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Robert Reilly’s talks on the destructive effects of the rationalization for sodomy now on Youtube July 24, 2015

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A couple of weeks ago I linked to a couple of 1 1/2 hour talks Robert Reilly gave on the topic of his latest book: Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexuality is Changing Everything.  At that time, the talks were not in a format I could embed in a post.  Thanks to Sensus Fidelium, they now are.  Both talks are below.

I know they seem long, but if you haven’t gotten the book, this is an efficient way to get the content therefrom for free.  You’ll miss a lot of detail but I think pretty much every major topic in the book is covered pretty well in these talks.  As I’ve said before, I believe Making Gay Okay is the most thorough destruction of pseudo-sodo-marriage I’ve ever read, and it is done with zero religious reference.  It is all strictly from reason and natural law.  Now, of course I’m not saying that there are not powerful religious arguments in opposition to sodomy – of course for me those are the most powerful – the problem being, more and more people in our culture today hear “religion,” or especially “Christianity,” and they instantly shut down and write you (me) off as a worthless fundamentalist.  Which is funny, because in so doing, they are practicing a bigotry such folks typically assume themselves to be so far above.

Onwards to the vids:

Parte Deux:




1. Baseballmom - July 30, 2015

Finally got a chance to watch these. EXCELLENT! Thank you! A bit hungry now, I think I will go munch on some snacks with my ear… 😏

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