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Don’t want to experience cultural pressure? Destroy your TV, get off social medias July 8, 2015

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When we went up to the farm, we of course had to stay in a couple of hotels.  That’s because sadly there is no structure left at the farm, all was torn down about 17 years ago.  Darnit.

We took the trip with my parents.  My parents watch a lot of TV.  The kids who went with us wanted to hang out with their grandma and grandpa so they went to their room one night.  My parents tried to be good and responsible so they turned it to some idiot movie about rescuing whales in the Arctic on ABC Family. The movie made me want to barf, but that wasn’t the bad part.  Oh my Lord, not at all.  It wasn’t even the product commercials.

No, it was the promos for other shows on ABC Family, THREE of which featured very young women kissing.  Not just kissing, full open mouth going at it.  And they looked like they were about 15.  So apparently ABC Family, owned by the (I have to say) demonic Disney, is now pumping out at least three programs targeted at families and especially teens basically propagandizing them and porning them into getting hot to trot about some same-sex perversion.

So all those came down in ONE commercial break.  After that I took the remote and started changing channels during the remaining breaks. Fortunately the movie only had about 45 minutes left so there were only about a dozen commercial periods left (I exaggerate, but not much).

Anyhoo, the whole sordid affair only reinforced for me why we essentially don’t have TV.  We do have rabbit ears and we watch really old shows about once a month, tops (it’s amazing how much nicer people used to dress even 20-25 years ago).  Other than that it’s DVDs and VHS.

There have been some good comments lately about the social pressure, shame storming, and general ostracism at work against believing Christians and protestants lately (I’m surprised no one’s said anything about that “Christians and protestants” thing, yet, but I think it very apropos, and a nice turn around on the protestant schtick of “Christians and Catholics”).  And  yes there are definitely ways to escape the storm if one falls victim to it. But overall, I’m increasingly of the mindset that, along with TV, social media is in general so disordered tending towards evil it should be avoided entirely.  Especially Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and similar sites (but not good blogs. Good blogs are teh awesomest!).

Yes they can be great tools.  Yes, a lot of people are on them, and there is thus potential to reach a lot of people.  But I’m really not seeing the cost-benefit equation making sense much longer for pious souls.  There is a lot more downside that upside.  One of the downsides is that, if you are anything like me, you probably have many scores of “Facebook friends” who are thoroughly lost to the culture, and they will put up all manner of material that is not good for your soul.  Another downside is falling victim to that shame storming Memories Pizza, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, and many others have already experienced. Yes, you can avoid the worst of it by ducking offline, but in what shape will your reputation stand afterwards?

There is a whole great big world out there.  If you’re off social media, sure, you will miss some things, even some very good things, but you’ll also have more time to get back into real life.  I think a lot of people – probably not many readers of this blog – are losing all perspective of what’s real and what’s important in this social media jungle.  They spend every possible second on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, ignoring the person sitting 3 feet across from them. I saw that just the other night, a husband and parents had taken a very slovenly, didn’t GAS woman out to dinner, and she spent the entire time on her phone.  I don’t think she said three words to them, and it was her birthday.  That’s not healthy.  It sure ain’t holy.

So little that happens on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest is even worth the time it takes to read it.  I really don’t care what you made for dinner, or about what color shower mat you should buy.  All this activity (and blogging is certainly not free from this) causes more and more focus on the self.

And then there’s the impact these things have on kids.  Pulling the plug on cable was probably one of the best things we ever did for our kids.  They didn’t get to watch TV much, anyway, but now it’s down to nothing, or practically so.  And it has made such a huge difference in our kids!  They read all the time, they play outside like kids used to, they spend hours in our cheap above ground pool or running around our street, they are creative, they have skills and know things that most other kids their age couldn’t dream of (if I may brag).   So many kids today go around with their faces buried in their phones even while they are out with friends!  I just a week ago saw a gaggle of about 8 probably 10-11 year olds at a shopping center, and instead of goofing around and interacting, they all sat there with their phones in their faces!  A boy of about 13 admitted to me he had no idea how to  It becomes a compulsion tending towards addiction.

You’re smart folks, I have an argument and point of view, but you decide for  yourselves what to do.  I know a good number of readers have given up on TV already, and good for you.  It’s the best way to keep from being lured into really unholy, destructive ideologies being forced down people’s throats.  But think about social media.  Don’t expose yourself to all that garbage anymore than you have to, and I would only use it for a specific, good purpose.  Protect your mind.  Resist the state-media complex trying to indoctrinate you in their Orwellian/Huxleyian plans.

Sermon over.  Your penance is two decades of the Rosary, meditating on your duty to your family.  Now, make a good act of contrition and go and sin no more my son.


Next men’s prayer vigil outside Men’s Club 07/17! July 8, 2015

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Just a quick head’s up, the next men’s prayer vigil outside the rancid ‘Men’s Club’ will be on Friday, 07/17 at 8:30 pm.  That’s the plan for now. The time might change, but I’m thinking a bit later is better.  I’ll send an e-mail to those who have been before, but we need to see a lot more new faces!  REX…..you’re missed, I hope you can make it again.

More from 19th century Catechism on God’s patience, forgiveness, wrath, and judgment July 8, 2015

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It’s quite amazing how clearly and forcefully the Faith was presented only a little over 100 years ago.  As Dismas would say: “different religion.”  For it really was.  Modernism was really just starting to infect the Church when this Catechism was written.  It had virtually no influence.  Also, the Church remained very much estranged from the “wisdom of the world” and all its false charms at that time.

So many are scandalized by the idea of a God who would actually……judge.  Shocking, I know.  But God would not be just if He did not judge, and sometimes harshly.  And His charity would be a lie if some were not damned.  However, God does bend over backwards to give fallen men every possible chance at conversion and repentance.  Thus, the relatively just are sometimes exasperated that the wicked seem to rarely face punishment.  Do not be so scandalized, God judges all perfectly, but prefers to reserve His judgment, for the most part, to the next life, and not this one.

More below from The Catechism Explained:

Men are wont to punish quickly; not so God.  He endures long the rebellion of the wicked.  It is not the Will of God hat a sinner should die, but that he should be converted from his wicked ways and live (Ez xviii:23). God often gives men long warning of coming judgments.  He gave those who lived in the days of Noah a warning of one hundred and twenty years; to the Ninevites forty days…….God’s manner of action is opposite to that of man. Man constructs slowly, and destroys quickly.  God constructed the universe in six days, but He took seven days for the destruction of the little town of Jericho…..

….God deals with us patiently for our sakes, not being willing that any should perish, but that all should come to penance (II Pet iii:9).  With many sinners God’s patience has not been lost, e.g., St. Mary Magdalene, St. Augustine, St. Mary of Egypt, etc, but with others it effects nothing…....If God were not patient with us, no one could be saved, for we are all sinners who have been unfaithful to Him. [I have been. I still am sometimes, but much more rarely than before, all due to Him] But though God is so patient, it is dangerous to put of conversion.  For the longer God delays His vengeance, the more terrible it is when it comes upon the sinner……..We must not think that because He is so patient that God has forgotten our sins. “Say not, I have sinned, and what harm hath befallen me?” The Most High is a patient rewarder” (Eccl v:4).

…….God requires of us that we should forgive seventy times seven; how immeasurably merciful therefore must God be!  [That’s one way I fail. I admit I have ugly, sometimes raging thoughts about others, especially in this sick and twisted culture where truth is regarded as a lie and lies truth.  Everything is upside down. So when that Oregon Stasi agent fined Christians $135,000 for being Christian, I saw red for a while.  I have to pray more so I fall into these kinds of failings less often, because very powerful grounds for doing so are only going to grow more and more]

……No one is lost because he has committed great sins, but many are lost because they have committed one sin of which they will not repent.  Even Judas would have received forgiveness if he had asked for it.  God sometimes forgives the sinner in the last moment of life.  He received the good thief (Dismas, ahem) on the Cross.  Yet this is no reason for putting off repentance till the last.  “God justified one man at the last moment that none might despair; but only one, that none might presume,” says Saint Augustine.  A death-bed repentance is generally a very doubtful business; the dying sinner forsakes his sins rather because he cannot help it, than because from his heart he detests them; he is like the mariner who throws his goods into the sea simply from fear of death, not because he wishes to get rid of them.  Witness how rarely a conversion made in peril of death proves lasting if the sick man recovers.  “It is absurd,” says Saint Bernadine of Sienna, “that a man who would not fight when he was well and strong, should be moved to the combat when he is sick and weak.”.…….[And you think you can wait to pray until the persecution comes to you?  Good luck……]

….Our Lord says there is more joy in Heaven over one sinner doing penance, than over 99 just men, who need not penance (Lk xv:7).  The reason of this is that the sinner who does penance generally serves God more zealously and faithfully. God bestows upon the sinner after his conversion greater benefits than He did before he went astray. The father of the prodigal son killed the fatted calf, and made a great feast, with music and dancing.  Sometimes the benefits God bestows on the converted sinner are external, more often they are inner consolations and graces……..[I’ve never considered it this way before.  I would have preferred to have never fallen into the grievous sins I had, to have spared myself and many loved ones great pain.  But we all sin.  We all have to convert to one degree or another.  So I don’t think this is any special mystery, it’s just a recognition of reality: none of us are just absent Grace, and none of us can earn salvific Grace per se, we simply have to cooperate with it as best we can, staying in the state of Grace, avoiding sin, practicing virtue, and praying like mad]

…….God punished men for the most part in kind, i.e., in the same way in which they have sinned. [This is SOOO true.  Thus the entire West faces economic collapse because we have contracepted away so much of the next generation there is no one to do the work and pay for all of our lavish social welfare benefits we’ve voted for ourselves.  Just one example of scores or hundreds. And the sodomites will get their’s, it will be a natural by product of their perversion] The women of Bethlehem would not shelter the Mother of God and her Divine Son, and their children perished at the revengeful and cruel hand of Herod.  Napoleon imprisoned the Holy Father, and in his turn was imprisoned first on Elba and then in St. Helena. [Wow, great example. Never considered the Holy Innocents in that manner]

…..The more knowledge any one has of God, the more severely will God punish him for his sins.  [Yikes! Ignorance is bliss!  Lord, have mercy!]

…….Many, who have their names in the mouths of men, and in the record books of countries, will not have their names written in the Book of Life.

————End Quote————

I could keep going.  Every page has several great quotes or entire sections.

It will never cease to amaze me that a Faith so robust and so cogently defined and transmitted from one generation to the next for hundreds of years, could so rapidly fall apart. And all it took was lack of vigilance, a little bit of laziness and a little bit of worldly corruption, and BANG! it was gone, overnight.

I pray once the Church is restored to her glory, vigilance never relaxes even for an instant.



Is Pope Francis bidding God to do his will, instead of the other way around? July 8, 2015

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I’ve been meaning for a while to link St. Corbinian’s Bear.  Reader skeinster tipped me to a post he did yesterday on Pope Francis’ most recent just amazingly bizarre and incomprehensible comments (considering the office he holds), but I found this other post from today even mas interesante.  What the heck, I’ll steal some of both, hopefully the bear will not mash me with his massive paws.  First, yesterday’s post:

Yay! It’s time to once again play our favorite game of What the Heck is the Pope Talking About?

The latest cryptic utterance from the Oracle of Santa Marta is:

“I ask you to pray fervently for this intention,” the Pope continued, “so that Christ can take even what might seem to us impure, scandalous or threatening, and turn it … into a miracle. Families today need miracles!” [We do, but we do not provoke miracles by tempting God to fix a situation we’ve horribly broken ourselves. Miracles happen due to faithfulness and steadfastness in the Truth Christ has unalterably revealed]

Clearly this time the Pope is speaking of none other than himself and the bishops! What is more threatening, scandalous, and impure than the Pope surrounding himself with his favorite Germans and considering yet again how best to destroy the family and corrupt the Church?

Indeed families need miracles. So the Bear invites you to heed the Pope and pray that the machinations of the Vatican are miraculously thwarted and the ideal of the family shines forth in love and purity. The Pope is admitting that they can’t help themselves. It’s up to us.

Now some of today’s:

The Bear has noticed that whenever Pope Frances wants to destroy a doctrine of the Church, or promote mortal sin, he is often not content to merely do so on his own. Instead, he always enlists accomplices.

Most recently, Christ was dragged into whatever scandalous, impure and threatening designs Francis has on the family. There is no sin so foul that Christ cannot make fair by a miracle! [While this is true, it is also tantamount to sin by tempting God.  It’s basically saying: “we’re going to apologize for the most grievous sin and introduce incredibly destructive novelties into the Church, and just pray Christ somehow makes them right (or brings some benefit)!”  Like increased Church attendance for a few months!  That’s worth destroying the entire moral edifice of the Church, right?!?  Or another ‘man of the year’ award?]

When Francis wants to erase heresy and pursue his pan-Christian fantasy, why he says it’s really the Holy Spirit at work, not Francis.

And then of course, there’s always the God of Surprises to cover whatever crackbrain ideas he wants to foist upon his poor, suffering sheep.

We are told to do God’s will.

Pope Francis seems to have it backwards. God is always doing Francis’ will……. [I think that’s an astute observation. Do you agree?  And am I wrong in detecting more than a moderate whiff of protestantism in all this?]

…….Of course, you might say, well, he’s the Pope, and when he says God is a God of Surprises, Christ changes moral law on a whim, and the Holy Spirit doesn’t care about dogma anymore, then that’s the way it is. [Thus every hyper-montanist papal apologist out there, which is pretty much everyone on Patheos and the virtually every Catholic commentator that earns a dime through the Church.  Aren’t you glad I’m a GDI?]

Except it isn’t. The Catholic God (you know, the one Francis doesn’t believe in), is not some mad horror from H.P. Lovecraft. He does not change……

…..We have a Pope, not an Oracle. The Bear is sorry to presume to teach Pope Francis how to be Pope, but the job description is not “utter frequent cryptic statements that can only alarm and discourage the faithful, while maintaining for yourself plausible deniability by refusing to communicate clearly.” [Or perhaps he communicates more clearly than we think?]

I think this is the key: So the Bear invites you to heed the Pope and pray that the machinations of the Vatican are miraculously thwarted and the ideal of the family shines forth in love and purity. The Pope is admitting that they can’t help themselves. It’s up to us.

Whoever “they” are, I think that’s quite correct. There are plainly many bishops in opposition to these – is it not obvious at this point? – papal attempts to completely distort and gravely wound the entire moral construct of the Church.  They have to be driven by the papacy because elements that were rejected by the bishops at the Extraordinary Synod were included not only in its final report but also in the “instrument of labor” for the upcoming Ordinary Synod – and this under a Pope who is the most authoritarian, detail-oriented pontiff the Church has seen in a very long time.  These things are not happening behind his back.  They are happening at his behest.

As to this fall’s Synod, whether the opposition will be strong enough this time, in the face of obvious papal support, is anyone’s guess.

The miracle I’ve been praying for is the same one it seems “the bear” has been praying for, as well: that somehow this huge and all-but-mortally wounding advance of revolution in the Church may be stopped  I pray by some miracle the Synod may actually produce a document that actually condemns sin and greatly encourages families to continue making heroic sacrifices in the face of an indifferent hierarchy and an implacably hostile culture.

Are you praying for the Synod and our Church?  Are you offering the Chaplet of the Holy Face, continual Novenas to Saint Joseph, extra Rosaries, or anything else!  Prayer is our most effective (and nearly only) weapon in this fight, that, and penance.  I have always been much better at “doing more” than doing with less, so I tend to pray more.

A little prayer below.  Try not to laugh:

Lord, we know we have greatly displeased You. We know we are unworthy of Your great gifts, including the gifts of faithful Church leadership.  But we beg you to have mercy on us and end this nightmare of the Church at war with Herself.  Please give us the leadership we desperately need and not that which we so richly deserve.  Hearken not to the many who have fallen away in self-serving idolatry, but to the few who have tried to remain faithful.  We implore You to send us Saints as of old to lead Your Body, the Church, through this dark time.  Have mercy on our families and defend and protect us.  May we always be Your obedient and loving servants.


No matter how bad things get in the world we must remember Christ has already won all the victory we will ever need! July 8, 2015

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It’s very easy to get down in times such as we face today. Many people are facing gut-wrenching decisions over whether to honor their faith or experience threats to career and livelihood.  We see so much going on that seems so very wrong, and yet we feel we have little ability to stop it.  Further, we see our own Church, one of the final bulwarks against the insanity, seeming to wobble more severely than it has in decades, or ever.

But we must always bear in mind the if we stay true to the Faith as it was handed onto us by the great effort and sacrifice of prior generations, our having a happy end is assured. If we practice virtue, avoid sin, receive the Sacraments as often as possible, pray without ceasing, in general follow all the moral prescripts of those Saints and pious souls who have preceded us in the Faith, we shall be saved.  The victory has already been won!

Saint Alphonsus in The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ (only ever get the version translated by Fr. Eugene Grimm CSsR) waxes poetically below on this glorious victory over sin and the world won by our Blessed Lord. I found it very inspirational, I pray you find some benefit in it, as well:

God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son (Jn iii:16). God, says Jesus Christ, has loved the world to that degree that He has given it His own and only Son. In this gift there are three things demanding our consideration: Who is the Giver, what is the thing given, and the greatness of the love wherewith He gives it?  We are already aware that the more exalted the donor is, the more to be prized is the gift………how much ought we not, then, to prize this gift, coming to us, as it does, from the hands of One Who is God! And what is it that He has given us?  His own Son.  The love of this God did not content itslef with having given us so many good things on earth, until it had reached the point of given us its whole self in the person of the Incarnate Word: “He gave us not a servant, not an Angel, but His own Son,” says Saint John Chrysostom. Wherefore Holy Church exultingly exclaims: “O wondrous condescension of Thy mercy in our regard!  O unappreciable love of charity! that Thou mightest redeem a slave, Thou deliverest up Thy Son!”

O infinite God, how couldst Thou condescend to exercise towards us so wondrous a compassion?!  Who shall ever be able to understand an excess so great as that, in order to ransom the slave, Thou wert willing to give us Thine only Son?  Ah, my kindest Lord, since Thou hast given me the best that Thou hast, it is but just that I should give Thee the most that I can.  Thou desirest of me my love; of Thee I desire nothing else, but only Thy love. Behold this miserable heart of mine; I consecrate it wholly to Thy love. Depart from my heart, all ye creatures, give room to my God, who deserves and desires to possess it wholly, and without companions. I love Thee, O God of love; I love Thee above everything: and I desire to love Thee alone, my Creator, my treasure, my all.

————End Quote————

That is what God asks of us: to love Him more than pleasure, our wills, pride, even our very selves.  I do not see how that can be reconciled with ideas that those who do little but engage in self-pleasure and stroking their pride should be the one’s catered to by radical new “pastoral” approaches, but there it is.

All I do know is that our Church could desperately use another Liguori right now.  There were still giants in those days…….

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