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Fr. Rodriguez awesome sermon on the darkness that surrounds us now on Youtube July 16, 2015

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The good man at Sensum Fidelium uploaded Father Rodriguez’ sermon to Youtube last night.  Here it is below.  I know some folks reported listening problems with the audio files, you should have no problem now.  Or if you do, the problem is on your end.

Some notes I took from my first post of the audio:

Darkness, destruction, diabolical disorientation, and the definitive act of the defiance of God.  

God has been rejected, and his plan for creation overturned.

The Supreme Court of the United States legalized, and exalted, sodomy.

This is absolute moral corruption of God, His Law, and His Creation.

It is impossible to believe in God, Who created Man in His own image and likeness, and accept the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a whole, this country has sold it’s soul to the devil.

Homosexual acts are putrid sins which cry to Heaven for vengeance  And we allow this?  What in Heaven’s name has happened to the Catholic Church whose mission is to be light to the world and salt of the earth.

We are staring the reign of satan in the face. How are our shepherds going to respond?  If our shepherds truly love God and His Law, there should have already been a public declaration of excommunication for so-called Catholic Supreme Court justices Kennedy and Sotomayor.  There should also be public declarations of excommunication by every local bishop for any Catholic who publicly supports such unnatural unions or approves of homosexual acts, which are intrinsically evil. 

It is not possible to be Catholic and support homosexual activity in any way, shape, or form. We have reached a desperate point in this country, and for the good of souls our bishops must begin to excommunicate all those who are participating in and promoting the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.  This is a sin which is an abomination before God and man. 

How is it possible we have fallen this low? We are now worse than pagans and animals.  One doesn]t even have to believe in God to know that sins against nature are wrong, terribly wrong.  Even animals by instinct know male with female, female with male. 

How have we come to this point? I think the answer is rather obvious. Man has turned away from God.  Man has rejected God.  Man in his arrogance and pride has usurped the place of God.

Specifically as Catholics, we have to reflect on how the majority of us have turned away from true Catholicism.  If you have any doubts about this………all one has to do is look at the reality that we are facing now.  How can one possibly be Catholic and support sodomy?  [And yet the large majority of self-described Catholics do – over 55% of Catholics support pseudo-sodo-marriage]  It boggles the mind, and breaks the heart, to see what has happened to Catholicism. It is not only the faithful.  It is also, very much, in the Catholic hierarchy.  It breaks the heart to see prelates, in a false practice of mercy, even encourage those in grave sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament. 

62% of Irish Catholics voted in favor of sodomy, and our Church leaders are preaching about the environment?!?  Everything is upside down.  

The problem is that we have turned away from true Catholicism.  This is the root of the problem…….We must recover the Traditional Latin Mass and true Catholic Doctrine. 

I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb, but Father Rodriguez is one priest who has experienced real persecution for his promotion of the Faith of our fathers.  This goes back years.  I think it a great testimony to his virtue that he is willing to do so again when the stakes for faithful souls are so much higher.  We will all likely be facing real persecution, real suffering in our lives very soon as this decisive turn against all that is good and Christian plays itself out.  His example of stalwart promotion of the true Faith in the face of real difficulties and even persecution should be an inspiration to us all.

Please keep this good and holy priest in your prayers.  We may all be sharing in the same kinds of sufferings very soon.



1. Woody - July 16, 2015

He reminds me of St. John the Baptist. I wish there were more like him in the priesthood. God bless him.

2. Margaret Costello - July 16, 2015

God bless this holy and courageous priest! He is proof that Our Lord has not abandoned His remnant:+) Keep up the fight Father Michael! We love you! God bless~

3. Mrs. Pat Scott Houston, Texas - July 16, 2015

I wish he were at a nearby parish!!! He is 100 % CATHOLIC and SO sincere—- a rarity these days. At Mass today I got quotes from Pope F’s encyclical –save the planet, help the poor, blah, blah (GAG!). New replacement pastor, and already I can see that I shall be shopping for a new parish soon. If he is too lazy to give anything more that the worn out, DULL– “GOD LOVES YOU SERMON”——–I am adios. BTW –one should listen to Fr. Rodriguez’s talk on “The Enemy is Within, The Kiss of Judas Iscariot”” 3 parts, (2012) on Youtube, excellent.

Judy - July 17, 2015

Thank you. I will have to find that one.

4. Baseballmom - July 17, 2015

It Worked great on YouTube… Thanks!

5. Branch - July 17, 2015

What a balm for the soul and mind to hear a priest call out Francis directly. Praise God.

6. Steve - July 19, 2015

Good man at SF haha I know the guy he’s only good with beer ha

7. a wee bit Irish - July 20, 2015

“62% of Irish Catholics voted in favor of sodomy, and our Church leaders are preaching about the environment?!? Everything is upside down.” And 100% of the hispanics on the Supreme Court voted for it, padre.

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