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This time the libs have gone too far: Austin to ban BBQ restaurants July 30, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, disaster.

The Austin City Council just preliminarily approved an ordinance requiring all BBQ restaurants in Austin – and there has been a great explosion in number and quality over the past 7-8 years – to install expensive smoke abatement devices to keep from “annoying” neighbors with the wonderful smell of smoked meat.  I am guessing this is probably a handful of asinine vegans who cant’ stand the temptation?  Who doesn’t like – heck, love – the smell of really good barbeque?

Whatever, Austin:

“If this resolution passes, we would be forced to close or move. It would destroy Austin barbecue.” says Aaron Franklin, owner of Franklin’s BBQ in Austin.

Austin, Texas has long been a destination for Americans of all stripes in their quest to find the best barbecue in the nation. [I don’t know about “long.”  When I lived there 20 years ago, about the only respectable places were County Line (gas oven/wood chips) and The Salt Lick (heard raves, never quite had an awesome experience). It was in Driftwood, anyway. From what I understand it’s been about the last 8 years or so that a number of really top-flight BBQ joints have opened.]

However, if the Austin City Council gets their way, food tourism may soon be a thing of the past.

Austin City Council members passed a preliminary plan in April to put restrictions on smoke from barbeque restaurants. Some Austin residents complain of the barbecue smoke saying they can’t enjoy their homes they purchased before some of these restaurants moved in.

The city council’s current proposal will require smoke diffusers and will also limit the amount of time that restaurants can smoke. These restrictions will require at least $100,000 in extra investments for most barbecue restaurants as they will be forced to buy extra smokers along with severely expensive diffusers, and in some cases will have to lease or purchase more property.

One business expert told council members that these restrictions will certainly kill all but the largest barbecue restaurants in Austin.

It is effectively a ban on barbecue restaurants in a town known for its barbecue.

Of course, these regulations are par for the course for a liberal city. Liberals claim to hate big business and love small businesses, but then they love to place so many regulations on the little guy that the environment becomes toxic to entry level entrepreneurs. The ultimate consequence of these policies is that large corporations and governments are the only entities permitted to operate.

I suggest you get your barbecue from Austin as soon as possible so you can tell your descendants how good it was before communism took over.

Indeed!  Bastards.

So typically leftist – get blessed with something that sprang up out of nothing and then regulate it to death over the complaints of a tiny handful.  Rather than deal with individual problem spots, impose a blanket ban that punishes the innocent along with the guilty – to the extent any are “guilty” in this case.

Liberals can never stand people having too much fun.

On a local note, anyone tried that Ten 50 BBQ in Richardson, on 75 near Collins?  They bill themselves as being “real central Texas BBQ,” but I’ve heard that before.  I’ve been thinking about trying them out.



1. Cristero - July 30, 2015

Lived in Austin in the early 70s. Today the place is unrecognizable to me. To each their own. I don’t particularly care if I never visit again.

Tantumblogo - July 30, 2015

Did you go to the Armadillo?

I think the great Austin of memory petered out in the mid-80s. It was pretty cool to go to college there ’89-’94 but it had already lost that small town really funky feel. South Austin/Zilker/Lamar is still kind of funky, but most of it is now, to me indistinguishable from Dallas.

Cristero - July 30, 2015

Oh, yeah. Got plenty of Armadillo World HQ stories, but they must be told in a different forum.

Tantumblogo - July 30, 2015

Heh. Do share.

H-town - July 31, 2015

I’m sure I still have my Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen live at the AWHQ record stashed somewhere. If you go to the Threadgills on Barton Springs, they have a bunch of Armadillo memorabilia on the wall.

Tantumblogo - July 30, 2015

Because it’s just such a sure deal.

2. Louis C. Gasper - July 30, 2015

As long as the Red Barn in Colleyville is available to me when I visit there, Austin can do what they want.

3. Mary - July 30, 2015

Liberals are the new Puritans. Must regulate all the joy out of life. They have even taken all the fun out of conjugal relations, licit and illicit, by regulating it, too. ( “Safe sex”, only two children, just to name a couple of the regulations.)

4. glmcreations - July 30, 2015

Read S Ct case of Katzenbach v McClung-believe it or not it is an interstate-commerce/BBQ case! And the Federal govt has power over interstate commerce-and maybe just maybe they preempt Austin City Council on this one – maybe Austin yet again does something unconstitutional, and has no power to enact a law that impacts “interstate” commerce. Check it out; tell folks at Franklin BBQ. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas, once USA, now USSA

5. c matt - July 30, 2015

Austin generally gets what it deserves, so it’s hard to shed a tear. Besides, plenty of other places in Texas to take up the Austin BBQ “slack.” Pearland has one of the best places anywhere. Not to mention most really good Central Texas BBQ is in the small town areas (Lockhart comes to mind).

katzenbach was based on the violation of the civil rights act (and a rather clear one at that). Franklin and others would have to find a federal law that the Austin ordinance infringes. Even if there is an environmental law that may cover BBQ smoke, the ordinance would have to somehow frustrate the purpose of the fed law. Seems like a tall order.

Cristero - July 30, 2015

My personal fave is Pat Gee’s BBQ in the woods out east of Tyler, just south of Hiway 31 to Kilgore. If it is backwoods barbeque with ambience you crave, Pat Gee’s is your place.

Tantumblogo - July 30, 2015

I love places like this. Divy, hole in the wall.

Easy Pickens in Harper (90 miles west of Austin right on US 290) used to be my favorite. More West Texas style, cooked directly over mesquite coals but danged good. Their ribs were the best I’ve ever had. Better than Cooper’s but a wide margin.

Cristero - July 30, 2015

To be honest, the BBQ at Pat Gee’s is pretty good. But the place itself is too good. It is an unpretentious place that does not even try to be un-pretentious. It is like stepping way back in time. I googled “Pat Gee Barbeque” and got some hits and pictures.

6. LaGallina - July 30, 2015

Next Austin is going to ban meat. It’s inhumane to kill animals, you know…

7. H-town - July 31, 2015

Just to add to the suggestions, Gatlins bbq in H-town is mighty fine.

8. c matt - July 31, 2015

All this talk has got me wanting to fire up the grill this weekend – even if I won’t need to light a fire because it’s already a million degrees outside! I bet if I lift the lid at noon and drop meat on the grill, it will actually start to sizzle!

9. glmcreations - July 31, 2015

C Matt-Make sure the sizzle is not too many decibels. Better mow and edge the yard asap. That’s the next thing they go after-the sounds and emissions from lawn mowers and weedeaters. And then there is bovine flatulence. Are they concerned about the “waste” from Planned Parenthood? Not so much. All: God bless and keep you and let you have a fullofwonder weekend. Guy McClung, San Antonio

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