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Various and Sundry as I wind down the week June 24, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, episcopate, error, General Catholic, Latin Mass, Papa, persecution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, shocking, Society, Tradition, Virtue.

It’s harvest time at the farm, so I am going to be out for the next several days.  I might come back with a scintillating combine video I’m sure you’ll just be wracked in anticipation thereof.  Sorry, you’ll just have to wait.

A few items of ephemera for the interim.  I took a couple of these from JP Sonnen’s blog.  First up, a lovely evening/night pilgrimage at La Salette:

la salette procession i

la salette procession iii

la salette procession iv

la salette procession v

I love our Lady’s apparitions. I need to learn more about La Sallete.  I like the idea of a night procession.  That’s beautiful.  Looks like quite a suitable church, too.

These are good ones:


Et deux:


All three are essential. Since our culture has chosen to forget the God part, it was inevitable that marriage would fall to the state it has.

I also wanted to put up this video from The Remnant, for two reasons.  For one, there is a very interesting quote from Elizabeth Yore regarding the recent “climate change” conference held at the Vatican and, of course, the encyclical Laudato Si.  But even more there is a plug for a small but deserving online video Catholic apostolate called JMJHF Productions.  I’ve posted a number of their videos on the blog before, and they are apparently working on a documentary on this year’s pilgrimage to Chartres, which is something I eagerly await.  It might even inspire me to consider going sometime, though I’ve never been a fan of long distance travel.

Have a watch:

I do find it significant that the Vatican has apparently relied so heavily on input from the radical environmental lobby for both the recent conference and the encyclical, to the point of calumniating other viewpoints, even from very devout children of the Church.  That is a most troubling development, because it points to a politicization of the Vatican we have not seen in a very long time, and represents the ascension of an ideology that has been at war with the Church for hundreds of years.  The message from certain curial figures of late to faithful Catholics has been: buzz off.  And they don’t say it quite so nicely.

Were you aware that the Vatican collaborated with the Obama administration to tie the encyclical to various federal policies, which I assume includes the attempt to label carbon dioxide (which we all exhale) a hazardous pollutant subject to EPA control?

I’ve been pretty skeptical of the New World Order rhetoric, but now…….I’m not so sure.  There certainly seems to be a tremendous amount of coordination going on around the world, directing events on a score of different fronts in a common direction, coordination that speaks of a high level of organization and conducted by individuals with a huge amount of influence.

But Chartres does give one a good deal of hope.  It looks like many hundreds if not more participated?



1. Cristero - June 24, 2015

Tantum, you mention JMJHF Productions. Thank you for doing that. They are personally very well-known to us and have been for years. These boys were weaned on Father Michael Rodriguez. Wonderful young men doing excellent, high-quality work. If any of your readers have a surge of generosity they need to satisfy, they should really consider sending some $$$ their way. They do what they do literally on a wish and a prayer.

2. Baseballmom - June 24, 2015

Totally sort of kind of off topic…. You mention the combine on the farm…. Soooo, my SIL used to work as a cop in a rural county, though it had a very liberal state University in the county. Anywho, the very liberal students were oh so very careful to not consume any meat or any living thing, and often bought locally made bread and other wheat products from nearby farms. The SIL would laugh at their fastidiousness, knowing how farmers used the combine…. Uhhhh…. Yeah….. He would say, “there’s a reason they call it a combine!” Only the Good Lord knows what’s mixed in with your oh so vegan wheat

Tantumblogo - June 24, 2015

Heh. I haven’t seen it happen personally though I know it does. I think Ken got a rabbit shortly before I rode with him last time.

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