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Planned Barrenhood partner offers bulk discounts on aborted baby parts, PLUS more PP malfeasance July 15, 2015

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No, this isn’t sick at all.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Just 25% off aborted baby parts.  Perfectly rational, actually, in a country that finds that people of the same sex can be “married:”

StemExpress, the California-based company that serves as a middleman between Planned Parenthood and the organizations that seek body parts harvested from aborted babies, once advertised bulk discounts for baby organs and body parts. A screencap taken from a StemExpress page listing fetal liver products shows that the company openly boasted of bulk buying discounts available to new customers.

“Become a StemExpress customer today to receive 25% off your first order up to $1,000!” blasted an archived web page from 2012.

The baby organ trade is a lucrative one for StemExpress. As recently as December 2014, packages of what StemExpress described as “fresh” fetal liver stem cells were listed at more than $24,000, according to an archived page listing its products and prices.

The image below shows the screenshot referenced above.  Go see the link for even more.


It turns out much of the potential illegality of Planned Barrenhood’s sale of mutilated baby parts turns on whether they are obtaining proper consent from the women whose babies they are paid to kill.  This article says Planned Barrenhood may be in the clear overall, since federal law is so weak in this area (which would be just like our sick, immoral, I’ll say illegitimate government: they will pass laws requiring male college students to obtain affidavits to hold hands with a female student on pain of being incarcerated for “rape,” and yet they can’t find time to make the deliberate murder of children for parts and profit illegal).  But this one says they may be guilty of selling organs and other butchered piece without the mother’s proper consent:

Planned Parenthood responded to the release of an undercover video showing one of its executives discussing the harvesting of aborted baby organs with people posing as purchasers of said baby organs. In one press release, they claimed that mothers of aborted children sometimes want to donate their aborted babies’ “tissue” to help with research. Further, they claimed, they help women who want to donate their deceased children’s tissue…..

……And yet Planned Parenthood executive Deborah Nucatola’s own words contradict the forms used by Planned Parenthood providers to procure consent from women seeking abortions……

…..Federal law is more specific and stringent than the Planned Parenthood consent form (which could itself be a problem for Planned Parenthood)…….

………The highlighted portion reads that there may be “no alteration of the timing, method, or procedures used to terminate the pregnancy was made solely for the purpose of obtaining the tissue.”

And yet Nucatola specifically discussed how to alter abortion methods for the purpose of procuring intact baby organs and baby heads……

Butchered Babyhood has already engaged its high power PR and legal apparatus to respond to this 9000th damning revelation regarding the satanic organization.  I imagine how this will play out is that even further states will cut off funding for Banned Parenthood by refusing to transmit federal monies via state grants.  If we had a decent Republican Congress I’d say there would be hits to their feeding at the federal trough, but we have the most cowardly, duplicitous Congress in history so I doubt much happens there but a bunch of grandstanding.  So, PP will probably be hit a bit but then just continue rolling along.

Of course, they are immeasurably aided by the progressive-elitist run media and their democrat party apparatus, who have completely refused to even mention this story.  Because of this compliant state-dominated media, democrat presidential candidates haven’t even been asked about this damning revelation.  Due to their continued cooperation in this manifest evil, they have insured that the large majority of Americans haven’t heard that Planned Barrenhood conducts illegal partial birth abortions (still) and grotesquely sells parts of the babies they kill.  It probably wouldn’t move the granite hearts of many of our fellow countrymen, but they aren’t sitting on this story for their health.  They know if it got out it would be very damaging.

And we can’t have that.  The major media is in the business of insuring this country’s continued slide into sexular pagan socialist hell, which they, with their reprobate sense, view as “utopia.”

That is the way of the wicked.



1. Mary - July 15, 2015

I’ll bet every one of those “Doctors” buys shampoo and soap that proudly sports on its label ” has not been tested on animals “. Because it is wrong to perform experiments on little creatures that cannot defend themselves. Right?

2. Magdalene - July 15, 2015

They have the powers of hell behind them. If we had enough people of prayer and penance–Catholics, wake up!–there might be some end to this. But we do not have that. Catholics–uncatechised for decades and having fallen prey to the secular immoral world–are out to lunch on the evils of the day and many cooperate even to the highest levels. The few true shepherds can be told because they are exiled, deposed, persecuted, etc. But they are the ones that please God and not man. Would rather please God.

3. Kathleen - July 15, 2015

This series of stories and the video are so overwhelmingly diabolical that it’s hard to breath.

I’ve spent a day a week at a local mill and even with that I am just overwhelmed by this series of stories and the video.

I struggle with whether it’s even right to pray for mercy anymore if what we should be praying for is justice even though we can imagine what that means.

4. gm - July 18, 2015

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