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Prayer Request July 21, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, Domestic Church, family, General Catholic, Glory, Grace.

My wife informed me a short while back that she is pregnant. This is a tremendous blessing and a great surprise.  Our last child, the boy, just had his 6th birthday.

My wife has had several pregnancies since then but none progressed very far. That sort of stopped about 3 years ago.  I know from experience that your prayers are very powerful.  Would you, in your charity, pray that it may be God’s will that this child may make it to birth safe and sound?  I have a feeling about this pregnancy that it just might be different. It’s probably also our last chance.

I am getting up there in years but I would really like another chance to raise a child up for the glory of God.  I pray this is not a selfish request. I pray that His will may be done.  But I know it would thrill my wife to have one more baby, and it would me, too (somehow, being older, and raising a number of kids to ages 6-16, makes me appreciate babyhood and child rearing far more than I did, say, 10-15 years ago. Youth is wasted on the young, and all that).  Conversely, one more miscarriage would be pretty hard to take, but God be praised either way.

God bless you for your prayers.  We’re very early, if you could make this a regular intention, that would be enormously appreciated.

I will pray for each one of you who lets me know in return, by name.  Deo Gratias!



1. Evan C - July 21, 2015


2. Frank - July 21, 2015

No, you are not being selfish, and I will be happy to add you and your wife to my daily intentions. Thanks for letting us know!

3. Baseballmom - July 21, 2015

Prayers for all 3 of you! We had 8 over 22 years and yes, the attitude is so different when you are an older parent…. God’s Perfect Will be done! St. Gianna Molla and St. Gerard, pray and intercede for this family, that God may be glorified in this baby. Amen.

4. MicahC - July 21, 2015

You got it! Is there a particular saint for whose intentions you’d like me to ask on your family’s behalf?

5. Magdalena - July 21, 2015

I will pray for your child regularly. My pen name is Magdalena and I claim the patronage of St. Catherine of Siena.

6. A Mom - July 21, 2015

I am very happy for your family. I know the heartbreak that sometimes accompanies this blessed event, so I am thankful for the opportunity to pray for this intention. How exciting! God bless you.

7. Jo - July 21, 2015

I will gladly add this intention to our family rosary, each evening, for the next 8 months.

My aunt had a child, followed by 20 miscarriages. When she became pregnant again, she was terrified. While crying/pleading in church one afternoon, a nun approached and asked the reason for her tears. The nun then told her to invoke St. Gerard. She promised St. Gerard that if this child were brought to birth successfully, she would return the favor by naming the child in his honor.

Michaelyn Gerard, Denise Gerard and Gerard were born 8 months later.

God bless,


LaGallina - July 21, 2015

WOW! What a great story.

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2015

That is so beautiful. We do have a St. Gerard belt and we are certainly invoking his intercession. Thank you for sharing.

8. Tom and the gang at AngelQueen - July 21, 2015


Glorious St. Anthony,
you were blessed to hold the Infant Jesus in your arms.

I come to you now on behalf of her
who pleads for the health and safety of the child
that God has graced her to conceive.

St. Anthony, guard this life God has created,
and the mother God has chosen for this child.
Let your gentle hand,
like that of a skilled physician,
aid in her delivery
so that this baby will know good health and lasting happiness.

May her child be favored with the grace of holy baptism,
and grow to love our lord Jesus Christ
above all else in this world. Amen.

9. Fran - July 21, 2015

This is wonderful news! I will gladly include a special intention for this pregnancy in my daily prayers!!

Donald Nelson - July 23, 2015

I am so happy as well!

10. Paul Alan - July 21, 2015

I’m positive God will Bless you and your family. I wish we would have had another.

11. Judy - July 21, 2015

I know it’s a hard situation to be in. The joy, but at the same time holding your breath and knowing the disappointment that may come. This being open to life takes a radical faith. While others are telling you that you “went to the well once too often,” or that “you have plenty of kids already,” you have to bear all things within. I’ll be praying to St. Gerard and St. Elizabeth for your wife.

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2015

Thank you! Thank you all for your prayers! I am overwhelmed with the generosity you all have displayed. Know that I will pray daily for your intentions as well!

We had just about come to think we were past the point of being able to have anymore children. I really see this as kind of a last chance situation, and we are pulling out all the stops. We’re doing some additional treatments that we’ve never tried before. But the spiritual support is what is most needed, so thank you all again.

May God bless each and every one of you most abundantly!

12. pablothemexican - July 21, 2015

I will ask the Widows and Orphans, as well the Seminarians at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary to pray as well the little old ladies.

¡Ave María Purísima!

I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.


13. MFG - July 21, 2015

Will do!

14. nissa_loves_cats - July 21, 2015

I shared this with my Facebook friends and asked for prayers, and I will pray a rosary for that intention myself. May God bless you!

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2015

Thank you all again!

15. Lisa - July 21, 2015

What a tremendous blessing!! My heartfelt prayers remain with your unborn baby and your wife and family. I’m thrilled to hear this news. God bless you all in the days ahead. I, along with all your readers, I’m sure, will be anxiously awaiting future updates.
With sisterly love & prayers, Lisa

16. Nicole - July 21, 2015

Congratulations! I will add an intention for your family to our family prayers and ask Our Lady and St Gerard to intercede for you. God bless you!

17. Lilyrose - July 21, 2015

Daily prayers! Joy!

18. Agellius - July 21, 2015

Congratulations and I will certainly pray for you all.

19. LC - July 21, 2015

I live way up in central Saskatchewan, Canada, and I enjoy your blog so much. I wish I knew the secret of your so complete immersion into Catholicism, so I could pass it on to my non-Catholic friends.In any even, you most certainly have my prayers for the child your wife is expecting, may it be a blessing to you and even to the church. May your children carry on the torch so faithfully borne by their father. We will survive the present shipwreck. All for the greater glory of God.Leah

Tantumblogo - July 21, 2015

Obsessive-compulsive disorder? I kid, but it’s not “me,” it’s Him, Tantumblogo would probably be dead or at the very least a total wreck, but our Blessed Lord has raised me up with His power and grace. If I am doing any good, it is His doing, and at best I’m just cooperating with grace.

But thanks very much anyways. I know what you are trying to say, and it is appreciated.

20. Jana - July 21, 2015

You and your wife will be in my daily rosary intentions. God Bless you for trusting and doing God’s will by being open to life no matter how old.

21. Joan Jones - July 21, 2015

You and your wife and family are ( and will continue to be ) in my prayers. Pax et bonum.

22. johnbryson - July 21, 2015

You have my prayers as well. May God’s most perfect will be done!

23. LaGallina - July 21, 2015

Been through it too. I will definitely keep your wife in my prayers!

24. Ever mindful - July 21, 2015

Congratulations…I will pray for your family to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

25. Jean Valerga - July 21, 2015

I will
Wil pray for the of you and I will also offer up 3 “Hail Mary’s ” right now for you intentions.

26. Liz - July 22, 2015

I also will keep you & your wife in my daily prayers. God Bless.

27. Pippa - July 22, 2015

I will pray!

28. kimzef2015 - July 22, 2015

I have prayed.

29. Christine Rademacher - July 22, 2015

Wonderful news! Please pray for me, that I may overcome a longstanding problem. I am offering my morning Rosary for all in your family.

30. FelixMCMXCI - July 22, 2015

I will say a chaplet of the Infant Jesus for your intentions. It is wonderful news indeed!

31. penitentis - July 22, 2015

You got it Brother!
– penitentis

32. anna - July 22, 2015

We will add your little one to our prayers.

33. Beattitudes - July 22, 2015

Will pray to St. Gerard for the safe delivery.
We married late in life but had 5 children.
Often confused as the grandparents…but so it goes.

Shari - July 22, 2015

Keeping this intention in my daily prayers God bless. –

34. paselma@aol.com - July 22, 2015

Prayers on their way. And I am asking the late, saintly, Father Peter M. Rookey for his intercession. In life, Father Peter was known as the “Man of Miracles”.


35. Molly Murphey - July 23, 2015

Daily prayers for Tantumblogo baby.

36. Cecilia Bralick - July 23, 2015

I will certainly pray for Angela and the baby, and for you all to accept God’s will however things turn out. Blessings on your beautiful family!

37. emiliechiozza - July 23, 2015

I too have had multiple miscarriages, three within a year’s time. With our last born, we consecrated him to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus in front of the altar after mass. We did that very early on in the pregnancy, before I told anyone the news. You can probably find the prayers online, possibly EWTN website. Even though I was terrified that I would lose another baby, he survived and is the healthiest, and biggest baby we have had:) I do not believe it was just a coincidence. I will pray a rosary for you and your wife to make it through this pregnancy with a healthy baby. God Bless.

Tantumblogo - July 23, 2015

God bless all of you! So overwhelmed with your support! We will consecrate this child to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus! Thank you!

38. Donald Nelson - July 27, 2015

St Gianna Molla,pray for the Roach family

Tantumblogo - July 27, 2015


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