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Some happy news for a change July 21, 2015

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When thinking about a looming/ongoing persecution, considerations of the influence of technology offer both hopeful and fearful portents.  Fearful, because through technology the persecutors can gain influence over our lives in ways unimaginable to previous persecutors.  They can literally monitor our (external) thoughts and try to come into the privacy of our homes through various means straightforward and devious.  Denial of technology, coupled with denial of the means to make a living, are other methods of control.  But at the same time, technology can also provide means to help endure the persecution.

One thing I’ve seen others mention a number of times, and its a thought I certainly share, is that we use the modern means at our disposal to aid each other as we are targeted for persecution.  Even though enemies of Jesus Christ and His Church will go to diabolical lengths to try to make their persecution effective and deny that aid, such as blocking those accused of “hate crimes” from using secular funding sites like gofundme, souls of good will have found ways around these cruel attempts to completely excoriate convicted Christians.  So I was heartened to find that Aaron and Melissa Klein, who have been (ludicrously) fined $135,000 and had their fundraising initiative blocked on gofundme (for being Christian), are not going to be left completely destitute by this onerous and totalitarian governmental judgment.  In fact, they have raised over $390,000 at their Continue to Give site:

A crowdfunding campaign for the Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa has set a site record by raising $352,500 in about two months after being kicked off the GoFundMe website, far exceeding the initial goal of $150,000.

Jesse Wellhoefer, founder of Continue to Give, said the Sweet Cakes effort has raised more than any previous campaign on behalf of individuals in the three-year-old crowdfunding website’s history.

Continue to Give also handles ongoing fundraising for nonprofit organizations as well as mobile and kiosk tithing for churches.

GoFundMe, the nation’s largest crowdfunder, removed a campaign for Sweet Cakes by Melissa in April after receiving complaints from gay-marriage supporters. The bakery’s owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, are locked in a legal battle with the state for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex ceremony, citing their religious beliefs.

……..The Oregon labor commissioner ordered the Kleins to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple for “emotional damages” to Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer after declining to prepare a cake for their June 2013 commitment ceremony.

Mr. Klein had informed the couple that he was sorry but that the bakery did not prepare cakes for same-sex ceremonies as a result of the family’s religious convictions. Gay marriage was not legal in Oregon at the time.

The Kleins are expected to appeal the labor commissioner’s July 2 decision to the Oregon Court of Appeals. [I had read that because this decision was made in an “administrative court” recourse to appeal would be difficult if not impossible. They can certainly appeal, but the way the law is worded, from what I understand, it is likely the case will be thrown out. Their only appeal then would be to federal court.  They are getting some pro bono representation but given that they’ve lost their business and are surely racking up extensive legal fees, all this money they’ve raised may not go as far as one might hope. I’m sure they could use still more help.]

This is what we’re going to have to do.  There are still millions of believing Christians in this country, and even if most are protestants they are still souls of good will. We’re going to have to band together and aid each other as much as possible as this persecution gets ratcheted up.  Those willing to stick their necks out and take a stand are likely to pay an increasingly steep price for doing so.  This is not an extended ad for the Klein’s, but a reminder that we all will probably have to change the way we do things (and the way we spend our money) as the general cultural situation continues to deteriorate.

Of course, monetary support is helpful and ever necessary here in “nothing’s free in the ‘free world'”, but prayer support is even more needed, both for those who fall victim to persecution, and for ourselves.  Eventually, most if not all of us will get to “enjoy” the growing persecution.  The help we give now will be helping ourselves later.

OTOH, here’s an item out of left field.  A very out n’ proud baker bashes those of his lifestyle who are enjoying tormenting Christians now that they feel themselves possessed of the cultural whip hand.  I won’t post it here, but you can check it out if you like.  There’s a soul who needs some prayers.

I had one final thought on this matter of forced participation in pseudo-sodo-marriage: could a Christian, instead of refusing, just do a really horrible job instead?  Could a baker just mangle the cake, replacing salt for sugar and just really botching the job, or a florist fill bouquets of dead flowers, or a photographer deliver 500 slightly out of focus prints?  Would that kind of non-violent, passive resistance be acceptable?




1. Baseballmom - July 21, 2015

Well, they COULD do all those things…. But they would likely be sued on lack of duty to perform etc…. It would have to be VERY SUBTLE…. Something that could seem an “honest mistake.”

2. Margaret Costello - July 22, 2015

You never see the sodomites asking Muslim bakers or photographers to assist at their immoral events. God bless~

3. unfatmatt - July 22, 2015

I think some photographer in New Mexico tried that and the court held him in contempt.

4. tg - July 22, 2015

I think it would be wrong to deliberately mess the cake or whatever up even if it’s for fags. In my old days, I would have spit on the cake but that’s before I got my conscience back and go to Confession. I do think we should support all Christians who are fighting against this evil.

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