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More greatness like this: Rosary, Exorcism outside Denver Planned Barrenhood August 7, 2015

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I know this priest.  I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to say his name.  Nonetheless, God bless him and those taking part in the minor exorcism and Rosary outside a Denver Planned Barrenhood.



This kind of leadership is priceless.  So is this kind of spiritual warfare.  Let us have much more of the same.

BTW, New Hampshire de-funded Planned Butcherhood today.  Not much, but it’s a start.

Umm, what? “Gay” teens get pregnant more than “straight” ones? August 7, 2015

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This is apparently pretty decisive date.  Not only do “gay” – which could mean “bisexual” – teen girls get pregnant more frequently than those not given over to disordered lusts, they do so at FIVE times the rate.  What happened to “born that way,” and sexuality as a firmly fixed definition that could never possibly change?

I can think of a number of explanations.  First, these are simply confused, over-sexualized people, period.  They flit about from one person to the next of any sex, depending on who is paying attention to them from one minute to the next.  They constantly search for that next thrill, and for that “just right” person to fill the Grand Canyon sized hole in their heart, a hole that may come from being abused as a child, lack of a good father, early exposure to porn, addictive self-abuse, or just not knowing God.

But I can also think of another……becoming a member of a victim class has become a wildly popular fad among young people today.  Why not?  There is nothing more sacrosanct or conveying of pretended moral authority than victimhood status.   We have seen dozens of cases in the past year or two of aggrieved young coeds claiming rape months or years after the alleged assault.  Some have gone to great lengths to publicize their alleged victimization.  We are told, no one would ever voluntarily subject themselves to such “embarrassment?”  What embarrassment? Getting feted by the media, courted by powerful politicians, being given a platform from which to speak without rebuttal, and constant deferential treatment that prevents anyone asking hard questions?  What’s not to like about that?

Of course there is real rape and real abuse in this country.  But since especially on the internet being able to proclaim membership in a protected “victim class” is seen to confer enormous power and authority, there is a huge temptation to less stable individuals to go to great lengths to create a membership in one of these classes that does not, in reality, exist.  It seems women are particularly vulnerable to this temptation.

Thus, a lot of “lesbian” teens “surprisingly” wind up pregnant:

Among the revelatory findings: Bisexual females were five times more likely to have been pregnant than straight females. And questioning and gay males were four times more likely than straight males to report getting someone pregnant. [Sorry, if you’re having regular sex with women, you’re not “gay,”  and I strongly doubt your “questioning.”  I tend to think you’ve decided to adopt a label that gets you automatic attention and a form of moral authority.  I think the reality is that more and more of the millennial generation are so immoral and oversexed they’ll mess around with anyone or anything.]

They also were more sexually active than their straight peers, with about 51 percent of lesbian females reporting that they have had sex compared with 23.5 percent of straight females.

Duh. Maybe that’s because many of those “straight females” aren’t obsessed with their sexual identity.

Sodomite activists are, as  usual, trying to spin this counterintuitive behavior to their advantage:

“You know, if you’re being told all day long that how you think about yourself is wrong, or that it doesn’t fit into the environment that you’re in, that has a negative effect on all of those things, including risk behaviors that would lead to pregnancy,” he said.

First of all, where are these kids getting these ostensibly “negative messages” about themselves?  It certainly isn’t from the media.  It’s not from the schools.  And in fewer and fewer homes would a “coming out” be treated as anything but joyous occasion.  Sorry, this argument simply does not fly.  In fact, the more the sodomites succeed in winning over the culture to their perversion, the less able they will be able to explain away their continuing misery and bizarre, self-destructive behavior.

Keep data like this in mind the next time someone tries to use the “born that way”argument with you.  Also this: many teens go through periods where they question their sexual identity.  They are coming to grips with powerful urges and feelings for the first time.  What is tragic is when so many give into these urges and accept early sexualization.  That can be profoundly destructive of their normal, healthy development, which is well established by the above.  But the left, especially the radical sodomite left, DEPENDS, by their own admission, on this early sexualization in order to generate new recruits.  Thus they are determined to foist perversion on younger and younger children as a matter of course.

Cupich jumps shark, equates Planned Butcherhood slaughter with “racism”, joblessness August 7, 2015

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Yes, yes, that’s a fabulous seamless garment you’re spinning there.  This guy is wasting no time establishing his modernist and moral relativst bona fides:

While commerce in the remains of defenseless children is particularly repulsive, we should be no less appalled by the indifference toward the thousands of people who die daily for lack of decent medical care; [In this country?!?  While a leftist shibboleth, it is also totally false. First of all, only ~7000 Americans die on any given day, anyways. And no one is turned away from most hospitals/emergency rooms for lack on insurance/means of payment.  Total BS]  who are denied rights by a broken immigration system and by racism; [OK, we know he’s talking about this country now] who suffer in hunger, joblessness and want; who pay the price of violence in gun-saturated neighborhoods; or who are executed by the state in the name of justice.

He just equivocated between Planned Barrenhood deliberately murdering hundreds of thousands of babies per year, and then selling their body parts for profit, and:

  • [leftist delusions regarding] lack of availability of health insurance
  • immigration law
  • hunger, which in this country is not so much of a problem, given that the #1 public health threat to the poorest Americans is obesity, not hunger
  • unemployment
  • generic “want”
  • [leftist delusions regarding] gun violence (the most “gun saturated” neighborhoods in the country happen to be in those cities with the most stringent gun control laws, which only have the effect of leaving law-abiding people defenseless)
  • the death penalty

Every single one of those matters is a prudential judgment, viz., how available health insurance should be, how much aid to give to the poor, what constitutes reasonable availability of firearms to citizens, etc. The death penalty is a special case, because, in spite of really bad catechesis even from some recent pontiffs, it is firmly established Catholic Doctrine that the state has the power of the sword and its right to use it is perfectly justifiable, morally.  So in this case it is Cupich who is opposing Church Doctrine by trying to portray the death penalty as an absolute evil on the order of abortion.

Go figure.  As I said in the previous post, we have a substantial number of bishops in this country and around the world – likely the strong majority – who have replaced Catholicism with leftism as their religion of choice.  Every single one of the items he listed above is a sacred shibboleth of the sexular pagan left, whereas I strongly suspect Cupich’s “revulsion” to the genocide of millions of perfectly innocent infants a year is much more pro forma that it is passionate.  In fact, we know it is, given the things he apparently feels are morally equivalent – we should be no less appalled by an unemployment rate of 8% than the murder, dismemberment, and deliberate sale for profit of hundreds of thousands of innocent babies a year?  We should be “no less appalled” by a man who admitted to killing and raping multiple individuals, who actively requested death by the state, than the wholesale slaughter of a billion lives around the world in the past few decades?  Yes these things can be evils, depending on the context and the extent to which Cupich’s imaginings correspond to reality, but “joblessness” is not intrinsically, always and everywhere evil.  “Want” is too generic to be described as always and everywhere evil (is it evil to “want” for a 100″ HDTV, or a new Ipad?).  Eliminating borders and encouraging, even forcing the mass immigration of millions is not always and everywhere good.  These are matters about which reasonable Catholics of good will can disagree, unlike abortion, which is evil, full stop.

For a leftist, however, abortion is a positive good, and “joblessness” is always and everywhere evil.  Availability of firearms in the hands of political adversaries is always and everywhere evil. You get the picture.

And where is the mention of the ongoing slaughter of Christians in the Mideast?  Of course, it is absent, because leftists think Christians have no business being in the Mideast.  That’s muslim territory, and muslims are a protected, revered class among leftists.  Christians, Jews, and others who insist on “invading” the land they occupied for centuries or millennia before Mohammad had his first fever dream therefore get what they deserve.

The key point to take away is……..this is not accidental.   This is not a slip.  This is who this guy really is.  He is a stolid creature of Bernadin, Mahony, Hallinan, and all the other co-religionists who preceded him.

And it is difficult for me to see him as anything but a fervent advocate of a different and implacably hostile religion.  These men insist only one religion will survive and be called “Catholic.”  They’re wrong, of course, but they may well see to it that the Church is reduced to a pathetic husk of its former self within another few decades.  Once they think they’ve reduced her permanent impotence and irrelevance, they’ll move onto other fields of conquest, and the work of rebuilding may begin (if society hasn’t completely collapsed by then).

Too harsh?  Sorry, we don’t have time to mince words and pretend these are just slightly confused men of basically good will. A reckoning is coming, and is indeed already here.  Will you stand with the false prophets of worldliness and novelty or with the Faith Christ instituted?

“US Catholic Church will last until it runs out of other people’s Catholics” August 7, 2015

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Regular readers will know that a major if publicly unacknowledged reason for the USCCB’s fervent support for continued unconstrained illegal immigration is the beneficial effect these millions flowing into this country have on all manner of Church-related statistics, statistics that would look very much worse absent this huge influx.  A recent article recaps some of those statistics and adds some data that’s new to me, painting an even grimmer picture of the status of the Church in the United States:

According to “America’s Changing Religious Landscape” of the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans identifying as Catholic fell from 23.9% in 2007 to 20.8% in 2014.  The 3.1% decrease among Catholics is almost as great as the 3.4% decrease among mainline Protestants.

Of all adult Americans, 12.9% were raised Catholic and apostatized! [That’s more than 1 in every 8 American adults is a former Catholic.  This is a pastoral disaster of biblical proportions.]

Both the mainline and historically black Protestant traditions have lost more members than they have gained through religious switching, but within Christianity the greatest net losses, by far, have been experienced by Catholics. Nearly one-third of American adults (31.7%) say they were raised Catholic. Among that group, fully 41% no longer identify with Catholicism. This means that 12.9% of American adults are former Catholics, while just 2% of U.S. adults have converted to Catholicism from another religious tradition. No other religious group in the survey has such a lopsided ratio of losses to gains.  [Already covered in depth here]

Without immigration, the Catholic decrease would be much greater than the mainline decrease.  More than a quarter of United States Catholics are foreign-born.

More than four-in-ten Catholics are either first-generation (27%) or second-generation (15%) Americans.

Four in ten Americans raised as Catholics quit, to be replaced, though not entirely, by immigrants.  The hapless mainline Protestants have only 7% of their membership born outside the United States.

The Catholic bishops have only immigration going for them.  That cannot work for long, because their Latin American counterparts are even more politically correct than they are, and the Latin American bishops do not have immigration to hide their decline…….

………Eighty-four percent of Latin American adults were raised Catholic; 69% remain Catholic.  So 15% quit, even more than the 12.9% of adults in the United States who have left the Catholic Church. [Which means about 100 million Latin Americans are now former Catholics.  ONE. HUNDRED. MILLION.]

Hispanics in the United States are not very different from Hispanics in Latin America: one quarter of adult Hispanics here were raised Catholic but left the Church. [And that number tends to increase as time or number of generations in the US increases.  But I’m sure inviting pagan Aztec dancers to pollute a Mass will bring ’em all back!]

Eventually, the United States Catholic Church will have to stand naked.  There won’t be as many Catholics coming here from Latin America.  The damage the liberals are doing to the United States Church will be obvious. [It already is, or was.  Rome is not stupid, or at least it wasn’t under Benedict. He knew the score.]

The causes of the decline of mainline Protestants are well-known.  The causes of the decline in United States Catholicism are not well-known – because the decline is not well-known.  Immigration covers a multitude of sins.

Someone more intelligent and better-educated than I could perhaps explain the madness of church leaders who think they can somehow increase their herds by going left.  It never works, but they cannot learn from their own experience, or from the universal experience of others.  They fixate on “inclusion” and include and include and include until there is almost no one left.

That used to be a mystery to me, too.  Then the realization dawned on me……..no, these men aren’t moronically stupid, they’re not world-class incompetents, and they aren’t horrible advocates for their religion.  In fact, they’re very capable, intelligent, and fervent advocates for their religion.

It’s just, their religion is not Catholicism.  It’s leftism, modernism, whatever term you choose.  That’s the religion of the majority – or at least a dominant plurality – of the bishops and other Church leaders in this country.  And they are doing a bang up job of promoting it, while killing the Faith of Jesus Christ.

For more on that, see the next post.