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America is a heathen nation July 2, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

I’m slow.  Just dawned on me.  It’s easy to say post-Christian or agnostic or progressive and forget what they mean. This country is a heathen nation.  It is not of the Faith.  It does not know Christ, or no longer does, if it ever did.

And our Church has played at least some role in that for a very long time, being filled with men too afraid to challenge and rebuke the dominant (if former) protestant culture and demand its conversion, preferring instead to bask in the short-lived environment of “religious freedom.”  Well, that freedom was never tenable separate from the Church Christ founded and has now definitively come to an end. to the extent it ever existed.  Now we shall reap what we too, but also a bunch of others, have sown.  What we reap is the whirlwind.

As I’ve said before, may God have mercy on us all, in this heathen United States of America.


1. Baseballmom - July 2, 2015

But of course, when (not if) we are attacked all the heathens will be running to their churches and singing God Bless America… And asking WHY and HOW God could “let this happen?”

D- - July 5, 2015

While the heathens are asking Why and How, i have a feeling we will be pointing fingers, trying to place blame on anybody but ourselves

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - July 2, 2015

Do you seriously believe that if the Catholic Church were the “established” church of the United States, which you seem to favor, that this nation would be any different than Ireland, Italy, Spain or Latin America — places that were politically and economically backward because of the Church’s pervasive role in politics, a role that obscured its spiritual responsibilities? Why do you think so many Irish, Italians, Poles, Croatians, Germans and other European Catholics came to this country?

Do you seriously believe that Catholicism respects legitimate individual rights (not the ones the “Progressives” have invented but the ones the Founding Fathers deemed necessary to protect)?

What would your ideal society do with Protestant and Eastern Orthodox believers? Make them second-class citizens? Force them to pay a tax? If so, what makes your ideal society any different from Islam?

Whether you and other Catholics wish to admit it or not, God created humanity in His free image. Of course, sin mars and corrupts that image. That’s why God sent Jesus to redeem all those who would embrace His atoning sacrifice as their own for sin.

Catholicism, on the other hand, long ago sacrificed its spiritual patrimony on the altar of power, wealth, political influence, secular prestige and institutional arrogance. It embraced what Jesus told His Disciples not to embrace: the attitude of “lording it over others.” Laudato Si and Caritas in Veritae are the two most recent encyclical examples of such power-hungry arrogance.

Catholicism must repent of the attitudes and attributes I described in the previous paragraph if it truly is to be a moral force.

Willard Money - July 3, 2015

The reason you, as an ex-Catholic, constantly comment on Catholic blogs is because deep down you know the Catholic Church is right. Protestantism preaches the right to sterile sex acts within marriage and the right to serial adultery. Same sex marriage is the inevitable result of the protestant mindset. In fact, the protestant who condemns homosexual marriage while popping the contraceptive pill on a daily basis, has the most to fear on judgment day. See Matthew 7 1-3

glmcreations - July 3, 2015

Willard-There are no ex catholics-if you are baptized, you are a catholic for all the rest of human history and for all eternity.

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

That is the remark of a cult member, not of an intelligent person.

glmcreations - July 3, 2015

No-If you accept Church teaching, you receive an indelible mark on your soul when you are baptized, and no amount of protesting detergent can wash it away-i.e. you are Catholic forever. There are thousands of cults, but one true Church, the Catholic Church. Jesus said “Thou are Peter, and upon this Rock I wlll build my Church.” He didn’t say “churches” in the pluraly. Guy McC
lung, San Antonio

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Well, if I know “deep down that the Catholic Church is right,” then why am I an ex-Catholic?

Besides, if same-sex marriage is the “inevitable result of the Protestant mindset, then why do so many evangelical Protestant churches oppose it?

Moreover, if the Catholic Church is so gung ho against same-sex marriage, then how do you explain the following:

“Everyone is welcome, nobody is excluded”. With these words Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, replied to the questions from journalists at a press conference for the presentation of the eighth World Meeting of Families, planned for the 22nd to the 27th of September in Philadelphia. Asked about the presence or non-presence of homosexual couples in Philadelphia, Monsignor responded: “We are following Instrumentum Laboris on the Synod to the letter. Everyone can come, nobody is excluded. And if anyone feels excluded, I’ll leave the 99 little sheep and go and get him”, he added with a quip.

“The intimate connection” between the meeting in the USA and the Synod, specified Monsignor Paglia, “is evidently not only temporal. The hope is that the meeting in Philadelphia and the Synod in October may truly build an ecclesial and social season, characterized by a renewed focus on the family. We want to work towards this. We want the Gospel of mercy proclaimed in the great cities of the world, most of all in the poorest and most marginalized quarters.”.

I’d bet even money that Francis is gay.

Preach to your own, Money, or sod off.

glmcreations - July 6, 2015

No one “is” gay-imagine if it is possible that one “is” gay-that means there is a test, a physical test, that shows that one “is” gay. Right now a battle of words is being fought about,[ assuming this “test” exists, and one can test a preborn infant in the womb to see if the child “is” gay,] can the absolute court-created “right” to abortion have, and must it have, an exception? What happens when one anti-people-govern, never-constitutionally-sanctioned invented “right” butts up against another so-called “right”? Absolute proaborts say “no limits on abortion” and some even advocate that a child who miraculously survives an abortion and is alive outside the womb can still be killed by the mother and her mercenaries. They are even against limiting sex-selection abortions – which has meant the deaths of thousands of girls in the USSA simply because they show no penis on an ultrasound. Once mamas start offing their babies who test positive for “gay,” since Roe says we can do it, which court-created right wins? and what happens when the GOP prolife folks take over, Seante, House, WHite House, and Court, and their five select unbiased Justices do their version of “justice,” reverse Roe and uncreate the right to same sex “marriage?” Is this a great country or what? Guy McClung, San Antonio, once USA now USSA

c matt - July 6, 2015

It’s because idiots and degenerates are running the Church. That doesn’t make it “not” the Church. Any more than idiots and degenerates running the US or Microsoft suddenly make it “not” the US or Microsoft.

Francis being gay or not does not change the Catholic Church from being established by Christ.

Evangelicals oppose it because it’s wrong – what they do not realize is that their own protestant contraceptive principles and practices support it in logic. Consistency is not their hallmark. The Orthodox “Marriage Mulligan” is no better.

c matt - July 6, 2015

It’s because idiots and degenerates are running the Church. That doesn’t make it “not” the Church. Any more than idiots and degenerates running the US or Microsoft suddenly make it “not” the US or Microsoft.

Francis being gay or not does not change the Catholic Church from being established by Christ.

Evangelicals oppose SSM because it’s wrong – what they do not realize is that their own protestant contraceptive principles and practices support it in logic. Consistency is not their hallmark. The Orthodox “Marriage Mulligan” is no better.

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Willard, I strongly suggest you read the following. Your beloved Catholic priests have been involved in this moral corruption for at least a millennium, according to St. Peter Damian:


Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Willard, here’s another example of the Catholic “fight” against same-sex marriage:


“Derelict Bishops And Sodomy Supremacy
This week’s Mic’d Up is titled “Sodomy Supremacy”. Michael Voris and his crew were at the steps of the Supreme Court when the Obergefell v Hodges ruling was announced. At 3:20 he asked “where was the Archdiocese of Washington DC?” He was shocked at their absence. I’m not. In fact, I rejoice that they weren’t there for some of them might well have joined in the jubilation of #mowwidge being deemed a “civil right”.

“Prior to that Voris had spoken earlier of corrupt clergy softening the minds and morals of Catholics with thinly-disguised heresy. But here in the Archdiocese of Washington it’s been worse than that under the tenures of Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick. I wrote a post about this Wednesday after I became aware of a slap-down received by a faithful priest within this Archdiocese; and this is a recent event. I had also reminded all of the despicable way that the Archdiocese treated Father Marcel Guarnizo. I had linked the post to my Facebook page and received a comment from a friend relating how two other priests were similarly mistreated by Wuerl: one in this archdiocese and the other in Pittsburgh. For the high crime and misdemeanor of preaching against immorality they were forced to undergo “psychological evaluation”. Fortunately they are now reincardinated in more deserving dioceses. I am aware of a priest who was silenced after he had the audacity to teach classes on Humanae Vitae; as he is still in this diocese as a priest I’ll give no further details. So that makes five priests – and those are only the ones of whom we are aware.

DJR - July 3, 2015

“Do you seriously believe that Catholicism respects legitimate individual rights (not the ones the “Progressives” have invented but the ones the Founding Fathers deemed necessary to protect)?”

The Protestant/Masonic Founding Fathers protected the rights of slaves… how, exactly?

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Well, how did the Spanish Empire protect the rights of slaves? How did the Portuguese Empire protect the rights of slaves? The French? All three are predominately Catholic, and they constituted more power than the early United States did.

DJR - July 6, 2015

How does that answer my question? You claimed that “the Founding Fathers” were the protectors of “legitimate individual rights.” Please explain how they did so with regards to black slaves. And if they are no better than Catholics, why did you extol them? That’s called hypocrisy.

LaGallina - July 3, 2015

“Catholicism, on the other hand, long ago sacrificed its spiritual patrimony on the altar of power, wealth, political influence, secular prestige and institutional arrogance. It embraced what Jesus told His Disciples not to embrace: the attitude of “lording it over others.” Laudato Si and Caritas in Veritae are the two most recent encyclical examples of such power-hungry arrogance.”

I just loved it when Jesus told his disciples not to embrace the attitude of lording it over others. That was, hmmm, where was that in Sacred Scripture exactly… I always forget. But then as Catholic I suppose I don’t know much about the Bible;)

Sir, you have a very short view of history — as most Evangelical Protestants do. (I was raised one and I know very well the thought process there.) In short, you all believe that Jesus came to earth and his apostles started following him. Then they all disappeared except for some sanctimonious “cult” (as you refer in your reply to “glmcreations” regarding “once baptized Catholic, always baptized Catholic”). There is something in Christian history about a printing press and a Bible appearing on the seen. AT LAST, that Catholic “cult” could no longer stop the mostly-illiterate population from reading the Bible. A hero named Martin Luther left the “cult” and gave the leader a piece of his mind. Then there were some people struggling for “freedom of religion” until –THANKFULLY — the Evangelical Protestants showed up in the 20th Century in the great Christian republic of the United States of America to bring Jesus’ true teachings back after their loooong hiatus.

It appears, Mr. D’Hippolito, that all of your opinions come from that history in a nutshell brought to you by the Evangelical Protestant revolution.– Which is why you only focus on how bad the post Vatican 2 church, and a few random myths that have been passed on since your true god, Luther, started them!

You have nothing but random accusations based on Protestant myths to back you up.

Freedom of religion has gotten the good old USA to where we are today. There must be an official government religion or you will end up Muslim — or whoever else might convert by the sword. Muslims have used our “freedom” of religion to win a powerful place in this country, and they will eventually overthrow the secular hedonistic, atheistic population that seems to be running the show right now.

The Catholic Church certainly is in dire straights right now — thanks to the long-foretold Great Apostasy. You can see the beginnings of it a century ago, but it took hold at Vatican 2. That’s why God gave us the magisterium of the Catholic Church. He knew we would be a ship without a captain, and he gave us every detail we needed to have to stay afloat — every last detail. We know exactly how to worship, how to pray, and what to believe because it has stayed the same in the Catholic Church for 2000 years — despite what Francis the First says. The true teachings of Holy Mother Church do not and will not change. We are living through the biggest spiritual battle the world has ever seen. But we Trad Catholics know that we have the true Faith to cling to, the rosary, the saints to pray for us. I never knew what prayer meant until I became a Catholic.

BTW, Mr. D’Hippolito, you might try taking some of that “advice” that Jesus supposedly gave to his disciples about not “lording it over other.”

3. glmcreations - July 2, 2015

The “USA” lasted somewhere around 200 years. The present USSA will never last that long. The Roman Empire had a long fading goodbye; but “Bye, Bye USSA Pie” will be a relatively short song. Catholicism was there when Augustus was the most powerful man on earth; there when the Empire disappeared into the dustbin of hisotry; and the Catholic Church will be here long after the current most powerful man on earth is powerless. Guy McClung, San Antonio

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

“the Catholic Church will be here long after the current most powerful man on earth is powerless.”

Not if Pope Francis and his cronies get their way. Francis will drive more people out of the Catholic Church (or into SSPX) than even the most devout can imagine.

Magdalene - July 3, 2015

Well, Joseph, while it is true that there is much corruption within the Catholic Church and its associate clingers such as CRS, etc. Corruption up to the top. It has happened before. But the Church will last until the end of time. You have allowed yourself to be scandalized by the sins of men. I can understand that too. Our pope and most of our bishops are silent in the face of grave evils. Children are being crucified and burned alive in the middle east; young girls are kidnapped and sold into sex slavery nightmare, wives of political prisoners in Cuba are denied Mass, the sodomite agenda is trumping all other rights and our hierarchy is all about ‘welcoming’ and ‘accompanying’ them in their sins except for a few notable exceptions.

We cannot look to most of the cardinals and bishops and now even the pope to rally behind and to face down the evils. We look to Christ and the Blessed Mother. In spite of all the evils within and without, the Sacramental life is still the most incredible Gift in the world. Our Lord is present in the Eucharist and we can receive Him into our very bodies. We have the Sacrament of Confession to cleanse our souls so we can receive the Body of Christ.

We must keep a bit of a blind eye to the evils going on as the depression and discouragement are used by the evil one to turn us from those things that are soul saving–the Sacramental Life.

Is there a good holy priest and parish near you? Do not let the evil and scandalous ones turn you from Christ and His Church. Times are changing. We will have the opportunity to stand up for Our Lord in a sacrificial way. Do you have the stomach and the courage to do that? Find the courage, find the love of Christ, and minister that love to others. Put your bitterness and anger aside as most of us have had to do….and seek holiness.

4. Matt - July 3, 2015

Oh, stop! Somehow, I did not hear much objection to the adoption of the Non-Establishment Clause in the First Amendment in 1789.

If you want a nation where Roman Catholicism is the state religion go move to the Philippiines.

Brian - July 3, 2015

Whatever you mean (and I don’t know) by the “non-establishment clause (yawn) of 1789” (rubbish) is irrelevant because law and freedom now means whatever our governmental rulers want it to mean. Precedent? Governing documents? Chuckle.

No one cares about the Constitution, it’s various amendments, the 1st Ammendment freedom guarantees or the history behind them. The Supreme Court obviously doesn’t. “Stroke of the pen, law of the land; kind of cool.” Much easier to just rule without reference to precedent and historical, structural facts. “I like it, so it is so.”

Your appeal to history and precedent are a quaint tip of the hat to a bygone day. Your debating point is moot. Nobody cares. I sincerely question whether the Catholc Church currently even cares. Only raw power and the one-world ethos decides legal outcome now.. Just say what you want, and then get it by force. That is the wave of the future.

Our nation, and our world, is heathen, godless and violent. Fact. We are just beginning to see what that means on a personal level. And don’t think you arer safe because you happen to prescribe to the current ethos. The ethos is fickle, you see. One day you are with the mob, the next day not. You will one day miss the clear protections our Constitutional Order provided to little people like you and me.

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Brian, how old are you? What was your education like? Do you seriously suspect that Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison, et al believed in same-sex marriage? Really? Seriously?

If you lived as a Catholic in England during Elizabeth I’s reign and in the ensuing centuries, you’d give your right teeth — if not your testicles — to live in a place where you could worship in peace without government interference.

Besides, I don’t notice the Catholic leadership — from Rome on down — doing a damn thing about the “prevailing ethos,” as you call it. The USCCB sacrificed Catholic Charities’ policy on adoption just so that organization could continue receiving Federal money. What does that tell you about collaboration with the “prevailing ethos”?

Brian - July 4, 2015

Joseph, I don’t think you read my post. Maybe a few words of it. As a result I don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

My point in one sentence: Today’s generation does not care about law or constitutional structure; only victorious outcomes for whatever they happen to want at any given moment.

And yes, that goes for MANY (most) in the Catholic Church too.

5. RVBlake - July 3, 2015

“Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” John Adams suspected what was coming 239 years ago.

6. Don - July 3, 2015

The millennials are a complete disaster.

7. Guest - July 3, 2015

First of all, God doesn’t give you the right to false worship. The state can tolerate it for the common good, but God gives no one the “right” to do evil. No, rather the wicked go to hell.

Second, the US has and is continuing to propagate Masonic principles to the rest of the world. Think how much of American culture is being propagated through movies and other cultural artifacts.

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Well, if the wicked are going to Hell, they’ll be joined by Pope Francis, Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal Law, Cardinal Weakland, Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Chaput and a bunch of others whose skulls will be used as road pavement.

Tim - July 3, 2015

Perhaps, perhaps not…..that is God’s venue not yours, mine or anyone else’s.

camper - July 4, 2015

I wholeheartedly agree. If you return, we can debate more. I wrote you a message at the end of the comments.

Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

“First of all, God doesn’t give you the right to false worship. The state can tolerate it for the common good, but God gives no one the “right” to do evil. No, rather the wicked go to hell.”

Yes, the wicked do go to Hell. But I suggest you read the Old Testament. God practically begged the Israelites to forsake Canaanite idols and return to Him. Eventually, they suffered the consequences of their choices.

The fact that God gives humanity freedom does not mean that humanity has the privilege of escaping the consequences for misusing that freedom.

As far as Catholic “principles” are concerned, what Catholic “principles” are worth preserving? A caste system that exalts the so-called “successors to the Apostles” and isolates them at the expense of priests and laity? The ability to re-interpret Scripture as one sees fit, as JPII did concerning capital punishment? A lack of accountability for those clerics engaged in sexual perversion, a problem that St. Peter Damian tried to tackle a millennium ago, with no help from his Pope? Infatuation with corporatist political solutions, from Latin American dictatorships to “liberation theology” to “Caritas in Veritae”?

Guest - July 3, 2015

The freedom to do evil is not the same thing as the right to do evil. To say that you have a God given right to sin makes no sense. States can tolerate evil but never claim that they have a God given right to do evil. Toleration is not the same thing as approving. Thus you cannot claim that there is a right to break the first commandment.

c matt - July 6, 2015

The ability to re-interpret Scripture as one sees fit,

Why, that would make them Protestant!!

8. Obsever - July 3, 2015

Although your comments sound similar to things a 19th century Mason would affirm, they do deserve serious commentary. However, for many ‘traditional’ Catholics the historical abuses of various sorts which the Church appeared to tolerate are less worrying than the post Vat II desire of the Church to accommodate itself to the reigning ethos. The Vatican apparatchiks seem to have a pathetic desire to be at ‘the top table’ and rub shoulders with worthless politicos and good-for-nothing UN functionaries.

Obsever - July 3, 2015

PS, I was referring to Joseph D’Hippolito’s thread.

camper - July 4, 2015

Worthless politicos and good-for-nothing… functionaries… I love it!

9. Angelic Doctor Games - July 3, 2015

Right, tantum. Exactly why are celebrating independence day now? What are we independent from? The colonies under King George III were more pious and free than us moderns. I think I’ll sit this one out, thank you and look forward to March 2 instead.

Angelic Doctor Games - July 3, 2015

Here is an interesting article tangent to my query: http://www.crisismagazine.com/2014/born-happiness-misery-king-george-iii Written by Fr. George W. Rutler

virtuouscitizenship - July 3, 2015

From Truth And Charity, Nov 16, 2012:

Could You, Would You?

Dear England: Some years ago we sent a cordial note to your
monarch – some here called it a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE – in an effort to commence a mutually beneficial dialogue between some of us over here and you all over there. Only
for potential negotiating advantage did our forefathers refer to your monarch as a “Tyrant” and his form of government as “despotism.” Due to recent developments here in the colonies, we entreat you to consider re-opening this dialogue begun in he Spring of 1776 and, after a serious study of the benefits for all of us, that you allow us to again join with you and become part of the realm. Let us in
mutual cooperation submit facts to a candid world.

Our Declaration listed some proposed talking points (in the parlance of that time over two centuries ago these topics for discussion were referred to as “usurpations” which then was just another word for “deliberations”). “He” was the esteemed and beloved His Royal Highness George III. We believe some of these topics bear
reconsideration today since they perfectly describe our present tyrant in the White House; for example

“He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. He has endeavoured
to prevent the population of these States;

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:

For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us.”

We had no clue that the “swarms” of which we complained previously in 1776 could today multiply exponentially into heartless hordes, virtual
mobs, of intransigent agents and officers.

We apologetically admit that we had no idea that someone could subvert words we wrote specifically to prevent tyranny; and
then could sign treaties which countermanded our Constitution and were contrary to the will of the people. By his imperial pen he is at this very moment preparing to sign a UN Treaty to repeal our 2nd Amendment, when he is fully aware that our Constitution explicitly does not permit amendment in this way.

Our taxes, as compared to those just and reasonable ones under the esteemed and beloved George III, have also increased both exponentially in rate and in the scope of things and activities taxed. We did not realize that what we were setting up could be abused via so-called “penalties” so that a huge percentage – now almost 50% – of all the populace live off the labor and sweat of the remaining people who work.

We had no idea that our plans could be embodied in a work force nearly half of whose jobs are working for the government to either control every aspect of our lives or to collect the taxes which apply to every aspect of our existence from birth to death and even thereafter.

Your revered monarchs have always respected the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta, while our current tyrant invests himself and his government with power to legislate –which we thought we had
reserved to a legislative branch of government – while now via imperial
decrees – which are called “executive orders” – he himself alone legislates enacting his imperial “laws” which are not based on and are usually contrary to the will of the people.

And now our country, at his bidding, is divided – making what we called “domestic insurrections” in 1776 look like picnics – while he purposefully pits one group against another, making Americans hate Americans, to increase his power.

What was written in 1776 applies to our current despot: “A Prince
whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

For some time we have been inclined to suffer, while evils were sufferable, rather than to right ourselves by leaving our loved homeland so that we are not subject to the new form of aristocracy
here in the colonies. Since in this day and age change as occurred in 1776 is unrealistic and politically impossible, we humbly and earnestly ask, no, we beg and beseech you, that you most seriously consider allowing us to rejoin you so that we can again lift our heads high with others who respect human dignity, who value the Creator-endowed inalienable rights of all men and women, and who believe that government is of, by and for the people.

God bless the Queen; and God bless America.

Sincerely, the People of the Unites States of America

PS: Al rights reserved in the event of a “Queen Camilla”

Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas, formerly USA, now USSA

LaGallina - July 3, 2015

I’ve been wondering when one of the political pundits was going to notice that things are way worse now than they ever were before the American Revolution.

Obsever - July 6, 2015

Americans should be thankful free speech and the right to bear arms are enshrined in law, ‘rights’ that do not exist in western Europe, least of all Britain.

10. Joseph D'Hippolito - July 3, 2015

Observer, the Catholic Church describes itself as the “One True Church” that preaches “the fullness of the Gospel.” In case you didn’t know, judgement begins in the House of God. Isaiah first said that and Peter quoted him. If both sentences are true, then the Catholic Church will be judged far more seriously by a holy, righteous God than most of you can even begin to guess.

camper - July 3, 2015

It’s part of Catholic dogma that bad Catholics suffer in hell far more than non-Catholics and that most Catholics do go to Hell.

Protestants don’t have bishops. The idea that there is a certain bedrock of Christianity that can be divined from the Bible is a falsehood that came mainly out of the mind of a very worldly ‘prophet’, Martin Luther. He never did miracles or prophecies, and demanded them from another protestant leader so that the other leader could show he was the real deal:

When another German Protestant, Andreas Karlstadt, contradicted him, appealing to divine enlightenment, Luther challenged him to demonstrate his vocation with miracles: “God must show that He revokes His ancient precepts with miraculous works.” (5) On another occasion he affirmed: “Anyone who presents novelties or teaches different doctrines must be called by God and confirm his vocation with truly prodigious works. If he cannot, let him give up his endeavor and go be hanged [et in malam rem abeat]” (6).


He contradicted himself many times:


Luther was known as an adulterer before his marriage to a nun:

He had three wives:
Although I have three wives at the same time, I have loved them so strongly that I would give up two so that they might be taken by other husbands. … You see how the one you called a lover would make a terrible husband.” (5)


As for the Catholic Church, it is on the brink of becoming a disaster. The Church has been in very bad shape since Leo XIII and will only get worse. I believe Pope Francis is a material heretic and I’m working to get him deposed. St. Thomas Aquinas, the be all and end-all of Catholic theology, condemned
tyranny and supported monarchy as the best form of government. Protestantism, in contrast, conduces to democracy and therefore communism because Protestants can’t agree on doctrine.

I’m a convert and so are a lot of people who go to the Latin Mass. You picked a fight with the wrong guy! I’ll take you on. I dare you to think of an argument to stump me!

Magdalene - July 3, 2015

I do not doubt it. To those who have been given much, much will be required. The responsibility is huge and many in leadership positions are doing and saying damnable things. And far too many of the ‘sheep’ are following the world on that wide and broad path that leads to destruction.

Let us do what we can to put up detour signs for others…

DJR - July 6, 2015

Your statement is true. Catholics, because they have been given the Truth, will be judged in a harsher manner than others, just like the ancient Israelites.

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