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In the US today, lies trump truth June 30, 2015

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One of the inevitable, almost certainly pre-written pieces that came out in the wake of last week’s disastrous decision to force legal recognition of pseudo-sodomarriage on all 50 states – directly contradicting the express will of 31 states and almost as many state constitutional amendments – was one having to do with the alleged superiority of such immoral “unions.”  That someone could make such a claim with a straight face is a sure indication of the unprecedented depths to which the morals of this nation have descended.  Unfortunately, we will likely face such ludicrous claims frequently, so we must be armed with reasoned analysis to refute them totally and forcefully.  I will fisk some of the claims below for  your reference:

it’s worth keeping in mind the findings of psychologists John and Julie Gottman … gay couples have an edge[.] … [G]ay couples have a healthier fighting style than straight couples. [Perhaps that’s because they have so much practice.  Milo Yiannopoulos, an open sodomite, reports that nearly half of all lesbians have been assaulted at least once by their partners.  These rates are stratospheric compared to the general population. Perhaps that is why lesbian partnerships almost never last more than 3 years]

……The Gottmans give an example from a workshop they held with gay and lesbian couples. They gave couples some exercises to complete and the men went through the exercises much more quickly than the women. While the lesbians felt that there was not enough time to complete the exercise properly—they wanted more time sharing answers among one another and with the group—the men wanted the exact opposite.  [All the claims in this piece come from one pair of researchers who use non-statistically valid methods and self-reporting schemes.  It is worthless analytically, even as it assaults reason violently]

About 60 percent of gay men, one study found, have had sex outside of their marriage and 44 percent of them said that they had done so with the blessing of their partner. By comparison, about 14 percent of straight men and women reported having sex outside of marriage… [The numbers are actually a lot higher than that, with nearly 90% of male couples requiring an “open relationship” to last more than a couple of years.  The median number of lifetime partners for a sodomite of 20 years experience is in the hundreds, with many in the thousands]

… given how strong the male sex drive is, it’s unrealistic to expect men to remain monogamous for life. [This is just utter balderdash, billions of men over the course of history have managed it, this is nothing but special pleading for base behavior] Having occasional trysts outside of marriage helps gay men keep the marriage together. [A relationship founded on promiscuity is no marriage] The problem is that when individuals have an orgasm, they release a hormone called oxytocin, which makes people emotionally attached and bonded to another person. “So there is attachment taking place through sex,” he said. [My goodness, incredibly they admit there even could be a downside.  But I would hazard, based on the behavior of my next door neighbor, there is little attachment going on, but a whole lot of drug and alcohol fueled screaming and yelling at 3 and 4 in the morning.  His house is the sole source of police responses on our street, and they happen with some regularly.  His charming response to complaints (not mine)? Go —- yourself.]

Lesbians suffer from the opposite problem. Rather than having too much sex, they seem to be having too little. The term “lesbian bed death,” coined by the sociologist Pepper Schwartz, is a now-famous descriptor for how little sex lesbian women report having.

Indeed, the vast majority of lesbian relationships become completely platonic after the first 3-6 months.  That’s another point that Yiannopoulos included.  These highly disordered relationships tend to feature a great deal of obsessive-compulsive behavior that tends towards the violence seen above.  In order to get a new thrill and re-initiate their perverse behaviors, gomorrists tend to seek out new partners.  So again, we see how the behavior of these morally lost soul has been sanitized and re-cast in terms to make them palatable to the majority, by completely misrepresenting how they actually conduct their lives.

Which gets back to a point I raised two weeks ago, which is that gomorrists admit of having far more male partners!!! than women unafflicted with this perverse lust do.  I personally find in this fact very strong evidence that this lifestyle is far more about conscious choice than it is anything else.  All this data has been carefully buried, of course, in service of this most demonic of social revolutions.

I should remind readers that the Talmud, one of the major sources of Jewish belief, states that God unleashed the Flood that destroyed almost all life on earth when the people became so deranged they began to “marry” people of the same sex.  I don’t want readers to feel I am being overly negative, but I am trying to impress on folks the unbelievably dire situation that faces us.

I do strongly recommend reading books like Mexican Martyrdom and The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest if you want some idea of what is coming our way.  Books on more recent persecutions are probably superior to older ones since they incorporate some of the invidious advances that have been made in the persecutor’s arsenal.  The Last Crusade is another good source.

I will try to do a post on recommendations for sources like this at another time.


1. Baseballmom - July 1, 2015

Have a good buddy who is a forensic pathologist (autopsy doc). For many years he did autopsies for seven counties in the CA Bay Area. One thing he learned was that homosexual men kill their partners with tremendous rage and vengeance. These killings never make the papers, but are more frequent than most folks realize. Active homosexual men rarely use a firearm. Their weapon of choice is either a big knife or, interestingly, a barbecue fork. Yup, your 4th of July BBQ won’t be quite the same….

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - July 1, 2015

Well, lies trump truth in today’s Catholic Church, as well. Pope Francis is the obvious example.

3. Margaret Costello - July 1, 2015

Yes, please do list books that will help us prepare for the coming persecution. Thank you:+) God bless~

4. Westkay - July 1, 2015

Thank you for your witness . I enjoy reading your articles very much. We have had ssm in Canada for about 10 years and the rate of ssm marriage is very low. We have very strict laws, though; at Mass today Father spoke a little about it as S&G was the first reading, but even he admitted he couldn’t say much because of the fear of being reported. Litigation is very expensive and the outcomes are usually not favourable.
We have a lesbian in our extended family who married and after 2 years left her “wife” for another lady. Her son is bitterly resentful for his childhood. A lifestyle that has so many negatives – too many to list – and is totally barren but yet demands the right to have children, can only bear rotten fruit and thus will be exposed for what it is eventually. In the meantime, though, I feel sorry for the children and those poor souls who have bought into the lies. My great fear is for the Church – I believe she is under a deliberate and well coordinated attack – homosexuality is the weapon intended to bring Her down. It seems like a crazy conspiracy theory, I know, but I cannot help but think it is true. Sorry for such a long post. May God bless you for your voice!

H-town - July 1, 2015

Not a conspiracy theory at all, progressives and commies are using homosexuals to attack the Church and society. Then they will be thrown under the bus, once they are no longer useful.

Obsever - July 1, 2015

The same groups, often with the covert aid of various elites, are gearing up to use muslims against us. A good article by Italian historian Roberto de Mattei on the Rorate Caeli site explains the significance of Bosnia.

Kathleen - July 1, 2015

“I will not leave thee, neither will I forsake thee.” Paul To The Hebrews 13:5

Yes, the sodomites and the Muslims will be the direct source of the persecution of The Church.

But great is His care for His flock!

June 26th, a day we must never forget in the U.S. is the feast day of St. Pelagius.

I have to think that God intends us to develop greater devotion to this little known saint, that we might seek help in time of trial.

St. Pelagius
Martyr of Spain who lived in the 10th century.

St. Pelagius was a young man, and was a prisoner to the Muslim caliph ‘Abd Al-Rahman III, an inveterate homosexual, who had a whole harem of male lovers, and who would soon lust after the young Christian. Al-Rahman invited Pelagius to a party and promised him a life of utter luxury if he would become his homosexual partner and convert to Islam. He also told him that if he accepted this offer, that he would be completely permitted to have homosexual intercourse with any man in the palace, and that he would free any of his relatives from prison. Pelagius refused, and being utterly adverse to both Islam and homosexuality, rejected his diabolical proposition. After this rejected, al-Rahman touched Pelagius in a homosexual way, and the Christian, so repulsed by, struck the caliph in the face and said, “Take off [your hands], dog, do you think me like one of yours, an effeminate?”

Al-Rahman then had the other homosexuals in the palace try to persuade Pelagius to join the sodomite tryst, but this did not work. It is said that at this point al-Rahman put his hand firmly on Pelagius’ face, he then put his arm around his neck, and drew him to closer to kiss him. Pelagius was so incensed about this that he struck the Muslim in the face, hard enough the blow drew blood which dripped down to his beard.

‘Abd al-Rahman was so filled with homosexual frenzy, that he had the young Christian saint slaughtered in the most brutal way. For six hours he was s tortured: he was slowly dismembered; they cut off his arm, then his leg, then more parts of his body were severed, until he was reduced to pieces. They then threw body parts into a river and they were later picked up by fellow Christians.

St. Pelagius ora pro nobis!

5. Elizabeth - July 1, 2015

I read “Autobiography of a Hunted Priest” a few years ago and completely agree ~ it’s a must-read. Riveting and frightening. And of course, very inspiring. Besides the fact that it was beautifully written as I recall. I look forward to more book recommendations from you!

DJR - July 1, 2015

“I do strongly recommend reading books like Mexican Martyrdom and The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest if you want some idea of what is coming our way.”

Rhoda Wise was a Catholic mystic and stigmatic who lived in NE Ohio during the late 19th and early 20th century; she died in the late 1940s.

Many Catholics, clergy included, visited her and believed her to be an authentic mystic. Mother Angelica, before she was a nun, was cured of a malady while visiting her one day.

She is reported to have made a statement that I read many years ago but still haunts me. I wondered about it back then; I no longer question it.

The alleged statement of Rhoda Wise: “The United States will undergo a revolution so great that priests will be hung from telephone poles.”

There is no doubt that we have now entered a more dangerous phase of the revolution. The physical persecution will surely follow. We must brace ourselves.

6. siobhanolp - July 1, 2015

This reminds me of a terrible dream I had about a dozen years ago and it has stayed with me. It was a warm sunny day, and I, and many other people, we’re walking to Church. Everyone was cheery and happy because it was just a perfect day. Suddenly, every person stopped dead in their tracks and stared in horror because we saw the decapitated head of a priest hanging over the front door of the Church. We were frozen in fear and no one would go inside. My impression was that this would happen in this country and not some foreign land. This dream filled me with terror, and looking at the world today, it looks like a real possibility.

7. Melanie - July 2, 2015

I have also been hearing around social media quite regularly that homosexuals partners also make better parents. The argument? They actually want their children because they are perfectly planned. Ridiculous.

Thank you for the book recommendations.

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