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Another Cardinal takes part in pagan/animist worship July 20, 2015

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But then again, why not, when since 1986 on three major occasions (and a number of “minor” occasions in between), even Roman pontiffs have taken part, or at least permitted, all manner of pagan and animist worship even within the hallowed halls of Saint Francis of Assisi.  I do wonder though, just how many cardinals (and bishops) there are in the Church who, while perfectly happy to take part in even the feeblest, most pathetic pagan-native worship, would never, ever be caught dead in a Traditional Latin Mass?

Via Eponymous Flower:

Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture actively took part in the Argentine city of San Marcos Sierras  a Pachamama cult ceremony. The goddess Pachamama means in the Quechua language “Mother Earth” or “mother cosmos”. It is a relic of pre-Christian, pagan times, which has been preserved in parts by the Quechua and Aymara Indians of the Andean countries.

Sacrifices will be made to the goddess Pachamama, which is “omnipotent” in the indigenous imagination, especially “Coca leaves”, “talismans, herbs, llama fetuses”, “little dolls” as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote. “On the witches’ market in La Paz”  there are traded “the ingredients for the burnt offering in honor of Pachamama”  and  “faith as business,” said the NZZ……..

……….The Pachamama cult action was in November 2014 under Ravasis Initiative, “Court of peoples”, which appeared at that time on Argentinan stations, but is only now becoming available through the publication of a video. The organized idolatry was organized by Foro Ecumenico Social (Ecumenical Social Forum). The most prominent attendee of the “Mother Earth” was Cardinal Ravasi -Kultes, “which was cultivated” (ORF) by the curial cardinal. The cardinal was not only an observer but an active participant (see video). With him Theresa Varela, who was vice president of the Foro Social Ecumenico and president of the Foundation Mision Esperanza to San Marcos Sierras  came  “along with the indigenous peoples”.

And here is the Cardinal, making a grand fool of himself and given horrific scandal:

Cardinal Ravasi is known as one of the disciples of Cardinal Martini and his “School of Bologna.”  He is thus generally seen as a great progressive. He did once, in an Italian publication “(when Benedict was still Pope) give a nod towards the TLM, but I do not believe he’s ever offered one. But he’s perfectly happy doing this.

Look, this sect is adhered to by perhaps a few hundred souls in Argentina.  It is a revival of a pre-Christian pagan/animist sect that literally looks to worship mother earth.  It has grown a bit in popularity in recent weeks as part of the general trends towards enviro-hippy Gaia earth mother goddess worship.  A cardinal of the Church taking part in this act thus gives great scandal by giving approval towards a false religion, and one that is tied into a great heresy that is afflicting millions of souls worldwide (new agism/environutism).  It is gravely scandalous.

But, once again, given the tacit (or full-bore) approval such utterly false and destructive religions (all the gods of the gentiles are devils, said Saint Paul) have received from the highest levels of the Church over the past 30 years, is Cardinal Ravasi really out of line?

Once again, are we seeing a different religion from that which existed more or less universally for the 1917 years prior to AD 1950 play out?  We see souls in their millions falling away from the Faith, and yet we have cardinals seeming to encourage that falling away.  How are actions like this not putting the approval of men, the concerns of men (and a tiny minority at that) above the greater glory of God and His Truth?

This to me is the core of the scandal of the new, post-conciliar Church.  It’s not simply dereliction of duty on a mass scale, it is direct support and encouragement towards patently false and discredited groups and sects that is at the heart of the crisis in the Church.  And that all has to stem from a widespread disbelief in real judgment and damnation.  There is no other explanation for this kind of inexplicable behavior so contrary to right faith and the good of souls.



1. Dismas - July 20, 2015


Absolutely stunned!

I think that video has been doctored.

No way a Catholic, much less a Cardinal, would do something like that. The pope would never stand for it. He is from Argentina, you know.

2. RVBlake - July 20, 2015

Now this is ecumenical!. Even self-respecting pagans must be embarassed by this pathetic, listless affair.

Cristero - July 20, 2015

Good point. It is always so embarrassing watching Catholics trying to “do protestantism.” Same with doing paganism. Even these Catholics with a different religion just don’t cut it when it comes to this stuff. Maybe something deep – way deep – inside of them knows better and is just repulsed.

Its like watching a defensive tackle do water ballet. Bad fit.

3. gc5341 - July 20, 2015

Unfortunately, the pope will not criticize this cardinal. Now if the Cardinal denied communion to a gay couple he would be in big trouble! It seems that any good changes to our Church will come in the aftermath of a deadly chastisement.

4. Guest - July 21, 2015

Fatima is a very important apparition because it shows that: !) hell exists; 2) people go there; and 3) it is not empty. Many in the hierarchy give lip service to Fatima but they behave as though hell is a fairy tale. And by the way since hell is real and Jesus died to save us from it, what does that tell us about the efficacy of any other religion to save souls from going there?

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