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2015 Farm report June 30, 2015

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A little segue into happier matters for a brief bit.  I shot a bunch of videos while I was in Kansas and uploaded a bunch for the heck of it.  When we can time our trips to be there during harvest it’s a lot of fun, the kids really like it and there is much to do.  If we go before or after harvest there isn’t much to do.  I’m hoping next year to take more time off and catch the harvest right and be there even more.  I’d like to help out if I could.

Given that the crop looked all but lost in mid-March due to drought the wheat turned out quite good.  Continuous crop made at least mid-30s per bushel and summer fallow was more probably in the 50s on average.  We might top out over 50 bu/acre for the whole crop.  Milo is looking nice.  They’ve had a lot of rain, but after harvest will need a lot more.

Sorry for bad video quality, half the time I had a kid in my lap and the other half I got distracted by conversation.  It’s not easy to hold a phone steady in a jostling combine.  It’s a lot of fun for me, though, to get up there and see that great bounty of nature and Our Lord’s beneficence all come together.  We need to get a good priest to go up there sometime and bless the land, it’s never been done, I’m sure!

I almost get runned over:

My favorite:

We might make a move on some more land up there.  At this point, I don’t think having another quarter section in my back pocket would be a bad thing.  Now to get at least a single wide and tie into that water they’re pumping out of the Ogallala and we’d have a fair redoubt if things get rough (just enough for home use, not irrigation).  The place is a liturgical wasteland, though.


1. skeinster - July 1, 2015

If I bring my own tiny house, can I come, too? I haz skilz.

Only sort of kidding…

2. Baseballmom - July 1, 2015

Very fun videos…. Nice diversion 😏

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