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Next week is the first of the month.  Even though it is a holiday week I still plan on doing the vigil.  I am also committing to going twice this next month (July), on the first and third weeks.  I have gotten more notice of interest but some people cannot come on the first week.  Plus, I think a bigger presence is called for.  So, I’ll try twice next month and see how that goes.

More announcements as we get closer to the date.

Please pray for Doug Pearson.  Doug is well known to many listeners of local Catholic (EWTN) radio for his position at the Guadalupe Radio affiliate here in Dallas. He is also a father of nine and a grandfather of 10.  Doug has always been a big, strapping guy and I was always impressed by his vigorous appearance. Tragically Doug has been afflicted with cancer for quite some time.  He was in hospital at the beginning of the month but was released and seemed to be improving, but last week apparently took a turn for the worse and is now in very critical condition.  The family is asking for prayers.  They do hold out hope for a miraculous recovery, but by natural means, his prognosis is not positive.

Please also pray for SL who has been afflicted with a painful injury but is recovering.  If you would, in your charity, pray that his recovery may continue.  He told me not to do this but I’m not such a good listener.  Hopefully with God’s help he will forgive me.

May God reward you abundantly for your charity in these spiritual works of mercy.


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