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Important July 10, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, General Catholic, Latin Mass, priests, Spiritual Warfare, Tradition.

I needed to make a public update on a matter I blogged on some weeks ago.  At that time, it had been announced that Fr. Charles Vreeland was leaving the Fraternity of St. Peter.  It seems good Fr. Vreeland has reconsidered and is staying in the Fraternity.  Thank God for that.  Don’t know if he will continue in Maple Hill or is being shuffled around along with a lot of other priests.  That’s not important, what is important is that he will stay in the Fraternity.

The other priest from that previous announcement is following through and has taken up a post in the Diocese of Tyler. Please keep him in your prayers.

Well it seems we can all fall victim to rumor at times.  What I had  understood as a very clear statement of fact was apparently completely wrong. Fr. Vreeland is not returning to the Fraternity of St. Peter as I indicated.  I apologize profusely for the confusion this has caused and for any scandal you may feel.  My source was one I trust implicitly and who would be in an extremely good position to know, but apparently he had gotten his wires a bit crossed.  Unfortunately, it happens.



1. Judy - July 10, 2015

This is the best news of my morning. Thanks so much for posting it.

2. Gabriel - July 10, 2015

I think you may have some bad information. Or someone may be messing with you. I saw both of these priests at an ordination in Tyler a few weeks ago and they are thrilled to be in the Diocese of Tyler (which, by the way, is an awesome Diocese!).

Tantumblogo - July 10, 2015

Hmmm…..maybe. I was told by another priest who just saw him a day or two ago. He’s either heading back soon or is already on his way like right now. That’s what I was told.

3. DM - July 10, 2015

Indeed. Fr. Vreeland is already listed as Parochial Vicar at Tyler Cathedral.

Tantumblogo - July 10, 2015

He may be, but that’s going to change. He’s not going through with the move.

4. Gabriel - July 10, 2015

Seems like this info should be verified before posting, which could probably be done very easily. We may be dealing with hearsay or something worse.

Tantumblogo - July 10, 2015

I updated the post. It appears I was badly informed.

Judy - July 12, 2015

Bummer. Don’t feel bad about it. No scandal whatsoever.

5. Fr. John Rickert, FSSP - July 10, 2015

Fr. Vreeland confirmed by voice mail to me today on my cell phone that neither he nor Fr. Young is returning to the Fraternity and that they are continuing with their plans to incardinate into the Diocese of Tyler. The report is false. You can contact me at fsspmaplehill@gmail.com.

Fr. John Rickert, FSSP
St. John Vianney, Maple Hill, KS

Tantumblogo - July 10, 2015

Post duly updated. My apologies for the confusion. I have sent a direct communique, Father.

Fr. John Rickert, FSSP - July 10, 2015


Thank you.

— Fr. Rickert

6. Tim Thunell - July 10, 2015

How tragic. My family and close friends endured 2 priests of the FSSP abandoning their calling in Indianapolis at Holy Rosary. The 3rd FSSP priest left for 3 years and then saw the writing on the wall and rejoined the FSSP, THANKS BE TO GOD! Most of us felt betrayed as we have so few traditional priests these days and we faithful who truly embrace Tradition suffer much in our lives as family and friends ridicule and mock you and are even downright nasty about it (especially if you homeschool as well). We look to our priests as our guides and leaders and the ones who bail on us for the Novus Ordo structures set a bad example and often leave us in limbo. As Father Gregory Hesse said, are they truly committed to Tradition or are they running a museum? After the 3rd priest came back to the FSSP the FSSP sent him to Arkansas. Now there is no FSSP presence in Indianapolis. The SSPX came to the area in 2010. That is where we are now. I still support the FSSP as they have many fine priests and do good work, but 3 of them really let us down as did the FSSP itself as they chose to bail on the Traditional Catholics at Holy Rosary. These stories evoke sad and painful memories.

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