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Frigid repressed neo-Victorian left now wants to push ludicrous new “affirmative consent” legal standard for all marital relations…… July 6, 2015

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Remember when it was the Right that was ostensibly all hung up with sexual peccadilloes and the Left that counseled that they should just relax and get out of other people’s bedrooms?  If we ever needed an example that the Left values no belief or opinion but only power, this has to be one of the best.  Two very far left legal scholars are now pushing for a new nationwide form of “affirmative consent” in rape laws that would turn millions of Americans into felons overnight and be one of the best arguments ever for chastity.  Talk about taking all the fun out of something God gave us to enjoy in the proper context, how about “may I touch your hand, may I touch your shoulder, may I…….” on and on ad infinitum, with failure to do so ipso facto making one guilty of RAPE!

This was one of the big selling points for the liberals. Conservatives were scary religious zealots who wanted to tell you what music you should listen to, censor your movies and television shows, and worst of all, invade your bedroom and tell you who could sleep with and what you could do with them.
It was all a bit overblown and it wasn’t as simplistic a partisan narrative as you might remember. (The campaign against rock music lyrics, for example, was spearheaded by Tipper Gore, wife of then-Senator Al Gore.) But there’s little doubt that things have changed, and now it’s the left that is pushing a neo-Victorian code of sexual conduct.

I remember during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, when Ken Starr released a report poring over the details of Clinton’s sordid encounters with Monica Lewinsky, how creepy all the liberals thought it was for a prosecutor to examine every detail of other people’s sexual encounters, like some kind of peeping Tom. Yet this is now the exact system set up on every college campus, which is prepared to produce a Starr Report for every drunken hook-up.

And the crazy ideas that start on campus have a tendency to escape from the asylum. Thus, the Washington Examiner‘s Ashe Schow reports that the campus system of “yes means yes,” in which lovers must receive express permission for every minor stage of a sexual act or risk being prosecuted by a regretful partner after the fact, is now being proposed as the legal model for criminal prosecution nationwide. As Schow puts it, this is a standard “so stringent that it would criminalize millions of Americans overnight,” and is “part of a push to bring authoritarianism into the bedroom.” [Will it apply to sodomites?  Or do they get a free pass?  Is this nothing but one more effort to totally confuse and emasculate men?  Note that there is ZERO exemption for properly married people. So you better consult with that lawyer fast, or it’s going to be a loooong summer.]

And it’s not just what goes on behind closed doors. Every statement about sex, every public depiction of anything that remotely connotes sex—from movies to music to video games—has to be loaded up with social and political significance and policed for evidence of forbidden sexual attitudes.

The left sold promiscuous sex to destroy the family, one of the foundational limits to their desire for uninhibited Orwellian levels of power over people’s lives.  Before, it was crazy free love that got their foot in the door, convincing many people to trade away massive areas of influence over their lives by the government so long as they could get their thing on.  Now it’s time to go to the next level, now that the family is all but ruined, and start criminalizing even the act which is suitable for the procreation of children as “rape.”  Note that aggrieved partners could make a totally unsubstantiated claim years after the fact that consent had not been given, and whammo!  you’ve got a felony rape charge to defend against.  And how can their be any evidence without videotaping every encounter, or documenting every step with signed affidavits of consent?  This is beyond ludicrous – but it is also very similar to how the Soviet and Chinese communist states behaved.

Only a leftist could come up with something so asinine.  As for whether Catholics are stricken with all manner of hangups regarding intimacy, have you ever seen our families?  That doesn’t just happen.  It takes lots of practice, and we are very, very good at it.

There was a fairly bad sci-fi movie from the 80s called Cherry 2000.  Set in 2017, the American economy is destitute, and male-female relationships have broken down to the point that many men prefer robots made for the purpose of relieving their lust (rather akin to internet pornography).  The “Cherry” models are seen as by far the best, but they are no longer made and very rare.  After the hero “Sam” accidentally destroys his Cherry model, in frustration he goes out to a single’s bar to try to meet with an actual woman. The scene below is eerily similar to what the radical left would try to make relations into (marriage will be so much easier), with haggling and legal contracts worked out in advance and female selling of their prowess through descriptions of their numerous tawdry encounters (not shown, fortunately).  Hero Sam leaves unimpressed:

Seemed like silly sci-fi imaginings in the wayback, but not so much anymore.  And this is the predictable result of abandoning chastity, decency, and virtue generally.


1. Baseballmom - July 7, 2015

When we had one after another til God stopped at eight I would at times be asked (usually by strangers or acquaintances) “Don’t you know what CAUSES that???” “why yes, yes I do!” I replied, with a smile…. 😀

2. c matt - July 7, 2015

I kept seeing Cherry 2000 on Netflix and always wondered what it was about. I thought it had something to do with cars. I never had much interest in it, but even if I did I’m glad I didn’t watch it as it would just depress me.

Tantumblogo - July 7, 2015

Oh a really butchered ’67 Mustang plays a pretty big role in the second half of the film. The movie does have the virtue of a scene with Ben Johnson, one of my all time favorite actors. It’s not very good, a lot of immorality. Sorry if the scene above was a little scandalous.

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