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Start Novena to St. Anne Friday July 17! July 16, 2015

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If you feel so called.  Thanks to MJD:

Novena prayer:
Glorious Saint Anne, filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer, heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present affair which I recommend to you under your special protection (here pause and pray for your intention or intentions-all that are close to your heart)

Vouchsafe to recommend to your Daughter, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and lay it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue.  Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted.  Above all, obtain for me the grace of one day beholding my God face to face, that with you and Mary and all the Saints, I may praise and bless Him for all eternity. AMEN

You are duly reminded.

St. Anne

A little exhortation that I think will lift your soul July 16, 2015

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Lord knows, pious souls are facing some dark times. But they are hardly the first trying times Christians have faced.  No, there have been many periods even darker than ours is – at present.  That may change, the storm clouds look frighteningly ominous, but the storm has not yet broken in all its fury.  We are only experiencing some of the first winds and scattered large drops of the tempest to come.  Nevertheless, given the chaos ranging in the Church, even these still mild events are profoundly unsettling to souls who have few places to turn for reassurance.

One thing I have found, is that the past is a wonderful place for finding that spiritual support we crave and need.  Yes, one has to be selective, there have always been errors and heresies promoted in the Church, but in the past, at least,  nothing can change that we do not allow to change (historical revisionism).  We can turn to past Saints and holy men and women for the guidance so vital to maintaining a strong spiritual life amidst so many threats and errors.  One of my favorites in that regard is Dom Prosper Gueranger, who today reminds us (me!) that God’s infinite goodness and all His promises to His faithful remain.  As Saint Paul says, no one, not any power, not even evil principalities, thrones, and dominions can  take God’s love from us.  All will occur in our lives according to His Will and for our ultimate good.  That promise, however, is predicated on our remaining faithful.  For those who are not faithful, for those who fall to the wiles of the world, the flesh, and the devil….well, Our Lord assures us they will come to a very bad end.  We must thus pray for those who manifestly act counter to the Truth our blessed Lord has revealed to us, that they may meet this end.

From the meditation on the 8th Sunday after Pentecost, The Liturgical Year Vol. 11, pp. 198-200:

Has God forgotten His promises of infinite goodness?  No: but let us think upon the terrible and just warning, which He added to the promise He made to Solomon, when he had finished building the temple: “but if ye and your children, revolting, shall turn away from following Me, and will not keep My commandments and My ceremonies which I have set before you, I will take away Israel from the face of the land, which I have given them; and the temple which I hae sanctified to My name, I will cast out of My sight; and Israel shall be a proverb, and a by-word among all people.  And this house shall be made an example of; everyone that shall pass by it shall be astonished, and shall hiss, and say:  “Why hath the Lord done thus to this land, and to this house?” (III Kings ix:6-8).

O Christian soul!  Thou that, by the Grace of God, art become a temple (I Cor iii:16-17) more magnificent, more beloved in His eyes than that of Jerusalem, take a lesson from these divine chastisements; and reflect on the words of the Most High, s recorded by Ezechiel: “The justice of the just shall not deliver him, in what day soever he shall sin……..Yeah, if I shall say to the just, that he shall surely live, and he, trusting in his justice, commit iniquity – all his justices shall be forgotten, and, in his iniquity, which he hath committed, in the same shall he die” (Ezech:xxxiii:12-13)…….

[Changing subjects a bit]…….Not only are we incapable, of ourselves, of doing any good work, but, without the help of Grace, we cannot even have a thought of a supernatural good.  Now, the surest means for obtaining the help that is so needed by us is to acknowledge humbly before God that we depend entirely upon Him…….such as in the Collect for the 8th Sunday after Pentecost:

Grant us, O Lord, we beseech Thee, the spirit of always thinking what is right; and grant us mercifully the spirit of doing it: that we, who cannot subsist without thee, may live according to Thee.

———-End Quote———–

I come away from every reading of Gueranger edified.  He may not have been a theologian but he sure knew a heckuva lot.  I would wager he could absolutely trounce the vast majority of STL theologians today.  Solid Catholics have always been able to trounce gnostics, of course.



While looking around, I found this awesome pic:

Le mani di don Camillo

Lord, what we could do with 500 priests like Don Camillo!

“Boniface” gets it: what most Catholics experience day to day is a different religion July 16, 2015

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I am putting words in a very good man’s mouth.  I hope he does not mind.  If he does, eh, I tried, I’ll change the lede.

Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam, as always, has a very good post up on a disturbing trend many have noticed: conservativish Catholics already starting to yield to the new court-enforced cultural paradigm, seeking accommodation with our sodomite overlords.  Of course they are careful not to go full-bore in embrace of sodomy, they maintain a fig leaf of adherence to Sacred Doctrine, but they make clear that in the cultural calamity that is the advance of the sexular pagan agenda, it is Catholics who need more convertin’ than the pagans.

And as he goes along, he notes, while not quite using the same words, that what passes for Catholicism in most places in the Church these days is a cheap, dingy knockoff of the spotless, eternal original (I add emphasis and comments):

Since the infamous gay marriage ruling of June 26th, 2015, I have noticed a very troubling trend in the Catholic world. I’m not sure what to call it exactly, but I think I will say it is a sort of “tactical accommodation.” What is this tactical accommodation? It is a degree of measured accommodation to homosexuality that, while stopping short of actually affirming it, allows a certain amount of legitimacy of some of the points of the homo-fascist crowd, thus giving the appearance of compromise to one side while maintaining fidelity to Catholic teaching on the other. I believe the purpose of this accommodation is to save some face with the other side.

In practice, this looks something like, “I believe in traditional marriage, but I also believe that conservative Catholics have generally failed at loving homosexual adequately.”……

Or another favorite, “The Church’s teaching has not changed; but at the same time, I think the Church needs to more fully utilize the unique gifts and that homosexuals can bring.”

And so on.

It’s as if the Supreme Court ruling is being used as an occasion for self-reflection; not a reflection on the corrupt morals of the world or the need for a stronger defense of Church teaching, mind you, but an occasion to reflect on how we can be more accommodating to homosexuality.  [I have encountered this dozens if not hundreds of times over the past few years. I rarely discuss it on this blog, but I have seen it often.  It starts with an assumption that it is the radical immoralities proposed by the culture that are somehow reasonable and legitimate, and the Church that, in being reasonable, must at least meet them halfway.  It is the dread influence of the diabolical error of Hegelian logic:  thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  This endarkenment inspired outlook makes all points of view legitimate (and basically morally neutral to one another) and seeks only the lowest common denominator of compromise with the world. How much of the hierarchical behavior of the Church over the past 50 years could fit such a paradigm?  A very great deal]

Even so, the message is clear: The Church is the problem. It is Catholics who have been intolerant. Homosexuals are the victims who have not been sufficiently appreciated. It is the faithful who need to change their approach to homosexuality, not homosexuals who need to conform their lives to the truth. [Have you seen this play out?  I have.]

……..This sort of waffling about the evils of the age is how the Church shifted massively to the left after Vatican II: Catholics ceded ground to the progressives, such that what was once merely Catholicism was redefined as “integralism.” This horrid lie has Catholics believing that our perennial Tradition is “radical Traditionalism” while what goes on at your typical Catholic parish is “Catholicism.” [shorter Boniface, channeling Dismas: different religion]

Similarly, the Church’s traditional, uncompromising approach to homosexuality will increasingly be seen as “rigid” and “unmerciful” as Catholics, pressured by society, cede ground to the homo-fascists by making the sorts of wrist-wringing, self-condemnatory statements mentioned above. Traditional Catholic disgust at such acts – which are sins crying to heaven for vengeance – will be seen as an “extreme” position, which will be contrasted to the other “extreme” of homosexual acceptance. The new middle, the new orthodoxy, will be a kind of Kasperian dichotomy that still affirms the inadmissibility of homosexual relations while steadfastly refusing to say anything even remotely “negative” about them. And this new center will be put forward as “the Church’s teaching.”

———–End Quote———-

I’ve again taken more than what is fair.  You must go finish reading the Post at USC, as it contains a brilliant quote from Saint John Chrysostom on the evil of sodomy.  I was sorely tempted to copy that, too, because it is very powerful and goes back to a very early period in the Church’s history.  Only a thoroughgoing modernist could reject such a clear statement from such a powerful, unimpeachable source.

Isn’t the timing of all this remarkable?  Supreme Court declares pseudo-sodo-marriage “legal” at the federal level in 2013, followed by the Extraordinary Synod in 2014 featuring an unprecedented attack on the family from within the Church herself.  This is followed by Supreme Court imposition of pseudo-sodo-marriage on the 50 states in 2015, with the instrumentum laboris for the upcoming 2015 Ordinary Synod containing the same objectionable statements rejected by the bishops (or failing to gain approval) in 2014.   Of course, there have been similar developments in Europe over the past 2-3 years.

You know me, I’m generally very cold to conspiracy theories, but this sudden and severe push virtually everywhere in the “developed” world, penetrating every manner of Christian Church or sect (but not the Orthodox?  Well, certainly not the Russians) and even into the Church, so suddenly and with such amazing success, makes me wonder.  The last 4 years have seen a complete sea change on this matter, a preference cascade (if the polls are at all right – I’m beginning to wonder) of unprecedented proportions.  Has there ever been a cultural cave on a matter formerly so universally held in abhorrence as this one (contraception, maybe)?  And especially given how tiny is the population being given into, it makes me wonder what is really propelling this massive shift. I think Reilly’s arguments are very powerful, but are so many people really so willing to believe an utter lie in order to preserve some rationalization they hold?  Or are there other factors, maybe other agents, behind these never-before-seen developments?

I think one aspect is that there is a confluence – a unanimity – to elite opinion throughout Western culture like there has never been before.  They are all, virtually to a man, committed partisans of the socialistic sexular pagan ethos.  But is it a deliberate conspiracy?  Or simply a bizarre by-product of the universalization of leftism in education (especially elite education), industry, and government that has brought us to this unbelievable confluence of events?

How is it that a Russian autocrat now regularly comes off as the most sane man in the room?

Fr. Rodriguez awesome sermon on the darkness that surrounds us now on Youtube July 16, 2015

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The good man at Sensum Fidelium uploaded Father Rodriguez’ sermon to Youtube last night.  Here it is below.  I know some folks reported listening problems with the audio files, you should have no problem now.  Or if you do, the problem is on your end.

Some notes I took from my first post of the audio:

Darkness, destruction, diabolical disorientation, and the definitive act of the defiance of God.  

God has been rejected, and his plan for creation overturned.

The Supreme Court of the United States legalized, and exalted, sodomy.

This is absolute moral corruption of God, His Law, and His Creation.

It is impossible to believe in God, Who created Man in His own image and likeness, and accept the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a whole, this country has sold it’s soul to the devil.

Homosexual acts are putrid sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance  And we allow this?  What in Heaven’s name has happened to the Catholic Church whose mission is to be light to the world and salt of the earth.

We are staring the reign of satan in the face. How are our shepherds going to respond?  If our shepherds truly love God and His Law, there should have already been a public declaration of excommunication for so-called Catholic Supreme Court justices Kennedy and Sotomayor.  There should also be public declarations of excommunication by every local bishop for any Catholic who publicly supports such unnatural unions or approves of homosexual acts, which are intrinsically evil. 

It is not possible to be Catholic and support homosexual activity in any way, shape, or form. We have reached a desperate point in this country, and for the good of souls our bishops must begin to excommunicate all those who are participating in and promoting the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.  This is a sin which is an abomination before God and man. 

How is it possible we have fallen this low? We are now worse than pagans and animals.  One doesn]t even have to believe in God to know that sins against nature are wrong, terribly wrong.  Even animals by instinct know male with female, female with male. 

How have we come to this point? I think the answer is rather obvious. Man has turned away from God.  Man has rejected God.  Man in his arrogance and pride has usurped the place of God.

Specifically as Catholics, we have to reflect on how the majority of us have turned away from true Catholicism.  If you have any doubts about this………all one has to do is look at the reality that we are facing now.  How can one possibly be Catholic and support sodomy?  [And yet the large majority of self-described Catholics do – over 55% of Catholics support pseudo-sodo-marriage]  It boggles the mind, and breaks the heart, to see what has happened to Catholicism. It is not only the faithful.  It is also, very much, in the Catholic hierarchy.  It breaks the heart to see prelates, in a false practice of mercy, even encourage those in grave sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament. 

62% of Irish Catholics voted in favor of sodomy, and our Church leaders are preaching about the environment?!?  Everything is upside down.  

The problem is that we have turned away from true Catholicism.  This is the root of the problem…….We must recover the Traditional Latin Mass and true Catholic Doctrine. 

I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb, but Father Rodriguez is one priest who has experienced real persecution for his promotion of the Faith of our fathers.  This goes back years.  I think it a great testimony to his virtue that he is willing to do so again when the stakes for faithful souls are so much higher.  We will all likely be facing real persecution, real suffering in our lives very soon as this decisive turn against all that is good and Christian plays itself out.  His example of stalwart promotion of the true Faith in the face of real difficulties and even persecution should be an inspiration to us all.

Please keep this good and holy priest in your prayers.  We may all be sharing in the same kinds of sufferings very soon.

Our incredible Catholic Faith: man writing in AD 1135 asks prayers of those 1000 years hence July 16, 2015

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I found the neatest thing in someone’s twitter feed.  It’s a twitter upload of a photo by a Marc Morris, who was reading a modern copy of the writings of Henry of Huntingdon, and Englishman who lived during the 12th century.  He was obviously a very pious Catholic man (or who knows, by the standards of that time, when spectacular piety was much more commonplace, he may have simply been average- that is how far we have fallen!).  He was also quite imaginative.  As you will see in the pic below, he wonders whether anyone might read his writings 1000 years hence – that is, in AD 2135.  If so, he implores their prayers:


I love his further faith – if you pray for me, even 1000 years on, perhaps someone will pray for you even further thousands of years in the future.  Now that is an awesome Faith!  And you know what, I have added him to the list of deceased souls I pray for.  Marc Morris, whoever he may be, has also done quite an act of spiritual mercy.

Should we not be entering eschatological times, maybe someone will find this blog in the year 2500 and pray for me!  Please do!  I surely need your prayers, and since prayers work out of time, prayers made hundreds of years from now might be the prayers that make final satisfaction for the temporal debt due to my sins, and yet free me far in advance of that temporal date.

Side note: I have seen  a lot of people oddly limit God with regard to time. In fact, the post-conciliar changes made to indulgences are of this same limiting mindset.  They say, well, God is outside of time, therefore, there can be no time in Purgatory or whatever, so a time reference to an indulgence has no basis.  But I am not so sure.  Our God is omnipotent.  Just because He exists out of time, does not mean supernatural constructs of His like Purgatory must do so.  There could be a temporal component as we understand here on earth, even a duality, where angels enter in and out of something like an earthly time reference in these various supernatural abodes, but there are other aspects – doorways, if you will – that are “out of time.”  At various points in history, God Himself has entered in and out of human time here on earth, so that doesn’t seem impossible.

That’s one reason why I think the early definitions of indulgences – that they literally merited “time off” in Purgatory – were not necessarily incorrect.  These attempts at hard, “scientific” definitions of God, His abodes, and His behavior, I think are another deleterious influence of the endarkenment/rationalism.  It’s trying to ascribe scientific “law” to God’s behavior, and in a sense, circumscribe the limits of His omnipotence.  Bzzz. Wrong.

Or has such been theologically disproven?  If it has, I’ve never seen evidence of that.