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I really must go on a church tour of Mexico! July 20, 2015

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Beautiful images from Puebla, Mexico. I sorely wish that I had been full of some zeal when I used to travel to Mexico a great deal!  I spent far too much time in bars and restaurants back then.  I missed out on a great deal.  I’ve never been to Puebla, but in pretty much any major Mexican city one can still find incredible Church art and architecture.  The American- Mason inspired leftist governments never managed to destroy all of it, though they have ruined a very great deal.  I thought I knew quite a bit about the satanic influence Americans had over the various leftist Mexican governments that have existed, but I knew nothing  until I read No God Next Door. It definitively proves the Masonic conspiracy that has so tortured Mexico for nearly two centuries.  In some sense, the American role in the subjugation of the Church makes the subsequent “invasion” of the US southwest by largely Mexican immigrants a just recompense.  Potentially another post right there.

For now, enjoy the beauty.  Lord that we could have a Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe like this in our city!  Beauty like this is such an amazing way to reach souls.  Anyone know the story behind the illumination of the cathedral?  Is it done with UV paint and black-lighting?  Very striking!

blue vestments iii



That above is the sacristy!  WOW!  As a woodworker, the construction and finish on those cabinets is mouth-watering.  Probably built entirely by hand, too, no power tools!  Checking out the trim work and filigrees along would be worth the trip for me (yes I do more than carpentry I can also make furniture of fair quality).


Side altar, I think.


For some reason, that photo just says “Mexico” to me.  So beautiful with a style all its own.


iglesia_24That is also described as being the cathedral of Puebla lit up.  I guess a different side?

I can well see why the villains in the Carranza, Calles, Zapata, Obregon and their ilk were so filled with envy and greed by the Church’s glorious possessions, given by pious souls over centuries.  If this is what remains, I can only imagine how blessed Mexico was 100 years ago.




1. Marguerite - July 21, 2015

Spain also has the most magnificent churches I have ever seen. Ornate and all for the glory of God!

2. camper - July 21, 2015

Tantum, this article may be one of the more important ones right now: Cd. Brandmuller attacks the bishops

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2015

Oh, many thanks! I’ll check it out!

3. Emc - July 27, 2015

Beautiful post! Wonder if Fr. Barron will visit and give us a history lesson.

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