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Boy Scouts nearing final surrender…… July 14, 2015

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…….and descent into Girl Scouts levels of irrelevancy as just another formerly decent agency co-opted by the left’s march through the institutions.  And this, with a Supreme Court victory in their pocket expressly “permitting” this private organization to determine who could constitute its membership!

Ah, but the corporations, the corporations were cutting off their funding!  And when you’re a bureaucrat administering an organization, any organization, nothing is as close to the sweet meteor of death to your beloved gravy train organization than threats to FUNDING! So the left has really known what it’s doing when it has coerced, through various unsavory means, many corporations to formalize policies that deliberately discriminate, much more openly and nakedly than they ever did against any perverse/left-wing groups, against those who hold to traditional beliefs.

And so one more vaunted institution dedicated to forming  young men in right morality and decency has fallen.  There are very, very few left which have not:

The executive committee of the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America has unanimously approved a resolution that would drop the group’s blanket ban on openly gay leaders, a key step that puts the organization on the verge of its second historic shift in three years.

While the proposed change stops short of requiring all units to allow gay leaders, it would dismantle a rule that the group’s president described earlier this year as an existential threat to the 105-year-old institution. [And it is!  And once the left is through having its way with the Boy Scouts and has left it broken and meaningless, they’ll move onto something else while a hallowed organization sinks into either Girl Scout type leftist politicization/advocacy, or total irrelevance.  Quite a choice you’ve carved out for yourself there!  Decent people will increasingly flee the organization in droves]

This resolution, approved on Friday, now heads to the organization’s national executive board. If the group ratifies the change during a meeting July 27, it would become official Scouts policy…… [It won’t be 3  years before the abuse lawsuits start rolling in, which I am convinced is a deliberate part of this campaign.  The goal is the destruction of the Boy Scouts.]

…….In a statement, the Scouts cast the proposed shift as the “result of the rapid changes in society and increasing legal challenges at the federal, state, and local levels.”

While the Scouts already faced their own legal threats, there are also new state and local laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, with gay rights groups saying they are focusing on securing broader legal protections. And the national executive board of the Scouts will consider this resolution just over a month after the Supreme Court ruled that gay couples had a right to marry nationwide, a decision that followed a remarkable surge in public support for gay marriage.

The Scouts were careful to note, however, that the change does not mean that religious chartered organizations — which account for a significant portion of the group’s membership — have to accept gay leaders…… [Oh yes it will very much COME to mean that very soon, with this decision as a sort of precedent to increasingly ostracize and isolate the few holdouts. This decision alone will greatly increase pressure on religious organizations who host scout troops to either disassociate from the organization entirely (best plan) or expect to face heavy pressure to admit open sodomites into leadership positions.  All I can say is: Troops of Saint George.]

…..“This change allows Scouting’s members and parents to select local units, chartered to organizations with similar beliefs, that best meet the needs of their families,” the Boy Scouts said in a statement Monday. “This change would also respect the right of religious chartered organizations to continue to choose adult leaders whose beliefs are consistent with their own.” [OH YES, tell me again how long this fig leaf will last, when the last fig leaf (we’ll admit boys who openly admit of perverse desires, but never, EVER adult males as leaders who do the same!) lasted all of 3 years!  My stars how strong you are!  You never, ever lie to me!  And I’m sure you’ll respect all of us in the morning, once you’re done @#$%&*@! us like this!]

Robert Reilly was really hard on the Boy Scouts in his estimable book, and rightly so. He made clear how utterly unnecessary and cowardly their cave was.  They chose convenience of funding over principles, big time.  The thing is, it’s only been in the last 30-40 years that the Boy Scouts bureaucracy and apparatus has grown into this behemoth that requires millions in funding every year, anyways.  Prior to that, the organization existed for decades on much lower levels of funding and generally individual, private donations.

Thus, the entire model of large scale charity/private do good organization operation and funding is open to attack like this.  By becoming reliant on corporate sponsorship and large donations from easily co-opted groups like The United Way, an organization – any organization – instantly exposes itself to heavy propagandizing for all manner of things, much of which may be antithetical to its original charter and outlook.  Reliance on government funding is even more dangerous.  I repeat again that major Church organs, including Catholic Charities, CRS, CCHD, most colleges and universities, and most diocesan schools are heavily dependent on government funding, offsets, etc.  They are thus heavily exposed.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.  They are coming for the Church as sure as night follows day.  Be ready.



1. camper - July 14, 2015

I wouldn’t say Catholic charities is an arm of the Church – more like an arm of the government with a Catholic pastiche.

Tantumblogo - July 14, 2015

Heh…….spot on.

2. cermakrd - July 14, 2015

I was a girl scout and have fond memories of that organization.

When my niece was in it, I was delighted that they were exposed to women airline mechanics, aerospace engineers and CEOs of corporations. This seemed to give the girls a sense of empowerment and a concrete understanding that they can do anything they have the talents for and to which they set their minds.

The girl scouts were also first to admit that in order to live up to the girl scout code, one could be an atheist (yes, one can’t do a duty before a deity, but certainly one can toward ones nation and humanity).

I haven’t seen any issues with allowing lesbians in the GS. As a scout in the 80s and seeing it with my niece in the 2010s, sexuality never came up much, other than in discussions between the girls themselves.

Tantumblogo - July 14, 2015

I do have to speak in broad strokes. It depends much on the region. There are regions, even surprising ones (like Waco/Central Texas) where leftist activism is much more pronounced than others. The problem remains, however, in that the Girl Scouts have embraced a liberal sexual ethic and if a girl wants to experience that, including highly immoral instructional products produced by Planned Parenthood, they can. Many Girl Scout groups and even regional areas may not be so co-opted, they may be relatively innocuous and do good things, but the overall national leadership and tenor of much of the organization has been co-opted by a hard feminist agenda.

Judy - July 16, 2015

I was a GS leader for a few years, until I found out what was going on with Banned Parenthood and the radical feminist leadership and programs. I think where it really came up was not within individual troops or service units, but at Girl Scout camps, which, like most positions within GSUSA are staffed by an unusually large percentage of lesbians.

3. Paul Mitchell - July 14, 2015

Two words: Columbian Squires.

4. Kathleen - July 14, 2015

It is precisely the promotion of the feminist agenda and acceptance of atheism that made the girl scouts morally unacceptable long before this current cesspool we find ourselves wading through. Unfortunately very few people saw it.

I’m sorry but there really is no nicer way to say it. I sincerely tried to come up with one. I know people have family and friends and good intentions and memories and all that. And I know I have been wrong about far bigger things that I had been convinced were good — so I am not claiming any high ground. But given what we are dealing with we have to be willing to look at our existing convictions and determine based upon reason whether we have made mistakes in previous convictions.

And in the case of the girl scouts it was and is precisely the promotion of things like feminism that had to happen to bring us to this point now.

But back to the Boy Scouts, it’s tragic. There are many men that owe what moral foundation they have to the scouts. With the outright war on wholesome masculinity now and the crumbling of other sources for any sort of moral formation of children this will have a tragic impact on so many boys.

But Catholic parents do have alternatives. It’s more than time to “shake off even the dust of your feet, for a testimony against them. “

5. RVBlake - July 14, 2015

With regard to tax-free status for the Church, good riddance. Federal funding is nothing but Satan’s umbilical cord. We’ll be poorer in worldly terms, but richer in those things that matter.

Baseballmom - July 14, 2015

Amen. Looking forward to that day.

6. Baseballmom - July 14, 2015


7. Judy - July 15, 2015

Hmmm, anyone thinking that all those fine, upstanding Catholics who are part of the NCCS (National Catholic Committee on Scouting) are going to make good on their assurances of “Well, if they change the policy on gay leadership, THEN we’ll leave”?
Sorry, but I’m guessing all those Catholics who stuck with BSA and treated those of us who walked away like we were homophobic bigots (including a priest who said in a homily how disappointed he was in us) will probably continue to worship at the altar of Philmont. They just need to find that new rationalization. Because we wouldn’t want anyone to think we aren’t changing with the times. Forget getting your son to heaven. What really matters is did he Eagle. Daddy can’t spend time with you on the weekend if there isn’t a badge and lots of approval from peers involved. So unless and until they create a mandatory Drag Queen Badge or a Celebrate Sodomy Badge, these people will continue to wear the uniforms and pay the dues and convince themselves that they haven’t sold out.

Tantumblogo - July 15, 2015

“So unless and until they create a mandatory Drag Queen Badge or a Celebrate Sodomy Badge, these people will continue to wear the uniforms and pay the dues and convince themselves that they haven’t sold out.”

I’m not so certain they wouldn’t even then!

Your comment really nails it. I have experienced this personally.

But have times changed? When I was in school, being in Boy Scouts was like a making a formal declaration of social ineptitude and ostracism. That’s why I bailed out before 8th grade. There was huge pressure NOT to be in Boy Scouts, because if you were, you were a goody two shoes loser. Has that changed? Is it now popular to be in Boy Scouts? Somehow, at least regarding public school, I doubt it.

For those Catholic home school families who are just waaaaay into scouting……I don’t get it. Your comment is apt on many fronts, it is not as if this is the ONLY vehicle to camp, fish, learn about the outdoors, or whatever. But I too know folks who seem really wedded to it, and are a little put off (and maybe more than a little) by my criticisms. But at what point will they say: “enough?” I’m not sure there is a point, which is exactly how our Church (and to some degree, nation) got to this point: endless moral compromise from one matter to the next.

And yes, the rationalization demands that only those who actually hold fast to their beliefs and proclaim the emperor’s nakedness get ostracized and vilified. The only sin left anymore is being a real Christian.

Judy - July 15, 2015

Being in Boy Scouts is about as cool as being in the marching band. Maybe less so, since the band is co-ed. Which isn’t to say that a lot of the activities and skills weren’t great, but you’re still running around in a neckerchief. Ironically even boys as young as fourth and fifth grade in our Cub Scout pack did not want to wear their uniforms to school, because the other boys called them “fags” when they did. And this was before the change in the membership policy.

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