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German Church implosion accelerates under Pope Francis July 22, 2015

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I’ve been meaning to post on this for days, but never got around to it.  Rorate has a post alluding to the rapidly accelerating decline in Church membership in Germany.  But Eponymous Flower had even more details days before, and it is to that post that I will mostly refer:

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) are in the midst of silly season this Friday and the dioceses have reported the Church statistics in 2014 and again this is explosive, because the number of leaving the Church has risen significantly again. After 178,805 people left in 2013, 217,716 people have left the church in 2014. That’s an increase of about 20 percent. Church attendance has risen with an increase of 0.1 percent to 10.9 percent. The total number of priests is 12,219 (2013 12,336)……

……..The numbers leaving the Catholic Church are still comfortably topped by the Protestant church. There 410,000 people have left.

The numbers leaving the Church in Germany are at present the highest ever.  The numbers on Mass attendance are misleading, raw numbers of attendees has dropped, even if the ratio of those who remain in the Church attending Mass increased very slightly.

Meanwhile, the German Church took in $6.3 billion from the Church tax and remains the largest employer in Germany after government at all levels with 1.3 million employees.  Those who refuse to pay the Church tax are automatically excommunicated in Germany, while those professing rank heresy and even apostasy are given a pass, so long as they pay that almighty tax.

According to Rorate, Mass attendance in Germany in 1990 was 22%. It has fallen by over half in one quarter century.

Msgr. Ganswein, Prefect of the Papal Household and private secretary to Pope Benedict XVI gave reasons for why the German episcopate continues to promote radical, seemingly heretical “pastoral” approaches even as souls flee the Church in unprecedented numbers:

I do not know. Maybe they give in to the Zeitgeist, perhaps they can be  led by  the applause of the people, which is made by the media … to be critical of the mass media, is certainly less enjoyable. A shepherd must not decide on the basis of whether the media applauds or not. The benchmark is the Gospel, the Faith, sound doctrine, Tradition.

Meanwhile, in the US, Pope Francis’ favorability rating has dropped precipitously in the past year, especially among those who identify as conservative.  Overall, his favorability dropped from 75% to 59% overall, but from 72% to 45% among self-described conservatives.  One wonders what the numbers would say were the survey broken down by those who assist at Mass weekly – the bare minimum to count as a Catholic, no?  71% of self-described Catholics in the survey view the Pope favorably – a stupefyingly generic term – whereas 89% did so last year. For whatever that means.

No, the Church is not a popularity contest, and being unpopular is not a sign of being a bad shepherd of the faithful.  To the contrary, a truly good and Catholic shepherd would probably have much lower approval ratings, as Pope Benedict did for most of his pontificate.  But our Blessed Lord told us the world would hate and persecute us, and that we would be blessed when they did so, because it meant we would be living lives contrary to the world and its master. Nevertheless, I think the visibly leftward turn of this pontificate is dismaying a good number of people.

I think the broader point is this: contrary to expectations and what certainly seems to be a deliberate plan of action, positing a very progressive/modernist view of the Faith – whether this is Francis’ intent or not, that is certainly the mass perception – with seeming attempts to gravely undermine moral doctrine held since the Church’s inception, is, once again, not convincing great numbers of souls to enter the Church and is almost certainly precipitating even greater numbers of departures.  Caving on doctrine – or appearing to – only convinces people that you had nothing worthwhile to say in the first place,and confirms them in their error.  We have over 50 years of clear, concrete evidence of this phenomenon fact. Doctrinal revolution under the cover of pastoral changes  will scandalize millions out of the Church but won’t bring more than a handful of wild-eyed revolutionaries in.  But maybe that’s the point, after all.



1. DJR - July 22, 2015

“71% of elf-described Catholics in the survey view the Pope favorably – a stupefyingly generic term – whereas 89% did so last year.”

So, the elves view the pope favorably??? That explains a lot!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. THAT WAS TOO FUNNY!

2. Obsever - July 22, 2015

The increased numbers of Catholics leaving the Church in Germany should not surprise us. The 8% ‘church-tax’ on earned income was was bad enough but the recent closure of a tax loophole now means the tax is also applied to capital gains, so for example the profit on the sale of a house is now subject to the tax, as well as other taxes of course. A retired couple selling a house to move into a smaller property are hit hard by the tax.
Also many tradition-minded Germans are asking themselves what benefits do they receive by Church membership. The hierarchy have a distinctly leftist orientation having little in common with the ‘pew-sitters’. When concerned Catholics have raised their fears of the rapid Islamization of Germany they have been shouted down by the hierarchy. Indeed the bishops are cheer-leading and applauding government actions which will ultimately destroy Christianity in Germany. Why pay a tax to subsidize national destruction!

3. Woody - July 22, 2015

The Church was not created by Christ to be everything to everyone. What was envisioned by those of Vatican II certainly could not be what we have today. And yet those “in charge” do not have the moral courage to stand up and admit failure. It’s as if they keep trying the same thing over and over again hoping that the result will be better. I said a few articles ago how angry I was to find out that the two popes before Francis knew that the TLM could not be abrogated in the 80’s and purposely kept it a secret for many years. How cowardly of all of them. Truly the Catholic Church today is like a ship without a rudder and those in charge of the ship are huddled together in their cabins, afraid to take charge.

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