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FINALLY, the kind of decisive leadership one expects of a Catholic bishop! July 31, 2015

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Oh yes yes yes, here it is, that kind of firm, decisive stand so many have been praying for and hungering after for years!  We finally have our man, that great, strong bishop to lead the Church in this country into the 21st century and a new, sunlit upland of glory!

Archbishop Blaise Cupich has committed the Archdiocese of Chicago to tackle climate change!  Move over Augustine! Stand aside, Cyprian!  There’s a new standard for Catholic leadership, and his name is………Blaise:

Chicago’s Catholic archdiocese is the nation’s first to monitor its buildings’ power and water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Archbishop Blase Cupich joined US Environmental Protection Agency officials Friday to mark the Church’s stewardship initiative, an answer to Pope Francis’ entreaty to preserve the earth.

Archdiocese officials plan to benchmark each of the 2,700 buildings — churches, schools, offices and multiple-family housing. They will track energy consumption and consider each building’s structure using the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager to rank them from 1 to 100.

Cupich said the Church is committed to following the pope’s encyclical, which took on climate change and environmental sustainability.

“Those who do not think religious organizations should have an opinion on climate change misunderstand the former and the moral dimension of the latter,” Cupich said. “We are called to care for those sickened by pollution, house those displaced by environmental calamities, and heal the spirits of those — especially our youth — who are disheartened by a world where human survival is now in question.”

Oh do tell me more about this wonderful new religion you belong to!  My stars, it sounds positively iiinteresting!  Why, I can just see it attracting all kinds of folks – Alinskyites, ACORN types, progressives, modernists, leftists, worldly elites……in other words, all the right kinds of people!

“Care for those sickened by pollution!”  How iiinteresting!  “House those displaced by environmental calamities!”  Oh my, dooo tell more!  “A world where human survival is now in question”……be still my heart!  I feel overwhelmed at the depth of your mind-blowing pastoral sensitivity!  So much concern, that just happens, by miracle, to completely align with sacred shibboleths of the progressive left!  And carefully scripted with the most repressive and anti-Catholic administration in the history of this country truly sensitive and caring Obama administration.  How very, VERY convenient!

Oh children we are truly a blessed flock to have shepherds like this!  Why I’m quite certain we can now look forward to a good two decades worth of the same kind of worldly, completely forgettable and politicized policy statements and PR releases from chanceries and even the bishop’s conference that afflicted the faithful from circa 1975 – 1995.  Oh joy!

Feigning seriousness for a moment, I do wish our bishops would spend 1/10th the time, focus, money, and energy they spend on political matters on actual matters related to the Faith and salvation.  But since we’re all saved anyway, what good is a bishop except to be a politician, right?!

Enjoy your new renaissance, modernist Catholics!  It will be your last.

Now, back to channeling Bugs Bunny:

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1. glmcreations - July 31, 2015

I am “disheartened by a world where human survival” of a child in its mother’s womb “is now in question.” Especially disheartened about child/womb survival in Chicago where over 20,000 children are killed each year. Hopefully there are stringent CIty Of Chicago laws in place governing disposal of the chemicals used to kill the babies so the Chicago environment will remain pure and pristine. What is more sickening than this moral pollution, is an Alinskyite prelate doing what he knows provides cover as much as support for the Democrat Death Dealers. Guy McClung, San Antonio

2. Tim - July 31, 2015
Baseballmom - July 31, 2015

Hilarious! Sometimes we have to laugh at the whole sordid disaster! Thanks….

3. Joe of st therese - July 31, 2015

Climate change is so important, I’m battling by turning up my ac.with bishops like these, who needs enemies. God have mercy

4. Baseballmom - July 31, 2015

The pope’s personally selected man…. I am shocked! Absolutely shocked!

5. camper - July 31, 2015

Tantum, have you ever considered a psychiatrist?

Tim - July 31, 2015

What for?

6. RVBlake - July 31, 2015

Disheartened by a world where human survival is threatened. Hmm…as bad as an eternity where salvation is threatened?

kimzef2015 - August 1, 2015

Wonder if he’s banning priests from abortion sidewalk counseling like he did in Spokane?

7. Mrs. Pat Scott Houston, Texas - August 1, 2015

and I thought he looked like a wimp–what a man’s man!!

8. Vincent Fitzpatrick - August 1, 2015

His name is spelled “Blase,” not “Blaise.” It’s easy to remember because of the way he feels about abortion. Blasé.

9. oakesspalding - August 1, 2015

My church has never had air conditioning–for all the right reasons. It’s a beautiful high-ceilinged old church, which no doubt would be incredibly expensive to cool. And the money, such as it is, is better spent elsewhere, like in providing wonderful music. There are two big fans that you can stand in front of if you want and get a free hair styling during Mass. 🙂

10. Tim - August 1, 2015
11. Brian - August 2, 2015

Feminine traits are fantastic ….. when personified by women living their lives to the full as God designed them.

Masculine traits are fantastic ….. when personified and acted out by men of honor living their lives as God designed them.

In our homosexual alphabet soup of a culture where so many people seem confused over their “gender identity”, it is a common and ugly thing when a female acts like a man, and when a male acts like a woman.

I am not saying that about Bp Cupich necessarily, but by golly I would sure like to see a little male leadership from my Shepherds. We live in a dangerous world; babies are being slaughtered, torn to bits while still alive, and I would dearly love to see a little male, moral outrage and action in their defense by those chosen to present Christ to the world. Climate Change!? Phaw!

I picture Bp. Cupich taking his shepherds staff and using it as a Kung Fu instrument against the sterile murdering tools in a pp clinic, (or perhaps just kneeling down in prayer at the entrance of one). Perhaps he might don some camo gear and travel to the front line of battle and minister to the troops keeping ISIS from entering his dioscese and harming his flock. Maybe he could show some solidarity with Mideast Christian communities whose heads are being removed. Maybe he could risk his life by traveling to their dusty, dangerous, delapidated homes in ISIS hell in honor of the sacrifice they are making for Jesus as their culture is being wiped out.

I know, it’s a pipe dream, but dang I’m tired of mincing, half-smiling soft-spoken words of mercy in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah

12. Kitty Murray - August 3, 2015

Thank you for outing Bishop Blaise Cupich. Our salvation is at stake (souls are going to hell) and he brags about reducing pollution. I wonder if his Maker will be impressed. I have my doubts.

13. Bernadette - August 3, 2015

Ahh. Perhaps the good bishop will set an example and do without air-conditioning in his domicile! What an example for us all!

kimzef2015 - August 4, 2015

He’s not a bishop and probably not a priest. The rites of ordination and consecration were corrupted in such a way as to likely render them invalid. In the wake of Francis, I thought I had made some horrific mistake in converting to Catholicism.
Cupich is a pretender. Seeking out a priest ordained in the old rite by a bishop consecrated in the old rite is the safest thing you can do in these times.

glmcreations - August 4, 2015

Dear kimzef2015, Your words struck a poignant chord with me-I know this is the one true holy catholic and apostolic church; but I get – 100%-your “horrific mistake” comment. I think this is true: we do not control the media and publication apparatus of the organized official-offices church administration and bureaucracy. We have no idea how many of us there are and where we all are who see what has happened and who know what has happened – and who know that fish rot from the head down; who know these same folks who will not speak truth have paid out over $2,000,000,000.00 for the sins of their fellows; we know the devastation of the church in America, not just in numbers, but in belief. And now I read you comment-all I can think is that God for His reasons has seen fit to choose you, now, and give you the gift of faith. And I wonder what He has in mind for you to do-it must be something fullofwonder. God bless you and keep you always safe in the palm of His hand as you discern and then do His will. Guy McClung, San Antonio

14. c matt - August 4, 2015

heal the spirits of those — especially our youth

Oh the chirren! Don’t forget about the chirren!

15. c matt - August 4, 2015

If Blase really wants to cut the Church’s CO2 emissions, maybe he should cut his homilies in half. Win-win.

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