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CHICOM party demands Catholics undergo reeducation July 9, 2015

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Lovely.  Surely another of the manifold benefits of socialism playing out before our eyes.

The article below gives a pretty good idea of how a modern socialist government treats its Catholic citizens.  Pretty good lesson for all of us (my emphasis and comments):

The Communist government of Shanghai has mandated that Catholic priests and nuns of the diocese undergo “reeducation” classes on the central theme of the National Congress of the Communist Party.

The Catholic Church has been a terrible embarrassment to Shanghai ever since a newly ordained bishop abruptly quit the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association in 2012, snubbing the Communist party in allegiance to Rome. The new reeducation classes are part of an ongoing punishment of the Church in retaliation for the bishop’s act.

When a priest named Thaddeus Ma Daqin was ordained a bishop in 2012, the ruling Communist body decided to install him, one of its own officials, as auxiliary bishop in China’s largest Catholic diocese.

“The anticipation was he would be a yes man,” said Father Jim Mulroney, the editor of the Hong Kong-based Sunday Examiner.

Ma surpised everyone, however, by announcing before an immense crowd of Catholics and government officials at Saint Ignatius Cathedral, that it wouldn’t be “convenient” for him to remain in the Patriotic Association. People responded by bursting into spontaneous applause. Some wept openly. [Given what so many faithful Catholics there have suffered, I can see why.  Shades of Saint Thomas Beckett!  Think on how this man has behaved, compared to so many Western bishops.  He knew he would face imprisonment or death for his act, and yet he did it anyway.  I’m afraid my faith that a Dolan or Gomez would do the same is pretty near nil]

The new bishop was immediately placed in detention, stripped of his title, interrogated by officials for weeks, and made to attend communist indoctrination classes.

Priests and nuns in Shanghai diocese have been required to attend learning classes ever since. Some 30 priests and a dozen nuns enrolled in this summer’s program held June 9-11 at the Shanghai Institute of Socialism. There will be another class in September for the rest of the priests and nuns of the diocese……….

………This year’s program focuses on the topic of rule of law as articulated by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party. The June course offered classes on the “rule of law and the development of the China Catholic Church” and “the current situation of the China Church and its mission.”

“It’s just a big joke to have such a theme. We have to ask what law leads to the indefinite detention of our bishop on no charges,” an unnamed participant told UCANews. [God bless this faithful soul]

Since 1958 China’s Catholic Church has been split into underground and open communities, with the latter going by the title of the Patriotic Catholic Association and having direct ties to the Communist party. A Vatican document of 1988 barred Roman Catholics from participating in the sacraments of the Patriotic Church, noting that it had issued a proclamation saying the church “had broken all relationships with the pope” and would be “under the direct control of the government.”…..

……Earlier this year, Beijing baited the Vatican by announcing its intention to ordain Catholic bishops without the Pope’s approval. In January, the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) launched its work plan for 2015 that includes new ordinations without papal mandate. As recently as last November, Beijing had expressed a willingness to compromise on the ordination question, but seems to have withdrawn from that position.

A cynic might ask whether they were really baiting, or whether they had gotten back-channel communications that said now was a very propitious time to advance their little man-created “patriotic” church?  I’ll let you ruminate on that.

The Church has lived through even more brutal persecutions than the nearly 70 year one the Chinese communists have been conducting.  But the Chinese one is quite thorough and has really succeeded in driving much of the real Church underground – another interesting element to consider as we see a Remnant of faithful Catholics and a sudden resurgence of the revolutionary element within the Church Herself.  The Chinese Catholics have managed to keep their faith and even grow a bit by communication and security.  They and other faithful Christians have a pretty good underground network.  Something to think about.

If you want to help the Chinese Catholics, please consider supporting the Cardinal Kung Foundation.  This is really the only orthodox group providing aid to Chinese Catholics I would even consider.  Most others cooperate at least to some degree with the so-called patriotic church, while others are simply problematic in their own right, such as the Aid to the Church in Need. Cardinal Kung Foundation is also quite anti-communist, as, I think, any faithful Church organization must be.

Not that our leadership is always clear on that point.


Forget tax exemption, insurance may run churches out of operation? July 9, 2015

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Liability insurance – insurance against lawsuits of various kinds – can be cripplingly expensive. It is a reason many doctors have left practice entirely (I myself lost my favorite doc ever back in about 1998 because he was sick of the bureaucratization of medicine and constant threat of lawsuits).

Churches, like all institutions that deal with the public, are well advised to have liability insurance.  Of course virtually all Catholic entities do so.  But what happens if government starts making noise about allowing lawsuits against churches over pseudo-sodo-marriage and other elements of the sexular pagan agenda?  Could that cause insurance to skyrocket, and essentially bankrupt many parishes and sect houses?

Quite possibly so, says David French at National Review:

In the aftermath of Obergefell v. Hodges, pastors and church members are experiencing a wave of anxiety over what many of them deem the “nightmare scenario”: lawsuits or government action designed to force them to perform or recognize same-sex marriages. While there are — so far — no meaningful judicial precedents that would permit such dramatic interference with churches’ core First Amendment rights, lawsuits challenging church liberties are inevitable.

Indeed, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission has declared that prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity “sometimes” apply to churches and has stated that a “church service open to the public” is not a “bona fide religious purpose” that would limit application of the law. [Iowa, and indeed the whole upper Midwest, is strangely liberal.  But this kind of legal sentiment would just ruin churches, because churches are always open to the public.  It’s what we do!  So what is the alternative to avoid government interference and sodomite lawsuits, turn churches into private clubs thus annihilating the Great Commission? This sure looks like a persecution getting started to me] In 2012 a New Jersey administrative-law judge ruled that a religious organization “closely associated with the United Methodist Church” wrongly denied access to its facilities for a same-sex wedding.

Churches, like virtually every functioning corporation, protect against liability risks and the potentially ruinous costs of litigation through liability insurance. With same-sex marriage now recognized as a constitutional right — and with news of Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries awarding a lesbian couple $135,000 in damages for “emotional, mental and physical suffering” after a Christian bakery refused to bake their wedding cake — pastors are reaching out to insurance companies to make sure they’re covered. And at least one insurer has responded with a preemptory denial: no coverage if a church is sued for refusing to perform a same-sex wedding.

On July 1, David Karns, vice president of underwriting at Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company (which “serve[s] more than 8,400 churches”), wrote an “all states” agents’ bulletin addressing same-sex marriage. It begins: “We have received numerous calls and emails regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriages. The main concern is whether or not liability coverage applies in the event a church gets sued for declining to perform a same-sex marriage.” Karns continues:

The general liability form does not provide any coverage for this type of situation, since there is no bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury. If a church is concerned about the possibility of a suit, we do offer Miscellaneous Legal Defense Coverage. This is not liability coverage, but rather expense reimbursement for defense costs. There is no coverage for any judgments against an insured.

In other words: Churches, you’re on your own. (National Review has tried to reach Mr. Karns and Southern Mutual’s corporate office, and they have not yet returned our calls.)……..

[Interregnum follows where author notes that most insurers will not issue such blanket refusals to cover, instead reviewing claims on a case by case basis.  Southern Mutual’s action was unusually aggressive and public.  I agree that the basic statement was, thanks for your years of paying premiums, but now you’re on your own, sucker]

……….Moreover, if past practice is any guide, litigants are very likely to allege that they suffered “personal injury” if a church refuses to perform or host their wedding ceremony. Indeed, in the Oregon bakery case, the lesbian couple alleged an array of injuries, including “impaired digestion,” “high blood pressure,” “excessive sleep,” “migraine headaches,” and “anxiety.” And those allegations were over a mere cake (a cake they were able to immediately replace), not the entire wedding.

……..as of July 1, it appears that thousands of American churches are more exposed than they imagined. And what’s the real-world result of Southern Mutual’s decision? Stanley, who focuses much of his practice on defending the religious-liberty rights of pastors and churches, was blunt: “More fear.” And fear can mean that the battle for religious freedom is lost even before it’s fully joined.

Which might be the whole point.

One thing I’ve learned from working in corporate America, is that they have a thousand ways to make you comply.  If they can’t get you one way, they’ll get you another, or wear you down by the death of a thousand cuts.  I really pray our Church leadership, from the parish level to the very top, becomes much more vigilant to the threats facing the Church.  They are more grave than they’ve been since Julian the Apostate.

Always. Be. Praying.

Pope Leo XIII on communism July 9, 2015

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It seems hard socialism has been getting a lot of favorable PR from highly surprising sources of late.  I thank Ann Barnhardt for uploading this introduction from Quod Apostolici Muneris, Pope Leo XIII’s denunciation of socialism.  Now this is doctrinal, not any off-the-cuff, crowd-playing remark:

At the very beginning of Our pontificate, as the nature of Our apostolic office demanded, we hastened to point out in an encyclical letter addressed to you, venerable brethren, the deadly plague that is creeping into the very fibres of human society and leading it on to the verge of destruction; at the same time We pointed out also the most effectual remedies by which society might be restored and might escape from the very serious dangers which threaten it. But the evils which We then deplored have so rapidly increased that We are again compelled to address you, as though we heard the voice of the prophet ringing in Our ears: “Cry, cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet.”(1) You understand, venerable brethren, that We speak of that sect of men who, under various and almost barbarous names, are called socialists, communists, or nihilists, and who, spread over all the world, and bound together by the closest ties in a wicked confederacy, no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings, but, openly and boldly marching forth in the light of day, strive to bring to a head what they have long been planningthe overthrow of all civil society whatsoever.

Surely these are they who, as the sacred Scriptures testify, “Defile the flesh, despise dominion and blaspheme majesty.”(2) They leave nothing untouched or whole which by both human and divine laws has been wisely decreed for the health and beauty of life. They refuse obedience to the higher powers, to whom, according to the admonition of the Apostle, every soul ought to be subject, and who derive the right of governing from God; and they proclaim the absolute equality of all men in rights and duties. They debase the natural union of man and woman, which is held sacred even among barbarous peoples; and its bond, by which the family is chiefly held together, they weaken, or even deliver up to lust.Lured, in fine, by the greed of present goods, which is “the root of all evils, which some coveting have erred from the faith,”(3) they assail the right of property sanctioned by natural law; and by a scheme of horrible wickedness, while they seem desirous of caring for the needs and satisfying the desires of all men, they strive to seize and hold in commonwhatever has been acquired either by title of lawful inheritance, or by labor of brain and hands, or by thrift in one’s mode of life….

All so very true. And we can see how the Church, in the person of her Supreme Pontiff, approached the incredible evil of socialism for so very long, right up until the socialist-driven revolution which shook the Church to her foundations 50 odd years ago.

Socialism is evil, period.  It is a system of greed and envy, of sloth and barbarity. It encourages theft and relies on fosters mass immorality of the basest kind to assure its ascension in the body politic.  It is closely aligned, intellectually, with that synthesis of all heresies, modernism.  Indeed, to my mind (and I am not alone), modernism is nothing but an attempt to rationalize the Faith with evolutionary socialism – but with the socialism always totally predominate and the Faith reduced to nothing but a thin veneer of bland sentimental platitudes to gain moral authority.

And yet:

In his speech, Francis spoke about the importance of “distributive justice”, that is the need for wealth to be distributed, as a condition for social peace……

I just noticed when reading this: while Pope Francis has on numerous occasions pointed out failings – often valid, sometimes not – for what certainly appear to be his understanding of capitalism and free markets, he much, much more rarely points out failings in socialism, which is actually about as prevalent in the major world economies today as “pure” capitalism.

Distributive justice, however, is more than saying: “You have a duty to aid your fellow man, materially.”  It is calling for a system of wealth transfer at the governmental level, forced charity, if you will.

An even bigger ruh-roh, for me:

Religious freedom – a phrase we often encounter in civil discourse – also reminds us that faith cannot be restricted to a purely subjective experience. It also challenges us to help foster the growth of spirituality and Christian commitment in social projects.”

I guess I should be very thankful Leo’s encyclical is still on the Vatican website, and in English, too. I have no idea whether Pope Francis rejected the commie crucifix Church-hating commie Evo Morales tried to present him, or not, I couldn’t hear a thing, but the speeches in South America have been decisively friendly towards the left in that always politically divided and fractious region.

What is it that socialism promises, however?  Is it not prosperity for all at the expense of a relative few?  Is it not about taking from others so that some, ostensibly, can have more?  The reality, of course, is very different, socialism is really a revolution against the rich carried out by middle-class technocrats who then place themselves atop society as the new elite. It has universally led, whether instantly or over a few decades, to poverty, massive debt, societal breakdown, and ultimately collapse. One of the major reasons Latin American countries are so poor is that most have chosen to elect socialist leadership at various times over the past century or so.  Argentina, in particular, used to have a higher per capita GDP than the US, but then started elected socialists in the 20s and 30s, and is now much poorer country, but more than that – the gap between rich and poor has skyrocketed even more!

This South America trip has been explosive, has it not?  Feeling at home in his native continent?  Stirring things up?  Giving liberation theology, Marxism with a Catholic patina, another chance?

Strange portent: Pope Francis to be tried by reconstituted Sanhedrin July 9, 2015

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I think I’ve made my concerns over Pope Francis quite plain.  I have reservations over the normalization of relations between the Holy See and the Palestinian state, which certainly does contain within its boundaries a number of Christians, but which also happens to be one of the most maniacally islamist states in the world today.  It is a profoundly pathological state, where children are indoctrinated from infancy to hate and kill the Jew.

Nevertheless, I have to wonder if the members of this reconstituted Sanhedrin in Israel comprehend the symbolism of their action, and I also have to wonder what portent it means, if any, for our times.  Here you have the same body that condemned God Himself to death, and death on a cross, getting ready to try, in absentia, Christ’s Vicar on earth and the head of His Mystical Body.  This is spectacularly symbolic, and also more than a bit disconcerting for its eschatological elements.

A re-established and self declared Israeli Sanhedrin, the religious High Court composed of 71 sages, has declared that it is putting Pope Francis on trial unless he retracts his statement that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem.

In February 2013, the Vatican officially recognized the “State of Palestine” but more significantly, the Vatican signed a treaty in June with “Palestine” in which the Holy See switched its diplomatic relations from the Palestinian Liberation Organization to the “State of Palestine”. This treaty is the first legal document negotiated between the Holy See and the Palestinian state and as such, constitutes an official recognition.

The trial and judgment will be on September 20th, 2015. If Pope Francis chooses to ignore the summons, he will be judged in absentia.

The Sanhedrin sent a letter to Pope Francis in reaction to the Vatican’s recent support of the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral moves to declare themselves a nation, reported the Hebrew magazine Matzav Haruach on June 24.

The letter stated: [I’ll skip most of it, and only quote its most ludicrous claim]

These actions, to our great dismay, are consistent with a long series of actions and stances that are as in the days of the Roman Catholic Religion, that swore to persecute Israel because we refused to accept their Messiah as the Messiah of Israel, and to renounce our faith.[Excuse me, who persecuted who?  For the first 300 years of the Christian Faith, it was Jews persecuting Christians, and not the other way around.  Even after the destruction of the temple (obliterating the Jewish religion as it had always been constituted and making plain God’s abolishment of the Old Covenant), this persecution continued. Yes in later years Christians have persecuted Jews but so have Jews at times persecuted Christians, and there are many who feel today that Israel continues to be a hostile place for Christians, as does Israel’s conduct in the West Bank.  Neither side has covered itself in glory, but I certainly pray for the conversion of  all the Jews to the Faith of Jesus Christ]  The recent announcements and actions of the Vatican are a rebuke to the Jewish Nation and to the Bible, which you use to interpret the prophecies, as if God has abandoned his original Nation of Israel. Reality has proven the opposite to be true.

I’ve often said of inter-religious dialogue and ecumenism generally, it is an impossibility, because an “advance” with one religion must irrefutably mean an equal “setback” with another sect.  It’s a fool’s game that drives the Church towards the lowest of common denominators and the most generic, worldly of beliefs.  In order for this dialogue to succeed, true faith and doctrine must be jettisoned in favor of feel-good secularist sentimentality and a totally bland, indifferent world view.  It is the death of true faith.

I quote Tancred from Eponymous Flower now: “It is a pity that the Holy Father will not outrage these people further by praying explicitly and in public that they acknowledge the Lord Jesus to be their Messiah and the Savior of all men.”

Indeed. Even more’s the pity that even Pope Benedict XVI was a slave to this worldly “dialogue” and further modified the Missal of ’62 to strip out the Good Friday prayers concerning the perfidious Jews.  Fortunately my ’45 Saint Andrew Missal still has the old words, and that is what I pray.  Ever since Vatican II and the very, very problematic Nostra Aetate the Church has almost totally abrogated Her solemn duty to bring ALL souls to Christ, yes including those in other religions who may have a powerful lobby and who can make things unpleasant if you do not toe their line.  We’ve seen the tragic spectacle of the highest Churchmen for years declaring that Jews didn’t necessarily need conversion, still had a clear path to salvation, and that their Old Covenant was still in effect!  PBXVI declared all of those, and more.

Which simply cannot be true, and which also contradicts our Blessed Lord’s very words repeated throughout the Gospels.  “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.”  “He that believeth in the Son, hath life everlasting; but he that believeth not the Son, shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”  “Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you will not have life within you.”

Our Lord, and Church prior to ~1900, could not have been more clear. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ you cannot be saved, period, end of sentence.  You might be invincibly ignorant of Jesus Christ but know Him through the natural law and whatever Grace God made available to save you, but, in reality, such people were (and are?) incredibly rare.  It is doubtful there are hardly any alive today who are not aware of the Person of Jesus Christ and His claims. Being aware of those claims, they have a solemn duty to investigate them, which investigation should naturally lead to their conversion and visible communion with the Church Christ founded.  Investigation and rejection of the Truth of Jesus Christ would be very, very bad.

And yet today our Church positively confirms people in their erroneous sects and false religions.  How long, Lord?

Grrrr as a convert do I hate ecumenism!  I have a strong sensus fidei that it is evil and worldly and should be abolished.