past several decades, the good of souls be damned, so to speak?  And isn’t universal salvation, then, quite a handy little thing to trot out when explaining the dichotomy that exists between the behavior of the Church that was, and the Church that is?

In comparison to the belief and practice to the Church as it existed for over 1900 years, the modern ecumenical approach is so divorced from true charity for souls that it would have scandalized to their core so many pious souls, good priests, dutiful bishops, and great Saints of the past. Is the modern ecumenical movement really grounded in love for souls, or in love for the world?

I really should send a letter to Pope Francis asking him if I made a mistake in becoming Catholic.

But you know what, I don’t think I need to……..I’m quite sure I know what answer he would give, if he would respond.  Much more importantly, however, I know I did NOT make a mistake, it was the best thing I could have ever done, and I pray I shall never waver in that belief.


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Next week is the first of the month.  Even though it is a holiday week I still plan on doing the vigil.  I am also committing to going twice this next month (July), on the first and third weeks.  I have gotten more notice of interest but some people cannot come on the first week.  Plus, I think a bigger presence is called for.  So, I’ll try twice next month and see how that goes.

More announcements as we get closer to the date.

Please pray for Doug Pearson.  Doug is well known to many listeners of local Catholic (EWTN) radio for his position at the Guadalupe Radio affiliate here in Dallas. He is also a father of nine and a grandfather of 10.  Doug has always been a big, strapping guy and I was always impressed by his vigorous appearance. Tragically Doug has been afflicted with cancer for quite some time.  He was in hospital at the beginning of the month but was released and seemed to be improving, but last week apparently took a turn for the worse and is now in very critical condition.  The family is asking for prayers.  They do hold out hope for a miraculous recovery, but by natural means, his prognosis is not positive.

Please also pray for SL who has been afflicted with a painful injury but is recovering.  If you would, in your charity, pray that his recovery may continue.  He told me not to do this but I’m not such a good listener.  Hopefully with God’s help he will forgive me.

May God reward you abundantly for your charity in these spiritual works of mercy.


Battle of Vienna, with glaring errors and atrocious CGI June 22, 2015

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The older I get, the more I hate CGI movies. I watched Aliens twice over the 3 day weekend, and save for some blue screen shots of aerial scenes, every single bit of that movie stands out as being more realistic and convincing than even the best CGI ever done, and by a wide margin.  I don’t like James Cameron personally, but Aliens was a triumph of art direction, special effects, costumes, and everything else that creates a believable world.  You can argue about the merits of the story told all you want, but I don’t think the fact that it was a technical triumph can be disputed.

Last year, I did a post about a new Polish movie that told the tale of the Second Siege of Vienna (1683).  I didn’t know much about it then, only that it had a scene of the awesome charge of the Polish winged hussars.  That movie (Day of the Siege, 2012) was just becoming available in the US at that time.  Someone has uploaded more extensive scenes from the movie to Youtube, and here they are, in their, ahem, glory:


The movie is respectful of the Church
The movie makes clear that this was a fight not between rival secular powers, but all about religion, and the true Faith.
The film makes clear there was a definite moral difference between Christianity and islam.  One is a religion of peace and love that will fight if it has to, the other is a religion of war and subjugation that tolerates peace when it has to.
F. Murray Abraham is in it
The charge of the winged hussars is awesome and quite well done. It mixes in some live action, thank goodness
There are a few other compelling action scenes
The movie seems to convey a supernatural element to the Christian victory


Production values are atrocious.  I’m sorry, the CGI is incredibly fake looking and abysmal.  I would say that the family made Navis Pictures have quite superior production values, and I cut them a huge amount of slack because they are just a good homeschooling family making deliberately inexpensive Catholic films.
Some glaring errors: Turkey did not exist in 1683.  It was the Ottoman Empire.  Constantinople’s name was not changed until after WWI in the fall of the Ottoman Empire and its replacement by the modern Turkish state.
The monk played by F. Murray Abraham uses a ferula exactly like the hideous, radioactively ugly one of Paul VI/JPII/Pope Francis.  Modernist art in 1683?
The acting is generally of a low standard
The script leaves much to be desired
There is quite a bit of gore.  Probably not suitable for kids.

The movie was made in Poland in 2012.  It came to the North American market last year.  If you really want to see islam get crushed and aren’t particular about production values, then go crazy.  I don’t think I’ll be buying this one, as intensely interested as I am in the subject matter, and no matter how much I’d like to see the largest heavy cavalry charge in history…….but done right.  So I think I’ll skip this one.

A final thought…..Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz said that war is politics by other means.  I would say that prayer is warfare by other means……but could the reverse hold true?  Warfare, conducted lawfully and with the support of the Church, is prayer by other means?  “There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends?”  Our Lord never indicates He is a pacifist, or even hates war.  He has in fact positively encouraged it at times.  Our Lord incarnate Jesus Christ famously took a whip to the moneychangers in the temple.

Just a random thought.

Is a “conversation” on climate change desired, or a lecture? June 22, 2015

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Much coverage of the most amazing papal document in the history of the past 2 seconds! has focused on the purported advocacy progressives see for one of their pet schemes to gain dominant control over political institutions and the economies of nations, in spite of any lack of a popular mandate, from the pope.  In short, it’s touted as an advocacy piece for mass intervention to stop purported anthropocentric global warming.

Not so fast, others say, there is copious language in the encyclical that is eminently Catholic and what is called for is actually a “grand discussion” on God’s creation, our use of it, and whether some global entity ought to be stood up to insure man’s duty to properly care for God’s gift of this world to us.

At the very least, it seems this Pope, with his extensive scientific credentials, is a firm believer in human caused global warming. The prime questions center around how authoritative his statements on this matter are (not at all), and what he wants to see done about it.  From all the material I’ve read, my takeaway from the 900 billion word encyclical is that, yes, Pope Francis wants some kind of “conversation” on climate change specifically and perceived enviro-threats, generally.

Which makes the following revelation from The Washington Post all the more interesting, or perhaps revealing.  It seems at the April climate change convocation at the Vatican that caused so much controversy, certain opinions were most assuredly NOT welcome:

Pope Francis was about to take a major step backing the science behind ­human-driven global warming, and Philippe de Larminat was determined to change his mind.

A French doubter who authored a book arguing that solar activity — not greenhouse gases — was driving global warming, de Larminat sought a spot at a climate summit in April sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Nobel laureates would be there. So would U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs and others calling for dramatic steps to curb carbon emissions.

After securing a high-level meeting at the Vatican, he was told that, space permitting, he could join. He bought a plane ticket from Paris to Rome. But five days before the April 28 summit, de Larminat said, he received an e-mail saying there was no space left. It came after other scientists — as well as the powerful Vatican bureaucrat in charge of the academy — insisted he had no business being there.

“They did not want to hear an off note,” de Larminat said……..

……..Papal advisers say Francis signaled his intent to draft a major document on the environment soon after assuming the throne of St. Peter in March 2013. His interest in the topic dates to his days as a bishop in Buenos Aires, where Francis, officials say, was struck by the effects of floods and unsanitary conditions on Argentine shantytowns known as “misery villages.”……[I will stake my reputation as an engineer and all future income I could possibly derive therefrom on this claim: global warming cooling climate change had absolutely NOTHING to do with these floods, which are cyclical.  This is simply an invalid connection]

……..Based on the people he recently appointed to his council for science, Francis was also seen to have made up his mind on the question of global warming. Some prominent conservatives — particularly economic and environmental conservatives — were consulted by the Vatican during the process, but “many were sort of shocked that none of their contributions made it in there,” Raymond Arroyo, news director at the Catholic mega-channel EWTN, said Friday…….

………De Larminat had a cordial meeting in March with Cardinal Peter Turkson, a senior member of the clergy and a key supporter of the pope’s encyclical. [And a former acolyte of Pope Benedict who has really switched sides.]At the meeting, both men said, Turkson promised to try to secure a space for the Frenchman at the April summit.

However, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences…...effectively vetoed de Larminat’s presence. Asked why, Sánchez Sorondo responded in an e-mail, “because he’s not an academic authority in this field, neither a religious authority nor a U.N. authority.”……. [So this is about being an insider’s club?]

……….Sánchez Sorondo, however, denied that there had been significant internal opposition to the pope’s encyclical. He insisted that rather than from inside Vatican City, the primary pressure against its message had come from climate-change deniers — particularly in the United States. [You of course recall Archbishop Sorondo’s scandalous and calumnious invective against pro-life groups and others who question the truthfulness of “man-caused global warming” – and the even more appalling screed written by his major lay underling at the Pontifical Academy]

“But it is clear that this pope is very courageous,” said Sánchez Sorondo, who, like Francis, is an Argentine. “He is not a politician. He is not a diplomat. He is someone who is willing to say what others are afraid to say.”

I’d’ say, at the conclusion of this report, that the question in the lede is even more apt: is a “conversation” being called for, or is it really a lecture?  It seems Pope Francis has made up his mind on this subject.  It seems the Vatican holds that those who doubt climate change are illegitimate and dishonest actors.  This is how the left typically deals with dissent from their shibboleths – shut up, they said.  When a left-winger says they “want to have a conversation,” they mean they want you to do exactly what they say, all the while beating your breast for every holding a contrary opinion.  There seems to be more than just a bit of that mentality in the above.

This Archbishop Sorondo is quite informative.  A JPII appointee, he had been certainly on the progressive side but relatively mildly so until March 2013, but since has come out has a hardcore progressive ideologue.  Being an Argentine, he certainly knew Pope Francis well before his election.  He knew how the winds would blow, apparently.  He has been quite authoritarian in his leadership of this Academy of late, especially in the run up to the encyclical’s release.

BTW, do you agree with Rorate that the greatest encyclical in the history of the Church has already largely fallen out of the public eye and will soon be forgotten?  I’m sure our liberal Catholic frienemies will throw the bits they like in our face every chance they get, but beyond that………has the news cycle moved on and this “victory for the left” already been consigned to the tally sheet, there only to be remembered by a few specialists?

I really have no idea, I have no TV and don’t watch mainstream media, so I have no idea what they are saying.  But you might.

Saint Ephraem’s last testament June 22, 2015

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Oh that we had such Saints in our Church today.  If we do, they are well hidden.  st_ephraim_the_syrian

Saint Ephraem the Syrian was a fourth century Saint and Doctor of the Church.  His voluminous writings and hymns are some of the greatest testimonies of our Faith ever created.  He was an amazingly holy man but is somewhat unknown to the Western Church.  His last testament is excerpted below, which is impressive not only for the virtue displayed but for the confirmation of Church Doctrine, penetrating all the way back to well before his life, which it provides. I think you will find much that is edifying on both fronts, and I do hope you read it all.

From, as usual, Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year:

……When I think of my past life my knees tremble and my teeth chatter and when I call to mind my deeds I am overcome with horror.  Do not embalm me for burial, such honor is not due to me; do not place sweet perfumes upon my body, I am prepJefrm2not worthy of such distinction.  Burn the incense in the sanctuary, but encompass me with your prayers.  Offer sweet perfumes to God and chant psalms over my soul.  Instead of pouring sweet perfumes and sweet savors over my body remember me in your prayers, for of what use are sweet odors to a dead man who has no senses with which to perceive them?  Carry your incense to the house of God and there burn it that others may benefit thereby…….Luxury belongs to the rich, the dunghill to the poor.  Authority belongs to the royal family, but abjection and humility to the stranger and wayfarer.

Come, brethren, hearken unto me, for it is decreed that I may live no longer.  Help me on my journey by your prayers, psalms, and sacrifices.  When the thirty days are over make a memento of me, brethren, for the dead are helped by the Masses offered for the living.….[A sure proof of Purgatory, prayers for the dead, the efficacy of good works for the receipt of Grace and salvation of both the living and the dead.  And Saint Ephraem was citing this not as some new novelty, but as long held belief.  From my own study, if the Church “erred” on these subjects as protestants claim, the error had to occur in the first century at the St.-Ephrem-the-Syrianlatest, because Doctrine on Purgatory and good works for Grace date from the earliest Church.  Protestants essentially argue that the Church was founded in error, which makes Christ a liar…….but it is they who err]

The one thing that gives me courage and hope before God is that I have never insulted my Savior and no blasphemy has ever been uttered by my lips.  Those who hated Thee, Lord, I have hated and have abhorred thy enemies (Ps CXXXVIII:21). Write my words upon your hearts and be mindful of what I say, for after I am dead evil persons will come among you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly, they are ravening wolves (St. Matt VII:15).  Their speech is sweet, but the desires of their hearts are bitter; they have the appearance of good, but they are the messengers of satan.  Fly from them and from their doctrines; do not go near them, for you know that whoever is found in a place where outrage has been offered to the king has to come into 220px-Mor_Ephrem_iconthe court to be questioned according to the law.  Even if he can prove he was not guilty he will be condemned for want of zeal. [Fascinating point. Have no truck with heretics and apostates save for trying to convert them.  A harsh doctrine, perhaps, but given how many have fallen away from the Church under such influences, dare we discount it?] Do not sit with heretics nor associate with apostates.  It would be better to dwell with a demon that with a renegade. [WOW] For if you abjure the demon he will flee, for he cannot stand before the name of Jesus, but even were you to exorcise the apostate ten thousand times he would not cease from his wickedness nor renounce his folly.  It would be better to teach demons than to try to convince heretics. [Wow again] Demons bore witness, saying, “Thou art the Son of God” (St. Matt VIII:29), but infidels and heretics daily contend pertinaciously that He is not the Son of God.  Satan himself who dwells in them confesses the truth, but they assiduously deny it……[Satan dwells in heretics and apostates. Check.  Reading Ungodly Rage, I have to concur]

O my disciples, hear my precepts and be mindful of my words.  Do not depart from my faith nor be untrue to my lessons. When you hear of seditions and tumults in the world be constant and hold fast to the truth and your faith.  [I’d have a hard time finding better advice]

Farewell, my friends, and pray for me, my beloved.  The time has come for the merchant to return to his own country.  Woe is me, my merchandise is gone and my riches are all spent.  No one weeps over the death of the holy because they pass from death to life; but weep for me, brethren, for we have wasted our days and hours in idleness.  May peace abide on the earth and may her sons be joyful.  May peace abide in the Church and may the persecution of the malicious cease.  May the wicked become just and be converted from their sins.  

Hail, O Angel guide, who leadest the soul out of the body, parting them asunder hat they may remain separated until the general resurrection….

———-End Quote———–

God bless you, Saint Ephraem. You were the holy one of which you speak, but we do weep your passing, since we no longer have the light of your pious example and your unshakable proclamation of the Truth.

Pray for us!  Implore the Lord to gift His Church again with Saints like you, truly great Saints who inspire millions to conversion of heart and amendment of life.

Pray especially for the leaders of our Church that they may cease being the wolves of which you speak and will become the spiritual fathers so many starved, half-dead millions crave.

Pray for me that I may cease frittering my life away in idleness and stop being such a weak, lukewarm soul.


Interesting factoid June 22, 2015

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Sorry I’m late getting started blogging today, my CAD guy is out for 3 weeks on a long vacation at work so I’m having to do a ton of Pro/E work myself.  I really like to do it, actually, even a bit more than blogging, so you lose.  Heh.

This is an interesting factoid:  we’ve all heard the liberal claim that women “earn 78% of what men earn.”  But a review of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows why: women work 76% of the hours that men work.  As such, that actually means that women, working 76% of the hours of men but making 78% in terms of pay, are actually slightly higher paid than men.  This data is freely available, so all those advocating for more and more leviathan state intervention to correct the alleged pay disadvantage of women are really advocating for increasing women’s superior position to men.

Which also reminds me that women now make up almost 60% of the collegiate student body in the US, vice 40% for men (“transgenders” not even registering as a blip – go figure).  The implications of that with regard to wages are interesting, with the caveat that women tend to disproportionately major in subjects that lead to lower paying careers.  But somehow the difference is getting made up.  If this trend continues, however, college-educated women will so outnumber men in a few decades that women will almost certainly earn more than men over their lifetimes.  More emasculation, more demoralization.

Taking all this and much more together, such as more and more young, radical marxist feminist’s claims that ALL instances of the marital act are rape (the actual tagline is “penis in vagina = rape, always”)……..how long are we going to stand the vicious, repressive misanthropy of the radical marxist lesbian movement?

If you want a great education on how completely consumed the vast majority of female religious orders were by feminism-lesbianism-wicca/witchcraft, I cannot recommend Donna Stiechen’s Ungodly Rage enough.  While somewhat dated now (published 25 years ago), it aptly describes both why almost all female religious orders are now dead, and the seething self-loathing and hatred of God and all things male that permeated these formerly Catholic institutions.  So many of these religious went beyond insane, they were unsane.

God willing I’ll get to some real material in a bit.