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Third sting video released on Planned Barrenhood sale of murdered baby parts July 28, 2015

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This is one in depth investigation.  In a new video entitled Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts, the Center for Medical Progress provides even more damning evidence that Planned Barrenhood routinely sells aborted baby parts for profit, something that certainly seems to be illegal under current federal law.

Most of the video below features the testimony of a woman who once worked at a business that purchased aborted baby parts for “research.”  She details the profit motive to Planned Barrenhood and her own personal horror at having to handle and manipulate tiny legs, heads, etc.  She claims both Planned Barrenhood and the company she worked for – just one of many that trade in human flesh – were profit-motivated and sought to maximize income.

The video closes with a chilling segment at a Planned Barrenhood facility where parts from little murdered babies are sorted through, analyzed for their economic value, and discussed like one were discussing cattle parts.  I wonder how many left wing employees at Planned Barrenhood believe “meat is murder” and yet have no problem haggling over the price of the little parts remaining from murdered babies.

No wonder the democrats have totally freaked out and are trying to change the story by investigating the Center for Medical Progress, instead of Damned Barrenhood.  There is absolutely no justification for this traffic in human parts and yet the left wing sexular pagan ethos more or less demands that this kind of thing occur.  There is no horror to which they will not descend in pursuit of their sexular pagan “utopia.”

Really, how far of a step is it, from using aborted baby parts for medical research, from creating babies intentionally for that purpose?  And then what follows after that?

Soylent Green, here we come.



1. Mitchell H - July 28, 2015

This is so disturbing, albeit not surprising. Also not surprising are the Catholic pundits wringing their hands about “lying for God” and how undercover work somehow devalues the work that has been done. (I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.)

I get that two wrongs don’t make a right, and that lying is inherently not good, but such people seem to have their priorities completely out of whack. They remind me of the Pharisees, who are so taken with the letter of the law – keeping the Sabbath – that they can’t see the good being done, i.e. finding the lost sheep. I’m also bothered that they seem constantly to disregard the intent of people, as if intent no longer counted when considering how much a sin’s effects might be mitigated. I thought it was the Protestant who didn’t differentiate between sins? Certainly lying, as is the case with so many sins, is a slippery slope, but do they completely disregard God’s ability to guide us down that slope?

As one blogger said, they may have lied – but in the meantime, babies die. And if one baby survives because of this – lie – do we still choose to condemn the liar above all? But then, that’s the story of the Church right now – with friends missing the forest for the trees, who needs enemies?

Tantumblogo - July 30, 2015

I know exactly what you mean. It also reveals a mass ignorance of the history of the Church, for they are condemning many great Saints for “lying” when opposing unjust, immoral actions.

How many Mexican priests during the Cristiada “lied” to Mexican government authorities by going in public dressed as a lay person, use fake ID, claiming to police/army they were not priests, etc? This kind of thing goes on all the time in persecution, and is vitally necessary. That’s the same way the Jesuits and others operated throughout the English persecution – and that includes a good number of Saints. They had to routinely lie by omission and even by admission in order to be able to conduct their ministries at all. Now, they could be clever and engage in mental reservation, etc., but sometimes, they had to straight up lie. To condemn the actions of CMP or Live Action is to condemn the actions of many Saints throughout the history of the Church.

Yes it is strange but given the success these campaigns have had it doesn’t seem that God is too displeased with whatever misrepresentations they have to come up with to get this vital information.

I note that those who tend to complain are rarely very active in the pro-life movement. But when a grave injustice is occurring, when a repressive and evil regime is about – and I think that certainly applies to our current culture and Planned Barrenhood – it is morally acceptable to engage in broad moral reservation and not reveal the truth about oneself. It is permissible to give others false impressions. We don’t know how these folks managed to convinced PP they were really organ harvesters, but it is possible they operated in this manner. Even if they did straight-up lie, there is a great deal of precedence for doing so from some great Saints.

2. LaGallina - July 28, 2015

I have had a constant feeling of nausea in my stomach for about the past month. It started with the Supreme Court decision on humans being able to marry their pets. (Oh, that wasn’t it? I’m sure it will be soon enough.) But it has gotten worse every time one of these videos is released!!! I am so disgusted. I can’t even verbalize the sadness and sorrow I have been feeling.

I am thankful for these videos however. We are finally seeing the gruesome, disgusting reality of “choice.” Not just those of us who are “pro-lifers” but the whole country. Pray for the people involved in making these videos. Pray for the young lady, Holly, who spoke out in this video. I would be willing to bet her friends are not a bunch of “pro-lifers.” She will probably suffer for speaking out about this.

3. glmcreations - July 28, 2015

Think about this-you are seriously impacting the bottom line of a billion dollar business which is a huge cash funnel -tens of millions of dollar$s – for 100s of Democrat office holders; and you say you have 11 more videos. Now think how evil the Democrats are, how they have no respect for the rule of law, how demonic they appear on these videos-of course they are going to have some federal agents swoop in and take your remaining 11 videos and they are going to imprison without charges those involved, because anyone who tries to limit the “right to abortion” is a terrorist. Guy McClung, San Antonio TX, once USA, now USSA

4. Tim - July 29, 2015

Yesterday I visited the Open Secrets . Org website to see who received Planned Parenthood political donation. I thought back on the number of Nazis and Nazi sympathizes who profited from Jewish and other undesirables forced labor and stole their possessions. How are the individual Democrats (recipients of 99% or donations and 100% of PAC donations) any different from Nazis? But as the article points out, they are more worried about keeping their profiteering secret than exposed to the light of truth.

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