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Priest calls for active civil resistance to our immoral, Christ-hating government July 7, 2015

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I very much support this idea.  I’ve lamented on this blog a number of times the institutionalization that has set into the pro-life movement, with constant cautions to only ever play it very safe and never give the movement a black eye by doing something dramatic.  Gone are the early days of the movement with protesters forming human chains outside mill entrances, and Operation Rescue invading mills to try to save a few lives in heroic efforts.

Where has our passivity and deference to authority gotten us?  Have things gotten better?  Yes there have been limitations to abortions in many states, but it still remains very available and very cheap.  It might be a bit more hassle if you live outside a major urban area, but those with even a modicum of determination can always have their baby killed. Meanwhile, in virtually every other area, the collapse of morality and virtue has only accelerated.  Playing Mr. Nice Guy has gotten us nowhere:

Roe v. Wade, which the other two branches of government have tacitly endorsed, effectively condemned millions of innocent children to death, over 50 million to date. If the Shoah undercut the legitimacy of the German government, surely the many millions of innocent deaths have compromised legitimacy of our government. The most recent attack [Justice Kennedy’s imposition of pseudo-sodo-marriage] on the moral order has simply deepened the case.

Catholics and other Christians who oppose these crimes have stood fast in teaching and belief, but have done little to reverse them. In the days of Nazism, there was both condemnation and active resistance. That resistance was both non-violent and violent, and it had a role in actually defeating a powerful government and replacing it. [Small role]

Christian resistance has been virtually non-existent when it comes to active resistance to this government of ours that offends justice and truth and thereby contributed to the deaths of tens of millions. Now it has shattered marriage as a civil institution. Previous resistance has refused to recognize how the government delegitimizes itself by such actions. So the resistance is limited to trying to pass legislation to reverse abortion, and it will likely take the same approach on homosexual marriage. It simply refuses to oppose the government itself that has caused this madness. [I think many faithful souls, both Christian and protestant, are starting to recognize that this nation is no longer savable through recourse to the normal channels of legislation and all that.  We’ve crossed the Rubicon to government by fiat and there is no going back.  People need to start to think on what steps they would be willing to take to no longer recognize this government’s authority over them.  More on that below]

Now, I believe firmly that to be effective, Christians must resist in non-violently, and only non-violently. But this resistance must take place in very public ways, by refusing to cooperate with a government that has involved itself in crimes against humanity, and in the destruction of marriage, family, and the social order based upon the family…….

……..The Church cannot remain neutral to this governmental aggression and reasonably hope to save its children from becoming children of the government.[Whole generations have been lost already while we willingly blinded ourselves to the awful truth that this government ceased to be moral 50 years ago with Griswold vs. Connecticut and has only descended more and more into outright promotion of evil since]This battle is just beginning, especially for the souls of children. They are soon going to be aggressively indoctrinated in this destruction of marriage just as they are being indoctrinated today in moral relativism with respect to human sexuality in government schools. Our children – all children – need a public witness to remind them they are in a hostile, anti-Christian environment. There is no time to lose.

I very much agree.  But how many bishops do you think are really going to be willing to suffer the reaction that will come from promoting active resistance to the government?  They are utterly dependent on remaining in the good graces of this immoral government for billions of dollars of funding annually.  Few, if any, will take any real action – by personal leadership, as opposed to an occasional press release or speech – that will put that funding in threat.  Of course, the calls to stop that funding are already exploding among the sexularists, it will be gone likely within a few  years, anyway, but any strong Catholic response will have to come from the laity, with probably a few score good priests setting a helpful example.

I think many folks are much more in hunker down mode than they are preparing for active resistance.  Patrick Archbold is running a series of posts from an interview with the reliably confrontational Ann Barnhardt exploring ways to resist the government.  I will say this for Miss Barnhardt, she backs up her strong rhetoric with equally strong action.  She has dramatically reduced her income and assets and refused to pay federal income taxes.  She’s a financial expert, I’m sure she knows how to pull off what she’s doing with minimal legal repercussions – perhaps she could explain her method to all of us (maybe she has already, I don’t know).  But it’s not an easy call, especially with dependents in the mix, to willingly slash one’s income to avoid funding this evil government.  Nevertheless, it is a step that could be considered. I guess that is basically “going Galt.”

Fr. Pilon at the link posits a few mild forms of resistance: passing legislation (ummm……I thought he said that wasn’t effective?) to get states out of the marriage business altogether, or, alternatively, having the Church refuse to allow its priests to serve as official state agents at wedding ceremonies.  Those may be OK for a start, but I don’t see either making much change in this culture.  And, I’m not sure that 100,000 very faithful Catholics greatly reducing their income, willingly taking on a huge cross, will make much difference to a government very accustomed to running trillion dollar deficits.  To be effective, millions would have to take part.

I thought the comments at First Things might hold more suggestions for resistance, but I saw basically none. I do think just getting the Church out of the state-recognition of marriage business is really just running away from the problem.  It’s a very clericalist solution, in that it removes much of the immediate threat for the priest, but doesn’t address the broader problem at all.

This is something for me to think on.  I’m not sure what kinds of active resistance to engage in.  As for converting people back to reality/morality…….people are so disconnected from the truth, reality and morality that I don’t think anything short of a miracle or cultural collapse (forcing reality on them) will have any impact.  Certainly our Church has failed mightily to catechize the culture (heck, the “faithful”) at all on all these matters leading this nation, inexorably, to its demise.  I don’t see that changing now.

So……what steps are you, or would you, be willing to take, to demonstrate active resistance towards this government, and to try to oppose it or disassociate oneself from it as much as possible?  One thought I’ve had, though it is to do more business on the side and off the books.  Not my “real” job, certainly, but both my wife and I have other sources of income I won’t go into.  Another idea is to get out of the farm program……that actually brings me money but I hate it, philosophically (I get money for doing nothing, just owning a farm), but it would be an easy way to reject another sign of this government’s legitimacy.  There is always protesting. At the 4th of July parade in Irving there were a fair number of “floats” attacking the government’s legitimacy.  That was heartening. Those are easy things.  What about hard ones?  As I said, I have to think about it, but I’m all ears to your suggestions.

I think the main point is: maybe we should all consider doing something.  I really hope our good priests start making more suggestions and giving more guidance on how to respond to this immoral government actively, rather than passively waiting for them to come after us.




1. Mark J. Connolly - July 7, 2015

Very much in line with this. My nine year old daughter just completed fourth grade in her Diocese of Rockville Centre elementary school. The DRVC has adopted Common Core and submits to CC- aligned NYS testing. Several weeks before the end of the school year, her class took a NYS “Field Test”, a “test of the test”

Tantumblogo - July 7, 2015

Oh no, it looks like your comment got truncated. It sounds interesting, I hope you try again.

Mark J. Connolly - July 7, 2015

Yes. I pressed the wrong button. Had finished that and posted balance of message. I guess it didn’t go through. To continue, the “Field Test” is a NYS “test of the test”. It “tries out” questions on students. It is completely confidential. My daughter’s exam had a reading comprehension essay about a young girl’s trip to stay with her father in his new home, where he was living with another man. The Diocese said filed a “protest”. (I cannot imagine what good that would have done to begin with, let alone now given the SCOTUS decision.) I have written directly to the Bishop. I am sharing the incident with faithful Catholic outlets. I discussed with several parents who are among the few who attend Mass. The responses were rather indifferent. Common Core is a scourge. As is state testing. In Catholic schools, they are an abomination given how they will most certainly be used to smuggle militantly secular, left wing seeds of thought and feeling into the classroom. My daughter’s essay is Exhibit A. (And since the tests were confidential and the children only nine, there’s no telling what other questions were on the tests that they read and internalized but did not understand, but of course that is what they’re counting on.) And yet, Dioceses have willingly adopted this in their determination to mimic public schools’ secular ambitions, measures of success, and methods.

2. MFG - July 7, 2015

One challenge to resistance is we no longer live in true geographic communities which made it easier to organize and resist collectively. Even with the internet we live isolated and scattered from each other. That has to change.

In 2012 the Papal Nuncio to the US gave a speech at Notre Dame outlying what would happen in a US persecution – unlike past persecutions which were public and collective; this one may be private and isolating. Meaning if someone is persecuted we won’t know about it or see it on TV. This will make the suffering much worse because there won’t be other Christians around to support the victim.

Let’s think about how to overcome the obstacles of suburbanism.

skeinster - July 7, 2015

Supertradmum at Etheldreda’s Place has been urging “podding” for years- finding like-minded faithful to live near and mutually assist. Her posts would also be good food for thought.

My dilemma is being the only Catholic in my family. Planning a list of questions to ask a reliable priest on my options.

Right now, I boycott as much as possible. If we could do that en masse- all stop shopping at Wal-Mart, eg. I could see some effect. I have to admit- one person doing it alone is just a curiosity and a crank.

3. Ben - July 7, 2015

Before civil disobedience, I suggest legal witnessing. That’s one thing Christians rarely do. You’re doing it now at the nightclub, that’s good. Another idea is to work extra, then give your money to an ad company to advertise Christianity. I never see ads on the web for Catholicism, do you? I think this is probably smarter than spending time going door to door. Christians, especially Catholics in this country have been slackers for decades, so don’t give up hope yet. By the way, anyone with a big family or a blog that takes as much time as yours deserves plenty of credit. BTW, thanks bunches for the blog, sir.

4. camper - July 7, 2015

Tantum, Pay your taxes and don’t accept money from the government. One serious suggestion is that you give to the Knights of Malta an amount or amounts equal to all that you’ve received from the government for education. After all, we should be a benefit to the public purse, not a burden. I know you pay taxes for education, but the rich pay a lot more, and I think federal dollars pay even for elementary ed now (ugh). Common core, anyone? So I suggest paying large sums of money to the Knights if you went to a government college. The Fraternity doesn’t recommend this specific thing, but it does recommend giving to the poor in case you owe somebody money and couldn’t repay them, or could only repay them with great difficulty. Isn’t the government in the business of stealing? Therefore, we owe it to the rich to give to organizations like the Knights.

5. Christopher - July 7, 2015

The federal government is certainly out of control, and certain state governments are quite diabolical in their use of their laws to persecute Christians. However, not all the states themselves are on board with what those few states and the federal government are doing. I’ve been hearing about a movement of quite a few states the convene a “convention of the states” referred to in Article V of the Constitution in order to address specific ways to limit the power of the federal government, and thus its ability to force Marxist and Satanic ideology on the entire nation.

Has anyone else heard of this Article V movement? It looks like a potentially promising way for the states to reclaim some sovereignty and protect their residents from the federal leviathan.

cenlacatholic - July 8, 2015

I haven’t, but if a movement like that did take place, you can bet the weight of the US Military would fall upon those States in the interest of “national security.”

Remember when Gov. Perry said he would sign a “no-groping” bill, the Federal gov’t threatened to shut down all airports in Texas, effectively making it a no-fly zone.

Martial law would be imposed, which could be the purpose for drills like Jade Helm… why else would they be training in American urban warfare environments.

But, anyway, I’m a pessimist. I don’t know what the solution is. I plan on focusing on my local area, getting a general plan of action among Catholic parishes and even protestant communities who haven’t (yet) capitulated to sodomitical unions. The Methodists and the Episcopalians (of course) have already capitulated, but that’s no surprise. I’ve heard that some formerly “evangelical” Baptist sects have adopted a more soft-spoken stance in regards to sodomy.

Let us pray that this situation drives protestants into the arms of Holy Mother Church, and that Pope Francis does not completely destroy the possibility of conversion by adopting a favorable pastoral solution to sodomitical “families” at the Synod.

cenlacatholic - July 8, 2015

Correction, I meant to say Episcopagans.

unfatmatt - July 8, 2015

When the courts rule that a cross must be taken down, even from private land, we need to stop saying, “oh well. We tried,” and go all Bundy Ranch on the bulldozer operator. The left has shown that might makes right, but their positions are morally reprehensible. The people who are morally right need to consider playing the same game.

6. unfatmatt - July 8, 2015

I’ve wondered what would happen if a business owner who was ordered by court to pay a fine simply refused. The optics of a business owner being arrested would be incredibly destructive to the leftist cause. I read that something over 65% of people polled opposed targeting business owners.

I also read that if he SJWs target you, stay off the internet for 72 hours. Don’t respond. Don’t explain. Don’t make excuses. Just walk away and they will move on. They want you to feel guilty about your beliefs. If you refuse to admit guilt, and stand steadfast in your beliefs, they have nothing on you.

skeinster - July 8, 2015

Yes, the leaders are relentless, but the twittering hordes have the attention span of gnats. 72 hours is pretty much the length of any single OUTRAGE!11!.
Great advice.

Tantumblogo - July 8, 2015

One reason why I have almost nothing to do with social media. No twitter, killed my Facebook.

But the advice is very good.

7. skeinster - July 8, 2015

A timely post, again from STM:

(Sorry to keep referring, but she, like our host, has been on fire lately.)
We are all called to action, but if we are not prepared by a strong prayer life, we will be cut down. We had sermons on this over the last two Sundays by our excellent pastor- synchronization.

If you are a raw recruit- and I think we will see many, shocked out of their cozy local parish by recent events- do your boot camp first, before charging into the battle.

8. unfatmatt - July 8, 2015

Here’s a link to an article about the 72 hour attention span of the Social Justice Mob.


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