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Priest smokes Cardinal Dolan for race-baiting criticism of Donald Trump August 3, 2015

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I don’t know why so many good strong conservatives feel compelled to make these kinds of disclaimers, but I’m going to make one, too: I have no love for Donald Trump.  He is not a conservative. He is not a friend of Catholics or the moral order.  He is a self-aggrandizing progressive and a radical pro-abort (among many other things).  This campaign is a giant ego trip for him.

Buuuut……I have found the “establishment’s” response to him enlightening.  It has shown the degree to which the self-anointed elites in our society are committed to foisting not just amnesty but a continued regime of flooding this nation with dangerous levels of immigration in order to drive wages down and increase the wealth and influence of the political donor class, crushing the middle class largely out of existence in the process.  It is a program to turn the US into Brazil or Argentina – great places to live if one is wealthy or one of the few middle class, but not so great if one is one of the teeming masses of desperately poor.

Part of that response could be seen in Cardinal Dolan’s ugly tirade against Trump last week.  Fr. Marcel Guarzino – who lost his incardination in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC for refusing to see the Blessed Sacrament sacrilegiously received by an open, militant lesbian – takes Cardinal Dolan to task in terms rarely used by a mainstream Novus Ordo-type priest.  Good for him (my emphasis and comments):

This week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan took to the New York Daily News to write an incoherent and defamatory political hit piece against Donald Trump. [It’s pretty inflammatory, alright. I’d call it a hit piece.]

As a Catholic priest, I can only say it is embarrassing to have a Cardinal so blatantly and unfairly trying to associate Mr. Trump with the worst kinds of racism imaginable. I offer an apology on behalf of so many Catholics who are outraged by the dirty politics of Cardinal Dolan. [Fundamentally, I’d say Dolan made opposition to the status quo on illegal immigration into this country tantamount to racism.  That is, one would only support taking real, concrete action toward ending the massive influx of illegal immigrants, many of them dangerous criminals, from a viewpoint based in bigotry.  Even more, his piece was filled with straw men and false dichotomies……one can either support the status quo, or one is a hate filled bigot.  It is so strange to see a prelate who cannot be bothered to spend the slightest energy to defend the moral order and Catholic Doctrine instead spend large amount of energy and whatever slight political capital he has trying to assert himself into prudential matters more rightly the purview of the laity.  I’m afraid there is, once again, more than a little self-interest in this constant promotion of unconstrained illegal immigration from the episcopate in this country]

Ever so “cleverly,” Dolan makes clear that in his opinion Trump is the revival of nativism, “an organized, white, Protestant antagonism towards the Catholic immigrant,” which for Dolan is just a more recent incarnation of the KKK and other racist organizations–an absurd claim–and perhaps one of the most ignorant statements and mean-spirited remarks I have ever seen a bishop state publicly. The more than clear implication by Dolan that Trump is a white supremacist reaches levels of defamation that even the most liberal media has not dare trod. [Once again, we should ask to what end Dolan is so exercised?  Could this kind of heated rhetoric be motivated at all by self-interest?  And what of the enormous cost of illegal immigration, not just in terms of social services, but in terms of jobs lost, wages decreased, families destroyed, and entire countries disrupted?  I read that 1/5 of the entire Salvadoran population and 1/4 of the Mexican population now resides in the United States.  That kind of incredible influx has had a deleterious influence on both the US and the countries so many millions are fleeing, but Dolan pretends that immigration is something with nothing but upside.]

Dolan should perhaps realize that the continued race bating in this country by President Obama and others is immoral and destructive to the social fabric of our nation. For Dolan to join the base ranks of the peddlers of hate, dividing Catholics and Protestants, blacks and white, the poor and the rich as well as Americans from immigrants is intellectually dishonest. Dolan’s words are unbecoming of a bishop and are not factual. [Maybe Dolan picked up more from Obama at that Al Smith dinner than we realized]

Dolan who is quick to claim that he is not telling people who they should not vote for, provides the usual vacuous caveat only after he has done all the damage. This is the same bishop who is silent about the recently revealed atrocities of Planned Parenthood, who did little to defend marriage and has done absolutely nothing about pro abortion politicians in his diocese receiving communion and remaining falsely in good standing in the Catholic Church……. [Indeed, he claimed that as head of the primatial see for New York he would not take any step to prevent public sinner and heretic Governor Andrew Cuomo from receiving the Blessed Sacrament. He has also done nothing to clean up the scandal of the sodomitical “St. Francis Xavier parish.”  Meanwhile, he persecutes orthodox Catholic priests.]

………..Dolan is not known for his intellectual depth but his aides should consider reading over his pubic statements to spare American Catholics some embarrassment. Dolan seems jovially unaware of the social unrest that lax immigration laws are causing in France, England and other nations in Europe. It is not Catholic or Christian to advocate for irresponsible immigration. Immigration to be of any help to immigrants and the host country, requires order,knowledge and balance. [The limits of which are entirely prudential judgments and something Catholic bishops should only advise on in the broadest moral terms.  Instead they have predominately taken up virulent advocacy for the most extreme pro-immigration positions.  Many see in this unfaltering support quite a bit of self-interest, a way to make their parishes and dioceses look far better than they would after decades of collapse in the Catholic Faith in this country and millions of souls lost to the Church.  Even more, these recent immigrants leave the Church in numbers exceeding even native Catholics, but so long as the influx is maintained, this can all be papered over and the institutional Church can go on pretending all is relatively well.]

Dolan who is also not known for his humility and mercy will likely never apologize, but he should.

If Dolan were to say something sensible about politics to Catholics he should perhaps state the obvious: no Catholic in good conscience can vote for the Democratic party, a party that supports funding Planned Parenthood, opposes marriage, and is seen to be devastating the social fabric of this nation while bringing economic ruin to a once prosperous country.

BOOM!  There it is, and thank you Fr. Guarzino!  I have to agree, not that the Repubnik party is much better.  Many good Catholics feel increasingly that they have little choice in terms of the two dominant parties – it’s tweedle dee and tweedle dum all around.  But the evidence that the democrat party is so thoroughly wedded to the promotion of all manner of immorality has reached, I think, such an extreme level that it is inescapable. Simply on the basis of their constant support for the most extreme pro-abortion positions imaginable, voting for democrats has to be excluded across the board.

Which gets back to the origin of the tragedy of the moral collapse of these United States.  In the 1960s, most democratic politicians were firmly opposed to not just abortion, but legalized contraception, liberalized divorce and all the rest of the sexular pagan agenda.  Many of these democrats were Catholic, and most of them were inherently opposed to the sexular pagan agenda.  It took quite a bit of effort to woo them to support that agenda, and much of that wooing, incredibly, was done by men holding influential office in the Church.  From Cardinal Cushing to Cardinal Cody to Father Drinan to Father Murray to Father Francis X. Murphy to Fr. Hesburgh to Bishop Hallinan to Bishop and then Cardinal Bernadin, a focused cabal of leftist leaders within the Church counseled, cajoled, and propagandized scores of influential Catholic political leaders – like the Kennedy family – to shuck their adherence to Catholic moral doctrine and embrace the doctrine of the sexular pagan left.

While there were many such progressives, they still constituted a small minority in the Church.  The more conservative or “mainstream” majority could have vociferously opposed them and at least made the success of the sexular pagan agenda much more difficult, if not altogether impossible.  However, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, and convinced that the Church had embraced a new worldly paradigm, very few did so with any strength.  And so the vast majority of Catholic politicians in the democrat party – so many of them sons or grandsons of immigrants from formerly Catholic countries – came over time to become fervent supporters of the most hateful immorality.  The Church’s muddled position on moral doctrine, and the promotion of so many beliefs and practices radically opposed to the traditional practice of the Faith, convinced millions of souls that the Church had little to offer them, and so they departed.  The bishops desperate hunger for unending waves of Hispanic immigrants to this country is simply the latest manifestation of their general failure of leadership.

And the great silence of the bishops on the moral doctrines surrendered (in effect) so long ago continues to this day.  Presented with an absolutely golden opportunity to strike a mortal blow against the leading abortion advocate and provider in the country, the reaction of bishops and priests generally has been weak and ineffective.  Instead of stirring sermons thundering from pulpits across the land, condemning this gravest of evils against God and man, we read low-brow Balkanizing op-eds in the New York Daily News and press releases encouraging us to contact sure thing senators.  I guess it’s just sooo much more fun to pretend at being a member of the elite and a political player than being that merest of things, a shepherd of souls in Christ’s Holy Church.

I guess we get the shepherds we deserve.  Have mercy on us, Lord.  Have mercy on us.  How much longer, Lord?



1. Baseballmom - August 3, 2015

I pRay not much longer…. Their silence implies consent. I’m no fan of the Donald either, but if he announced that he was a sodomite, or gender fluid, he likely would get an apology AND a BRAVO!!!
Lord have Mercy on the souls of these cowardly prelates.

2. camper - August 4, 2015

No Tantum, Brazil and Argentina are terrible places for the rich, too. If guns weren’t legal in America, the standard of living would go a long way to making America still a nice country. Not Argentina and Brazil. Crime there is very high and they have little money as recompense.

c matt - August 4, 2015

If guns weren’t legal in America, the standard of living would go a long way to making America still a nice country.

I don’t follow? At times, it seems the legality of gun ownership in America is the only thing preventing full and open dictatorship.

theheartlander - August 5, 2015

Amen to that, c matt! Not to mention that the ability to defend yourself and your family is a fundamental human right. It is part of the “natural law,” which the Church has always expounded. Also, defending the innocent against aggression is a moral obligation. By including the Second Amendment in our Constitution, all the Framers were doing was confirming what is an ancient, innate, natural right.

3. Obsever - August 4, 2015

Churchmen of Cardinal Dolan’s ilk, and there are many worse examples in Europe, are the semi-willing tools of the powerful elites. His rantings are pretty much in agreement with ‘Encyclicals’ such as Pacem in Terris. The replacement levels of immigration which he supports were in fact proposed a long time ago, in 1923, by a shadowy but well connected sinister figure called Coudenhove-Kalergi. He really existed, we can’t make up names like that! The Kalergi Plan proposed turning Europe into Egypt, so Cardinal Dolan’s enthusiastic support for turning much of the US into Brazil should not surprise us.

4. Margueritre - August 4, 2015

The only line I disagree with is saying that the Church is muddled on moral doctrine. It’s not, never has been. It’s those who misinterpret, water down or totally ignore Church teaching who are muddled. The Bishops are responsible for the lack of clarity as they have become lazy shepherds. We get what we deserve? Maybe on a purely secular level, but we “got” Jesus and as the song goes, who could ask for anything more.

5. ColdStanding - August 4, 2015

David Wemhoff has just published a 900+ page history of Fr. John Courtney-Murray involvement in promoting “Americanism” up to and after the council in question. Based upon youtube clips I have seen of Mr. Wemhoff presenting a synopsis of his thesis, I do believe it goes a long way to explaining the mysterious behavior of much of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States and other Western nations.

Can be seen here: http://www.culturewars.com/

Tantumblogo - August 4, 2015

Thanks for sharing!

6. Monica Monaco - August 5, 2015

God bless Father Guarzino

7. Mary - August 6, 2015

Saw this comment on another site. Reposting here since it is on topic—an eyeopener, if true.

“You have to realize that unfettered immigration is a cash cow for USCCB. They receive upwards of $75mil, that’s right 75mil, from US govt for MRS(Migration & Refugee Services). So keep’em comin’. There is an obvious conflict of interest here. This represents more than half of USCCB operating budget! They’re not getting it from the pews anymore.
Dolan is another big disappointment in a long line of disappointment in the politics and in the church. Trump is the only person out there I have any hope in. And Dolan is bashing him….Has anyone heard ANY Catholic clerics speak out about Planned Parenthood?”

Bottom line here for our hierarchy too often is the dollar. The same goes for why CDolan was silent on the Gay St Patrick’s Parade — a backroom deal with Cuomo where there would be ‘no fuss’ about the Parade controversy in exchange for the promise of education dollars for Catholic Schools. Never materialized.

Not a word at my parish about the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling nor a word about the recent video exposes on PP selling the body parts of preborn infants who are aborted. One would never know it was taking place.

Remember ‘Sacred Silence’? Here we have topdown ‘Sinful Silence.’ Message to our hierarchy: Man up. The laity is depending on you to call an immediate stop to the atrocities taking place under your watch.

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