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The plural of anecdote may be anecdotes, but this is one heckuva revealing one July 1, 2015

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Enough anecdotes……hundreds, maybe thousands……..do eventually become that most sacrosanct of terms in our science-beguiled society: “data.”  But for now this is just one anecdote that confirms what a whole bunch of DATA reveals, which data only reinforces what we already know from the natural law, Scripture, and Tradition: perverse couplings are inherently unstable, immoral, and prone to bad endings.  That one in fifty lasts more than a few years is far more anecdotal than the reality of how the vast, vast majority of these relationships go.

So what is one great new benefit of the Supreme Court imposed state recognition of pseudo-sodomarriage?  When their relationships almost inevitably fail, the divorce is now much, much easier:

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – While many were celebrating Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that now allows same-sex couples to marry in Tennessee, a smaller group was breathing a quiet sigh of relief for what it means for them — the right to divorce a same-sex spouse.

A former Clarksville woman filed what is believed to be the first paperwork in the state seeking a divorce from a same-sex partner. Her Complaint for Divorce was filed in Montgomery County Chancery Court just before the courthouse closed Friday afternoon.

The couple married in Shelbyville, Indiana, on June 4, 2014, but before Friday’s ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in Tennessee, they could not seek a divorce here. To terminate their marriage, one or the other would have had to move to a state that recognizes same-sex marriage and establish residency — a process that usually takes at least six months, said Nashville Attorney Ryan Johnson of Turner Law Offices.

He and Robert J. Turner are representing Taramarie Gulledge, who now lives in Kingston Springs but lived with her wife and their almost 3-year-old daughter in Clarksville until the couple split up in May.

My goodness!  They were “married” for a whole 11 months!  What a great witness of heroic virtue and joyfully willed sacrifice!

But wait, there’s more!  The complaint hints at promiscuity in one of the partners and possible domestic violence!  Short duration, promiscuity, and violence……it’s a trifecta of core characteristics of these kinds of immoral couplings!  The only thing missing is substance abuse/unresolved mental health problems.

And naturally, there’s a child in the mix!  For the sake of the child, this “divorce” could actually be quite a good thing, provided whoever gains custody doesn’t further descend into this lifestyle.

Yes, I’m possibly being a bit over the top and taking a harsh view of this sordid affair, but statistics from European countries where this kind of “marriage” has been recognized by the state for years indicates that these relationships rarely last.  The data shows that the average duration of a “marriage” between two women in the Low Countries and Scandanavia is just under 3 years.  It’s almost as if the “marriage” is really about the wedding, a great big party and a desperately craved affirmation that never quite stills that deep ache in their heart that comes from living an unnatural, perverse lifestyle.

State-recognition won’t solve anything, it will not make these people feel any better about themselves, and once that realization dawns en masse, then they’ll really start looking for a scapegoat, and the goats will be me and you.  As Reilly notes, unable to face their own immorality, they will cast about looking for others to blame, seeing in the few remaining opponents to their immorality the source of their inability to ever be not just happy, but even at peace. This will be a totally false attribution, but we’ve already seen it in operation many times.

Of course, even should they be totally successful in not only driving believing Christians from the public square, or, by some calamity, even manage to convert everyone to their irrational, immoral ethos, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference in how they feel.  Oh yes there will be parties and some may even have a somewhat lasting sense of triumph, but ultimately, they will end up exactly where they are now and have always been, mired in a lifestyle that is unnatural, immoral, and undignified, and that small still voice, which never quite goes away no matter how many partners you have or how many drugs you take, will still confront them with the reality of the evil of what they do.  It is that voice they flee from, and in that flight they seek to tear down all the possible reminders of their sin.  But you can’t overcome nature and you can’t kill God, so the voice will remain, the only question is how much damage will be done in the interim, both to themselves and to everyone else.

It’s a Greek tragedy playing out on a culture-wide scale, with the “hero’s” great flaw preventing them from seeing that their Odyssean work will only destroy themselves and those around them.  The more I contemplate this matter, I tend not to become angrier, though there is enough of that, but I get sad.  Each one of these people was created as a soul of infinite worth and dignity, and yet they have mired themselves in the worst filth, and with their power and hubris, they have convinced many, many people to pretend along with them that they are in fact good and even holy!  It is the lies that make me angry, the lies that have the stench of death and the sulfur of hell.  But in the individual souls I only feel great sadness, as for the women above and especially their poor child, who never had a say in the matter and will likely grow up badly damaged as a result, as a good number of children raised in such disordered environments have already attested.

Such a shame.  And it will get much, much worse before it gets better.


1. Heather - July 1, 2015

My first comment upon hearing of the ruling was, “Well, this should make the divorce lawyers happy.”

2. Margaret Costello - July 1, 2015

It’s these statistics that give me hope that my sodomite sister and her ptaw (person she acts out with) i.e. her “wife” will end. They have been “together” for almost ten years…”married” for nine I think. My sister does a good job at covering up her misery, but that’s exactly what she is: miserable. My sister had two children via artificial insemination, one child being autistic. Waiting for the stats to catch up to them so that she and the ptaw can possibly turn from this insanity and heal. God bless~

Tantumblogo - July 1, 2015

They’re pretty rare. Very few make it to that length of time, but as I reported yesterday, almost all of those who do are either acting out with others, or their relationship has become devoid of sexual contact.

Which does raise an interesting question, while marriage is of course completely out, if these relations between women become non-sexual after the first 6 months or so, are they still sinful? Certainly disordered, but if the sinful act ceases, is it sinful to remain in a relationship which was once perverse in its particular acts?

I tend to think its like any unmarried M-F couple that lives together, even if they give up the physical act, the temptation remains and the situation remains sinful until they definitively separate.

3. camper - July 2, 2015

Tantum, this post makes me want to scream from the rooftops:




A superlative post.

4. skeinster - July 2, 2015

Thought about you yesterday when we passed a car with a “Coexist” sticker, a rainbow sticker and one of those family doodles of two moms and about nine dogs.

Then came home and read this- synchronicity!

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