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Men’s Prayer Vigil report plus answers to FAQs July 20, 2015

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I continue to be blown away by the response of men to this prayer vigil effort outside sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) in Dallas.  We had a very good turnout Friday night.  And, even more inspiring, there were a lot of first timers.  Several of the regulars in this effort were unable to make a Friday night, but an equal number of new faces showed up.  So, we had another good crowd that certainly attracted attention.

I mentioned after the last prayer vigil that we had been accosted by a manager of the SOB ‘The Men’s Club.’  This time we were approached by a number of “dancers.”  The approaches were not nearly so hostile as that of the manager.  They were more questioning with a bit of mocking perhaps.  Again we had one member of our group tend to deal with them while the rest prayed.

Friday night, to me, had a different feel.  We didn’t stay that late, about 10:30, but it felt different than Wednesdays have. A bit more hard edged.

I will say that every time out I/we learn something new.  Late Friday night we had a Suburban pull up and the driver asked us what we were doing.  We told him, and he said he runs a safe house for women who want to leave this lifestyle.  I got the firm impression from him that some of these women do feel trapped, or even more, are coerced into performing in this manner.  For everyone’s benefit, I took photos of his card so we can all have details of this alternative for these women:



The sad part about this guy is that he’s a cradle Catholic who has left the Church.  He grew up going to Saint Thomas Aquinas including attending Catholic schools (which probably explains a great deal as to why he’s now a former Catholic).  Yet another soul lost to the Church, in this case, one that is visibly on fire and doing very good works.  We didn’t get to speak with him as to why he left but if he is like so many other souls, it’s because he was spiritually starved.  He seemed kind of shocked that there would actually be Catholic men similar to himself – that’s another commentary on the crisis in the Church.

He told us there are fenced in areas behind the clubs with barbed wire around the top.  This is where the women can go “smoke.”  This group throws little convenience kits with their contact info over the top of the fence and then drives off.  Good for them, that’s pretty bold.

Switching topics, I have become aware that some men interested in taking part in this effort have not done so because they are afraid of being scandalized or even forced into an occasion of sin.  I guess some people have wondered whether there are naked dancers running around outside trying to tempt us with the siren song of bacchanalian lust.

That is not the case at all.  All the dancers we have seen have been in street clothes.  It may not be the most modest dress in the world, but it is generally just comfortable jeans and tees and things like that.  Even Dallas in this year of our Lord 2015 does still have laws regarding public nudity and similar that are enforced.  And recall we are across Northwest Highway from the place, very visible but 30 yards from their property.  There has been nothing scandalous that I’ve seen from any of the dancers.

The only bad behavior we’ve seen was from that manager two weeks ago, who used a storm of profanity and coarse language in attacking us and the Church.  I think I effectively blunted his attacks and made good responses but I certainly got to hear a week’s worth of “grown up words.”  I would imagine a replay is very likely in future.  I didn’t feel scandalized by this, but maybe some would.

The other thing we experience is general gawking, picture taking (literally), occasional hassling by homeless……..that’s been about it.  Really, it’s been pretty low-key.  We’re across a major road from the place, so we haven’t gotten any threats or felt unsafe in any way.

I will say this: I was really surprised how few men were at the SOB Friday night.  I figured Wednesday nights would be slow but I don’t think there were many more there on Friday night.  It was far from packed.  I guess leaving at 10:30 may still have been considered “early,” but I kind of doubt it.  Usually by 10:30 a pretty good crowd should be filtering in.  We saw a lot of U-turns right in front of us, whether that was men who planned on going there seeing us and changing their minds, I don’t know.  I like to think we are having an influence on the lack of crowd.

One last thing.  I understand two young men could not join us Friday night.  As an alternative, they went and prayed, kneeling, directly outside a “gay bar” here in Dallas.  Apparently, they received a much hotter reception than we ever have.  I don’t think they were physically attacked, but they had a lot of perverse men yelling at them, shouting terrible things, etc.  Eventually management threatened to call the cops.

I’ve considered doing similar, but I don’t think we’ve reached that time, yet. My thought with that kind of intervention is to go heavy or don’t go at all.  I’d prefer only to make such a prayer intervention with a group of 20-30 minimum.  A strong presence tends to impress and cow others.  But more importantly, I think we still have much more to do in opposing these burlesque joints.  Our impact continues to grow, we’re clearly being seen and noticed, we’re starting to coordinate with other groups…..in short, we’re still building towards whatever God wills for us.  It’s not time, yet, to switch the focus of efforts even to this other matter that is probably an even greater evil in our city and culture at large.

Having said that, I know the two  young men who had the faith and bravery to pray outside such a hostile, evil place.  They have my utmost admiration and my prayers.  God bless you C and J!  You guys be careful, and I pray you can make it to one of my little efforts soon!

Next prayer vigil is planned for Wednesday August 5 at 8 pm.  We will alternate Wednesday and Friday nights every two weeks.

Thanks again to all the men who turned out.  You guys continue to inspire me.

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