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America is a heathen nation July 2, 2015

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I’m slow.  Just dawned on me.  It’s easy to say post-Christian or agnostic or progressive and forget what they mean. This country is a heathen nation.  It is not of the Faith.  It does not know Christ, or no longer does, if it ever did.

And our Church has played at least some role in that for a very long time, being filled with men too afraid to challenge and rebuke the dominant (if former) protestant culture and demand its conversion, preferring instead to bask in the short-lived environment of “religious freedom.”  Well, that freedom was never tenable separate from the Church Christ founded and has now definitively come to an end. to the extent it ever existed.  Now we shall reap what we too, but also a bunch of others, have sown.  What we reap is the whirlwind.

As I’ve said before, may God have mercy on us all, in this heathen United States of America.

“Same-sex” marriage proponents are some of the angriest, nastiest victors ever July 2, 2015

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Of course they are, it’s not about the incremental victories, it’s about completely crushing any and all opposition.  The rationalization – or really, mass hypnosis – can admit no dissent, lest it shatter of its own internal contradictions.  Eventually it will, of course, anyway: God and nature can only be fooled for so long.  Coupled with their desire to receive joyous affirmation from all and the silencing of any stubborn resistance, living a life so directly contrary to God and the natural laws He has instituted also feeds a gnawing discontent that never really goes away.  Thus, we have the most miserable, angriest victors ever:

George Takei went on a racist rant Monday in an interview in Phoenix, unleashing on conservative Justice Clarence Thomas in response to Thomas’ comments regarding the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, NewsBusters reported.

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there,” Takei said, later adding, “This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America. I’ll say it on camera.”

Takei’s rage came in light of the Justice’s contrary stance on the recent equal marriage decision, where the Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Thomas released a statement saying that the government does not grant human dignity, and as such cannot take it away. Thomas argued that human dignity is inherent, and that the Supreme Court cannot issue it.

As for Takei’s “blackface” remark, liberals seem pretty pleasedby it.

Why pick on Thomas? I know he earns special ire from leftists because he’s a man of African descent who has gone off the demonrat plantation, but his criticism of the decision was hardly the strongest.  I’d say Scalia and Alito, the two strongest Catholics on the Supreme Court, had the most critical dissents. Scalia absolutely eviscerated the majority and stated that this country is no longer a democracy (in which case, maybe he should consider resigning, as Ann Barnhardt suggests demands screams?).  Why isn’t Takei going after him?  Could it be that progressives are really projecting their own personal racism in all that super-secret dog-whistle racism they attribute to more conservative types?

George Takei is a little, little man. No kidding, I had dinner with him at County Line barbeque (on the hill) in Austin back in 1991.  This was after the only Star Trek convention I ever attended (don’t ask, but those are exactly the kind of people who are feverishly progressive about things like pseudo-sodo-marriage).  My friend thought it’d be a lark to be the only two normal people at the convention. We weren’t, not quite, but it was pretty close.  A lot of special snowflakes and brittle Bettys there.  Anyway, they had some drawing for having dinner out with major star George Takei, Sulu from Star Trek, and somehow we were two of six to win.  So we went out to dinner with him, a couple of the convention organizers and the other 4.

When I say he’s little, I mean literally – the guy can’t be more than 5’2″.  My mom is that height, and he could not have been any taller. But his stature was one of the least aspects of his smallness.  I was going to say a whole bunch more, but I’ll pretty much leave it at this – have you ever been around someone whose every thought centers on themselves, who are literally incapable of imagining that the entire universe does not revolve around them?  That was my experience of George Takei.

Maybe he just had a bad day.  I should pray for him.

And I actually like a lot of Star Trek.  Not nearly so much as I used to, since I came to recognize all the socialist propagandizing (especially in STTNG) and leftist cultural proselytizing, but some of the early episodes were quite good as were some of TNG – like the Borg and Q.  I think Star Trek Deep Space 9 with the multi-season Dominion War saga and especially Elim Garak, my favorite Star Trek character of all time, was very good in that saga while being really bad just about everywhere else (intergalactic baseball?  Vics?  Please).  Since then it’s really gone to crud, I could not stand either Voyager or Enterprise (and I don’t count the JJ Abrams product), but I’m hardly a hater.  I went into that dinner quite excited at meeting a major Star Trek character, even if he had done almost nothing before or since.  Boy was I let down.

Personal rant concluded.  It’s hardly just Takei, he’s one example of hundreds.

Flightline Friday early edition: Test pilot excoriates F-35 dogfight performance July 2, 2015

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I’ve said for a long time that the F-35 Lightning II – the be-all end-all fighter arrived at through doleful compromise and hideous policy decisions – has the kinematic performance of an F-100.  That was a mid-50s fighter bomber.  Actually, I think I’ve been slightly unfair to the F-35, on internal fuel it has range and payload akin to the A-7, a truly great attack aircraft, with maneuverability that is comparable to the old attack plane.  All along the F-35 has always been misnamed, it’s much more of an attack plane than it is a fighter.  So it should be no surprise that it would perform in close in combat somewhere between an F-100 and an A-7 (which, for an attack plane, was actually pretty capable in close).

So when a test pilot engaging in mock dogfights with a two-seat F-16 lamented that the F-16 was far more maneuverable than the F-35 (contrary to Air Force promises that the new plane would be at least equivalent to the F-16) I wasn’t very surprised.  In fact, it was known all along that the F-35 would be quite limited in air-to-air, which is why the Air Force pushed so hard to build at least 339 F-22s- the latter aircraft being the single most capable air-to-air fighter ever produced, by a long shot.  Since Robert Gates, in the single worst defense policy decision of the last 30 years, capped F-22 production at 187 planes, Air Force air dominance capabilities have been effectively knee-capped and detailed war games and simulations have routinely shown the Air Force unable to gain or maintain air superiority over a peer competitor like China simply due to lack of numbers.  And, it turns out, the F-35 is at least as expensive per plane as the F-22, so Gates’ ostensible reason for cancelling the F-22 have proven groundless.  Now the entire US military faces an air-to-air shortfall of huge proportions and who knows what impact that may have at some future date.

Anyway, to the article:

The Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Program Office is defending its new stealth aircraft in response to a recent news report citing a test-pilot’s analysis claiming the aircraft proved to be inferior to an F-16 in “dogfighting” test scenarios.

The test pilot assessment, first reported by the “War is Boring” blog, says the F-35A could not out-maneuver an F-16 or avoid being shot in mock dogfight scenarios during testing in January of this year.

Military​.com received a copy of the Jan. 14 report, titled “F-35A High Angle of Attack Operational Maneuvers,” which does say the aircraft lacked the “energy maneuverability” to succeed in air-to-air test dogfighting scenarios against the older aircraft. [I’ll try to explain this as simply as I can.  Two things dominate fighter maneuverability, thrust-weight ratio and wing loading. For max performance, you want the first to be as high as possible and the second to be as low as possible. The F-22, for instance, at a combat weight of 58,000 lbs and max afterburning thrust of 70,000 lb has a thrust-weight ratio of 1.2.  This “excess thrust” allows the aircraft to make incredible maneuvers and recover energy – speed – very quickly.  It also has a wing loading of 70 lb. per square foot of wing area – a low figure implying extremely good instantaneous and sustained maneuverability.  The F-35, on the other hand, has a combat weight of 50,000 lb but only 43,000 lb thrust. Thus it’s thrust-weight ratio is only about 0.85 – on a par with an F-4 or a Mirage 2000.  It has a wing loading of nearly 110 lb per square foot (this is the real killer) – a figure normally more associated with a bomber or cargo aircraft, not a maneuverable fighter.  All that load on the wing means very low rates of instantaneous and especially sustained maneuverability, and means the F-35 bleeds energy like a stuck pig.  Combined, it equals a quite poor dogfighter – it would probably have it’s hands full with a Phantom (assuming totally equal pilots) and would probably be dead meat for the GREATEST AIRCRAFT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, THE INCREDIBLE VOUGHT F-8 CRUSADER!]

Overall, the most noticeable characteristic of the F-35A in a visual engagement was its lack of energy maneuverability,” the report states. “Even with the limited F-16 target configuration, the F-35A remained at a distinct energy disadvantage for every engagement.” [he means the F-16D was at high weight carrying two external drop tanks.  The F-16 needs the drop tanks to equal the F-35’s range on internal fuel (even then it comes up a bit short), showing the F-35 is not without some advantages, it is quite long ranged]

The test pilot’s report also says the “energy maneuverability” of the F-35A is inferior to an F-15E with a Pratt & Whitney 229 engine due to a “smaller wing, similar weight and 15,000 pounds less in afterburner thrust.” 

“So, in general, the high AoA (Angle of Attack) capabilities of the jet could not be used in an effective way without significantly reducing follow-on maneuvering potential,” the report says. [when you go high alpha to pull high G’s the speed bleeds off prodigiously and you’re left a sitting duck – that’s due to lack of excess thrust]

The test pilot’s assessment also claimed that the F-35 helmet was too large for the pilot to effectively see behind the aircraft.

“There were multiple occasions when the bandit would’ve been visible (not blocked by the seat) but the helmet prevented getting in a position to see him,” the report says. [This is really non sequitur, see below]

[From the F-35 Joint Program Office] “The media report on the F-35 and F-16 flight does not tell the entire story.  The F-35 involved was AF-2, which is an F-35 designed for flight sciences testing, or flying qualities, of the aircraft.  It is not equipped with a number of items that make today’s production F-35s 5th Generation fighters,” a JPO office written statement said.

In particular, the JPO statement explained that the AF-2 test aircraft did not have the mission systems software designed to utilize the aircraft’s next-generation sensors. [Good point, but that has nothing to do with maneuverability or basic flight performance]

In short, the F-35 is engineered with a suite of next-generation sensors designed to help the aircraft recognize, detect and destroy enemy targets at longer distances – long before it can be identified by an enemy aircraft. [And that’s absolutely key.  Both F-22 and F-35 are very expensive largely due to their stealth characteristics, which means they are designed to shoot down targets waay before visual range.  Hopefully they’ll always be able to, at least for the sake of American and NATO lives, but if it comes to the merge, it sounds like the F-35 – again, really an attack plane, not a fighter (it should have been the A-14, not F-35) – will have a lot of trouble]

“While the dogfighting scenario was successful in showing the ability of the F-35 to maneuver to the edge of its limits without exceeding them, and handle in a positive and predictable manner, the interpretation of the scenario results could be misleading.  The F-35’s technology is designed to engage, shoot, and kill its enemy from long distances, not necessarily in visual “dogfighting” situations,” the JPO said. [Like I said, but US planners also thought Phantoms and Thunderchiefs would never have to dogfight, either, and that didn’t work out so good over Vietnam.  However, the technology and tactics have evolved unimaginably since then, and there hasn’t been a true dogfight kill by US aircraft in 20 years or more]

The F-35 office also said the AF-2 test aircraft was not equipped with the F-35’s special stealth coating designed to make the aircraft invisible to enemy radar.

In addition the JPO statement said the AF-2  “is not equipped with the weapons or software that allow the F-35 pilot to turn, aim a weapon with the helmet, and fire at an enemy without having to point the airplane at its target.” [And that is a huge capability, something the Air Force has not implemented on the F-22 for some reason (though it has on F-15s and F-16s).  Modern helmet mounted sights basically allow a pilot to look at a target, cue a weapon, and then shoot.  You don’t even have to turn the plane much of the time, the weapon does all the work. You do, however, have to think in Russian.  But there could still be instances in the future where getting on a guy’s tail will be necessary.]

Finally, the F-35 office says simulated combat scenarios have shown that four F-35s have won encounters when pitted against a four-ship of F-16s. [If they have all their advanced sensors and the stealth is working, sure, I have no doubt of that. But that’s apples to oranges, what we do now know, and the JPO doesn’t seem to refute it, is that the F-35 is a LOT less maneuverable than an F-16.  And that could cause problems down the road]

“The F-35s won each of those encounters because of its sensors, weapons, and stealth technology,” the statement said.

The F-35 is engineered to accomplish what’s referred as “sensor fusion,” namely the technological ability to fuse relevant information from a variety of sources into one common operating picture for the pilot to view – such as digital maps, radar information and sensor information all combined into a single set of screens, Pentagon officials explained.

The idea is to enable F-35 pilots to see and destroy enemies in the air well in advance of a potential dogfight scenario.  This can be explained in terms of a well-known Air Force strategic concept referred to as the “OODA Loop,” for observe, orient, decide and act. The concept is to complete this process quickly and make fast decisions while in an air-to-air dogfight — in order to get inside the enemy’s decision cycle, properly anticipate, and destroy an enemy before they can destroy you.

The F-35 is designed with long-range sensors and data fusion technologies such that, as a fifth-generation aircraft, it can complete the OODA Loop much more quickly than potential adversaries, F-35 advocates and JPO program officials claim.

For instance, the F-35’s Electro-Optical Target System, or EOTS, is an infra-red sensor able to assist pilots with air and ground targeting at increased standoff ranges while also perform laser designation, laser range-finding and other tasks.

In addition, the plane’s Distributed Aperture System, or DAS, is a series of six electro-optical sensors also able to give information to the pilot. The DAS includes precision tracking, fire control capabilities and the ability to warn the pilot of an approaching threat or missile.

DAS is really revolutionary, it provides a 360 degree coverage of the aircraft in all azimuths with advanced electro-optical sensors.  The sensor data is presented onto the pilot’s large helmet mounted sight.  It is one reason the F-35 has become so darned expensive:

Mind, that’s the theory. The practice rarely works quite so perfectly.

Some videos on EOTS, the first an overview, the second shows the incredible clarity of the multispecrtral imaging it provides:

The fundamental problem with the F-35 has been its compromised design.  The Marines’ insistence on STOVL really compromised the entire design.  The need for the forward lift fan made the fuselage grow enormously and contributed to increased weight.  Also, STOVL likes a small wing, so there is better gust response (Harrier had very small wings). But the other services demanded high payload-range capabilities while maintaining stealth, which meant high weight.  In a mistaken bid to keep costs down, a single engine design was specified.  So what you wind up with is a single engine high weight stealth attack aircraft that will surely be very good at many things but which has the overall performance of an F-100/A-7 mashup. That may never be a problem, but, then again, it might lead to disaster.  We’ll see.

One last cool video on a totally unrelated subject, deployment of Minuteman IIIs at Minot in ’72, F-4Ds with Paveway I GBU-10 laser guided bombs, and a cool combat search and rescue scene from Southeast Asia:

Ah what the heck, one more, the last of the Sandies in Vietnam from probably late ’71 or early ’72:

Italian court orders release of $45 million worth of assets back to lay association of Franciscans of the Immaculate July 2, 2015

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Well…….yet another of the alleged justifications for the deliberate, premeditated destruction of this order has evaporated into the ether.  The only vague accusation still standing was the ostensible “drift” towards a too close embrace of the traditional Mass and the traditional practice of religious life. That’s what this brutal intervention has been about all along.

An Italian court has ordered the assets of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate stripped from the lay association that administered them restored to the group, after finding claims of financial irregularities were patently false (and if that happens in Italy, where “justice” is heavily biased in favor of the prosecution, you know there was really nothing to these baseless accusations):

The Court of Avellino has ordered the release of the property that belongs to the lay associations  that are close to the Order of the Franciscan Friars of the ImmaculateThus, another of the accusations bandied about in recent years dissolves into nothingness, spread against the founder and Superior General, Father Stefano Manelli  who was deposed by the Vatican.

The property had been seized at the direction of the late Apostolic Commissioner, Father Fidenzio Volpi, by the district attorney of Avellino. As the traditional Order was placed under provisional administration in Summer 2013, the Commissioner and the leadership of the rebels  realized that the  properties are not in the direct possession of the Order, but belong to the lay associations connected to the Order.

Thus, the Apostolic Commissioner did not have direct access to the property. Nevertheless, in order to lay hands on it, there were accusations of alleged  irregular transfers of assets. Alleged irregularities have been named in the past two years as the reason why the provisional administration was ordered by Rome. Officially there are no grounds for radical intervention in the life of the Order were announced by the Vatican to this day. [That’s true, Rome hasn’t ever stated why this draconian intervention was necessary, all justifications have come from Fr. Volpi or his hand-picked man drawn from among the handful of disaffected friars, Fr. Angelo Bruno]

The  judicial panel has now established that there were no irregularities  present and ordered the release of the seized real estate assets worth around 30 million euros. [Now that the damage has been done. How do they get their good names back?]

Commissioner Volpi’s actions were directed against the  lay organizations related to the Order, the Mission of the Immaculate Mediatrix (MIM) and the Third Order of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (TOFI). There are thousands of believers organized in these these worldwide and connected to the Order.

Just yesterday the appointment of a new Apostolic Commissioner for the Order became known. With the approval of Pope Francis the Congregation of Religious appointed the Salesian, Fr Sabino Ardito, to succeed Father Volpi. [Anyone know anything about him?  I’d say as an Italian Salesian, it’s not a terribly reassuring sign, but both he and the two coadjutors appointed are canon lawyers, which may help prevent the lawlessness of the previous administrator?]  The canonist Ardito will lead the fortunes of the Order for the time being until the summer of 2016. Then the three-year period of a regular provisional administration will be finished. The provisional administration could then, however, be extended on a proposal from the Commissioner.

Lord I pray not. May this poor tortured order be freed!  But what happens to Fr. Manelli if the apostolic intervention is allowed to expire?  I imagine it will be felt that cannot be allowed to happen, and there will be attempts to extend the intervention at least until his death.  He is in his mid-80s and not in the best of health, but I hope our Lord keeps him around for many years to come.

Why has all this happened, now that all the justifications have fallen away?  There was never rife division in the order, the vast majority were fully in favor of the order’s somewhat traditional turn.  I have always felt this brutal breaking of the order stems from their having the temerity to hold conferences and publish books asking uncomfortable questions of Vatican II.  The American friar who certainly seemed to be the intellectual leader of the small group of disaffected friars made that much clear – his own book was more or less a polemical attack on those questioning efforts.  Ultimately, though, I have a hard time seeing this much hostility being just about questioning the Council.  It’s long seemed to me there is something a bit deeper, a bit uglier in the brutality we’ve seen against an order of unimpeachable integrity.  This is, and always has been, personal.

Of course, to the progressive, the personal is the political and deviating from their sacred shibboleths is taken as a personal attack.  So maybe that’s just how things roll in the merciful Church of today.

Men’s prayer vigil outside ‘The Men’s Club’ is starting to score July 2, 2015

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Our God………He is great.  Last night was another awesome experience praying outside the so-called Men’s Club.  And I believe our efforts, still so nascent, are really starting to have an effect.

We had the largest crowd yet last night.  No, there weren’t hundreds, but it was a good sized crowd.  We are very noticeable.  And we’re starting to bother the management and patrons of this sexually oriented business.

You may remember from our last vigil that a “dancer” was obviously troubled by our presence and came out trying to justify herself.  She was very nice and brought us water but it was plain that we had gotten to her just a bit.

Well, last night, in what you might call a step up, what I’m sure was the manager came out and accosted me.  We had quite a little exchange.  He was dressed very slick and hip, but really came off as a pimp (several guys noted that feature).  He reminded me a great deal of a guy I used to know who was in just that awful racket for a while.  Anyway, he asked what we were doing,  or what we were protesting, and I said we weren’t protesting anything, just praying.  Then he said I assume you are Catholics by your Rosary beads, and after I confirmed that fact, he launched into a tirade, using the foulest language possible, regarding the priest boy-rape scandal.  As an aside, it will be decades before we stop having that thrown in our face in literally every exchange we have with the Church’s enemies.  My first response was……..can’t you come up with something more original than that?

I guess he was expecting me to defend the priests or try to explain away the scandal, but I told him I was as scandalized and heart-broken by it as anyone.  I asked why he thought I as a Catholic would not be the one most hurt by it, when we try to love and reverence our priests so much, and so depend on them, only to be let down in the worst say imaginable.  He tried to back off at that point, since I had blown his prime avenue of attack out of the water, but then I asked him why he was over there talking with us, and whether we had pricked his conscience?  He said we could do what we wanted but that we were wasting our time, in that “what goes on in there” is “not bad” and there are more important things we could be spending our time on.  He asked me why I wasn’t helping a homeless woman who had addled by, and I told him we had……..good man Kevin K had seen to that already.

What this was all about was self-justification. He kept trying to find areas where he could try to assert moral authority over us, or at least try to establish some kind of equivalence – see, he might fail in this area, but I fail in another, so aren’t we all really equal?  He said he volunteered at some homeless shelter and asked why he had never seen me there.  I said there are lots of ways to help people and our parish is very generous. I also said we’re attached to a particular part of the Church where there is no evidence at all of any priest sex abuse.  At some point it came out that he believed in God and was opposed to pseudo-sodo-marriage (I was a bit surprised by that), but he of course through out that sinner’s standby: judge not, lest ye be judged.  I said we weren’t judging anyone, that Our Lord does the judging, and He Himself said that those who look on women not their wives with lust in their hearts are guilty of adultery.  I asked him if he accepted that Truth, and he said he did not.  And thus the reason for the collapse of this culture is revealed.  Pick and choose belief, self-justification, I’m OK you’re OK, and no one goes to hell except those judgy Christofascists (a perfect inversion of reality).

I basically told him we just wanted that place gone. We don’t want that in our town.  Those kinds of places are the start of the slippery slope down to things like contraception, abortion, pseudo-sodo-marriage, prostitution (why would there be cheap motels all around the place?), and all the rest.  We oppose it because it’s evil, and wrong, and is a blight on our city.  There are plenty of Catholics outside abortion mills and working in soup kitchens and all that…….but this is our mission.

At that point he left.  I tried to get his name but he did not give it.  Later on a security guard named Mike came over.  He was very nice and just kind of bantered a bit.  Pray for him, that he may find a better job.

I’m convinced we’re starting to freak the denizens of that place out.  We’re having an impact.  I am so thankful to all the men who come out.  This is an enormous spiritual work of mercy.

I haven’t shared the best part yet.  This is the mystical, miraculous part.  So yesterday was the Feast of the Precious Blood.  One of the men was praying that the Precious Blood would wash over this SOB and cleanse it of all evil and sin.  When he started praying that, all the exterior lights went out!  And they stayed out for the rest of the time we were praying.  This was well after dark.  A few minutes after we stopped praying, they came on……..I guess we should have stayed all night.

I am just amazed by the generosity of these men who come out and brave being gawked at (we had a lot of picture takers last night, a lot of open mouth stares from people driving by), accosted by homeless, and who knows what from the increasingly unsettled creatures who descend into that black hole of Calcutta across the street.  You guys really inspire me.  Our prayers are having a big effect.  I am definitely going to step the operation up to twice a month.  I do think the next vigil will be on a Friday night – I’m targeting Friday July 17 at 8:30 pm right now.  Thank you all for your participation.

Your prayers from afar also help a great deal. Please keep them up.  Please remember us when we’re out there.  I am convinced God endorses this effort and He knows where it will lead.  We are doing good work and will have to keep the pressure up!

Deo Gratias!