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More greatness like this: Rosary, Exorcism outside Denver Planned Barrenhood August 7, 2015

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I know this priest.  I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to say his name.  Nonetheless, God bless him and those taking part in the minor exorcism and Rosary outside a Denver Planned Barrenhood.



This kind of leadership is priceless.  So is this kind of spiritual warfare.  Let us have much more of the same.

BTW, New Hampshire de-funded Planned Butcherhood today.  Not much, but it’s a start.


1. Barbara Hvilivitzky - August 7, 2015

I know this wonderful priest too. He was our pastor for some time. Well, as it turns out there are brave priests!! God is so good to us.

2. Magdalen - August 7, 2015

I also know this priest. He is no stranger to praying at the mega-fortress abortion mill there in Denver where the abortionist was featured in the 4th video from the Center for Medical Progress. We knew they were selling the bodies for more revenue. They kill perhaps 200-250 a week at this killing center.

The priests from this Fraternity are some of the holiest in the country.

3. RC - August 7, 2015

Sorry to sidetrack the comment thread.

Apparently Archbishop Cupich has been invited by the Vatican to attend the Sinod in 2015. Hope he isn’t allowed to speak

4. Joan - August 9, 2015

Very nice how he explained at the beginning where this exorcism rite came from, the difference between minor and major, and that a priest has faculties from the Church for general exorcism. The media often distort these minor exorcisms, implying they are the same as major, which of course very few priests can or do perform.

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