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RE: Cecil the Lion – “Wherever there is animal worship, there is human sacrifice” August 5, 2015

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I’m a WASP.  At least, I was born one.  I’m as White Anglo Saxon Protestant as they come.  My entire patrilineal heritage draws from England and Scotland.  My mother’s side is German and Norwegian.  And of course I was raised in a good protestant home.

But I heard a great line in a movie nearly 30 years ago that’s stuck with me ever since.  It struck me as very true then, just as it does now.  It’s from the movie Wall Street, and anti-hero Gordon Gekko reveals his disgust and incomprehension at the elite white extremely rich class he has bought himself into: “That’s the thing about WASPs.  They love animals, but they can’t stand people.”

That phrase has been on my mind of late as I’ve witnessed the completely predictable head fake conducted by the media on the Planned Barrenhood expose. Since the leftist media will do everything in their power to protect one of their most sacred shibboleths – abortion – they had to find a titillating, emotion-filled story to distract as many people as possible.  Since Americans have a fascination with furry animals, this story of Cecil the Lion was perfect to their ends.  So they picked their target, framed, froze it, and whipped up fury to destroy it.  Meanwhile, Planned Butcherhood continues to sell murdered baby parts for profit every day.

I’m a hunter, though I haven’t been the past couple of years.  I have no problem shooting a “defenseless” animal.  I do find it a bit gruesome and unfortunate that this hunter was so inaccurate that he left an animal to suffer for days before finishing him off, but that can occasionally happen to even the best, most careful hunter.  I feel not even the slightest outrage over the death of Cecil the Lion.  It may have been a “canned” hunt – I have no idea – but a lion is a deadly animal.  It’s not a deer.  Millions of people outraged over this lion and ready to literally kill the poor dentist who shot him couldn’t spare a tear over the hamburger they had for lunch nor the baby being ripped apart, dying in agony down the street.  To me, it’s a huge indictment of the moral inversion that has afflicted this nation over the past several decades and a dark portent for the future.

But I stumbled across a quote by the great G. K. Chesterton that I think sheds even more light on where this country is, and where it’s headed:

There is a healthy and an unhealthy love of animals: and the nearest definition of the difference is that the unhealthy love of animals is serious. I am quite prepared to love a rhinoceros, with reasonable precautions: he is, doubtless, a delightful father to the young rhinoceroses. But I will not promise not to laugh at a rhinoceros. . . . I will not worship an animal. That is, I will not take an animal quite seriously: and I know why.

Wherever there is Animal Worship there is Human Sacrifice. That is, both symbolically and literally, a real truth of historical experience.

That is very true.  I’ve been reading Jeremias, Baruch, and Lamentations recently.  These prophets decried the faithlessness of the Israelis in their adoption of satanic pagan religions.  These religions featured animal worship, and they also featured human sacrifice.  The Jews, God’s chosen, given incredible Grace and all Truth necessary for them to lead moral, upright lives, had forsaken their birthright and allowed their own infant children to be burned to death as an offering to an angry, threatening Ba’al.  This rejection of God and their covenant went on for decades, generations. Prophets were sent to turn them from their path of self-destruction, but in their pride and idiocy the Israelis would not convert.  So, God punished them, allowing all Israel to be conquered and dispersing the 12 tribes around the world.  10 of those tribes vanished forever.

The outrage over the death of Cecil the Lion and the cold indifference towards the butchery of Planned Barrenhood has disheartened me.  I’m not altogether surprised, but it is still disappointing to see.  This outrage may not signal outright animal worship, but how many adherents to the silly neo-pagan environmental Gaia-worship are very far away from that?  How many “ethicists” are out there proclaiming that its perfectly acceptable for parents to be able to murder a 5 year old, but it is morally questionable to eat a kernel of wheat (plants have feelings, too, you know!) and absolutely abhorrent to step on an ant. Even so-called Catholic women religious go out into the forest and enact wiccan nature worship.  We perhaps are not as far from animal worship as we think we are.

I’ll admit, I’ve developed a bit of a coarse attitude towards animals, despite having a house full of them (2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 cockatiels, a leopard lizard, 30 odd chickens, and periodic insects, snakes, and lizards).  I used to be a person who thought of my dog as almost a member of the family, and then I had kids.  The depth of attachment for my kids made anything I had ever felt for animals simply pale in comparison.  There is no comparison.  And ever since, while I pet my dog (not the other one) more than anyone else and make sure all the other animals are attended to, I could take them or leave them, honestly.  Maybe my heart’s a bit hard towards Cecil, but I just do not get it. I do not get the outrage, I do not get this thing that’s developed in our culture where we have to have weekly targets for our two minutes hate.  It says to me a lot of people (I think, mostly progressives) are miserable and looking for some outlet, any outlet on which to vent their pent up bile.  Next week it will be someone else.  And a lot of those targets are good Christians, who just happen to hold beliefs the progressive left now finds conveniently abhorrent.

Does not the stage seem increasingly set for a charismatic demagogue to sweep in and take over?  Oh………

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On a lighter note:

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1. Jim the Tim - August 5, 2015

O come on Sir I come from the UK and the same people who kill animals I.E the higher echelons of society who go on safari and want to come back with a trophy I.E. an animals head . Are the same ones who would trample over humanity to get what they WANT. There is no guilt in killing something for food but there is a sin in killing an animal for the sake of killing and nothing more . When God put humanity above all animals in the World he also gave us responsibility . Once I had a pellet gun which was only good for killing sparrows -I went out one day and killed 6 that particular day I felt sick to my stomach -these were Gods creatures I killed for killings sake it was a sin . Although almost 50 years has passed I still remember that day I came home and sold the gun A S A P. I know that a sparrow is nothing compared to the millions of Abortions and I agree with you of course that Human Life is cheap as long as it’s not there’s . But Christ said ( a sparrow shall not fall from the tree without the knowledge of my Heavenly Father.) These planned parenthood butchers shall get their day how anyone can pull a living human being and split it up for profit is unforgivable, but let’s not destroy any of Gods creatures for the simple reason of hanging a head on a wall . J D.

Brian - August 6, 2015

It’s important to remember that animals do not have immortal souls and they are not made in the image of God. Animals will not spend eternity in the Beatific Vision, nor will they burn in hell forever. Christ did not leave His throne to redeem Cecil the Lion or Sammy the sparrow. God is not creating legions of animals to praise Him and worship Him throughout eternity.

The babies being murdered in the womb are very special to God and were meant to be with Him in eternal bliss; made In God’s Image. It may be a sin to shoot a little starling for needless sport, as it may be a sin to throw extra peas in the trash that you didn’t need to put on your plate. However, it is important to maintain perspective on The Order of things. Any one baby is infinitely more important than the most regal lion that ever walked on four paws, or anything else in God’s entire Universe.

What the Media is doing here is classic propaganda. They know a harmful blow was struck, so they take the moral energy and outrage over baby torture and killing and transfer it directly onto Cecil the Lion. And now it is a 24/7 soap opera about animal cruelty and capitalist pigs. The poor, terrified, helpless babies, forgotten again.

This hatred of humans, and especially babies, is diabolical in its nature as is the very strange and simultaneous veneration of animal and plant life. It smells of sulfur.

2. Baseballmom - August 5, 2015

Loved the Cecil was no choirboy bit…. Very funny! Of course, the human heart is made to love, and since so many souls have turned their backs to human suffering and have refused to love and accept children they must focus a very disordered “love” on something else… Anything but people…. Especially little people. I just recently discovered that folks are giving birthday parties for their DOGS! Google “dog birthday parties” and you will find that this is a booming business. It is all very sick…. I do so wish the Good Lord would just say “Game Over.”

3. MT - August 5, 2015

You’ve put into words what I have been thinking. Thank you.

4. Woody - August 6, 2015

Wow, I haven’t had a laugh like that in a very long time. I’m still chuckling. Thank you.

5. Obsever - August 6, 2015

Remember back when the tv talking heads would finish the news report with a fluffy story about a cat stuck up a tree or some such nonsense? The remarkable insight made by G K Chesterton is right on the money. It almost appears we are being programmed for nature worship. I wonder if the anthropomorphism of animals in kid’s cartoons is healthy? Oldies such as Top Cat are a good laugh but are they confusing for children?

6. Marguerite - August 6, 2015

All creatures great and small. Animals should never be put on par with humans for obvious reasons. But animals can be faithful companions to the lonely and the forgotten, not to mention the blind and disabled. Cecil was a wild animal who killed out of instinct not out of malice. There’s a difference. But yes, the media deliberately spun the story to detract from the true massacre going on in abortion mills and supported by Planned Parenthood and other detestable human beings. Sometimes methinks animals possess an innocence we have lost.

7. tg - August 6, 2015

No offense to anyone but my mother had a saying about white people loving animals more than children. I used to think that too but now it’s everybody. I know people who’s lives revolve around their pets. They can’t go anywhere or they have to travel with their pets. I can’t see my life revolving around any animal. I have never been a pet person except once after my kids left home. My son gave me his cat. I was attached to it for a while until my first grandson was born. The cat must have sensed her role changed because she began to urinate in the house and throw up. I gave the cat to a cat lover and I didn’t really feel anything. I think the cat filled my empty nest syndrome until my grandson was born. I don’t feel anything about the lion thing either. I’m not saying I think animals deserve to be abused but they are not human beings. Babies are being killed, children abused everyday but all you hear about in the news is about that lion.

8. Brian E. Breslin - August 6, 2015

Tantum, I am a dentist who has studied Irish for the past twelve years and I found it somewhat funny that it was a colleague who did in Cecil. But may I point out that the Irish word for filling is LIONADH, and that perhaps our Minneapolis friend may have had a mental mixup somehow? Nah, bad pun in any language.

Tantumblogo - August 6, 2015

That’s it, you’re banned.


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