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No matter how bad things get in the world we must remember Christ has already won all the victory we will ever need! July 8, 2015

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It’s very easy to get down in times such as we face today. Many people are facing gut-wrenching decisions over whether to honor their faith or experience threats to career and livelihood.  We see so much going on that seems so very wrong, and yet we feel we have little ability to stop it.  Further, we see our own Church, one of the final bulwarks against the insanity, seeming to wobble more severely than it has in decades, or ever.

But we must always bear in mind the if we stay true to the Faith as it was handed onto us by the great effort and sacrifice of prior generations, our having a happy end is assured. If we practice virtue, avoid sin, receive the Sacraments as often as possible, pray without ceasing, in general follow all the moral prescripts of those Saints and pious souls who have preceded us in the Faith, we shall be saved.  The victory has already been won!

Saint Alphonsus in The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ (only ever get the version translated by Fr. Eugene Grimm CSsR) waxes poetically below on this glorious victory over sin and the world won by our Blessed Lord. I found it very inspirational, I pray you find some benefit in it, as well:

God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son (Jn iii:16). God, says Jesus Christ, has loved the world to that degree that He has given it His own and only Son. In this gift there are three things demanding our consideration: Who is the Giver, what is the thing given, and the greatness of the love wherewith He gives it?  We are already aware that the more exalted the donor is, the more to be prized is the gift………how much ought we not, then, to prize this gift, coming to us, as it does, from the hands of One Who is God! And what is it that He has given us?  His own Son.  The love of this God did not content itslef with having given us so many good things on earth, until it had reached the point of given us its whole self in the person of the Incarnate Word: “He gave us not a servant, not an Angel, but His own Son,” says Saint John Chrysostom. Wherefore Holy Church exultingly exclaims: “O wondrous condescension of Thy mercy in our regard!  O unappreciable love of charity! that Thou mightest redeem a slave, Thou deliverest up Thy Son!”

O infinite God, how couldst Thou condescend to exercise towards us so wondrous a compassion?!  Who shall ever be able to understand an excess so great as that, in order to ransom the slave, Thou wert willing to give us Thine only Son?  Ah, my kindest Lord, since Thou hast given me the best that Thou hast, it is but just that I should give Thee the most that I can.  Thou desirest of me my love; of Thee I desire nothing else, but only Thy love. Behold this miserable heart of mine; I consecrate it wholly to Thy love. Depart from my heart, all ye creatures, give room to my God, who deserves and desires to possess it wholly, and without companions. I love Thee, O God of love; I love Thee above everything: and I desire to love Thee alone, my Creator, my treasure, my all.

————End Quote————

That is what God asks of us: to love Him more than pleasure, our wills, pride, even our very selves.  I do not see how that can be reconciled with ideas that those who do little but engage in self-pleasure and stroking their pride should be the one’s catered to by radical new “pastoral” approaches, but there it is.

All I do know is that our Church could desperately use another Liguori right now.  There were still giants in those days…….

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1. D- - July 8, 2015

Man, I love this saint. Great inspiration and it gives great peace of soul in these dark days. Thank you! I am thinking that his books should be a part of any emergency preparedness kit.

2. Ever mindful - July 9, 2015

And add The Imitation of Christ to your soul recharging reading list

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