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Praying to the pagan goddess “gaia” at Mass in Toronto August 6, 2015

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The danger in writing a meandering, unfocused encyclical that seems to adopt most of the worldly zeitgeist is that fallen elements “within” the Church will adopt it as their own and take it to the next logical step.  And so now a parish in Toronto closes a televised Mass (and hoo-boy what an uninspiring Mass of the elderly, for the elderly that was) with a hymn to the pagan goddess gaia……..that is, to a demon.  For “all the gods of the gentiles are demons” (Ps 95:5).

See @ 27:30:

Yeah baby.  Worship that devil!

The only young people within 500 yards of that Mass are paid employees.

Brought to you, by the way, by the Archdiocese of Toronto official Youtube channel.

Makes you so proud to be a Catholic, dudn’t it!  I can feel the Holy Ghost coursing through my veins when I hear the soaring lyrics of “Oh Gaia!”

A church of dying liberals, for dying liberals.  Oh this is a church with a grand, grand future.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in time:

h/t Michael Matt


1. Brian Springer - August 7, 2015

In my experience it seems as if the elderly are especially under attack by the Evil One. Just when you think you’re on the home stretch, salvation is snatched away by people who are hell bent on pushing a new religion on the faithful. Let’s hope/pray these elderly men and women recognized the attack and kept their faith (provided they haven’t lost it already).

2. Brian Springer - August 7, 2015

In my experience, it seems as though the elderly are under constant attack by the Evil One. Just when you think that you are on the home stretch, people such as those of this particular parish contribute greatly to the snatching away of their faiths. Let us pray that those elderly men and women present recognized the attack on their faith and preserved in it (provided they hadn’t lost it already).

3. Dismas - August 7, 2015

You know, sometimes our comments just cannot live up to the experience of just taking some of this stuff all in. Words fail.

Here is the clip from the diocesan channel. If you want to do penance, watch the whole thing. Otherwise skip to 27:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWQC1n6FVns

4. Obsever - August 7, 2015

It could only be from the ‘Peoples’ Republik of Kanada’!

5. tg - August 7, 2015

This is the stuff that makes my head spin.

6. David - August 7, 2015

This is worse than the Halloween Mass held many years ago in Oakland.

I also dislike youth Masses where kids do hand motions to songs (normally Christian rock music) and stand around the altar. In recent years, it seems that more priests are putting their foot down on what is appropriate for a youth Mass – thank God.

tg - August 7, 2015

I agree. Last time I didn’t know I was going to a youth Mass. I was so agitated.

Peter - August 7, 2015

My kids always hated youth masses. These masses are so lame and the music is awful by any standard, even worse than Marty Haugen hymns. And we are not traditionalists by any means.

7. Peter - August 7, 2015

Now I can’t get that stupid Gaia tune out of my head. I need a drink.

8. Marguerite - August 8, 2015

Something else is afoot that is very sinister. Two different churches in Florida (St. Petersburg Diocese) are starting to spin heresy regarding the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion. One priest said in his homily that Jesus is in the Bread–what does this mean? But worse, yesterday, instead of saying the words, “Body of Christ,” the priest said “Bread of Christ.” I hesitated and said “Amen” to a heresy. Are they preparing for the sacrilegious reception of Communion by divorced, remarried and contracepting Catholics by watering down this sacred mystery of our faith? Is this next?

9. Brian E. Breslin - August 9, 2015

Sad altogether, but the young lady’s voice is such that one must strain mightily to make out what the heck she is saying. I guess that it is better that way.

10. Gary - August 9, 2015

It seems satan is pulling out all the stops; he knows his time is short. We must 🙏⛪️

11. M. - August 10, 2015

Meantime, IT is what is happening to the TRUE PRIEST IN ONTARIO!!! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fair-hearing-for-fr-john-duffy

12. Tim - August 10, 2015

Mr Michael Matt weighs in on this one:

13. David Anthony Domet - August 11, 2015
14. aloi meh - August 11, 2015

St. John was the only Apostle who did not abandon Christ during His Passion and crucifixion.

Upon witnessing the cowardice, fear, diabolic disorientation, et al routinely demonstrated by “leaders” such as this one, how many people do you suppose there are that have the grace to set their minds and hearts as St. John did?

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