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Another video shows Planned Barrenhood official haggling over price of murdered baby parts July 21, 2015

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For folks like you and me, more evidence that Banned Parenthood is a totally amoral organization dedicated to nothing but baby slaughter and the profit it derives therefrom is, I know, like making a declaration that rain is wet.  But there are many folks out there who still do not get it, who have bought PP’s slick PR packaging regarding “choice” and “women’s health.”  So whenever a new bit of damning evidence is revealed that can help show the world just what a demonically monstrous organization Planned Barrenhood is, I will always try to do my small part to help make even one more soul aware of this diabolical reality.

In the latest revelations, another top Planned Barrenhood official haggles over the price of aborted baby parts, adding to the earlier admission by another official that PB affiliates are happy to turn a little profit on the sale of these parts.

The story:

A second video allegedly showing a senior Planned Parenthood official negotiating for fetal tissue and fetal parts for profit has been released.

In the video, released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Dr. Mary Gatter, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s for-profit Medical Directors’ Council, is seen haggling over prices of fetal parts.

When Gatter initially asked for $75 per part, the undercover investigators countered with $100 — which Gatter readily accepted. These negotiations came after Gatter said she didn’t want to make an opening offer because “in negotiations, the person who throws out the first figure is at a loss, right?””I don’t want to lowball,” she said moments later. Towards the end of the video, Gatter jokes that she “wants a Lamborghini.”

Gatter also said that “we’re [Planned Parenthood] not in it for the money, and we don’t want to be in a position of being accused of selling tissue and stuff like that.”

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is a non-profit organization. Gatter is a director for the Pasadena, California branch of the non-profit, as well as the director for the for-profit arm[Conflict of interest?  And given the fungibility of money, how separate really are the finances of these “non-profit” and for-profit divisions?  According to some ex-PBers, not very.]

At one point in the video, Gatter says she “would not object to asking Ian, who’s our surgeon who does the cases,” if he would allow clinics to violate “the protocol” Planned Parenthood uses with regards to how abortions are done.

Gatter said it was “kind of a specious little argument” to hold to protocol on how an abortion is done.

After CMP’s release of a video last week showing Planned Parenthood’s senior medical services director lightly chatting about fetal part harvesting over a meal, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said that CMP had misrepresented Planned Parenthood’s fetal harvesting processes.

……..despite Planned Parenthood’s claims of innocence, the organization is “refusing to produce Dr. Nucatola for the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s” investigation. “She admitted to using partial-birth abortions [PBA] — which [Planned Parenthood] has yet to address a week later — and indicated affiliates would be happy to ‘do a little better than break even’ on fetal tissue sales.” 

“PBA and profiting off of baby parts are both highly illegal and it’s not surprising PPFA will say anything to try to get away from those charges,” [Yes, but will Congress have the will to find PP in contempt of Congress and impose a prison sentence for that effect.  That would be a political football and the media would go bananas, spinning Congress’ enforcement of the law into another aspect of the “war on women.”  Like all things left wing, the “war on women” is an inversion of the truth and a projection of their own constant maltreatment of women as sexual objects to be used and dropped, with abortion as the backstop when contraception inevitably fails. Leftism/sexular paganism have done more to lower women’s true dignity, happiness, and sense of fulfillment than any fever dreams about “patriarchy.”]

Planned Barrenhood has engaged their media allies in a full-bore press to try to cast doubt on these revelations, which would seem to indicate an organization that, as we already knew, breaks federal and state law as a matter of course.  They have played a clever rhetorical game by claiming that the vids are “heavily edited,” while never stating that the videos have somehow misconstrued reality.  Thus, they maintain plausible deniability against libel, while also planting in soft minds that the “heavily edited” aspect means they are somehow unauthentic.  But any 2 hour video pared down to 10 minutes is by definition “heavily edited,” but that doesn’t mean the content it does reveal is in any less valid.  Nevertheless, this “editing” claim has been the linchpin of Banned Parenthood’s media strategy.

The media has largely ignored this story, or taken Planned Barrenhood’s line.  So it’s largely up to new media to try to get this information in front of as many people as possible. We were over at Birth Choice crisis pregnancy center this morning, which is of course right next to Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Baby Abattoir.  The place was packed.  It seems even with the closure of three mills in recent months (thanks to HB2) the others are able to take up most, if not all, of the slack.  It’s a regular assembly line of murder over there.  But what always gets me with those places is the darkness that surrounds them.  Watching people go in is like watching souls fall into a black hole.

Planned Barrenhood provides the vital political cover and media spin for all mills, not just its own.  If they were to go down, it would gravely wound the entire abortion cause.  One would think after all the scandals, all the revelations over the past few years, there would be such an outcry they would have ceased to exist by now.  There simply hasn’t been sufficient outrage and scandal in enough people to bring that about.  The media burying all these stories has been the vital factor keeping that outrage from developing.

A lot of people have a lot to answer for, no?



1. Baseballmom - July 21, 2015

Lamborghini is important you know? I mean, really, who are we to judge?

2. Margaret Costello - July 21, 2015

Worst moment of horror at 6:13, the PB rep says she will ask the abortionist “about using a ‘less crunchy’ technique to get more whole specimens”. Lord have mercy! God bless~

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2015

Thank you thank you all again. So very kind, it is tremendously appreciated. I knew I did the right thing in bringing this matter to your attention. I feel so blessed. This is just amazing.

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