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Interesting factoid June 22, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disconcerting, error, family, General Catholic, persecution, rank stupidity, scandals, Society.

Sorry I’m late getting started blogging today, my CAD guy is out for 3 weeks on a long vacation at work so I’m having to do a ton of Pro/E work myself.  I really like to do it, actually, even a bit more than blogging, so you lose.  Heh.

This is an interesting factoid:  we’ve all heard the liberal claim that women “earn 78% of what men earn.”  But a review of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows why: women work 76% of the hours that men work.  As such, that actually means that women, working 76% of the hours of men but making 78% in terms of pay, are actually slightly higher paid than men.  This data is freely available, so all those advocating for more and more leviathan state intervention to correct the alleged pay disadvantage of women are really advocating for increasing women’s superior position to men.

Which also reminds me that women now make up almost 60% of the collegiate student body in the US, vice 40% for men (“transgenders” not even registering as a blip – go figure).  The implications of that with regard to wages are interesting, with the caveat that women tend to disproportionately major in subjects that lead to lower paying careers.  But somehow the difference is getting made up.  If this trend continues, however, college-educated women will so outnumber men in a few decades that women will almost certainly earn more than men over their lifetimes.  More emasculation, more demoralization.

Taking all this and much more together, such as more and more young, radical marxist feminist’s claims that ALL instances of the marital act are rape (the actual tagline is “penis in vagina = rape, always”)……..how long are we going to stand the vicious, repressive misanthropy of the radical marxist lesbian movement?

If you want a great education on how completely consumed the vast majority of female religious orders were by feminism-lesbianism-wicca/witchcraft, I cannot recommend Donna Stiechen’s Ungodly Rage enough.  While somewhat dated now (published 25 years ago), it aptly describes both why almost all female religious orders are now dead, and the seething self-loathing and hatred of God and all things male that permeated these formerly Catholic institutions.  So many of these religious went beyond insane, they were unsane.

God willing I’ll get to some real material in a bit.



1. Baseballmom - June 22, 2015

Read Ungodly Rage 20 plus years ago. Excellent reference book. Silly me…. I thought when one part goes into another it meant….. Babies 😀😏

2. TG - June 23, 2015

I read it too. I also read the books about priests – Goodbye, Good Men.

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