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Priest predicts error to be adopted by Ordinary Synod on the Family, but……. July 23, 2015

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………not to worry, because Synods carry very little doctrinal weight (if any), and there is precedent for synodal error in the past.  I agree completely with the prediction and the lack of doctrinal authority in the Synod itself, which, like a national conference, is simply a meeting of a small sub-set of the world’s bishops and very far from an ecumenical conference.  But what I am concerned about is the encyclical which will follow the Synod, and the degree to which enemies of the Faith/modernist Katholycs will use the Synod to lure still more souls into perdition.  I am also concerned about the shut up and pray sentiment Father Nix seems to close his article with.

Nevertheless, interesting commentary from Father Nix, via Fr. Peter Carota (my emphasis and comments):

One of the surprising things I have seen among priests and the faithful under the Pontificate of Pope Francis is that certain people who used to hate the word “obedience,” maybe five years ago, now go on quoting obedience like they were St. John of the Cross!………

……..There is excitement and concern, from the left and right respectively, that the October 2015 “Synod on the Family” will change Church teaching on divorced and remarried receiving Holy Communion as well as those in homosexual unions being allowed to receive Holy Communion.  You might imagine that I don’t participate in the excitement of “the left” that doctrine might change, but did you know that I don’t participate in the concern to “the right” either?……[I get what he’s trying to say, but I disagree with common attempts to portray faithful/traditional/orthodox Catholicism as being a phenomenon of the right.  It is true that much of the Doctrine of the Faith is embraced by modern conservatives, but that Doctrine both long predates the liberal/conservative divide (something that did not exist until the late 17th century) and stands above political concerns. And certain aspects of the Faith are embraced by the left (though in totality, the right has adopted far more than the left, at least until very recently). But the main thing is this, which is the ultimate trick modernists have managed to fool people with: that Catholicism as always understood and practiced is now some weird phenomenon of “integrists” and “traditionalists,” creatures of the “right” who are simply manipulating the Faith in the same way that modernist sexular pagans do.  There probably exist examples of people who do, in actuality, do this, but it is false to smear the entire remnant of Catholics with these labels. And having concerns over the Synod and/or Pope Francis is hardly something that puts a Catholic’s credibility or faithfulness in doubt. Anyway, moving on….]

……..However, a synod does not only not have the weight of infallibility, but there is precedent for error in a synod!  This synod was the 18th century  Synod of Pistoia where Jansenism was promoted.  It’s crafty that Satan may be tempting the Church nowadays more towards presumption of God’s mercy, than the despair of God’s mercy within the Jansenism of the 18th century.  He’s tricky with that pendulum swing! [There have been other problematic synods, as well.  That is one reason why they fell out of fashion.  There were synods in 18th century France that also embraced Jansenism to varying degrees, and synods before that which seemed to find much to like in other errors.]

I hope I’m wrong, but I predict error coming in the October 2015 Synod of the Family, followed by Divine Intervention.  This is not because I’m a Savonorola prophet of doom, but on a very natural level, because of the manifest and public, shameless teaching of the Cardinals who have been recently promoted in these matters, as reported byLife Site News[Father then lists many statements from cardinals and bishops appointed to the Synod – by Pope Francis himself – which are highly disconcerting.]

……Let me (Fr. Nix, now) be very clear that I am obedient to Rome and the Bishops, [why feel compelled to make this statement?]  but no Bishop can change the words of Jesus Christ and what He said about divorce or what the Holy Spirit has said through the Apostle Paul on acting out any sexual sin (heterosexual or homosexual.)  Pray hard that I’m wrong about error coming down the pipes of this October Synod, but if I’m not, just remember that a synod can not change the words of Jesus Christ.  This is not a Protestant who believes in Sola Scriptura.………. [Huh?  Where did that come from?  Am I wrong in detecting a bit of a slight against the Society of Saint Pius X in that statement?]

I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m right and the synod disseminates error, “the right” will frenzy on how to explain the doctrinal confusion and “the left” will frenzy on how to rejoice over the doctrinal confusion.Either approach would be both unnecessary and superfluous.  As I wrote above, there is precedent in history for error to be found in a synod, and no synod can change the articulated faith and morals of Holy Mother Church, especially as found in Scripture, Councils, Creeds, Patristics and Ex-Cathedral statements.  A synod is none of these.  [So Father seems to be saying that we should not worry ourselves over the promotion of rank error from the highest levels of the Church, under the direct supervision of the Bishop of Rome?!?!  Goodness, if this is not something to get concerned over, what is?  I can tell you, having read a bit of history, that there was great consternation and “frenzy” over the outcome of the Synod of Pistoia.  It was a huge international controversy.  Is it “frenzy” to denounce any errors that come forth from the Synod and remind souls of Catholic Truth?  Is it “frenzy” to be scandalized by error emanating from the highest echelons of the Church?]

As Padre Pio said, “Pray, Hope and Don’t worry.”  God will straighten it out and we’ll all be fine. Chilax, as the niños say, even if things go down bad in October.

————–End Quote—————

I wish I could be as blissfully confident as Father Nix is as to the outcome of this Synod.  My concern is that souls will fall away in great numbers (and not only in the fallen West, but in places where the Faith is still relatively vigorous), either through the adoption of immoral acts “pastorally” made “moral” through a Synodal sleight of hand, or through scandal and wind up in one of the sects.  Pope Francis’ popularity is plummeting, especially among conservatives. More and more Catholics are becoming even further confused and scandalized.  While you and I and other souls may be blessed to stay faithful, what of those who won’t?  Absolutely prayer should be the bedrock of our faith, and excessive worry is unhealthful, but when the likelihood exists that errors promoted will lead to catastrophic consequences for potentially millions of souls, I’m afraid I cannot simply “chillax.”  If that makes me a bad, frenzied Catholic of the right, may God have mercy on me, but I doubt that’s the case.

I get that Father is probably trying to prevent souls being scandalized out of the Faith through his advice to calmly ignore the results of the Synod, but I think he takes his prescription a bit too far, and has fallen into common traps in slapping political labels onto what, up until recent decades, was simply Catholicism.

Your thoughts?



1. Baseballmom - July 23, 2015

I HATE Liberal and Conservative… Left and Right…. One is either orthodox or heterodox…. Faithful, or an apostate. The language of politics does not belong in the Church – but old sparky loves when we use it,

camper - July 24, 2015

The trouble with this idea is that what is orthodox has been obscured by several bad popes. The right wing in America is overwhelming the right guys, with the possible exception of torture and the Iraq war, if those are still issues.

2. glmcreations - July 23, 2015

Whether or not you shut up and pray, these two articles of mine present how Jesus and others referrred to false teachers: Catholic Lane site, Speaking of False Teachers Part I, and Part II. You are spot on re: synods have no authority-they can decide no issue, issue no binding orders. Synod = Pope and Pope = Synod; he is in total control of every aspect, every report, every outline, every interim report, omnia. He selects the participants and he alone decides if, after a synod, there will be any papal teaching. But if a pope declares heresy, by that very act he invalidates his papacy and is laetae sententiae excommunicated. Guy McClung, San Antonio

3. Frank - July 24, 2015

I agree the “pray and don’t worry” response, which I’ve also seen in other places, is not sufficient to help a faithful Catholic discern how to deal with what is probably coming. Like you, the follow-up encyclical (or whatever form it takes) coming from the Pope worries me a lot more than whatever the Synod says. But you are right to be worried that a lot of confused souls likely will be lost if the Synod does indeed take the Kasperian road to error.

While the confusion and frenzy go into full speed after the Synod, the rest of us still have to find ways to maintain our faith and obtain valid and licit sacraments. Obviously a TLM parish is likely to be the best answer, but what about the many, many Catholics who have no reasonable access to such a parish, or even to an occasional celebration of the TLM at a “modern” parish? They are going to feel even more hung out to dry than they already do, depending on how modernist their current N.O. parish is.

I am only sure of one thing at this point: in my catechetical work, assuming it continues and I don’t get “fired” by my pastor for saying something too traditional, I will keep teaching what we’ve always taught. And if that includes calling out what I believe to be doctrinal errors by the Holy Father or any bishop, so be it.

4. TF - July 24, 2015

Does not Fr. Nix understand that the errors he is afraid will be taught by the Synod are a direct affront to the Holy Trinity? What about God’s rights? It’s a subtle form of worldly thinking to always consider first the effect error has on us in the here and now. Let us be more concerned with eternity, and condemn these doctrines of Hell with the righteous indignation they deserve, lest we be spit out with the lukewarm on the Last Day.

5. kimzef2015 - July 24, 2015

So according to this priest, you just calmly sit back and ignore the synods and encyclicals if you are a good Catholic while the rest of the Catholic Church goes to hell. Well that is very convenient—-sort of like playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

6. Marguerite - July 24, 2015

There is no right or left in the Church, only right or wrong. That’s where mercy comes in. When one sins, the Church is merciful in forgiving the sinner. But the Church cannot condone sin under the guise of compassion or any other doublespeak today. Pray and don’t worry doesn’t fit here as the devil is seeking the ruin of souls. Would St Michael pray and not worry? The gate is wide and many are entering it to the detriment of their souls. Speaking the truth in charity to please God rather than man sounds more appropriate than pray and not worry.

glmcreations - July 24, 2015

That is why I wrote about [see above] how Jesus and others “spoke truth” re: false teachers. Some of what our Lord said does not sound like “We love you and let’s dialogue”, but in the circumstances calling them hypocrites, serpents, and vipers, dogs in their own vomit, sows wallowing in mud, was charitable. Guy McClung, San Antonio

kimzef2015 - July 24, 2015

One question: has it always been the case that a Catholic is free to ignore and even denigrate papal encyclicals and synods? Or is that a new idea?

Judy - July 24, 2015

Synods are not infallible. Papal encyclicals are only considered infallible when the pope who writes them states within the encyclical that it is infallible. But beyond that, we can look at what the Church has always taught about things such as marriage, the requirement to be in a state of grace in order to receive Communion, or what is necessary for salvation, and see where the writings and comments of this pope don’t hold water.

kimzef2015 - July 24, 2015

So are we free to ignore all pre-Francis stuff too? If I just don’t groove with past and pre-Vat 2 popes, can I put all on ignore?

kimzef2015 - July 24, 2015

I think I’ll ignore the encyclical forbidding membership in freemasonry. Seems like many if the current prelates have.

tg - July 24, 2015

I’m ignoring the encyclical on the environment. Not that I ever read any of them. Too deep for me. I just let people like Tantum to interrupt it for me.

camper - July 24, 2015

Marguerite, wrong. See my comment above.

7. Guest - July 24, 2015

What can we do anyway as the hierarchy tries to destroy the Church? We can’t punch some sense into bishops or depose the pope. All we really can do is pray and protest. We have no authority, and most of the other layman have absorbed the false maxims of the modern world. Even if we write or sign petitions Bergoglio doesn’t give a damn. All we can do is watch, like Saint John watched the crucifixion.

kimzef2015 - July 24, 2015

Is this really still the Church? How far down the dirty path do the Vatican apostate and heretic prelates have to go before they are no longer “the Church?”

kimzef2015 - July 24, 2015

Personally I do not trust any of these men (the pope especially) when they say something orthodox. It sounds like pandering to the cons and trads.

I am very amused by Lifesite News: articles about the pope are either: good popey, you said something Orthodox. Or naughty popey you said something bad :-(.

Voris is even more hilarious.

Aiken and Shea are just pathetic.

But the dudes have got to make a living.

Guest - July 24, 2015

I take great comfort from the prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich and Our Lady of Good Success. Mother Mary told us to keep attending Church but to pray for the church of darkness to leave Rome. In the end her immaculate heart will triumph and the Church will be restored. But everything we see will try our faith and confidence in God. Quite frankly I do not know where the true Church in. My only hope is that I am a part of the Church and not the church of darkness, that somehow my desire to keep the traditional faith incorporates me in the Church. Would God allow a period where no one can save their soul because the Church cannot be seen?

glmcreations - July 24, 2015

Guest-thank you-good advice. I just recently noted it is not Our Lady Of Success, but Our Lady Of Good Success; kind of like “not my will, but thine be done.”. Even if there is just one of us left, that is sufficient. Google THE END OF THE WORLD by J. Blue-excerpt from Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly in 1928-prescient. Jesus Wins in the end, not if, when. And as the laity we have not only the right, but the duty, to make known what is good for the Church-and that is straight from Canon Law. We can be part of His light: St. John: “In Him was life and the life was the life was the light of men and the light shone in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” So call heresy, heresy-whoever spreads it. Fight against the “world rulers of this present darkness.” [Eph:6]. Guy McClung, San Antonio

camper - July 24, 2015

The pope could be deposed if not for the fact that the bishops, including the slime balls he has appointed, were not so timid and ignorant. The whole world is savage, and perhaps the Catholic Church is exhibit ‘A’.

8. Margaret Costello - July 24, 2015

The whole “pray and don’t worry” sounds very passive to me. Aren’t we the Church Militant? Aren’t we called to fight evil? Wasn’t it the result of the Church Militant fighting the evils of heresy throughout Church history that caused those heresies to be destroyed? I think we need a new name for the heresy of uber passivity i.e. that the Holy Spirit is going to magically poof! and all of the evil in the hierarchy and world will just go away. It’s a denial of our role in fighting evil. People who promote this live in their own emo, “peaceful” lala land and don’t bother getting dirty in the muck and fight against evil.

I totally agree with KimZef2015, it’s this avoiding, spiritual only, deus ex machina, passive, slothful attitude that has gotten us to this nightmare situation in the first place. We are both spiritual AND physical beings thus the fight is in both spheres. Faith comes through hearing, and speaking the truth is a human, physical act via grace.

This priest is still caught up in the worldly concepts of “right” and “left” versus Catholic and non, truth and falsehood. Any priest who promotes not fighting against this current enemy in ALL arenas is suspect in my book. He may not know it, but he is infected and needs to join the fight.

God bless~

lyndairish - July 24, 2015

That’s the truth. Well said.

9. Fr. David Nix - July 25, 2015

I never defend my writings, but a friend posted this article of yours, so let my say one thing: If I had meant traditionalists instead of conservatives, I would have written “traditionalists.” I’m in a community that only offers the Latin Mass, meaning I’m the latter. You missed this, as well as the entire point of my article which was anything but rose-colored. I’m sorry you are not used to subtle writing. I do that to promote tradition. You may want to try it, as we have a wider-range of people to bring to see the errors of modernism and the glory of the the Latin Mass than simple meatheads.

kimzef2015 - July 25, 2015

The only way I know how to fight is to stop giving any money to the diocese. I give to certain specific missions, Project Rachel, children in 3rd world countries who are receiving help from Catholic charities I trust, and the independent chapel that I attend.

Tantumblogo - July 27, 2015

Speaking of subtlety……..though I do rather like the term meathead.

I make no bones of primarily preaching to the converted. Having said that, I have had the great blessing of playing a part in bringing people to the Faith – that is the achievement of which I am proudest.

Different strokes, Father, some people, maybe most, prefer a very measured, dispassionate approach. Some do not respond well to very clear and stark declarations made with strong emphasis. I get that. But I think that “market,” if you will, is already well served with thousands of sites from Patheos, NCR, EWTN, and the entire mainstream of Catholic media, online or not. Others feel this is insufficient and that in this time of quite likely unprecedented crisis we should be making a more vociferous response, and making very clear distinctions. That may not appeal to many, it may even aggrieve them to a degree, but given the state of the Church and world I do not think it improper. Some might even conclude that a major reason the Church is in the state she is in is due to lack of clarity and vociferousness of response.

But then, of course I’d say that.

Please pray for me!

10. Boniface - July 25, 2015

Pistoia is hardly the only example. The synod convened in Carthage under St. Cyprian during the pontificate of Pope St. Stephen also taught heresy regarding heretics and baptism.

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