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Men’s prayer vigil outside ‘The Men’s Club’ is starting to score July 2, 2015

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Our God………He is great.  Last night was another awesome experience praying outside the so-called Men’s Club.  And I believe our efforts, still so nascent, are really starting to have an effect.

We had the largest crowd yet last night.  No, there weren’t hundreds, but it was a good sized crowd.  We are very noticeable.  And we’re starting to bother the management and patrons of this sexually oriented business.

You may remember from our last vigil that a “dancer” was obviously troubled by our presence and came out trying to justify herself.  She was very nice and brought us water but it was plain that we had gotten to her just a bit.

Well, last night, in what you might call a step up, what I’m sure was the manager came out and accosted me.  We had quite a little exchange.  He was dressed very slick and hip, but really came off as a pimp (several guys noted that feature).  He reminded me a great deal of a guy I used to know who was in just that awful racket for a while.  Anyway, he asked what we were doing,  or what we were protesting, and I said we weren’t protesting anything, just praying.  Then he said I assume you are Catholics by your Rosary beads, and after I confirmed that fact, he launched into a tirade, using the foulest language possible, regarding the priest boy-rape scandal.  As an aside, it will be decades before we stop having that thrown in our face in literally every exchange we have with the Church’s enemies.  My first response was……..can’t you come up with something more original than that?

I guess he was expecting me to defend the priests or try to explain away the scandal, but I told him I was as scandalized and heart-broken by it as anyone.  I asked why he thought I as a Catholic would not be the one most hurt by it, when we try to love and reverence our priests so much, and so depend on them, only to be let down in the worst say imaginable.  He tried to back off at that point, since I had blown his prime avenue of attack out of the water, but then I asked him why he was over there talking with us, and whether we had pricked his conscience?  He said we could do what we wanted but that we were wasting our time, in that “what goes on in there” is “not bad” and there are more important things we could be spending our time on.  He asked me why I wasn’t helping a homeless woman who had addled by, and I told him we had……..good man Kevin K had seen to that already.

What this was all about was self-justification. He kept trying to find areas where he could try to assert moral authority over us, or at least try to establish some kind of equivalence – see, he might fail in this area, but I fail in another, so aren’t we all really equal?  He said he volunteered at some homeless shelter and asked why he had never seen me there.  I said there are lots of ways to help people and our parish is very generous. I also said we’re attached to a particular part of the Church where there is no evidence at all of any priest sex abuse.  At some point it came out that he believed in God and was opposed to pseudo-sodo-marriage (I was a bit surprised by that), but he of course through out that sinner’s standby: judge not, lest ye be judged.  I said we weren’t judging anyone, that Our Lord does the judging, and He Himself said that those who look on women not their wives with lust in their hearts are guilty of adultery.  I asked him if he accepted that Truth, and he said he did not.  And thus the reason for the collapse of this culture is revealed.  Pick and choose belief, self-justification, I’m OK you’re OK, and no one goes to hell except those judgy Christofascists (a perfect inversion of reality).

I basically told him we just wanted that place gone. We don’t want that in our town.  Those kinds of places are the start of the slippery slope down to things like contraception, abortion, pseudo-sodo-marriage, prostitution (why would there be cheap motels all around the place?), and all the rest.  We oppose it because it’s evil, and wrong, and is a blight on our city.  There are plenty of Catholics outside abortion mills and working in soup kitchens and all that…….but this is our mission.

At that point he left.  I tried to get his name but he did not give it.  Later on a security guard named Mike came over.  He was very nice and just kind of bantered a bit.  Pray for him, that he may find a better job.

I’m convinced we’re starting to freak the denizens of that place out.  We’re having an impact.  I am so thankful to all the men who come out.  This is an enormous spiritual work of mercy.

I haven’t shared the best part yet.  This is the mystical, miraculous part.  So yesterday was the Feast of the Precious Blood.  One of the men was praying that the Precious Blood would wash over this SOB and cleanse it of all evil and sin.  When he started praying that, all the exterior lights went out!  And they stayed out for the rest of the time we were praying.  This was well after dark.  A few minutes after we stopped praying, they came on……..I guess we should have stayed all night.

I am just amazed by the generosity of these men who come out and brave being gawked at (we had a lot of picture takers last night, a lot of open mouth stares from people driving by), accosted by homeless, and who knows what from the increasingly unsettled creatures who descend into that black hole of Calcutta across the street.  You guys really inspire me.  Our prayers are having a big effect.  I am definitely going to step the operation up to twice a month.  I do think the next vigil will be on a Friday night – I’m targeting Friday July 17 at 8:30 pm right now.  Thank you all for your participation.

Your prayers from afar also help a great deal. Please keep them up.  Please remember us when we’re out there.  I am convinced God endorses this effort and He knows where it will lead.  We are doing good work and will have to keep the pressure up!

Deo Gratias!


1. skeinster - July 2, 2015

Wow. Thanks for the update. Was praying at home.
As you say, this is really starting to have an effect.
Will have to remember to pray for ya’lls protection and safety, as well as for you to touch hearts and souls.

Love the tactical analysis of how the defenses work.

God is good!

2. heavenlyhost - July 2, 2015

So proud of you men! What great courage and witness. Keep at it and God’s blessings will flow.

3. Willard Money - July 2, 2015

I’m a Bernie Sanders supporting Catholic but I accept wholeheartedly the entirety of the Church’s positions on sexual morality. Let me just say that I think the work you are doing here is awesome and such a wonderful change from what I see as the typical conservative approach to the culture wars. Due to my work, I interact with countless men who will condemn homosexual marriage but at the same time practically worship our first divorced and remarried president whose wife was known as being the “best” at performing oral sodomy in Hollywood. You are attacking the problem at its root and for that I say God bless you.

Tantumblogo - July 2, 2015

Bernie Sanders whaaa? For real?

You referring to Reagan with that Hollywood bit? He probably was the first divorced and remarried, wasn’t he?

Willard Money - July 2, 2015

Yep Bernie is wrong on issues of life and sexual morality but he is so right when it comes to things like the just wage doctrine. I’m hoping conservatives will start to realize how wrong they have been in supporting our plutocracy now that the big corporations have gone all in on homosexual marriage. As Pope Pius XI taught, “It is an intolerable abuse, and to be abolished at all cost, for mothers on account of the father’s low wage to be forced to engage in gainful occupations outside the home to the neglect of their proper cares and duties, especially the training of children.”

If we are to beat the cultural leftists, we MUST adopt sane economic policies that ensure a working man with a modest IQ can earn enough to support a wife and children on one income. Then we have to tackle the issues that conservative “Christians” don’t want to touch. There is a petition on lifesitenews to pass an amendment to the constitution against same-sex marriage. That’s fine but where is the amendment to ban pornography and strip clubs? There will never be one because the right wing plutocracy in this country knows that those men frequenting the strip clubs in Texas are overwhelmingly Republican.

It is so easy to be against homosexual marriage but a lot harder taking on the strip clubs so I commend you for being a real Catholic who walks the walk. And yes Reagan was our first divorced and remarried president.

camper - July 2, 2015

Dear Mr. Money,
Democrats oppress the rich, and therefore they oppress the poor. American laborers are not very competitive because of our partially communist economic system. In Hong Kong, fathers works long hours; taxes are low because the only welfare is in education; the minimum wage is low, which practically guarantees prosperity for everyone; and common workers are doing well. America will collapse, but Hong Kong is the next New York. New York is the next… Venice – a cesspool.
If you’re serious about getting to heaven, you need to read Nostis et Nobiscum, by Pius IX (9) written in 1849. In paragraph 20 he condemns the welfare state. This contradicts what some following Popes have written. We also know these things are wrong because they come from democracy, which has never been a good form of government. The rich can’t oppress the poor, but in the industrialized world today, it is far, far more common for the poor to oppress the rich (basically universal). Democracy is worldly, and so are most of the prominent bishops of America as well as the Pope. If you care about your salvation, you must stop voting for democrats and focus on being competitive in the marketplace.

camper - July 2, 2015

Oh, and America is not a plutocracy – if it were, then army commissions would (might) be for sale and the military would have a lot more of the members of the upper class in it. Upper class men basically do not join the U.S. military. No offense, but you don’t know much about political philosophy. Don’t oppress the rich if you value your salvation.

4. Christopher - July 2, 2015

“Christ died for us; much more therefore, being now justified by his blood, shall we be saved from wrath through him.” Romans 5:9.

My wife is very appreciative of the idea of this ministry. She says she has communicated with countless wives who have said that their husbands (even Catholics) can’t (or won’t) stop patronizing these places or give up pornography, and a disturbing number of these women simply accept the lie that men just can’t escape this vice.

They forget the power and mercy of God and the Grace that flows in his blood, which came to our assistance last night. This effort is truly a good one, and sorely needed. It is this kind of sexually licentious mentality that leads to several other facets of the Culture of Death, so this ministry strikes at, or near, its root.

Thanks, Tantum.

5. H-town - July 2, 2015

Outstanding work, your interaction with the manager was just the type of levelheaded and charitable response needed in such a situation. Just be careful in dealing with these types of sob’s (sexually oriented businesses), many have mafia connections. Not to scare you off, just be wary and consider hiring an off-duty cop for protection if things start to get harry.

6. camper - July 4, 2015

Say, Tantum, I was just thinking that if you decide to protest homosexuals, like those at “the cathedral of hope”, you should make sure of a few things: a sign calling them swine, a rainbow flag (wait a minute), a sign reclaiming the rainbow for catholics, and maybe a cross.

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