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I could be in big trouble – Mexican site sells glorious Church art…. August 4, 2015

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….along with some post-conciliar schlock, but c’est la vie, I guess.  There is a store in Mexico City called Las Fabricas De Lyon.  They sell all manner of Church-related items, from vestments and communion wafers to glorious Church art, some of it antique and truly beautiful.

I love to buy art like this!  I’m having a bit of trouble communicating with them at present but hopefully that will get sorted out. I did.  Kind of.   And hopefully I’ll also find that they ship to the states!  They do.  I still have a wife, though.  But for now, I can dream……..



There’s tons more. That’s just two items I could get pics of.  Most of the site has right click blocked.  Yes its Mexico but you can get awesome art for parish or home for dimes (not quite pennies) on the dollar.

Maybe D could help me out here.  You know anything about them?


1. Paul Alan - August 5, 2015

Is there anything you need a picture of off of their site? If you left click, hold, drag and drop to your desktop screen the picture should be copied, it works on my Mac. It may help in your communications with them. I wonder if this is loot from the Cristero war.

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