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Mexicans in Chihuahua block passage of “same-sex marriage” bill…… June 30, 2015

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………and Bishop Michael Jarrell of Lafayette, LA calls for civil disobedience against such manifestly unjust and immoral laws.

Blaise Cupich of Chicago, however, released the formal instrument of surrender for his archdiocese.

Differing responses to the moral calamity that faces us.  I am certain this will be par for the course for at least the next few years:

A dozen Catholic priests, accompanied by dozens more of the faithful, prevented the discussion of a bill to create homosexual “marriage” in the Mexican state of Chihuahua by their impassioned protest outside of the capitol building and their entrance into the congress itself to observe the proceedings, according to reports in the local and national press.

Following a prayer vigil the night before in the cathedral of the state capital, the protesters began to gather outside of the state congress and express their rejection of allowing debate over the legal recognition of homosexual unions as “marriages.” At 11:30 pm a group of about ten priests accompanied by laymen entered the congress itself to witness the proceedings, holding placards expressing support for the traditional family.

Seeing the protestors and the presence of the priests, the president of the state congress, Cesar Augusto Pacheco Hernandez, stated that the topic would not be addressed at the session, according to the local El Diario newspaper. The decision was met by cheers from the pro-family protesters……..

……..According to recent Supreme Court decisions, it is “discriminatory” to link “the requirements of marriage to sexual preferences,” as this “unjustifiably excludes homosexual couples -who are in similar conditions as heterosexual couples- from marriage,” the Court stated.  It added its claim that it is “unsuitable” to “consider that the purpose of marriage is procreation,” and affirmed that the “only constitutional purpose this decree acknowledges is the protection of family as a social reality.”

They’re almost entirely fake, transitory “unions” anyways!  The entire agenda is founded on a hideous lie, which is that the normal course of sodomite/gomorrist relations resembles anything like even marriage as it exists today, as abused and denigrated by “heterosexuals” as it is, let alone marriage as it has been for thousands of years – the indissoluble union of a man and woman oriented towards the creation of new life.  The only way sodomite “unions” persist more than a handful of years, if not months, is through constant and expected fornication with others.  Even then, above 90% of such relationships last less than 3 years.  That lets alone the profoundly unnatural aspects of this behavior, with hideously high rates of all manner of horrific diseases – anal cancer, rectal prolapse, sky-high rates of domestic violence, depression, drug addiction, suicide.

No matter what court decides what, the actions that define the sodomite agenda will remain foul, contrary to nature, incredibly offensive to God and downright sickening and evil.

I’ve wondered as a blogger a few times as to why the pro-life movement has chosen to totally eschew the more confrontational tactics of the late 70s and 80s that generated a lot of controversy but also probably saved a lot of lives.  At that time, human chains blocking entrances to mills and rescue operations even inside mills were quite common.  I have been told that such means were counterproductive and just got the pro-life movement labeled as crazy, while noting our cultural and religious enemies rarely have such compunction.  Radical tactics certainly seem to work for them.

Possibly along those lines, Bishop Michael Jarrell of Lafayette, LA seems to call for civil disobedience, at least among elected officials, without postulating what that might involve (I really think, in charity, priests and prelates owe their flocks very clear moral guidelines on the forms of resistance we may morally engage in).

Personally, I’m all for considering such steps.  You know I’ve been praying outside strip clubs for a little while now, and while I think that helpful and sort of an overlooked evil in our midst, I’ve been debating with myself if that’s really the most effective place to be or even if that’s what I’m being called to.  Part of me wants to park myself outside some of these sodomite pseudo-churches that confirm these people in their sins by butchering Christianity into a neo-pagan evil and confronting this gravest threat to our religion more directly.  But I can envision such engagement escalating quickly and I don’t think we have the numbers for that kind of confrontation, yet, even while I wonder if I am spiritually up to such (I’m sure the others are, but I am weak and cowardly).  I’m sure we’ll know very soon where these pseudo-sodo-marriages are taking place, and maybe that’s where we can take a stand in the near future.  I’ll think about it more.

The point being, the status quo has obviously failed.  Our political and church leadership have totally collapsed in the face of the advance of this gravest of perversions.  Do we just circle the wagons and prepare for the day they come for us, or do we take the fight to the enemy while we might still have a prayer of making a difference?  Is it prudent to do so, or will that just make the parishes from which we emanate greater targets?  Does that even matter at this point?  If we’re doomed to suffer anyways, should we actively seek it out or wait till it comes to us?  With the abdication of our shepherds, must the sheep become their own shepherds?   I don’t know, perhaps you have some thoughts.


1. Joseph D'Hippolito - June 30, 2015

What are the chances that Cupich is gay and Farrell isn’t? Huge, I’ll bet!

Baseballmom - July 1, 2015

You could bet the mortgage and keep your house…..

camper - July 1, 2015

Dear Tantum,
The following article is very important: https://stream.org/dont-buy-sex-marriage-tidal-wave-illusion/

It shows how the homosexuals in America have only succeeded by judicial activism and that what they did is not popular.

One thing that occurs to me is that Obergefell effectively declares that Christians are evil.

camper - July 1, 2015

Sorry to dominate the conversation, Tantum, but I strongly feel we need to establish an office in Rome dedicated to deposing the Pope and excommunicating bishops like Wuerl. I think this would change the tone of the whole worldwide Church. I’ve written before that the Pope is a material heretic because he clearly approves of leftism, which does not serve the common good but only the short-term good of the poor.

TG - July 1, 2015

That’s for the laugh.

TG - July 1, 2015

The laugh was from Joseph’s comments.

2. Mary - June 30, 2015

I have been studying this for a long time and here are my thoughts, which I give you free of charge, and are probably worth what you paid for them:

Start with Solzhenitsin’s “Live Not By Lies” ( I found it for free on the internet) and let the counter revolution begin.

This has happened before in other countries so we can learn from their experiences. The one thing in our favor is that these oppressors are very similar in their tactics and thoughts.

Read the biographies of Alexander Solzhenitsin and Lech Walesa .
(Joseph Pearce wrote a good one on Solzhenitsin, Walesa wrote an account of his work with the Solidarity movement.)

Study also the persecution in Mexico known as the Cristada War and the Spanish Civil War. The church triumphed in Spain and Mexico . The freedom to be Catholic was regained. Read about people who fought for the Faith in these wars.

Forget about “American” rights and priviliges. Forget about ideal systems of government. Americanism is dead.
The goal is keeping our Catholic identity and culture, regardless of who is in charge.

It can be done but you have to know who and what you are dealing with. Prepare to struggle with a barbarian culture and government. I believe that this country is going to land in the lap of communism, which has fewer limits to the behavior of its adherents than even the primitive Islamists. The Islamists at least, at the very least, bow to Allah; the Marxists bow to no power or law but their own.
This is shocking to civilized people and it can be paralyzing.

Remember that Our Lady of Good Success has promised us that She will triumph.

Tantumblogo - June 30, 2015

Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I must agree in recommending Solzhenitsyn, his writings are very valuable for our times. It is his writings in fact that make me a realist about what faces us. But we can and must remain faithful, it is the only way forward.

Mary - June 30, 2015


3. RVBlake - July 1, 2015

Bishop Jarrell’s response is spine-enforcing. I’ve read several responses to the Blasphemy of June 26 promulgated by bishops from across the U. S. and longed to see this. All I’ve seen is talk of “accompaniment” and “religious freedom.” This is Baltimore Catechism-caliber Catholicism.

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