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More from 19th century Catechism on God’s patience, forgiveness, wrath, and judgment July 8, 2015

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It’s quite amazing how clearly and forcefully the Faith was presented only a little over 100 years ago.  As Dismas would say: “different religion.”  For it really was.  Modernism was really just starting to infect the Church when this Catechism was written.  It had virtually no influence.  Also, the Church remained very much estranged from the “wisdom of the world” and all its false charms at that time.

So many are scandalized by the idea of a God who would actually……judge.  Shocking, I know.  But God would not be just if He did not judge, and sometimes harshly.  And His charity would be a lie if some were not damned.  However, God does bend over backwards to give fallen men every possible chance at conversion and repentance.  Thus, the relatively just are sometimes exasperated that the wicked seem to rarely face punishment.  Do not be so scandalized, God judges all perfectly, but prefers to reserve His judgment, for the most part, to the next life, and not this one.

More below from The Catechism Explained:

Men are wont to punish quickly; not so God.  He endures long the rebellion of the wicked.  It is not the Will of God hat a sinner should die, but that he should be converted from his wicked ways and live (Ez xviii:23). God often gives men long warning of coming judgments.  He gave those who lived in the days of Noah a warning of one hundred and twenty years; to the Ninevites forty days…….God’s manner of action is opposite to that of man. Man constructs slowly, and destroys quickly.  God constructed the universe in six days, but He took seven days for the destruction of the little town of Jericho…..

….God deals with us patiently for our sakes, not being willing that any should perish, but that all should come to penance (II Pet iii:9).  With many sinners God’s patience has not been lost, e.g., St. Mary Magdalene, St. Augustine, St. Mary of Egypt, etc, but with others it effects nothing…....If God were not patient with us, no one could be saved, for we are all sinners who have been unfaithful to Him. [I have been. I still am sometimes, but much more rarely than before, all due to Him] But though God is so patient, it is dangerous to put of conversion.  For the longer God delays His vengeance, the more terrible it is when it comes upon the sinner……..We must not think that because He is so patient that God has forgotten our sins. “Say not, I have sinned, and what harm hath befallen me?” The Most High is a patient rewarder” (Eccl v:4).

…….God requires of us that we should forgive seventy times seven; how immeasurably merciful therefore must God be!  [That’s one way I fail. I admit I have ugly, sometimes raging thoughts about others, especially in this sick and twisted culture where truth is regarded as a lie and lies truth.  Everything is upside down. So when that Oregon Stasi agent fined Christians $135,000 for being Christian, I saw red for a while.  I have to pray more so I fall into these kinds of failings less often, because very powerful grounds for doing so are only going to grow more and more]

……No one is lost because he has committed great sins, but many are lost because they have committed one sin of which they will not repent.  Even Judas would have received forgiveness if he had asked for it.  God sometimes forgives the sinner in the last moment of life.  He received the good thief (Dismas, ahem) on the Cross.  Yet this is no reason for putting off repentance till the last.  “God justified one man at the last moment that none might despair; but only one, that none might presume,” says Saint Augustine.  A death-bed repentance is generally a very doubtful business; the dying sinner forsakes his sins rather because he cannot help it, than because from his heart he detests them; he is like the mariner who throws his goods into the sea simply from fear of death, not because he wishes to get rid of them.  Witness how rarely a conversion made in peril of death proves lasting if the sick man recovers.  “It is absurd,” says Saint Bernadine of Sienna, “that a man who would not fight when he was well and strong, should be moved to the combat when he is sick and weak.”.…….[And you think you can wait to pray until the persecution comes to you?  Good luck……]

….Our Lord says there is more joy in Heaven over one sinner doing penance, than over 99 just men, who need not penance (Lk xv:7).  The reason of this is that the sinner who does penance generally serves God more zealously and faithfully. God bestows upon the sinner after his conversion greater benefits than He did before he went astray. The father of the prodigal son killed the fatted calf, and made a great feast, with music and dancing.  Sometimes the benefits God bestows on the converted sinner are external, more often they are inner consolations and graces……..[I’ve never considered it this way before.  I would have preferred to have never fallen into the grievous sins I had, to have spared myself and many loved ones great pain.  But we all sin.  We all have to convert to one degree or another.  So I don’t think this is any special mystery, it’s just a recognition of reality: none of us are just absent Grace, and none of us can earn salvific Grace per se, we simply have to cooperate with it as best we can, staying in the state of Grace, avoiding sin, practicing virtue, and praying like mad]

…….God punished men for the most part in kind, i.e., in the same way in which they have sinned. [This is SOOO true.  Thus the entire West faces economic collapse because we have contracepted away so much of the next generation there is no one to do the work and pay for all of our lavish social welfare benefits we’ve voted for ourselves.  Just one example of scores or hundreds. And the sodomites will get their’s, it will be a natural by product of their perversion] The women of Bethlehem would not shelter the Mother of God and her Divine Son, and their children perished at the revengeful and cruel hand of Herod.  Napoleon imprisoned the Holy Father, and in his turn was imprisoned first on Elba and then in St. Helena. [Wow, great example. Never considered the Holy Innocents in that manner]

…..The more knowledge any one has of God, the more severely will God punish him for his sins.  [Yikes! Ignorance is bliss!  Lord, have mercy!]

…….Many, who have their names in the mouths of men, and in the record books of countries, will not have their names written in the Book of Life.

————End Quote————

I could keep going.  Every page has several great quotes or entire sections.

It will never cease to amaze me that a Faith so robust and so cogently defined and transmitted from one generation to the next for hundreds of years, could so rapidly fall apart. And all it took was lack of vigilance, a little bit of laziness and a little bit of worldly corruption, and BANG! it was gone, overnight.

I pray once the Church is restored to her glory, vigilance never relaxes even for an instant.





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This…. is just great. Thanks for sharing some food for meditation.

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What an excellent meditation!!
Thank you

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Just got this…. Having email issues…. It is AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!

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