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Incredible: Pope Francis muses darkly about scandalous actions at the Synod July 7, 2015

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Pope Francis, in a sermon given at a Mass in Ecuador, made some more incredible statements, which may count among the most troubling yet from this spectacularly novel pontificate.  Referring to the upcoming Synod, Pope Francis seems to counsel that we had better get over our scandal and preconceived beliefs, and hope for a “miracle of Mercy” from our Lord to contradict Himself and 2000 years of Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and practice:

Even if a pastoral proposal for helping a Catholic family with problems seems scandalous at first, it is possible God could use that proposal to bring healing and holiness, Pope Francis said. [Possible?!?  POSSIBLE?!?  That’s not good enough!  When you’re talking about the eternal destinies of souls, saying “God could turn this monstrous evil into something good” is NOT THE RIGHT APPROACH!  Certainly God does do so all the time, but that doesn’t mean that we ENCOURAGE EVIL IN THE HOPE SOMETHING GOOD MIGHT COME FROM IT!]

Encouraging and celebrating family life during a Mass July 6 in Guayaquil, Pope Francis asked people to pray for the October Synod of Bishops on the family, and he tied the synod to the Jubilee of Mercy, a yearlong celebration that will begin in December. [Be ready to be scandalized. Something tells me the post-synodal encyclical is already written, and has been for some time.]

The synod will be a time for the church to “deepen her spiritual discernment and consider concrete solutions to the many difficult and significant challenges facing families in our time,” the pope said.

Celebrating Mass with as many as 1 million people gathered under the hot sun in Los Samanes Park, Pope Francis asked them “to pray fervently for this intention, so that Christ can take even what might seem to us impure, scandalous or threatening, and turn it — by making it part of his ‘hour’ — into a miracle. Families today need this miracle!” [OK, this is at least the second time this Pope has strongly hinted at, or openly declared, scandal or heresy on his part.  BY HIS OWN ADMISSION!  Dear Lord, how are we to respond?]

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, told reporters Pope Francis was not referring to any specific proposal discussed in anticipation of the synod; one of the most common — and most debated pastoral suggestions — was to develop a process or “penitential path” for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics who want to receive Communion but have not received an annulment. [If this isn’t a dark hint of what is planned for the Synod, what else could it be?]

The pope, Father Lombardi said, hopes the synod “will find a way to help people move from a situation of sin to a situation of grace.” [It won’t by any of the proposals we’ve seen put forth thus far.  All it does is surrender to sin and attempt to paper it over by pretending it’s OK, or even virtue.  To the degree it does, it is direct cooperation in moral evil, something  unthinkable for the Church.  But we are apparently in unthinkable times.]

Pope Francis acknowledged the suffering and hope of young people who do not experience happiness and love at home, the “many women, sad and lonely,” who wonder how their love “slipped away,” and the elderly who feel cast aside. [Ever notice that this Pope seems to have a real big issue with loneliness?  But what of the great Saints who lived solitary lives, fleeing the world and all the sin it constantly promotes?]

I wanted to add a bit more from Aleteia on his sermon, because I think it is revealing:

Mary is attentive in the course of this wedding feast, she is concerned for the needs of the newlyweds.  She is not closed in on herself, worried only about her little world. Her love makes her “outgoing” towards others. So she notices that the wine has run out. Wine is a sign of happiness, love and plenty. [Speak for yourself.] How many of our adolescents and young people sense that these are no longer found in their homes? How many women, sad and lonely, wonder when love left, when it slipped away from their lives? How many elderly people feel left out of family celebrations, cast aside and longing each day for a little love? This lack of “wine” can also be due to unemployment, illness and difficult situations which our families may experience.

Or, Pope Francis, this “lack of wine” can be due to the profound spiritual poverty and sickness that pervades this culture far, far more than any worldly problems like unemployment or illness.  How does simply normalizing that poverty and hoping for a miracle – a miracle unlikely to come in service of something in the service of evils so reprehensible to God – serve to improve people’s “concrete situations?”  It doesn’t, save from a sentimental perspective.  It might salve his feelings, but it won’t save any souls.

I’m trying to follow the logic above: if I am reading the argument – or hope, I don’t know – right, Pope Francis seems to hope that by gravely weakening the entire moral edifice of the Church by some gaping pastoral opening to those lost in grievous sin, they will experience an enormous conversion of heart and become very good, virtuous, pious Catholics, or at least Christians or protestants of some stripe.  But the Church has experimented with watering down Doctrine for decades now, and the evidence that this approach does not work at all, and is in fact counterproductive, is vast.  The Church virtually never teaches against contraception anymore (save for papal documents of the preceding two papacies), and yet contraceptive use has never been higher.  Surrendering on contraception neither brought nor kept people in the Church.  There is zero evidence that a further doctrinal surrender will do any different – quite the contrary, it will almost certainly cause millions more to conclude that the Church as an institution is useless.

This isn’t looking for a miracle, it’s a fantastical wish, like a 6  year old girl hoping she gets a unicorn for her birthday.  It might be sweet and well-intentioned, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Something else:  we have heard much from this Pope about his disdain for the conduct he perceives in many pious souls.  He has called them (us?) “neo-Pelagians,” “sourpusses,” “prometheans,” “bead counters,” “closed minded searching for security,” and much else besides.  We see him above describe our Lady’s virtue as being associated with her willingness to reach out to others, seeming to draw a distinction against the “closed in on themselves” again.

But isn’t that what trads do with our great concern for the Church and world?  Aren’t we very frequently reaching out to others?  Aren’t we praying and working and striving to see a Church that is much more beneficial to souls than the construct of the past 50 years?  Aren’t we the ones willing to suffer (and often do) for our Faith, while it is these “saints” being chased after “on the margins” who couldn’t care less, or are really doing much of the persecuting?  Does our Pope have an inverse view of the world and Church as they really are?

And how can Church leadership once again expect the faithful to withstand yet another volte face?  Are we not tiring of watching a doctrinal tennis match, with the ball bouncing back from one side of the court to another from one pontificate to the next?  This is no way to run a Church.  It’s also no way to convert and save souls, the vast majority of whom will only conclude from an unprecedented doctrinal surrender that they were quite correct to dismiss the Church and all its hypocritical dogmas all along.

Lord, I beat my breast over how we have offended Thee.  Please have mercy on us and stop this descent into spiritual anarchy and darkness.


1. Margaret Costello - July 7, 2015

The possible ends will never justify the evil means. Our Lord only spent time with sinners to call them to repentance. This talk is also a reflection of the emo, ethereal, “mystical”, semi-hippie outlook that God does all the work behind the scenes and I’m just there as some Godly avox. The fact that God can bring good out of evil is no justification for doing the evil in the first place. Thanks for the post! God bless~

2. Pseudodionysius - July 7, 2015

Anyone left in the Catholic world — serious about their faith — who ISN’T praying the Rosary every day? If you aren’t, time is running out.

3. Willard Money - July 7, 2015

Did you know that the validity of various marriages have changed over time? Did you know that according to current Church teaching, two unbelievers who marry before a justice of the peace are considered married by the Church but two Catholics who marry before an SSPX priest are considered not married but living in sin? Do you think that the Pope is well within his right to start looking at changing these man made rules? The only thing that can’t change is that if GOD has joined them together, no earthly power may separate them.

Manny - July 7, 2015

“The only thing that can’t change is that if GOD has joined them together, no earthly power may separate them.”

Unfortunately, I think that is where we are heading.

skeinster - July 8, 2015

The two unbelievers are entering into a ‘natural marriage’.

The two Catholics who marry before the SSPX priest are ignoring the current status of that priest, or are crossing their fingers and hoping there really is “supplied jurisdiction”. Either way they are disobeying Church authority, which they should know better than to do.

Apples and oranges.

Ann Malley - July 8, 2015

Obedience is required in all but sin, seinster. So if, in good conscience, a Catholic conscience, formed in the teachings of Holy Mother Church prior to this morass of ambiguity promulgated in these current times, a Catholic couple seeks to enter a truly Catholic marriage, seeking an SSPX priest is acceptable.

These are times of crisis, friend, whether you choose to accept that or not. So the notion of obedience taking the fore as the only sign of what constitutes validity when the Church Herself supplies in times of crisis is misleading.

For whether you believe it or not, the very prelates formally inside the Church….”… are disobeying Church authority, which they should know better than to do.” And when I say Church authority, I mean what the Church actually teaches, friend, not the authority who can and does so often pick and choose for the sake of keeping their position.

So indeed, many should know better. Apples to apples.

Tim - July 8, 2015

As far as jurisdiction, listen to a canon lawyer, not the normal spewing of the modernists:

skeinster - July 8, 2015

Look, we all know that the accusation of “blind obedience” is the stick that the SSPX-friendly use to beat everyone else with, because that is the SSPX’s vulnerable point- one thing they constantly have to deflect/defend.

Support the SSPX, if you like. Just understand that others have reached a different prudential decision, often after years of studying up on this, from both sides, and can disagree with you.

Tantumblogo - July 8, 2015

You know me, on this topic, I’m of the Rodney King mentality (I’m dating myself).

Ann Malley - July 8, 2015

…and we all know that “no jurisdiction” is the beating stick/singular thread that others use when, friend, the Church does supply. Not everyone has access to the FSSP or that which would actually constitute solid Catholic teaching, practice, etc.

Please try to set the example of understanding that others have reached a prudential decision – which just happens to not be yours.

So the next time you state “they should know better”, remember that you should know better too. Let’s try to build inroads in the Faith, not battle lines of who is more obedient or faithful. Okay?

Tim - July 8, 2015

Did you even listen to Fr. Hesse? Nowhere does he mention “blind obedience”. He simply PROVED with FACTS that the SSPX is Catholic, in the Church and has jurisdiction. I am like minded with Tantum as I support the FSSP and ICK as well(although I am not a fan of Rodney King). I simply grow tired of the lies that are spewed around about the SSPX. The FACTS prove otherwise. Please listen to Fr/ Hesse’s talk posted above.

Ann Malley - July 8, 2015

Playing the victim of the “blind obedience” stick was just a distraction from having unfairly taken the low road in accusing others of merely crossing their fingers.

Something some may feel they need to do to assuage their own insecurities about the decisions they are making.

This is a time of great crisis in the Church.

One reason why I too support the FSSP and ICK.

Ann Malley - July 8, 2015

….there may be the view that “technically” they are living in sin. That may be the story that is told to folks for the benefit of fear mongering. But marriages on the parish level at SSPX chapels are not automatically dismissed by the diocese. Not at all.

skeinster - July 9, 2015

You know what? I owe all on this comment thread an apology for breaking a private vow.
So, now for some penance and taking up the vow again.

Tantumblogo - July 9, 2015

You don’t need to apologize to me. You’re just expressing your viewpoint. It’s OK.

4. AquinasMan (@AquinasMan) - July 8, 2015

I’m going to be “glass half full” about this and ponder that Pope Francis is calling for a miracle because it’s going to take a miracle to get his agenda approved at the synod. And is it okay if we stop pretending that Francis was being all “Switzerland” at the first synod?

H-town - July 8, 2015

He only resorted to the “pox on both your houses” position at the first synod because his objectives were rejected.

5. RC - July 8, 2015

Yea bc so many ppl have flooded into the episcopal church because they’re so loose with marriage……heck even gays can get married in that church now and I bet they won’t get any new members.

I still think a poignant peace that was written in Rorate a few weeks ago is accurate. The final showdown between Jesus and Satan will be over the family. Either the Church cannot err and the teachings remain the same, or we’re going to have to rethink what the Church actually is after this synod if it produces a heretical text.

6. skeinster - July 8, 2015

Put this in the thread below, but it’s important enough for a repost:

A timely post, again from STM:

(Sorry to keep referring, but she, like our host, has been on fire lately.)
We are all called to action, but if we are not prepared by a strong prayer life, we will be cut down. We had sermons on this over the last two Sundays by our excellent pastor- synchronization.

If you are a raw recruit- and I think we will see many, shocked out of their cozy local parish by recent events- do your boot camp first, before charging into the battle.

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