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Weekend Reading: Does the heresy of gradualism inform the Synodal documents? July 10, 2015

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Reader JF sent me a link to a very good post by “On The Side of the Angles” at the Guild of Blessed Titus Blandsma blog.  It’s about the synodal documents and the heresy of gradualism.  Gradualism in this case concerns the idea that God just doesn’t love us enough, or provide with adequate means of Grace, to keep us from sinning.  We can only, at best, be expected to maybe gradually wean ourselves of grievous sin. This is the foundational error underlying the Kasperite position at the Synod, and it appears to have seeped directly into both the Relatio from last year’s Synod (which was not approved by the bishops) AND the new Instrumentum Laboris (statement of work) for this year’s Synod.

I quote quite a bit of Bones’ analysis below, but there is much, much more at the link. Do go read it all, it’s very good:

However, Cardinals Erdo, Baldisseri, Marx, Nichols and many others, as well as the later #Relatio and now the #Instrumentum laboris misrepresent this Law of Graduality and instead make it appear as if the law of Graduality also refers to ‘Gradiuality of the Law’ – i.e. the Principle of Gradualism –  a Gradualist stategy (actually a heresy) – which is ironically exactly what Pope St JPII condemns in Familiaris Consortio 34, as well as in the beginning of Evangelium Vitae but most specifically in Veritatis Splendor 68. This was a direct response to the Bishops of Synod 1980 who wished active homosexuals, co-habiting couples and the divorced/civilly remarried to have access to the sacraments.

Gradualism refers to the formal/efficient causal ‘Principle of Graduality’ which is a pastoral strategy towards achieving perfection grounded upon two premises:

a) that God has not provided enough readily available grace for a sinner to immediately stop sinning and

b) The dignity of the human being is so diminished by sin that they cannot escape their sinfulness except by slowly diminishing the intensity and amount of their sins on a gradual incremental basis. This amounts to a sin-controlled diet – a pastoral personal sin-reduction fitness regime.

This amounts to a thinly disguised Jansenism – but viewed from the other end of the telescope – rather than the sinner being ‘doomed’ by their sin – it is instead ‘unavoidable’ that sinners will sin and continue to do so. This is a truth exemplified by quotes such as this…

 “Once one holds that the sin condition of the world forces us to do something that should not be done, there are no genuine moral boundaries. If it is believed that the human person is incapable of avoiding certain sinful actions, there is a simultaneous readiness to look for assistance from forces external to the human person. Technology and medicine, for example, can then be used in ways that replace authentic human sexual expression” (Toward a Theology of the Body, p. 102-3) [Sr Mary Prokes]

Gradualism is a fatalistic pessimistic principle that a ‘less than Loving’ God has not provided us with enough available “sufficient” grace to leave our sinful lives and not given us the capacity to not fall into sin. Therefore, we should be advised to remain in a limited sinful way and attempt to gradually reduce our sins and neither aspire to perfection nor to never sin – merely to diminish the amount of sins or the intensity or gravity of our sins. In this case, the sinner is to be treated more like a drug addict put on the ‘methadone’ of lesser sins rather than the alcoholic necessitating total abstinence or a gambler a total end to gambling.

In the 2000 years of Church Moral Teaching the psychologically astute and empathetic Church is fully aware just how disastrously counterproductive – calamitously futile – lethally aggravating and dangerous – this would be for the poor individual trying to repent of their sins and become holy. Gradualism, as a strategy, or as a principle for moral action, or pastoral intervention or counselling, is an heretical position. [It’s also not just ineffective, but counterproductive.  Any time the Church seems to contradict earlier “hard” stands, it appears She did not know what She was talking about then, so why should She now?]

Scripturally, it is a proven falsehood and a grave calumny against a beneficent God bestowing a plenitude of Grace and against human dignity. “My Grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor 12:9)……

………It has been condemned by Church Fathers such as Sts Chrysostom, Ambrose, Jerome and most especially by St Augustine in ‘De Peccatorum 2,6,7 when he says,

“A man, helped by God, can, if he will, be without sin” and “God, therefore, does not command what is impossible, but in commanding he also admonishes you to do what you are able, and to ask his help for what you are unable to do” (FEF 1795). Even the most hardened sinner is offered help enough to repent, if only the grace is accepted (see FEF 2097, 2232)…….

……Therefore, let the whole Church understand that the Synod on the Family, as it stands, amounts to a full-scale, multi-pronged attack on the foundations of the Catholic Church and Her Infallible teachings, teachings which we have been taught to believe, if dismissed or rejected, leave souls, the sanctity and permanence of marriage and the institution of the family in the gravest of danger. We must arm ourselves with prayer and send ‘flaming prayers’ to Heaven as Bishop Athanasius Schneider has asked. We must arm ourselves, too, with Catholic truth so that we may give answer when deceits are placed before us during this time of anguish, so that when new winds of doctrine blow like a hurricane through the Church, we, and many others, are not blown away.

———End Quote———

As I said, there is much more at the link, and it’s all very good.

I have to conclude by wondering aloud whether those prelates who push (already refuted) novelties such as this gradualism are not simply projecting their own inability to refrain from sin onto the entire Church, in an attempt to justify themselves in much the same manner as Luther did?  It is best to avoid searching into motivations, yes, but when we have a movement that threatens the entire moral edifice of the Faith, examining the motivations of the men behind this resurgence of modernism is not, I do not think, beyond the pale.

There is nothing new under the Son.  There are no new heresies, only the same old errors dredged up again and again due to lack of memory.  It is truly amazing these tired gnostic theories can gain a large following, least of all among so many great princes and leaders of the Church, but pride knoweth no boundary and satan is active in every age.  I do think it fair to wonder whether men like Cardinal Kasper work their revolutionary plan from a conscious view to destroy the Church, or if they are simply blinded by titanic pride?  I suppose we won’t fully know the answer in this life, but those with eyes to see can probably come to their own conclusion.


Funny pic, and the destructiveness of ecumenism July 10, 2015

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Reader D sent me this…….yeah, I think this is probably about dead on:


Speaking of the end of the world, staring mouths agape while Christ descends in His glory, would most souls even think to go to their knees and beg forgiveness in His Name?  I think all those “rapture” evangelicals are going to be in for a very big surprise when they aren’t immediately taken up to Heaven as they expect.

You know where I live there is a huge Hispanic population…..probably 2/3 or more.  And I have to guess that at least half are protestant or pagan, because there is only one Catholic parish that caters to that entire population in Irving (we’re talking probably 80,000 people, at least), and there are literally dozens of little sect houses around, ranging from tiny house churches to others that draw a couple thousand.  A lot of businesses are Hispanic owned and many of them are devout and display elements of their belief,  usually protestant fundamentalist.

References to the “rapture” abound in these displays.  These are signs or posters in Spanish intended for Hispanics. I’ve seen in several local businesses a large poster that depicts the “rapture” and takes a number of gratuitous shots at the Church.  If you understand the idea behind the “rapture,” it’s that “born again” protestants will be whisked away to Heaven while the rest of us poor “unsaved” souls are left here to face all manner of calamities.  So what do these posters show?  Catholic priests and religious and lay people “left behind,” rejected by God with our false pieties displeasing to God, while planes are crashing, volcanoes exploding, tidal waves are smashing, etc., etc.  It’s a very clever bit of propaganda aimed at slamming the Church and reaffirming the converted Hispanics in their sects.

That’s how our protestant “friends” do ecumenism, which is why they’ve lured tens of millions of American Catholics away over the past several decades.  While our Church continues to play secular patty-cake with their leaders, those leaders are implementing powerful means to steal Catholics from the bosom of Christ’s Church.  That’s one of my greatest annoyances with post-conciliar ecumenism – the fact that Church leaders are so gosh-darned earnest about it all and really believe in it, while the protestants (especially those evangelicals Pope Francis has recently lionized) most often are not.  My perception is that they often use so-called ecumenism to defuse Catholic defenses to protestant predation at the official level, while at the grass-roots they ramp up their efforts to pick off naive nominal Catholics even more.  That was my experience, anyway.

I know a lot of sects view converting Catholics as about their highest priority.  One major reason for that is they view uncatechized Catholics as such easy prey, which, they generally are.   Thus recent very publicized events which show even the highest levels of the Church appearing to put protestants on the same level, and providing them with enormous moral prestige, are profoundly destructive.  It seems like each ecumenical “advance” is paid for by  souls falling away.

Sorry, rambling.


Important July 10, 2015

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I needed to make a public update on a matter I blogged on some weeks ago.  At that time, it had been announced that Fr. Charles Vreeland was leaving the Fraternity of St. Peter.  It seems good Fr. Vreeland has reconsidered and is staying in the Fraternity.  Thank God for that.  Don’t know if he will continue in Maple Hill or is being shuffled around along with a lot of other priests.  That’s not important, what is important is that he will stay in the Fraternity.

The other priest from that previous announcement is following through and has taken up a post in the Diocese of Tyler. Please keep him in your prayers.

Well it seems we can all fall victim to rumor at times.  What I had  understood as a very clear statement of fact was apparently completely wrong. Fr. Vreeland is not returning to the Fraternity of St. Peter as I indicated.  I apologize profusely for the confusion this has caused and for any scandal you may feel.  My source was one I trust implicitly and who would be in an extremely good position to know, but apparently he had gotten his wires a bit crossed.  Unfortunately, it happens.

Major Relics of Saint Maria Goretti to be at Tyler Cathedral All Soul’s Day 2015 July 10, 2015

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Wow, what a day, for such a Saint!  The relics of Saint Maria Goretti will be available for veneration at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Tyler, TX on Nov 2 2015.  Tyler is the location nearest to DFW where these relics will be publicly available.  Much more below:

The major relics of St. Maria Goretti will be available for veneration at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Tyler on Nov. 2, 2015, Father Carlos Martins, CC, and Father Hank Lanik, rector of the Cathedral have announced.

With some 40 other locations around the country, Tyler and Houston are the only locations chosen in Texas for the public veneration. This is the first time that St. Maria’s body will travel to the United States. It is only the second time that she has left Italy. Her body is kept in the crypt of the Basilica of Nostra Signora delle Grazie e Santa Maria Goretti in Nettuno, south of Rome……..

……..The relics will be displayed for the faithful from 9 a.m. on Nov. 2 until 1 a..m. on Nov. 3. Bishop Joseph E. Strickland will celebrate Solemn Mass in honor of St. Maria at 7 p.m. 

……..Last March Pope Francis proclaimed a Holy Year of Mercy. It will run from December 8, 2015, to November 20, 2016. A tour with the sacred remains of St. Maria Goretti became a natural choice for the Church to promote the Holy Year. While St. Maria is universally known as the Patroness of Purity, her greatest virtue was her unyielding forgiveness of her attacker even in the midst of horrendous physical suffering, a forgiveness that would completely convert him and set him on a path to personal holiness. From the time that she forgave her assassin, St. Maria Goretti has been heralded as the Patroness of Mercy. Indeed, this beloved little girl, murdered at only eleven years of age, is widely known as the Little Saint of Great Mercy. Her merciful and persistent forgiveness, and her desire to dedicate her life to God, made her a true disciple of Jesus. As such, St. Maria Goretti especially embodies what Pope Francis desires the entire Church to become.

If the article hadn’t said that, I was going to.  I can’t think of a better way to promote a Year of Mercy than by sending the relics of great Saints around the world for veneration and devotion.  That, along with other holy statues and relics, would, I hope, be a centerpiece of this year, reinforcing the great good that the intercession of the Saints does us and their role in our receiving God’s mercy.

Anyway, for us, a great blessing, and a great reason to take a Monday off and finally get to Tyler.  I’m sure we’ll make it by Saint Joseph Worker parish.

A reader I know has piously hoped that some recent changes in the Fraternity and in Tyler may portent a great Catholic awakening in what is really mission territory, there being so few Catholics.  Having the relics of Saint Maria Goretti come make me think he may be onto something.  Tyler also has one of the more orthodox bishops in the country (yes, a relative term).  So who knows, perhaps East Texas might be a great field of future conversion?

Deo Gratias!