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I really must go on a church tour of Mexico! July 20, 2015

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Beautiful images from Puebla, Mexico. I sorely wish that I had been full of some zeal when I used to travel to Mexico a great deal!  I spent far too much time in bars and restaurants back then.  I missed out on a great deal.  I’ve never been to Puebla, but in pretty much any major Mexican city one can still find incredible Church art and architecture.  The American- Mason inspired leftist governments never managed to destroy all of it, though they have ruined a very great deal.  I thought I knew quite a bit about the satanic influence Americans had over the various leftist Mexican governments that have existed, but I knew nothing  until I read No God Next Door. It definitively proves the Masonic conspiracy that has so tortured Mexico for nearly two centuries.  In some sense, the American role in the subjugation of the Church makes the subsequent “invasion” of the US southwest by largely Mexican immigrants a just recompense.  Potentially another post right there.

For now, enjoy the beauty.  Lord that we could have a Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe like this in our city!  Beauty like this is such an amazing way to reach souls.  Anyone know the story behind the illumination of the cathedral?  Is it done with UV paint and black-lighting?  Very striking!

blue vestments iii



That above is the sacristy!  WOW!  As a woodworker, the construction and finish on those cabinets is mouth-watering.  Probably built entirely by hand, too, no power tools!  Checking out the trim work and filigrees along would be worth the trip for me (yes I do more than carpentry I can also make furniture of fair quality).


Side altar, I think.


For some reason, that photo just says “Mexico” to me.  So beautiful with a style all its own.


iglesia_24That is also described as being the cathedral of Puebla lit up.  I guess a different side?

I can well see why the villains in the Carranza, Calles, Zapata, Obregon and their ilk were so filled with envy and greed by the Church’s glorious possessions, given by pious souls over centuries.  If this is what remains, I can only imagine how blessed Mexico was 100 years ago.


Thirty Four Old Testament proofs that Jesus Christ was indeed the foreseen Messiah July 20, 2015

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Most of these are not generic prophecies, either, but very specific.  This is the kind of thing that used to be taught to youth that gave them very solid grounds for faith in the reality that Jesus Christ is both God and man, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.  I sure never learned many of these in Methodist or Episcopalian formation.  I very much doubt many Catholics have learned these over the past several decades.  From The Catechism Explained pp. 165-169 and condensed for you:

1. The Messias was to be born in Bethlehem – Michaes says “Thou Bethlehem Ephrata art a little one among the thousands of Juda, but out of thee shall come forth unto Me He Who is to be the Ruler in Israel; and His going forth is form the beginning unto the days of eternity (Mich v:2).

2. The Messias was to come at a time when the Temple was still standing – The prophet Aggeus comforted the Jews returning from the Babylonian captivity, then re-building the destroyed temple: “the Desired of all nations should come, and fill it with His glory” (Agg ii:8-10).

3. The Messias was to come when the Jews were no longer an independent kingdom – Jacob, in blessing his sons before his death, said to Juda: “The sceptre shall not be taken away from Juda, till He come that is to be sent, and to Him shall be the expectation of the nations” (Gen xlix:10)……..In the time of Herod a Redeemer was looked for all over Judea. Herod was alarmed at the inquiry of the Magi for the new-born King (Matt ii:3); the Jewish people thought that Saint John the Baptist was the Messias (Lk iii:15)…….Even among the heathen there was, at the time of Christ, an expectation of a deliverer, who would banish crime and restore peace to the world (Virg., Ecl. 9).

4. The prophet Daniel predicted the time of the Savior’s birth almost exactly

5. The Messias was to be born of a virgin of the House of David – As a sign God gave to King Achaz the following prophecy: “Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and His name shall be called Emmanuel [God with us]” (Is vii:14).  And of the tribe of which the Messias is to be born the prophet Jeremias says, “Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise up to David a just branch, and a king shall reign and shall be wise, and shall execute judgement and justice on the earth (Jer xxiii:5).

6. The Messias was to be preceded by a precursor or forerunner, who was to preach in the desert, and to live an angelic life – Isaias says of this forerunner, that he was to be “the voice of one crying in the desert; Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight His paths” (Is xl:3).  And God says through the mouth of Malachias: “Behold, I send My angel, and he shall prepare My way before My face.  And presently the Lord, Whom you seek, shall come to His Temple (Mal iii:1).  This precursor was John the Baptist.

7.  With the Messias a new star was to appear – The prophet Balaam announced to the King of Moab, when the Israelites were approaching: “I shall see Him, but not now; I shall behold Him, but not near; a star shall come out of Jacob, and a scepter shall rise up from Israel” (Numb xxiv:17).

8. The Messias was to be adored by kings from distant lands, and they were to bring Him gifts (Ps lxxi:10).

9. At the time of the birth of the Messias many children were to be put to death – We read in the prophet Jeremias, “A voice was heard on high, of lamentation and mourning and weeping; of Rachel weeping for her children, and refusing to be comforted, because they are not” (Jer xxxi:15).  Rachel died in Bethlehem and was buried there (Gen xxv:19).

10. The Messias was to fly to Egypt, and to return again from thence (Osee xi:11).

11. The Messias was to be the Son of God (Ps ii:7) – Through the prophet Nathan God promises David the Redeemer and says: “He will call Me Father, and I will call Him Son” (II Kings vii:14).

12. He shall be at the same time both God and man – Isaias says: “A Child is born to us, and a Son is given to us; and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, God, the Mighty, the Father of the world to come, the Prince of peace” (Is ix:6).

13.  He was to be a great worker of miracles – “God Himself will come and save you.  then shall the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as the hart, and the tongue of the dumb shall be loosened” (Is xxxv:5-7).

14. He was to be a priest like to Melchisedech (Ps cix:4)

15. He was to be a prophet and teacher of the people – To Moses God had said, “I will raise up unto them a prophet, out of the midst of thy brethren, like to thee” (Deut xviii:13).  As prophet the Messias was to teach and to prophecy.  He was also to be the teacher of the nations (Is xlix 1-6).

16. He was to be King of a new kingdom (Jer xxiii:5) which was never to be destroyed, and was to embrace all other kingdoms (Dan ii:44).  Before Pilate Christ proclaimed Himself a king, and said, “My kingdom is not of this world,” i.e., His Kingdom was to be a spiritual one (Jn xviii:36).

17. The Messias was to enter into Jerusalem riding on an ass (Zach ix:9).

18. He was to be sold for thirty pieces of silver. “And I took thirty pieces of silver, and I cast them into the house of the Lord” (Zach xi:12-13).  Judas threw down the money in the Temple (Matt xxvii:5-7).

19. He was to be betrayed by one who ate at the same table with Him (ps xl:10).

20. His disciples were to forsake Him at the time of His Passion (Zach xiii:7).

21.  He was to be mocked (Ps xxi:7), beaten, spit upon (Is l:6), scourged (Ps lxxii:14), crowned with thorns (Cant iii:11)(, and given gall and vinegar to drink (Ps lxviii:22).

22. For His garments lots were to be cast (Ps xxi:19).

23. His hands and feet were to be pierced with nails (Ps xxi:17).

24. He was to die between two evil-doers (Is liii:9).

25. He was to be patient as a lamb in His sufferings (Is liii:7), and was to pray for His enemies (Is liii:12).

26. He was to die willingly and for our sins (Is liii:4-7).

27. He was to make His grave with the rich (Is liii:9), and it was to be glorious (Is xi:10).

28.  His body was not to undergo corruption (Ps xv:10) – and the Church has always taken lack of corruption of the mortal remains a very strong sign of heroic sanctity in process of canonization

29. He was to return to Heaven (Ps lxvii:34) and was to sit on the right hand of God (Ps cix:1).

30. His Doctrine was to spread from Jerusalem and from Mount Sion over the whole world (Joel ii:28, Is ii:3).  The hall of the Last Supper, where the apostles received the Holy Ghost, was situated on Mount Sion.

31.  The Heathen nations of the whole earth were to be received into His kingdom, and to adore Him (Ps xxi:28-9).

32. The Jewish people, who had put the Messias to death, were to be severely punished, and scattered over the face of the earth (Deut xxviii:64).  The city of Jerusalem was destroyed as well as the Temple; the Jewish sacrifices and the Jewish priesthood were to cease, and the Temple was never to be rebuilt, until the last days (Dan ix:26-7, Osee iii:4).

33. In every place throughout the world, a “clean oblation” (holy Mass) was to be offered to Him (Mal i:11).

34. He will one day judge all men (Ps cix:6).  Before the Day of Judgment Elias will be again sent on the earth (Mal iv:5).

————-The End————–

Actually, some of the above cover more than one prophecy in each item.  The real number is probably closer to 40, and that is probably far from all a strong biblical exegete could come up with.

Note also the repudiation of the Jews and their former covenant implicit in the above.  That’s a serious argument against must modern interreligious dialogue, but even more, the alterations made even to the Missal of 1962 by recent Popes.  It is a travesty, in my mind, to alter the Liturgy given us as the product of divine inspiration and the toil of too many Saints to count for such worldly ends.  It also codifies something of a falsehood in the Mass itself, that the Jews are not rejected by God until their conversion near the end of the world, and that their old covenant could somehow still be operative.  Even Pope Benedict fell into that ecumenical trap.

I pray you find the above useful!  Something to keep in your back pocket.


GOP frontrunner Trump reveals again there is no political solution to this country’s decay July 20, 2015

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By frontrunner, I don’t mean he’s necessarily #1, but one of those polling best right now.

I know Trump has some appealing aspects, but he’s also very far from a conservative. He’s a rabid pro-abort, long-time Clinton supporter, generally very left-wing on all social issues, and thoroughly vainglorious.

He was invited to a social conservative forum in Iowa (which is one of the least representative states in the union, and, along with New Hampshire, has no business having such an outsized influence on the nomination process) and revealed what I believe has to be considered rank ignorance of any kind of relationship with God in his response.  If one does not acknowledge personal sin or need for forgiveness, what on earth did Jesus Christ die for?  I tend to imagine he is another unchurched coastal elitist who feels themselves very much beyond any need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or God.  Some of his responses below indicate a a probability that he finds god in himself:

“Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?”  Answer: No, I don’t think so.

“When I do something wrong, I just try and make it right.  I don’t think I bring ‘God’ into that picture.”

Once again, the very essence of Christianity is that Jesus Christ made eternal salvation possible for all of us by dying for our sins.  Even a Calvinist knows that they are to have at least internal contrition for their sins.

Referring to Communion – even in a Presbyterian context – as “drinking my little wine and eating my little cracker” is to me flippant and even tending towards disrespectful.  Following that up with “I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed” was to me a panic line made when he realized he was failing badly, and had probably tipped his hand too much with the crack about Communion.

He consistently ignores the meaning of the question, segueing into topics he apparently finds more comforting.  He then makes the now pretty well known and roundly condemned statement regarding John McCain’s military service.  I’ll just skip that particular bit of political theater.

Trump is probably a tempest in a teapot who is enjoying this additional PR and will probably be gone from the race by March of next year.  But he is emblematic of a field – from both major parties – that is as problematic as it is likely to be ineffectual.  This country is really beyond personal salvation.  I do not know how we can expect a population as increasingly amoral and separated from God(more, contrary to God) to elect moral and virtuous leadership.  More and more, it seems to make very little difference which party holds office, the same policies are enacted, the culture continues to decay, debt continues to accumulate, and souls fall into perdition.

I don’t say this to be cynical, but realist. At the state and local level, depending on where you’re at, involvement in politics can still result in some good being done.  I think Texas is one state in particular where this is possible.  But at the federal level, it seems self-interest, the power of lobbyists, the amount of money thrown around, and the allurements of power, sex, pride, etc. all tend to make service at the federal level all-corrupting for even relatively good, solid, conservative men.  I was reading yesterday about how Barry Goldwater – Mr. Conservative himself, the man who found in Eisenhower an intolerable leftist! – gradually fell to the progressive zeitgeist dominant in Washington DC over the course of his several decades in office.  He is hardly the first, or last.  Orrin Hatch, when first elected in the late 70s used to be the stuff of progressive nightmares, now he is thoroughly squishy, and very much wealthier than when he entered office.  Chuck Grassley, Pat Roberts, John Thune, Richard Shelby all seem much less conservative than they once were, and even the usually reliable Tom Coburn turned squishy at the end.

A largely godless and immoral constituency cannot be expected to elect moral, God-fearing (let alone Catholic) leadership.  That’s a prime reason why I think this nation’s current political construct will not be able to stand.

But when we dream about Texas Independence, can we really believe that things would be any different?

Another Cardinal takes part in pagan/animist worship July 20, 2015

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But then again, why not, when since 1986 on three major occasions (and a number of “minor” occasions in between), even Roman pontiffs have taken part, or at least permitted, all manner of pagan and animist worship even within the hallowed halls of Saint Francis of Assisi.  I do wonder though, just how many cardinals (and bishops) there are in the Church who, while perfectly happy to take part in even the feeblest, most pathetic pagan-native worship, would never, ever be caught dead in a Traditional Latin Mass?

Via Eponymous Flower:

Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture actively took part in the Argentine city of San Marcos Sierras  a Pachamama cult ceremony. The goddess Pachamama means in the Quechua language “Mother Earth” or “mother cosmos”. It is a relic of pre-Christian, pagan times, which has been preserved in parts by the Quechua and Aymara Indians of the Andean countries.

Sacrifices will be made to the goddess Pachamama, which is “omnipotent” in the indigenous imagination, especially “Coca leaves”, “talismans, herbs, llama fetuses”, “little dolls” as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote. “On the witches’ market in La Paz”  there are traded “the ingredients for the burnt offering in honor of Pachamama”  and  “faith as business,” said the NZZ……..

……….The Pachamama cult action was in November 2014 under Ravasis Initiative, “Court of peoples”, which appeared at that time on Argentinan stations, but is only now becoming available through the publication of a video. The organized idolatry was organized by Foro Ecumenico Social (Ecumenical Social Forum). The most prominent attendee of the “Mother Earth” was Cardinal Ravasi -Kultes, “which was cultivated” (ORF) by the curial cardinal. The cardinal was not only an observer but an active participant (see video). With him Theresa Varela, who was vice president of the Foro Social Ecumenico and president of the Foundation Mision Esperanza to San Marcos Sierras  came  “along with the indigenous peoples”.

And here is the Cardinal, making a grand fool of himself and given horrific scandal:

Cardinal Ravasi is known as one of the disciples of Cardinal Martini and his “School of Bologna.”  He is thus generally seen as a great progressive. He did once, in an Italian publication “(when Benedict was still Pope) give a nod towards the TLM, but I do not believe he’s ever offered one. But he’s perfectly happy doing this.

Look, this sect is adhered to by perhaps a few hundred souls in Argentina.  It is a revival of a pre-Christian pagan/animist sect that literally looks to worship mother earth.  It has grown a bit in popularity in recent weeks as part of the general trends towards enviro-hippy Gaia earth mother goddess worship.  A cardinal of the Church taking part in this act thus gives great scandal by giving approval towards a false religion, and one that is tied into a great heresy that is afflicting millions of souls worldwide (new agism/environutism).  It is gravely scandalous.

But, once again, given the tacit (or full-bore) approval such utterly false and destructive religions (all the gods of the gentiles are devils, said Saint Paul) have received from the highest levels of the Church over the past 30 years, is Cardinal Ravasi really out of line?

Once again, are we seeing a different religion from that which existed more or less universally for the 1917 years prior to AD 1950 play out?  We see souls in their millions falling away from the Faith, and yet we have cardinals seeming to encourage that falling away.  How are actions like this not putting the approval of men, the concerns of men (and a tiny minority at that) above the greater glory of God and His Truth?

This to me is the core of the scandal of the new, post-conciliar Church.  It’s not simply dereliction of duty on a mass scale, it is direct support and encouragement towards patently false and discredited groups and sects that is at the heart of the crisis in the Church.  And that all has to stem from a widespread disbelief in real judgment and damnation.  There is no other explanation for this kind of inexplicable behavior so contrary to right faith and the good of souls.

No rest for the wicked at Casa de Tantumblogo July 20, 2015

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Bit of a non sequitur personal post. You may wonder what I do on weekends.  Lately, I build things for my kids. In addition to a chicken coop and rabbit hutch, I’ve been working on this fort for the last 6 weeks or so:






For the statisticians – 6′ wide x 6.5′ long x 12.5′ tall. All pressure treated pine construction.  Frame of 4x4s and 2x6s.  Made from scratch, no plans. Decided against a swingset, for reasons I can’t recall.  It’s mostly done now save for closing in the open ends on each side and a few other details.  The kids seem to like it.  They plan on turning it into a private clubhouse.  They may even sleep out there when it stops being 100 degrees.

No TV can be a boon to productivity.  We had a birthday party Saturday and it was a hit with the 4-10 year old boy crowd.

That made me pretty happy.

Men’s Prayer Vigil report plus answers to FAQs July 20, 2015

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I continue to be blown away by the response of men to this prayer vigil effort outside sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) in Dallas.  We had a very good turnout Friday night.  And, even more inspiring, there were a lot of first timers.  Several of the regulars in this effort were unable to make a Friday night, but an equal number of new faces showed up.  So, we had another good crowd that certainly attracted attention.

I mentioned after the last prayer vigil that we had been accosted by a manager of the SOB ‘The Men’s Club.’  This time we were approached by a number of “dancers.”  The approaches were not nearly so hostile as that of the manager.  They were more questioning with a bit of mocking perhaps.  Again we had one member of our group tend to deal with them while the rest prayed.

Friday night, to me, had a different feel.  We didn’t stay that late, about 10:30, but it felt different than Wednesdays have. A bit more hard edged.

I will say that every time out I/we learn something new.  Late Friday night we had a Suburban pull up and the driver asked us what we were doing.  We told him, and he said he runs a safe house for women who want to leave this lifestyle.  I got the firm impression from him that some of these women do feel trapped, or even more, are coerced into performing in this manner.  For everyone’s benefit, I took photos of his card so we can all have details of this alternative for these women:



The sad part about this guy is that he’s a cradle Catholic who has left the Church.  He grew up going to Saint Thomas Aquinas including attending Catholic schools (which probably explains a great deal as to why he’s now a former Catholic).  Yet another soul lost to the Church, in this case, one that is visibly on fire and doing very good works.  We didn’t get to speak with him as to why he left but if he is like so many other souls, it’s because he was spiritually starved.  He seemed kind of shocked that there would actually be Catholic men similar to himself – that’s another commentary on the crisis in the Church.

He told us there are fenced in areas behind the clubs with barbed wire around the top.  This is where the women can go “smoke.”  This group throws little convenience kits with their contact info over the top of the fence and then drives off.  Good for them, that’s pretty bold.

Switching topics, I have become aware that some men interested in taking part in this effort have not done so because they are afraid of being scandalized or even forced into an occasion of sin.  I guess some people have wondered whether there are naked dancers running around outside trying to tempt us with the siren song of bacchanalian lust.

That is not the case at all.  All the dancers we have seen have been in street clothes.  It may not be the most modest dress in the world, but it is generally just comfortable jeans and tees and things like that.  Even Dallas in this year of our Lord 2015 does still have laws regarding public nudity and similar that are enforced.  And recall we are across Northwest Highway from the place, very visible but 30 yards from their property.  There has been nothing scandalous that I’ve seen from any of the dancers.

The only bad behavior we’ve seen was from that manager two weeks ago, who used a storm of profanity and coarse language in attacking us and the Church.  I think I effectively blunted his attacks and made good responses but I certainly got to hear a week’s worth of “grown up words.”  I would imagine a replay is very likely in future.  I didn’t feel scandalized by this, but maybe some would.

The other thing we experience is general gawking, picture taking (literally), occasional hassling by homeless……..that’s been about it.  Really, it’s been pretty low-key.  We’re across a major road from the place, so we haven’t gotten any threats or felt unsafe in any way.

I will say this: I was really surprised how few men were at the SOB Friday night.  I figured Wednesday nights would be slow but I don’t think there were many more there on Friday night.  It was far from packed.  I guess leaving at 10:30 may still have been considered “early,” but I kind of doubt it.  Usually by 10:30 a pretty good crowd should be filtering in.  We saw a lot of U-turns right in front of us, whether that was men who planned on going there seeing us and changing their minds, I don’t know.  I like to think we are having an influence on the lack of crowd.

One last thing.  I understand two young men could not join us Friday night.  As an alternative, they went and prayed, kneeling, directly outside a “gay bar” here in Dallas.  Apparently, they received a much hotter reception than we ever have.  I don’t think they were physically attacked, but they had a lot of perverse men yelling at them, shouting terrible things, etc.  Eventually management threatened to call the cops.

I’ve considered doing similar, but I don’t think we’ve reached that time, yet. My thought with that kind of intervention is to go heavy or don’t go at all.  I’d prefer only to make such a prayer intervention with a group of 20-30 minimum.  A strong presence tends to impress and cow others.  But more importantly, I think we still have much more to do in opposing these burlesque joints.  Our impact continues to grow, we’re clearly being seen and noticed, we’re starting to coordinate with other groups…..in short, we’re still building towards whatever God wills for us.  It’s not time, yet, to switch the focus of efforts even to this other matter that is probably an even greater evil in our city and culture at large.

Having said that, I know the two  young men who had the faith and bravery to pray outside such a hostile, evil place.  They have my utmost admiration and my prayers.  God bless you C and J!  You guys be careful, and I pray you can make it to one of my little efforts soon!

Next prayer vigil is planned for Wednesday August 5 at 8 pm.  We will alternate Wednesday and Friday nights every two weeks.

Thanks again to all the men who turned out.  You guys continue to inspire me.