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“US Catholic Church will last until it runs out of other people’s Catholics” August 7, 2015

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Regular readers will know that a major if publicly unacknowledged reason for the USCCB’s fervent support for continued unconstrained illegal immigration is the beneficial effect these millions flowing into this country have on all manner of Church-related statistics, statistics that would look very much worse absent this huge influx.  A recent article recaps some of those statistics and adds some data that’s new to me, painting an even grimmer picture of the status of the Church in the United States:

According to “America’s Changing Religious Landscape” of the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans identifying as Catholic fell from 23.9% in 2007 to 20.8% in 2014.  The 3.1% decrease among Catholics is almost as great as the 3.4% decrease among mainline Protestants.

Of all adult Americans, 12.9% were raised Catholic and apostatized! [That’s more than 1 in every 8 American adults is a former Catholic.  This is a pastoral disaster of biblical proportions.]

Both the mainline and historically black Protestant traditions have lost more members than they have gained through religious switching, but within Christianity the greatest net losses, by far, have been experienced by Catholics. Nearly one-third of American adults (31.7%) say they were raised Catholic. Among that group, fully 41% no longer identify with Catholicism. This means that 12.9% of American adults are former Catholics, while just 2% of U.S. adults have converted to Catholicism from another religious tradition. No other religious group in the survey has such a lopsided ratio of losses to gains.  [Already covered in depth here]

Without immigration, the Catholic decrease would be much greater than the mainline decrease.  More than a quarter of United States Catholics are foreign-born.

More than four-in-ten Catholics are either first-generation (27%) or second-generation (15%) Americans.

Four in ten Americans raised as Catholics quit, to be replaced, though not entirely, by immigrants.  The hapless mainline Protestants have only 7% of their membership born outside the United States.

The Catholic bishops have only immigration going for them.  That cannot work for long, because their Latin American counterparts are even more politically correct than they are, and the Latin American bishops do not have immigration to hide their decline…….

………Eighty-four percent of Latin American adults were raised Catholic; 69% remain Catholic.  So 15% quit, even more than the 12.9% of adults in the United States who have left the Catholic Church. [Which means about 100 million Latin Americans are now former Catholics.  ONE. HUNDRED. MILLION.]

Hispanics in the United States are not very different from Hispanics in Latin America: one quarter of adult Hispanics here were raised Catholic but left the Church. [And that number tends to increase as time or number of generations in the US increases.  But I’m sure inviting pagan Aztec dancers to pollute a Mass will bring ’em all back!]

Eventually, the United States Catholic Church will have to stand naked.  There won’t be as many Catholics coming here from Latin America.  The damage the liberals are doing to the United States Church will be obvious. [It already is, or was.  Rome is not stupid, or at least it wasn’t under Benedict. He knew the score.]

The causes of the decline of mainline Protestants are well-known.  The causes of the decline in United States Catholicism are not well-known – because the decline is not well-known.  Immigration covers a multitude of sins.

Someone more intelligent and better-educated than I could perhaps explain the madness of church leaders who think they can somehow increase their herds by going left.  It never works, but they cannot learn from their own experience, or from the universal experience of others.  They fixate on “inclusion” and include and include and include until there is almost no one left.

That used to be a mystery to me, too.  Then the realization dawned on me……..no, these men aren’t moronically stupid, they’re not world-class incompetents, and they aren’t horrible advocates for their religion.  In fact, they’re very capable, intelligent, and fervent advocates for their religion.

It’s just, their religion is not Catholicism.  It’s leftism, modernism, whatever term you choose.  That’s the religion of the majority – or at least a dominant plurality – of the bishops and other Church leaders in this country.  And they are doing a bang up job of promoting it, while killing the Faith of Jesus Christ.

For more on that, see the next post.


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2. Mary - August 7, 2015

This is a charitable view of the Church’s motivation. What is more likely is that it is all about money and the unholy alliance between the bishops and Washington DC. The Catholic Church and a Baptist run ministry are both receiving a lot of money in grants from Washington to welcome and house the flood of illegals brought here by the current administration.

3. luannmass - August 7, 2015

The Church, ever so often, runs into trouble like this. In the beginning, almost all the bishops and priests fell into heresy with the Arian heresy. Only the Pope and a handful of faithful bishops didn’t. And, the Good Lord eventually brought them back into the fold.

4. richardmalcolm1564 - August 7, 2015

I think the religion for many doesn’t even amount to modernism, which would imply a thoughtfulness that isn’t there (though so many are obviously a fair distance removed from anything like traditional Catholicism). They’re institution maintainers, and they just want to keep the machinery going while they’re in charge. They want to be able to leave and say they left it intact. To keep those churches, schools and charities and whatnot more or less running no matter how hollowed out they’ve become. And keep talking upbeat about it in the meantime.

Evangelism is really nonexistent; much talked about, but not really engaged in, which is just as well since they have little to offer evangelically. Once the boomers and silent generation people start dying off and retiring in earnest, it’s going to get really gruesome in many places, especially in the Northeast and Midwest.

5. Joseph D'Hippolito - August 7, 2015

“They’re institution maintainers, and they just want to keep the machinery going while they’re in charge. They want to be able to leave and say they left it intact. To keep those churches, schools and charities and whatnot more or less running no matter how hollowed out they’ve become.”

This is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union! Why? Because the “institution maintainers” no longer believed in the ideology that made the institution possible. How many priests, let alone bishops, believe in the fundamentals of Christian faith generally (let alone Catholic faith specifically)? The non-existence of evangelism, as richardmalcolm1564 put it, reflects that very fact. When passion is gone, structuralism is the only thing left — and, once people see through the phoniness of structuralism, the structure itself dissolves.

Why do you think Putin, a tyrant of the first order, hasn’t bothered to re-instate Communism? Too many Russians have a living memory of Communism’s failure.

I’m not equating Catholicism with Marxism. That equation cannot be made. I’m talking about human behavior, which undercuts all theologies and ideologies.

6. skeinster - August 8, 2015

This is ironic considering how many Hispanics bleed away into evangelical or independent churches once they get here. YMMV, depending on where you are, but little to big Spanish-language chapels are thick on the ground here in Dallas.

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