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“Boniface” gets it: what most Catholics experience day to day is a different religion July 16, 2015

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I am putting words in a very good man’s mouth.  I hope he does not mind.  If he does, eh, I tried, I’ll change the lede.

Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam, as always, has a very good post up on a disturbing trend many have noticed: conservativish Catholics already starting to yield to the new court-enforced cultural paradigm, seeking accommodation with our sodomite overlords.  Of course they are careful not to go full-bore in embrace of sodomy, they maintain a fig leaf of adherence to Sacred Doctrine, but they make clear that in the cultural calamity that is the advance of the sexular pagan agenda, it is Catholics who need more convertin’ than the pagans.

And as he goes along, he notes, while not quite using the same words, that what passes for Catholicism in most places in the Church these days is a cheap, dingy knockoff of the spotless, eternal original (I add emphasis and comments):

Since the infamous gay marriage ruling of June 26th, 2015, I have noticed a very troubling trend in the Catholic world. I’m not sure what to call it exactly, but I think I will say it is a sort of “tactical accommodation.” What is this tactical accommodation? It is a degree of measured accommodation to homosexuality that, while stopping short of actually affirming it, allows a certain amount of legitimacy of some of the points of the homo-fascist crowd, thus giving the appearance of compromise to one side while maintaining fidelity to Catholic teaching on the other. I believe the purpose of this accommodation is to save some face with the other side.

In practice, this looks something like, “I believe in traditional marriage, but I also believe that conservative Catholics have generally failed at loving homosexual adequately.”……

Or another favorite, “The Church’s teaching has not changed; but at the same time, I think the Church needs to more fully utilize the unique gifts and that homosexuals can bring.”

And so on.

It’s as if the Supreme Court ruling is being used as an occasion for self-reflection; not a reflection on the corrupt morals of the world or the need for a stronger defense of Church teaching, mind you, but an occasion to reflect on how we can be more accommodating to homosexuality.  [I have encountered this dozens if not hundreds of times over the past few years. I rarely discuss it on this blog, but I have seen it often.  It starts with an assumption that it is the radical immoralities proposed by the culture that are somehow reasonable and legitimate, and the Church that, in being reasonable, must at least meet them halfway.  It is the dread influence of the diabolical error of Hegelian logic:  thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  This endarkenment inspired outlook makes all points of view legitimate (and basically morally neutral to one another) and seeks only the lowest common denominator of compromise with the world. How much of the hierarchical behavior of the Church over the past 50 years could fit such a paradigm?  A very great deal]

Even so, the message is clear: The Church is the problem. It is Catholics who have been intolerant. Homosexuals are the victims who have not been sufficiently appreciated. It is the faithful who need to change their approach to homosexuality, not homosexuals who need to conform their lives to the truth. [Have you seen this play out?  I have.]

……..This sort of waffling about the evils of the age is how the Church shifted massively to the left after Vatican II: Catholics ceded ground to the progressives, such that what was once merely Catholicism was redefined as “integralism.” This horrid lie has Catholics believing that our perennial Tradition is “radical Traditionalism” while what goes on at your typical Catholic parish is “Catholicism.” [shorter Boniface, channeling Dismas: different religion]

Similarly, the Church’s traditional, uncompromising approach to homosexuality will increasingly be seen as “rigid” and “unmerciful” as Catholics, pressured by society, cede ground to the homo-fascists by making the sorts of wrist-wringing, self-condemnatory statements mentioned above. Traditional Catholic disgust at such acts – which are sins crying to heaven for vengeance – will be seen as an “extreme” position, which will be contrasted to the other “extreme” of homosexual acceptance. The new middle, the new orthodoxy, will be a kind of Kasperian dichotomy that still affirms the inadmissibility of homosexual relations while steadfastly refusing to say anything even remotely “negative” about them. And this new center will be put forward as “the Church’s teaching.”

———–End Quote———-

I’ve again taken more than what is fair.  You must go finish reading the Post at USC, as it contains a brilliant quote from Saint John Chrysostom on the evil of sodomy.  I was sorely tempted to copy that, too, because it is very powerful and goes back to a very early period in the Church’s history.  Only a thoroughgoing modernist could reject such a clear statement from such a powerful, unimpeachable source.

Isn’t the timing of all this remarkable?  Supreme Court declares pseudo-sodo-marriage “legal” at the federal level in 2013, followed by the Extraordinary Synod in 2014 featuring an unprecedented attack on the family from within the Church herself.  This is followed by Supreme Court imposition of pseudo-sodo-marriage on the 50 states in 2015, with the instrumentum laboris for the upcoming 2015 Ordinary Synod containing the same objectionable statements rejected by the bishops (or failing to gain approval) in 2014.   Of course, there have been similar developments in Europe over the past 2-3 years.

You know me, I’m generally very cold to conspiracy theories, but this sudden and severe push virtually everywhere in the “developed” world, penetrating every manner of Christian Church or sect (but not the Orthodox?  Well, certainly not the Russians) and even into the Church, so suddenly and with such amazing success, makes me wonder.  The last 4 years have seen a complete sea change on this matter, a preference cascade (if the polls are at all right – I’m beginning to wonder) of unprecedented proportions.  Has there ever been a cultural cave on a matter formerly so universally held in abhorrence as this one (contraception, maybe)?  And especially given how tiny is the population being given into, it makes me wonder what is really propelling this massive shift. I think Reilly’s arguments are very powerful, but are so many people really so willing to believe an utter lie in order to preserve some rationalization they hold?  Or are there other factors, maybe other agents, behind these never-before-seen developments?

I think one aspect is that there is a confluence – a unanimity – to elite opinion throughout Western culture like there has never been before.  They are all, virtually to a man, committed partisans of the socialistic sexular pagan ethos.  But is it a deliberate conspiracy?  Or simply a bizarre by-product of the universalization of leftism in education (especially elite education), industry, and government that has brought us to this unbelievable confluence of events?

How is it that a Russian autocrat now regularly comes off as the most sane man in the room?



1. Magdalene - July 16, 2015

The Remnant has an interesting article by Hillary White. Our poor Church! http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/1858-revisiting-the-desolate-city-some-thoughts-on-the-current-state-of-the-revolution

We did not expect to have a revolutionist pope! We sort of knew about the underlings but now we see the revolt is quite deep in the leadership level. HOWEVER we do have some orthodox young priests and there is a spread of the TLM (faithful teaching with it) and there is an awakening laity that does not have the temperature of the air or liberation theology as a primary concern. Rather, they want to know and foster holiness and are concerned about the salvation of souls.

2. skeinster - July 16, 2015

That is the driver. There is no recovery time, as in the past, when bad news arrived only monthly, weekly or once a day, via the dead tree media, so the influence is faster and deeper with repetition.

Add to that the rise of the personal pulpit (such as I’m doing right now…) and social media, where people you’ve never even met can publicly shame you and you have the possibly skewed result of echo chamber enforcement of beliefs/opinions.

Add to that the almost complete monopoly of the MSM, the entertainment industry and the ease of access to both- again, technology- and you have a trifecta of influence.

On a related subject: a really good piece from 1Peter5:

We might want to have Plan A and Plan B, one for the Tudors and one for the Stuarts…

skeinster - July 16, 2015

All the above is in answer to your question of how did this happen so fast- sorry!

3. Martin - July 16, 2015

Yes, there has to be a clear “pastoral” (I do not like that word because it was been corrupted but oh well, it applies here) approach from traditionally-oriented Catholics to people afflicted with homosexuality:
We must respect their Human Dignity….
…and what is less dignifying when a person falls into sexual disorder, using their body parts with another person of the same sex, degenerating themselves from their full God-given manhood or womanhood?
To deny themselves a full and satisfying normal, happy and harmonious life that God has designed for every man and woman through Holy Matrimony and creating a Natural Family?

People afflicted with homosexuality have emotional disorders, possibly because of some childhood trauma or abuse, then looking for “love” in the wrong way and wrong places with unhappy ideals of love from father-substitute or some other mental problem.
Think of the poor transexuals: many cases they want the love of their father, so they become homosexual to find men like fathers, and that is not enough, then they become “women” to find men, and go through homonal and genital mutilation. These people have problems, they need help, not accommodation to their mental and emotional problems.

These people need help, to be restored to their Human Dignity.
We need to have REAL traditional Catholic approach to people afflicted with homosexuality: offer the Sacraments of Penitence and Holy Devotions to free these people from their inner demons, with forms of REAL therapy to help them realize what is causing their mental and emotional disorders leading to sexual disorders.

Signs of the Times: Now since the world is awashed with pagan hyper-sexuality since the 1960s with media and entertainment blasting sex everywhere, we do need a *traditionally-oriented* Catholic “pastoral” approach to helping people afflicted with sexual disorders to resolve their problems and restore their Human Dignity to what Christ, True Man and True God, is as the best example to imitate.

4. Judy - July 16, 2015

The Unam Sanctam Catholicam post was spot on. I had read ridiculous and “limp-wristed” Catholic Vote post. Oh yes, the real problem is that we just have too many Catholics running around yelling “faggot.” I’ll still be laughing about that when I go to sleep tonight. I’ve had it with the constant claim that we need to seek popularity with those who hate us. Another genetically male Catholic who can’t man up and fight. Pathetic.

5. Guest - July 17, 2015

I think that Our Lady of Good Success and certain writings of preconcilliar popes make it quite clear that there is a conspiracy. Certain things published and proclaimed by rich and powerful men point to their being an open conspiracy. I think the MSM has done a great number by convincing most people that believing that there is a conspiracy is crazy talk, in spite of the evidence. They can even convince people that snow is black.

6. Anthony Terrice - July 17, 2015

I am a Faithful, orthodox Catholic. I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church; my wife was received into Holy Mother Church thru the Ordinariate of The Chair of St. Peter, specially set up by Pope Benedict to welcome former Anglicans/Episcopalians, and expanded to welcome Methodists. She is now fully Catholic and we are blessed. But I hear you saying everything that has happened in the Church since the Council has been bad. Not so. I can attest to this as I have lived it. To say that all we need to do is go back to everything before Vatican II including the Traditional Latin Mass is very shortsighted. Have you ever gone to an Ordinariate Mass, heard faithful priests preach the Gospel in other than Traditional communities? I have! To hear you, I am hearing certain Jansenist messages. Yes, there are problems inside the Church, always have been but Christ has promised to remain with us. Be very careful. The Priestly Fraternity of St.Peter was set up so you can worship according to the Tridentine Mass within the protection and under the Holy Father. But in my opinion, you are flirting with the ideas of the followers of Archbishop Lefebre-the SSPX. You are to go out into the world and preach the Gospel. Start interacting with your brothers and sisters in Christ in other Catholic parishes. Also I commend you on your witness to Truth and Love outside of the “gentlemen’s club” in Dallas.

Tantumblogo - July 17, 2015

Sure, I’ve been to the very first Anglican-use parish stood up (Our Lady of the Atonement, San Antonio) many, many times. I haven’t the time to argue all these points right now, but I never said EVERYTHING about Vatican II was bad, but very much bad did come out of it. As for the Anglican Use and Novus Ordo, I can try to get to this Monday, but they the latter in particular is problematic in various degrees.

Martin - July 17, 2015

I think you are using extremes (Straw Man arguments), putting words that the writer did not say:

“But I hear you saying everything that has happened in the Church since the Council has been bad.” – NO

“To say that all we need to do is go back to everything before Vatican II including the Traditional Latin Mass is very shortsighted. ” – NO

Why make up extremes that everything is this or that?

It is quite legitimate to point out the very many things that have gone bad since Vatican II, and to point out the very many good things that have been lost since Vatican II.

It is a huge jump to say that all is bad now, all is good before.
Even the most extreme traditionalist sites do not say that.

So relax, no one is saying that,
everyone is living today in the Year of Our Lord 2015 A.D.
No one is living in 1958 nor wishing to turn calendars back to 1958.

I suggest you examine your motives why you wish to read such extremes into those who have legitimate complaints about the disastrous changes since Vatican II.

Having said that, going into the future, we are going to have to undo the bad stuff, and have to re-implement the good stuff.

Tantumblogo - July 17, 2015

I’d also add, commenter Terrice seems to assume I fell from the sky into a traditional environment. I was protestant. I went to Novus Ordo parishes for ~15 years. I’ve been to Anglican Use probably 20 odd times. And I never really found my home or what I consider to be by far the best presentation/practice of the Faith until I found not just the TLM but a traditional community revolving around the pre-conciliar Rites but encompassing much more. Until you give that kind of spiritual life a try, it’s really impossible to convey the vast differences. Really, it may be too harsh and may not be always fair, but the easiest way to describe it is: ‘different religion.” And that phrase has almost become a running joke in the comments here, while also being deadly serious.

Very difficult to catch up with where I’ve been over the past 7 years and 6000 posts. It’s certainly been a process.

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